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In Search Of The One: How To Attract The Relationship You've Longed For by Randy Siegel ebook deal

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In Search Of The One

by Randy Siegel

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Are you longing for your soul mate…the perfect life partner…“The One”—but aren’t sure how to attract the right romantic relationship into your life? Cinderella, don’t give up on the prince!

Drawing from personal experience as well as insight from a wide array of experts, Randy Siegel will show you how to:

•Debunk the myths around “The One” and stop savior seeking.
•Examine the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual components of longing for a romantic relationship.
•Become your best self and live your best life.
•Attract a relationship so great that you could only imagine it until now.

In The Search for The One, Siegel explains that the true source of all longing is to be seen, heard, understood, and loved for all we are. By redirecting our focus on three psycho-spiritual paths—the evolution of the unconscious to the conscious self, the defended to the authentic self, and the higher to the divine self—we can find peace and grow personally while attracting a special kind of romantic relationship—a spiritual partnership—into our life.

The distance between longing and love is not as great as you might think.


Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn ebook deal

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Open Minds

by Susan Kaye Quinn

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When everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep.

Sixteen-year-old Kira Moore is a zero, someone who can’t read thoughts or be read by others. Zeros are outcasts who can’t be trusted, leaving her no chance with Raf, a regular mindreader and the best friend she secretly loves. When she accidentally controls Raf’s mind and nearly kills him, Kira tries to hide her frightening new ability from her family and an increasingly suspicious Raf. But lies tangle around her, and she’s dragged deep into a hidden underworld of mindjackers, where having to mind control everyone she loves is just the beginning of the deadly choices before her.


A Hair Raising Blowout: Cozy Mystery by Constance Barker ebook deal

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A Hair Raising Blowout

by Constance Barker

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An Enraged Wife Wielding a Chainsaw, Moonshine, and a Blowout With Bullets

Savannah Jefferies owns the Teasen & Pleasen Hair Salon in tiny Knockemstiff, LA. Her days are filled with local gossip that turns into a monsoon when Savannah finds the dead body of an upstanding member of the community. As the investigation intensifies, secrets are revealed that could cost one man a limb.

Find out what happens when Savannah searches for a killer and finds a slew of fascinating secrets her townsfolk are hiding.


The Betrayal Of Lies, Mystery With A Romantic Twist by Debra Burroughs ebook deal

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The Betrayal Of Lies

by Debra Burroughs

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Feisty private eye, Emily Parker, is finally moving forward in her relationship with the hunky Paradise Valley police detective–that is, until a new friend suddenly goes missing and wedding plans are put on hold. Suspicions are flying that one of Emily’s closest girlfriends may be involved, exposing Maggie’s darkest secrets. Emily and Detective Andrews are locked in a desperate race to solve the mystery of who abducted the woman and rescue her before someone winds up dead.


Above The Bridge by Deborah Garner ebook deal

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Above The Bridge

by Deborah Garner

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When Paige MacKenzie arrives in Jackson Hole, her only goal is to complete a simple newspaper assignment about the Old West. However, it’s not long before her instincts tell her there’s more than a basic story to be found in the popular, northwestern Wyoming mountain area. A chance encounter with attractive cowboy Jake Norris soon has Paige chasing a legend of buried treasure, passed down through generations.

From the torn edge of a water-damaged map to the mysterious glow of an antler arch, Paige will follow clues high into the mountainous terrain and deep into Jackson’s history. Side-stepping a few shady characters who are also searching for the same hidden reward, she will have to decide who is trustworthy and who is not.


Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs ebook deal

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Forgive My Fins

by Tera Lynn Childs

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Lily Sanderson has a secret, and it’s not that she has a huge crush on gorgeous swimming god Brody Bennett, who makes her heart beat flipper-fast. Unrequited love is hard enough when you’re a normal teenage girl, but when you’re half human, half mermaid, like Lily, there’s no such thing as a simple crush.

