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(FREE on 8/15) The Doppler Affect by Dr Shawn Phillips -
The Doppler Affect

by Dr Shawn Phillips

Shapeshifters Control Our Lives!

The frightening power of vampires, werewolves, and lycanthropes has lived within our nightmares for centuries, failing to be reasoned out by the rapid advances in science and technology. The truth is that they are very much a part of our reality. However, they are merely the genetically inferior offspring of a more powerful race, known as doppelgangers, who evolved alongside humankind. These shapeshifters adopted a secretive yet manipulative approach when dealing with us, feeding off the sexual desires of men to sustain their society…until desperate times forced a new order.

Christopher Sands, a rising investment banker, was just another victim in a long list of doppelganger schemes. Framed for a crime he wouldn’t commit and watching his family fade farther and farther from his prison bars, Chris makes an unbelievable discovery; shapeshifters aren’t the only race with supernatural abilities. Can he find the strength to accept an even worse fate than prison to not only save his son, but all humankind? Will Michael Sands be able to control the spirits that haunt him to finish what his father cannot?

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(FREE on 8/15) Five Days In May by Ninie Hammon -
Five Days In May

by Ninie Hammon

“Don’t never underestimate the power of doin’ the right thing.”


The writhing finger of death hurls across the prairie toward Graham, Oklahoma, one Friday afternoon in May, 1963, on a collision course with the lives of 4 people—each of whom has already planned a personal rendezvous with death in some other form that day.

In Jonas Cunningham’s mind, what he’s planning isn’t murder. The handful of little white pills that will free his precious Maggie from the fog of Alzheimer’s is a gift, a final act of unconditional love.

Jonas’s 16-year-old granddaughter, Joy, isn’t planning “murder” either. She’s pregnant and sees only one way to keep from shaming her family. Secrets like that are hard to keep though, in a small town.

Joy’s father, Rev. Mac MacIntosh has lost his wife and his faith and on Friday, he plans to commit professional suicide—not just leave his church, but abandon his call to ministry.

Princess has an appointment with the Reaper on Friday, too, one she’s been staring down for 14 years. At 5 o’clock, the state of Oklahoma will strap her into an electric chair called Sizzlin’ Suzie and turn on the juice.

But as the strange, psychic death row inmate meets daily with the minister during the final 5 days of her life, everything in both their lives begins to change. Princess knows—about Mac’s life and family. And sees—the Big Ugly coming to eat up the world. She sees other terrible things, too, and is determined to carry to her grave an incredible secret about the little sister she confessed to beheading a decade ago.

When the savage tornado roars with a sound like gravel in a blender into their small prairie town on that May Friday, all 4 of the people who’d penciled in “death” on their calendars actually do confront eternity.

But none of them comes to the crossroads of life and death by the path they’d planned or leaves with the result they expected.

In the end, the Big Ugly will decide who lives and who dies that day.

(FREE on 8/15) Amish Summer by Kristina Ludwig -
Amish Summer

by Kristina Ludwig

Sixteen year-old Rebekah and her boyfriend Braeden are perfect for each other: they’re hard-working, intelligent, and kind, and they both love animals more than anything in the world. But there’s one fatal difference: Rebekah is Amish and Braeden is “English.”

Braeden surprises Rebekah with exciting news: he’s been accepted to a competitive pre-veterinary summer internship, and his supervisor has invited Rebekah along. It’s the perfect opportunity for Rebekah, who’s always wanted to be a vet.

As Rebekah spends more time with Braeden, she feels like she’s leading a double life. She knows that she can’t continue to live the worldly “English” life and remain true to her Amish faith. She also feels torn between her love for her family and community and her desire to pursue her education and continue her relationship with Braeden.

Now, Rebekah is faced with a heart-breaking question: What life is right for her, “English” or Amish? What life will she choose?

(FREE on 8/15) Falling by J Bennett -

by J Bennett

Maya knew something was wrong… The stranger’s glowing hands were a big tipoff.

When the stranger murders Maya’s boyfriend with a single touch, drags the college sophomore to an abandoned storage unit, and injects her with a DNA-altering serum, Maya prays for a savior. Instead, she gets a double helping of knight-in-not-so-shining-armor when two young men claiming to be her half-brothers pull off a belated rescue.

