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Loss Of Reason: A Thriller by Miles A. Maxwell ebook deal

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Loss Of Reason

by Miles A. Maxwell

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Distant for many years, Franklin out of Pennsylvania and his step-brother Everon out of Nevada are connected by a single link: Their sister Cynthia.

Enter The Nightmare
A nuclear bomb is detonated in New York. Banker, wife, mother, Cynthia lives in New York.

The military has quarantined the city. All bridges and tunnels have been destroyed or blocked. Easterly winds have forced the bomb’s huge radiation cloud out over Long Island. But the wind is about to change.

Franklin climbs mountains and truly understands people. Everon can fly anything. And Cynthia’s brothers are determined to find her.

If it were your sister, what would you do?

***A ripping good tale of how intelligence and determination can overcome the near-impossible. And of the true price of altruism.


The Bulls Of War by E.M. Thomas ebook deal

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The Bulls Of War

by E.M. Thomas

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For love. For war. For honor. For vengeance.

Spanning vistas from majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and barren plains in the north to sweltering deserts, raging seas, and rain-soaked shrublands in the south, The Bulls of War is the first book of E.M. Thomas’s epic Chronicles of the Andervold Thrones.

Follow this sweeping tale of an empire on the precipice of war with its hated rival, a fragile truce teetering on the edge of a sword. Watch as tens of thousands of troops stand at the ready, only an order away from battles on a scale unseen in centuries. Beware as some factions within the Imperial capital fight to keep the peace, while others shirk no scheme, murder, or terror in their quest to trigger war – a war some fear could rend their divided empire apart.

It is in the midst of this dangerous game of brinksmanship that Generals Tyghus and Kyrus soon find themselves. Against a backdrop of deceit and suspicion, of blood and tears, of power and glory, their friendship is put to the ultimate test as they struggle to save their country, themselves, and those they love – all while battling their own tortured pasts.


The Adventures Of Jaguar Jack by Dana Taylor ebook deal

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The Adventures Of Jaguar Jack

by Dana Taylor

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Some guys were just born to save the world.

Jaguar Jack Campbell, Aussie reality TV star, travels the globe filming risky escapades in the wild. His charismatic charm conceals an unwanted psychic gift. He’d rather make love than war, especially spiritual war.

Major Maggie Savannah, aka Maggie-the-Mouth, is brash, brave and beautiful. She lives to beat the bad guys via covert military operations. The last thing she wants is a reckless civilian TV personality as a partner.

But when an American missionary is kidnapped by terrorists on a mysterious island, Jack and Maggie join forces to secure her rescue. Together, they must discover their true identities and defeat an enemy of Biblical proportions.


Lost And Forgotten: Book One - Discovery by Maurice Barkley ebook deal

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Lost And Forgotten: Book One – Discovery

by Maurice Barkley

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Where did it begin?

Could it have been just days ago when a piece of advanced electronic equipment disappeared?

Or was it in 1945 when a huge aircraft vanished, somewhere in Egypt?

Or maybe the start was five thousand years ago, when a great flood altered the future of an ancient society?

Or possibly an event so far in the past that the only witness would have been something not quite man?

And, how do you pick up a trail, not known to exist? Things do change quite a bit every thousand years or so. You may carefully mark a path through the deep woods, but if one of the marks disappears, as in time this surely must happen, you are in trouble.

And, how do you decide to set aside your daily affairs to follow you know not what, to you know not where? A faint shadow that, at any moment, may dissolve and leave you alone in an extremely distant place.

The FBI came looking, but the electronic device had vanished without a trace. Luckily, someone high up remembered a man with unusual talents.

Retired Army Ranger, JIM CAGNEY, feels stranded on the beach of retirement after his exiting career as an Army Ranger, but everything changes when two young FBI agents come looking for him. The memory and talents of this older man prove to be of great value in their search for the missing piece of sophisticated electronics. The will-o-the-wisp they chase is more the age of Mr. Cagney and is employing methods and devices of a bygone era to function and cover his tracks. For Jim it is simply a matter of perspective, experience and a penchant for puzzles. He did not hesitate and started a journey beyond his wildest dreams.


I've Been Watching You: A Stunning Crime Thriller From The North East Police Series by K.A. Richardson ebook deal

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I’ve Been Watching You

by K.A. Richardson

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Ben Cassidy has a hard job balancing single motherhood with her career as a Crime Scene Investigator.

While taking a course in Digital Forensics she meets the charming Jacob Tully, an ex army war veteran struggling with his past.