Lily’s mermaid identity is a secret that can’t get out, since she’s not just any mermaid—she’s a Thalassinian princess. When Lily found out three years ago that her mother was actually a human, she finally realized why she didn’t feel quite at home in Thalassinia, and she’s been living on land and going to Seaview High School ever since, hoping to find where she truly belongs. Sure, land has its problems—like her obnoxious biker-boy neighbor, Quince Fletcher—but it has that one major perk: Brody. The problem is, mermaids aren’t really the casual dating type—the instant they “bond,” it’s for life.

When Lily’s attempt to win Brody’s love leads to a tsunami-sized case of mistaken identity, she is in for a tidal wave of relationship drama, and she finds out, quick as a tailfin flick, that happily ever after never sails quite as smoothly as you planned.


Plain Jane: A Mystery/thriller Not For The Faint Of Heart by Carolyn McCray ebook deal

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Plain Jane

by Carolyn McCray

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A city paralyzed by a serial killer stalking the night, taking a most gruesome trophy.
The only standing in the murderer’s way is an FBI profiler…recently released from a mental institution.


Darwin's World: An Epic Of Survival by Jack L Knapp ebook deal

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Darwin’s World

by Jack L Knapp

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Wilderness survival is never easy.

It’s even more difficult when you’re alone, equipped with only a camp-axe and a knife, and surrounded by predators.

But suppose the wilderness is North America at the end of the ice age, the Pleistocene? And suppose those predators include huge short-faced cave bears, grizzlies, lions, dire wolves, and saber-toothed cats?

How will you survive?

Alone, at least in the beginning, surrounded by predators…

Some of whom are human.


A Twist Of Faith: Will A Wager Against Her Future Steal Her Chance At True Love? by Pepper Basham ebook deal

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A Twist Of Faith: Will A Wager Against Her Future Steal Her Chance At True Love?

by Pepper Basham

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Dr. Adelina Roseland has worked ten years in research as an accent reduction specialist to attain her dream job. But a secret wager to transform Appalachian cattle farmer Reese Mitchell into corporate material challenges Adelina in ways she never expected, threatening her new position.

For one, Adelina didn’t plan for the faith and friction of Reese, or the unexpected influence of his chaotic family. Now, drawn into a culture she’d tried to forget, Adelina finds the warmth of family, the hope of faith, and the joy of love melting away the deep wounds of her past.

But when Reese discovers that he’s a pawn in her climb up the academic ladder, will he forgive Adelina’s deceit or will their miscommunication end in two broken lives?

Give a gift copy to a friend and recommend A Twist of Faith to your bookclub.


Ever The Patriot: Recollections Of Vincent J. Riccio, World War Ii Veteran And Pow by Candace R. Salem ebook deal

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Ever The Patriot

by Candace R. Salem

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Like many Americans, as soon as Vincent J. Riccio heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor he wanted to enlist in the military. This memoir recounts his experiences in the United States Army Air Corps as an Instrument Technician, Aviation Cadet, and Flight Engineer in World War II. It describes his escapades during training and deployment, the missions flown over Germany, the fateful events that led to his captivity in Stalag Luft IV, and the long road home. It reflects his impressions of military service, the people he met, and the lessons he learned along the way.


72 Hours by William Casey Moreton ebook deal

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72 Hours

by William Casey Moreton

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Having survived careers in both the Army and the FBI, Ryan Archer is now content to live a quiet life in a tiny apartment above a surf shop in Santa Cruz, California. He has few possessions and few friends. He works part-time in the little shop downstairs, and spends most of his free hours out on the open water with just his board and the waves. But he is about to be pulled back into action by a voice out of one of his former lives.

He is asked to keep a woman named Lindsay Hammond alive for the next 72 hours, as an army of street thugs, career criminals and professional assassins press in around them from every direction. As they go off the grid, surviving minute to minute, cutting off all contact with the outside world, Lindsay learns to trust Archer in a way she has never trusted anyone before.


Gameland Omnibus by Saul Tanpepper ebook deal

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Gameland Omnibus

by Saul Tanpepper

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Hidden in an abandoned Long Island wasteland is a terrifying secret. Twelve years before, a horrible disease killed millions without mercy. Then the dead rose. Twelve years later, the island has been turned into a sick playground for the rich, the privileged, and the sinfully twisted.