Now Maya is swiftly transforming into an “angel”, one of the scientifically-enhanced, energy-sucking creatures her brothers have spent their whole lives trying to destroy. Maya’s senses sharpen, her body becomes strong and agile, and she develops the ability to visually see the emotions of those around her as colorful auras…beautiful auras…tempting auras.

Struggling to control the murderous appetite that fuels her new abilities, this reluctant protagonist must find a way to accept her new condition and learn to trust her angel-hunting brothers as she joins them in their fight against the powerful and destructive creatures.

On the up side, at least Maya’s eldest brother has stopped trying to kill her!

(FREE on 8/15) Arctic Blood by James Raven -
Arctic Blood

by James Raven

What seems like a routine assignment for charter pilot John Preston turns out to be anything but. He’s suddenly drawn into a nightmare world of intrigue and violence. It begins in a remote corner of Greenland’s treacherous east coast when a man’s mutilated body is found among the ice floes. The body is taken to a nearby weather station by local fishermen.

Preston is approached by two strangers who want to fly to the station because they claim they might be able to identify the body. From then on the action is fast and furious and Preston becomes the desperate quarry of a band of ruthless killers.

(FREE on 8/15) Why You Don't Lose Weight And How You Can: The Secrets Of Weight Loss Everyone Is Looking For by Arnoux Goran -
Why You Don’t Lose Weight And How You Can: The Secrets Of Weight Loss Everyone Is Looking For

by Arnoux Goran

The biggest secrets about weight loss are finally revealed in this life changing book full of new and exciting information that can help YOU lose weight, even if you’ve already tried “everything” else.

Some of the secrets in this book can help you to lose weight without changing your diet or exercising. Others will help you to lose weight fast, safely and naturally. You’ll find out not just how to lose weight, but how to keep it off because you’ll understand the real causes of why you haven’t been able to before.

You’ll learn how to automatically be thin because you’ll learn how to put programming into your unconscious mind. You’ll know what food is actually healthy.

You’ll throw out most of what you’ve heard before and be able to finally lose weight and feel great.

You’ll also discover how to have more energy. Feel better. Wake up with excitement for life and so much more.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose all of your weight and prevent stretch marks and sagging skin? When you lose weight by becoming truly healthy from the inside out, then it’s very likely that your skin will also change for the better and you’ll be left with perfect, gorgeous skin, rather than the issues others have when they lose weight unnaturally.

You may feel like you’ve tried everything before. But you haven’t tried this.

(FREE on 8/15) The Real Dad: A Novel Of Suspense by Mary Lynn Roddy -
The Real Dad: A Novel Of Suspense

by Mary Lynn Roddy


Lulie Brannigan, activist, songwriter, mother of two, has been married six years to her soulmate, the absolute stepdad of her dreams.

In December of 1975, police come to their upper flat, arrest her beloved husband and won’t say why.

Within nine days, he’s bailed out and thinks he can come home.

He keys himself in and refuses to leave the apartment, so Lulie and kids have to go. She wants him off the streets for the sake of all women, but police won’t listen. She learns that identified rapists are bailed out all the time. His case is repeatedly Continued. It’s said that the prisons are full.

They run, they move, they even hide, but the three can’t shake him. Nate will stop at nothing to get his family back.

(FREE on 8/15) God by Robert Woeger -

by Robert Woeger

The God book is designed for those who are seeking to know more about God, and increase their faith in Jesus Christ. It features Christian foundational topics, God’s Promises from His Word, and a Daily Discovering God Devotional. This book helps you to have a deeper intimacy with God, and was designed for many uses, such as being used as a devotional, for Bible study, for sermon preparation, for discipleship training, for preaching and teaching, for prayer, and for sharing The Gospel Of Jesus Christ with others. Topics include Faith, Salvation, The Holy Spirit, Healing, Deliverance, and many more.

(FREE on 8/15) Mediterranean Cookbook: 60 Easy And Delicious Mediterranean Diet Recipes by Patrick Smith -
Mediterranean Cookbook: 60 Easy And Delicious Mediterranean Diet Recipes

by Patrick Smith

The Mediterranean lifestyle is a healthy way of eating and one of the finest diets in the world. It uses ingredients and seafood from the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, such as Greece, Italy, France, and Spain.