While the team investigate the apparent hit and run of a care home worker, Ben suspects there is more to it. As events unfold she discovers the connection to a series of murders much closer to home.

To catch the killer, can she confront the demons from her past?

Will the team piece together the evidence before it’s too late?


A Honeybun And Coffee: Romantic Suspense With A Taste Of Mystery by Sam Cheever ebook deal

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A Honeybun And Coffee

by Sam Cheever

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Surprised into hiding in a men’s room stall at work, Angie Peterson, owner of the Dunk and Run Coffee Shoppe, overhears two men talking about killing someone named Alastair Honeybun. Picturing a frail, helpless old Englishman, Angie rushes to warn him. There’s only one, small problem, Alastair Honeybun is six foot two inches of yummy man, who’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself. But when the thugs show up while Angie’s still there, they soon figure out they’ll need to take care of each other.

Running from criminals who seem to know where they are and what they’re doing before they do, the two enlist Alastair’s hunky and talented brothers to help them unravel the confusing swirl of murder, kidnapping, and downright unpleasantness closing in on them. But not to worry, the Honeybun brothers are determined to put a serious crimp in the bad guys’ day!


Heist Society by Ally Carter ebook deal

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Heist Society

by Ally Carter

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For as long as she can remember, Katarina has been a part of the family business—thieving. When Kat tries to leave “the life” for a normal life, her old friend Hale conspires to bring her back into the fold. Why? A mobster’s art collection has been stolen, and Kat’s father is the only suspect. Caught between Interpol and a far more deadly enemy, Kat’s dad needs her help.


Coming Home Again by T.I. Lowe ebook deal

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Coming Home Again

by T.I. Lowe

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Savannah Monroe dances with demons from a complicated past.
Families believe ghosts can be well hidden deep in the ancestral closet, but forget all too easily that those ghosts haunt with abandon. Savannah has to face each one of hers as she heads home again to Bay Creek, South Carolina, after running away over five years ago. The closer she gets to home, the clearer the realization becomes that some skeletons need to be dealt with and properly buried.
Mature content due to subject matter dealing with rape.


White Collar Blackmail: White Collar Crime Financial Suspense Thriller by Peter Ralph ebook deal

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White Collar Blackmail

by Peter Ralph

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Directors and executives of public corporations are dying in mysterious circumstances.

.Their only connection is irregular share dealings that took place in their companies before their deaths.

When young auditor, Todd Hansen, runs up a huge gambling debt with illegal bookies, he finds himself in serious trouble. The only way he can pay them is by providing confidential information about his firm’s corporate clients.

Caught, and sentenced to nine years in New York’s toughest prison, Todd is given a way out BUT it’s dangerous. There are those who think they’d be safer if he was dead.Will a chance meeting with a Mafia boss in prison save Todd?


For The Win by Amber Garza ebook deal

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For The Win

by Amber Garza

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London Miller has one best friend.


She lives in the pages of the books she reads, preferring the safety of fictional worlds over the dark and scary reality of her own life. Books aren’t her escape…they’re her salvation.

Cooper Montgomery has one true love.


When he’s on the mound, throwing a pitch, the darkness of his world fades away. The game is something he can control, something he can count on.

A twist of fate brings London and Cooper together, a curve ball that forces them both outside of their comfort zones. As they spend time together, a relationship begins to blossom and both of them start to believe that there just might be something bright and beautiful in their lives.

However, the game changes when your heart is on the line. You have to play with everything you have for the win.


Birdsongs by Jason Deas ebook deal

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by Jason Deas

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Birdsongs is a fast-paced mystery centered on former FBI agent, Benny James. Fired from the FBI for inadvertently sleeping with the perp in a murder case, he tries to disappear to a houseboat and retirement.

Not having what it takes to relax, Benny starts a service offering discreet investigations. That is until a body is found crucified near his marina. The local police department requests Benny’s help and he knows if he can catch the killer, redemption is his. The Chief gives Benny and the department ten days to solve the crimes before he promises to request the help of the FBI.

As the case grows, grabbing national attention, and the murders continue, the media soon fills the normally quiet town. Media goddess, Rachael Martin arrives and adds spice to an already flavorful mix.

A few newcomers straggle in as well. An ex-convict fresh out of prison from a thirty year murder rap slinks in unnoticed with revenge on his mind. Days later, a Greyhound bus delivers a strange young man raised by deaf-mute parents from deep within the Ozark Mountains. An old newspaper clipping and a dark secret pulls him to town.