Welcome to The Game.

EPISODE 1: Deep Into the Game

Hoping to break the monotony of the long, hot summer, Zpocalypto gamer Jessie Daniels and her gang break onto Long Island. But amusement quickly turns to dread as the dangers become all too real. And all too terrifying.

EPISODE 2: Failsafe

Two members clash and another is stranded among the Infected Undead. One will make a fateful decision which will ultimately deliver them into the hands of those who would turn them all into players in The Game.

EPISODE 3: Deadman’s Switch

Unable to escape, the group digs in. A leader is anointed despite doubts. A final attempt is made to leave, setting into motion events which will end with one of them dead, another infected, and all of them running for their lives.

EPISODE 4: Sunder the Hollow Ones

A mutiny splits the group. As they struggle to escape, a chance encounter with one of Gameland’s residents dredges up deeply buried memories, leaving them all haunted and dubious of their survival.

EPISODE 5: Prometheus Wept

A member is handed over to a mysterious group of Undead sympathizers in exchange for a promised antidote. But will the medicine be delivered in time? Will it even work as promised?

EPISODE 6: Kingdom of Players

Armed with a potential antiserum to the reanimation virus, will they be able to save their infected friend? Or will they die and return as one of the Undead?

EPISODE 7: Tag, You’re Dead

The group is torn asunder by the actions of a homicidal maniac. Another group member falls ill as the Undead break into their stronghold. Their final battle will bring them to their darkest hour.

EPISODE 8: Jacker’s Code

The shocking conclusion to the high-tech horror thriller, GAMELAND: Determined to do whatever is necessary to get home, the remaining survivors face the most difficult challenges of their lives. Will any of them make it back alive? Or will they be added to the numbers of Undead Players?


Lightning On A Quiet Night by Donn Taylor ebook deal

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Lightning On A Quiet Night

by Donn Taylor

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Following a horrific murder, the town of Beneficent, Mississippi, population 479, tries desperately to hold onto its vain self-image. The young veteran Jack Davis holds that idyllic vision of the town and tries to share it with Lisa Kemper, newly arrived from Indiana. But she is repelled by everything in it. While the sheriff tries to find the killer, Jack and Lisa’s contentious courtship reveals the town’s strange combination of astute perceptions and surprising blind spots. When they stumble onto shocking discovery about the town’s true nature, their love and the town’s vain self-image become the least of their worries.


The City: The Spirit King by Aaron Kelsay ebook deal

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The City: The Spirit King

by Aaron Kelsay

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“The City” is a speculative fiction book taking place in a world where massive, urban sprawl has overtaken the whole earth. Technology in The City is both spiritual and material, and in that, characters vary from skeptics to expert practitioners and everything in between. In that environment, “Pope” has the gift of speaking to and hearing from spirits. This has afforded him massive political power and influence, as well as unimaginable wealth. When faced with a coup orchestrated by his political allies, Pope is faced with the choice of doing the right thing or allowing what will certainly be a bloodbath. Ultimately, Pope finds himself with both the opportunity to gain power but also in the cross hairs of those desperately holding on to The City’s power.


Mason Wilson And The Dead Bird Debacle by M.P. Jones ebook deal

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Mason Wilson And The Dead Bird Debacle

by M.P. Jones

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Is Mason Wilson just another wimpy kid? Wimps don’t embark on an unauthorized night-time trip to a strange, old factory! He’ll do anything to stop his penniless family being thrown out of their home. There’s a mystery to solve to win the grand prize – if you hardly ever find dead birds lying around, why are whole flocks of them starting to fall from the sky all over the place? Is it true that it’s a sign of the end of the world? Mason uncovers some gross goings-on and plans that will change the world for ever. Should he do the right thing and try and stop them? He’ll lose an opportunity of a lifetime if he does; still, when his parents find out he’s gone missing, that will be the least of his worries!


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