In volume 2 of the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook series, you will find versatile recipes of high nutritional value and great taste. They promote low blood pressure, low cholesterol levels and weight loss, and help you to keep a healthy weight.

(FREE on 8/15) Satan's Road by Theo Cage -
Satan’s Road

by Theo Cage

A group of prominent University researchers uncover an ancient prophecy that predicts the Internet will destroy civilization over a twenty-four hour period. Analyzing the Book of Revelations with a new super-computer reveals the end is coming soon and behind the cyber Apocalypse is an end-of-days cult called the Soldiers of Patmos, holed up in an armed compound only miles from Washington DC. Untouchable. Armed to the teeth. Finger on the button.

When the researchers start to die and disappear, the last surviving professor, Kam O’Brien, decides he is the last hope. He must find his way into the cult to rescue his kidnapped wife and end the threat. The book worm becomes reluctant avenger.

Infamous Washington Homicide detective, Gregory Hyde, joins forces with his old flame, Jann Stone of the FBI, to confront the messianic leader of the cult and prevent a military confrontation that could be hundreds of times more bloody than the Waco Siege.

The prophecies begin to come true and ordinary people are pushed to their limits to survive.

(FREE on 8/15) Doesn't She Look Natural? by Angela Hunt -
Doesn’t She Look Natural?

by Angela Hunt

How do you cope when God asks you to bury a dream?

Jennifer Graham, the no-nonsense chief of staff for a Virginia senator, quits her job after a divorce and finds herself an unemployed single mom. Forced to live with her mother until she can find work on Capitol Hill that does not involve her gregarious ex-husband, her efforts are stymied until she learns that she has inherited a funeral home in picturesque Mt. Dora. Jennifer journeys to the small Florida town with her two sons and her mother, never dreaming that within a mortuary she will discover she has inherited a rewarding career that teaches her far more about life than death.

(FREE on 8/15) The Glen: Suspense Thriller by Carla Coon -
The Glen: Suspense Thriller

by Carla Coon

There’s something different about Jackson.

There always was, but when the savant six year old begins to suffer catatonic trances, his mother fears he may be seeing the same demons that haunted her hidden past. When the tiny family relocates to a remote piece of land in Ithaca NY, Clarice discovers THE GLEN, a sylvan paradise, whose borders call to her spirit, touching every extrasensory nerve she ever denied. With no idea destiny has drawn them there and completely unaware of the satanic cult plotting to kill her son, Clarice must learn the purpose of THE GLEN before it is too late for her son. But will discovering the reason her son needs THE GLEN prove as perilous as delivering him to it?

(FREE on 8/15) Actress by Keith Dixon -

by Keith Dixon

As a young actress in a long-running TV show, Mai Rose’s career path seemed clear. But she wants more. Already she’s dumped the show and landed a role in a serious play, with serious actors and a more-than-serious director. And now another opportunity has arisen – a major fantasy film with a role that seems tailor-made for her.

The only problem being that she’s in competition with four other scheming actresses to win the role.

Can she win the part? Does she want to win the part? She has to navigate her way through the demands of the press, the Russian billionaire owner of the newspaper running the competition, boyfriends past and present, her soldier brother and a particularly ambitious (read: nasty) competitor.

And all of them underestimate her.

(FREE on 8/15) Diary Of A Penguin-napper by Sally Harris -
Diary Of A Penguin-napper

by Sally Harris

Three short weeks, two boys and one tiny penguin. What could possibly go wrong?

When 11 (and a half) year old Marty is partnered up with Jessica on the overnight science trip, he thinks all of his dreams are about to come true. It’s his big chance to impress the most beautiful girl in Year 7 (and probably the world) and he wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Only problem is: Marty can’t afford to go on the overnight trip. Yet.

Inspired by the urban myth that it is possible to steal a penguin from the zoo on a school visit, Diary of a Penguin-napper is a hilarious tale of growing up, bending the rules and how one big fuss can be caused by stealing just one tiny penguin.

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