Whatever is going on has something strange to do with birds. At each murder site, dead birds are displayed in disturbing ways—the killer arranging them as an artist might.

All the strange occurrences and unexplained visitors to this quiet town press Benny James to his max as he vehemently struggles to solve the most important case of his life.


Specimen by Shay Savage ebook deal

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by Shay Savage

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I awaken in a laboratory.

I don’t know who I am.

I’m inexplicably drawn to the doctor who cares for me. She tells me I’ve been altered, that I’m stronger and faster, that I’ll be a key component in a war between corporations. She says I volunteered for this. She says I volunteered to be transformed, but I have no way of knowing if what she says is true.

Something isn’t right. My memories have been taken, wiped clean, but dreams begin to slip into my conscious mind. I can’t let anyone know when that happens, or they’ll remove my memories again. Somewhere inside of me, I know I need to remember something important.

I’m fighting a war I don’t understand, and the one woman I rely on can’t be trusted.


Operation Mincemeat by Ben Macintyre ebook deal

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Operation Mincemeat

by Ben Macintyre

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In 1943, from a windowless basement office in London, two brilliant intelligence officers conceived a plan that was both simple and complicated— Operation Mincemeat. The purpose? To deceive the Nazis into thinking that Allied forces were planning to attack southern Europe by way of Greece or Sardinia, rather than Sicily, as the Nazis had assumed, and the Allies ultimately chose.

Charles Cholmondeley of MI5 and the British naval intelligence officer Ewen Montagu could not have been more different. Cholmondeley was a dreamer seeking adventure. Montagu was an aristocratic, detail-oriented barrister. But together they were the perfect team and created an ingenious plan: Get a corpse, equip it with secret (but false and misleading) papers concerning the invasion, then drop it off the coast of Spain where German spies would, they hoped, take the bait. The idea was approved by British intelligence officials, including Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond). Winston Churchill believed it might ring true to the Axis and help bring victory to the Allies.

Filled with spies, double agents, rogues, fearless heroes, and one very important corpse, the story of Operation Mincemeat reads like an international thriller.


Free To Be Tegan: Free From The Cult...to Find Love, To Be Herself by Mary Grand ebook deal

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Free To Be Tegan

by Mary Grand

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Tegan, aged twenty seven, is cast out of the cult, rejected by her family and from the only life she has known. She is vulnerable and naïve but she also has courage and the will to survive. She travels to Wales, to previously unknown relations in the wild Cambrian Mountains.

This is the uplifting story of her journey from life in a cult to find herself and flourish in a world she has been taught to fear and abhor.

Guilt and shadows from her past haunt her in flashbacks, panic attacks and a fear of the dark. However she also finds a world full of colour, love and happiness she has never known before. The wild beauty of the hills, the people she meets and the secrets slowly revealed by the cottage all provide an intriguing backdrop to Tegan’s drama.


Twist Of Love: Mystery Romance by Paige Powers ebook deal

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Twist Of Love

by Paige Powers

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Dr. Josie Steele is a respected doctor at Lenora General Hospital, and she has spent most of her young adult life tending to the patients there. The doctor has recently suffered a major heartbreak in her life, with the separation and divorce from her husband, Trevor.

Trevor left her for another woman, but it was made even more painful, as the other woman was Josie’s best friend. After the separation, Josie focuses on life as a very busy single doctor.

Her life changes after she helps an elderly woman recover from a near-fatal heart attack. The woman’s son, Blake Ingram, is an English teacher at the local high school and has a reputation for breaking hearts. He pursues Josie and tries to win her heart. At first, Josie is skeptical about Blake’s advances. She even tries to reject him outright. But Blake’s persistence eventually pays off and, after several dates, they become an item. Blake shows her a side she thought she had lost with the divorce and they are happy for some time.

One of Josie’s co-workers warns Josie of Blake’s heartbreaker reputation. Josie takes the bad gossip about Blake very seriously, and suddenly dumps him. She refuses to reply to his texts and calls, and tries to avoid him. Blake tracks her down and demands an answer for her sudden change of behavior. Josie tells him about her ex-husband and the two part ways.

Only a few weeks into the breakup, Josie starts to miss Blake. Her work suffers because of her sad feelings. Eventually, she decides to try to get back to him by making presentations in his school. The presentations are geared toward encouraging students to take up medicine, but also to somehow bump into Blake. What will Josie find out about Blake at the school? Will they ever be able to get back together again? Will Josie find the remedy for loneliness that haunts her in her deepest, darkest hour?


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