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(FREE on 9/5) The Impossible Lover by Dara Fogel -
The Impossible Lover

by Dara Fogel

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Jordan Haldane, (a roguish Victorian imperialist tool), is forced to confront two powerful dark brotherhoods when he inadvertently interrupts their nefarious schemes for world domination. He must face his personal demons and awakening to inner potential to protect his beloved Sophia and the ancient forbidden secrets hidden deep within the venerable fortress of Villa D’Amici.

Haldane finds himself thrust upon a dangerous quest to unravel the enigma surrounding the Illuminati and the Holy Grail, as Sophia explores the mysteries and responsibilities of love. This wide-sweeping alternative history grapples with perennial questions of the true nature of reality and consciousness, woven in with an exploration of the impacts of technology, memes, archetypes and philosophy in a society caught in the midst of rapid transformation.

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(FREE on 9/5) Dead Of Winter by P.J. Parrish -
Dead Of Winter

by P.J. Parrish

In the quaint tourist town of Loon Lake, Mich., a killer is taking his vengeance. One by one, the bodies of cops are found, brutally executed, with mysteriously coded death cards placed with each corpse – the gruesome signature of a psychopath. And the only sound louder than doors being locked against evil is the sound of hearts beating in terrors. Louis Kincaid came north looking for refuge, a place to forget his past. But now he’s landed in the middle of an investigation that’s a terrifying journey through a town’s fiercely protected heart of darkness.

(FREE on 9/5) Notes To Self by Avery Sawyer -
Notes To Self

by Avery Sawyer

Two climbed up. Two fell down.

One woke up.

Robin Saunders is a high school sophomore with an awesome best friend, a hard-working single mom, and a complicated relationship with a sweet guy named Reno. She’s coasting along, trying to get through yet another tedious year of high school, when Em suggests something daring. They live in Florida– tourist central–and Emily wants to sneak into a theme park after midnight and see what they’re made of.

When things get out of control, Robin wakes up in a hospital bed and Emily doesn’t wake up at all. Just getting dressed becomes an ordeal as Robin tries to heal and piece together the details of that terrible night. Racing to remember everything in the hopes of saving Emily, Robin writes a series of notes to herself to discover the truth.

(FREE on 9/5) Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain -
Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

The drifting journey of Huck and his friend Jim, a runaway slave, down the Mississippi River on their raft may be one of the most enduring images of escape and freedom in all of American literature. Although the society it satirized was already history at the time of publication, the book was quite controversial, and has remained so to this day.

(FREE on 9/5) The Getaway by Tom Barber -
The Getaway

by Tom Barber

New York City. Summer.

A series of violent and highly successful bank robberies have been carried out across the city, all by the same five-man team. Millions of dollars have been stolen. The thieves are slick, efficient, well-organised and vicious. The FBI are getting nowhere in tracking them down. With pressure from Washington mounting and the heists continuing, the Feds desperately search for any leads.

They need results and they need them fast.

Across the city, Sam Archer is in town for a funeral. At the service, he is approached by an old family friend who works out of the FBI’s New York Office. He’s leading the case against the thieves and has a proposition for Archer. He needs the English counter-terrorist cop to go undercover, and try to get inside their circle. Make contact and gain their trust. Find out the secrets of their success. Given his English accent and his cover story, it’s a solid plan. They’ll never connect him to the FBI. Nevertheless, Archer is ready to refuse, but his old acquaintance tells him something else, a shocking revelation that ties Archer to this case personally. It’s all the convincing he needs.

He agrees to the plan, and goes undercover.

As he establishes contact with the crew and gets deeper and deeper, Archer learns they’re planning to leave the city for good in just a matter of days, but only after performing two final spectacular heists. In a race against time Archer is forced to think on his feet or be killed as he gets caught up in the lethal crossfire between the thieves and law enforcement, none of whom know who he really is. As the clock ticks towards the thieves’ departure and as the stakes get higher and higher, Archer must both find a murderer and prevent two of the biggest heists in the history of New York City.

Before the thieves make their final getaway.

(FREE on 9/5) Rules Of Lying by Stephie Smith -
Rules Of Lying

by Stephie Smith

A former best-selling romance writer tries to pick up the pieces of her life after getting her heart stomped on by her lying, cheating boyfriend, and returns to her hometown in Florida where she contends with family, reporters, hurricanes, wildlife, a hunky Texan cowboy, a drop-dead gorgeous doctor … and murder.

(FREE on 9/5) The Sanctuary by Sarah Collins -
The Sanctuary

by Sarah Collins

Fiery and passionate Cassie Lewis has loved the beaches of Mexico and the Sea of Cortez as long as she can remember and has vowed to save the disappearing dolphin. When her plans for a breeding sanctuary are threatened by construction of a million-dollar resort, she rushes to Baja.

Billionaire Alejandro has never denied his family – or his future. The Baja resort is the crowning jewel in his family’s corporation and he vows to protect it.

An accident brings Cassie and Alejandro together…but will his past keep them apart?

Cassie and her mission change everything for him, and he is forced to choose between family, duty and love.

(FREE on 9/5) A Witness Above by Andy Straka -
A Witness Above

by Andy Straka

Thirteen years ago, Frank Pavlicek left the NYPD under less than ideal circumstances. Now, the divorced father of a teenage daughter, he works as a private investigator in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he indulges his passion for falconry – and tries to live outside the shadow of his past.

Frank is hunting with his red-tailed hawk, Armistead, when he finds it. A teenage boy’s body – barely concealed behind a pile of brush in a part of the forest Frank recently visited with his daughter, Nicole. It’s a truly gruesome crime scene – one of the many things Frank doesn’t miss about working homicide in the big city.

But what Frank finds in the dead boy’s wallet is even more disturbing: Nicole’s phone number, scribbled in ink on the edge of a bill. He pockets the evidence and flees. Days later, his daughter is in jail. His past is coming back to haunt him. And his reputation – and life – are on the line…

(FREE on 9/5) For A Lifetime by Rosemarie Naramore -
For A Lifetime

by Rosemarie Naramore

When Pamela Larson leaves everything behind, in order to protect her young niece, she looks to God for direction—literally. She finds herself on a mountaintop, serving as a rehabilitation therapist for an elderly stroke victim.

Hired by the man’s son, Justin Parker, she discovers the younger man feels only contempt for his father, Ross. Pamela soon learns his feelings are justified, but she’s also learned that forgiveness is a gift for both the giver and recipient.

Pamela develops feelings for Justin, and knows she’s putting him and his family in danger by residing at their home. Her niece’s father is searching for them—intent on using the child to extort money from his parents—and Pamela is certain he’ll stop at nothing to get his hands on the baby.

Should she leave? Should she stay? Pamela is unsure, but she knows one thing is certain—Justin’s father is a changed man—no longer the violent, abusive person he once was. If only his son can see it.

(FREE on 9/5) Beyond by Maureen A. Miller -

by Maureen A. Miller

It is the day after Aimee Patterson’s high school graduation. College beckons, as does her dream of becoming an engineer. On an early evening walk, her cocker spaniel charges into the woods on the other side of the pond. Aimee trails after him, and in the stillness of that forest the unthinkable happens. She becomes paralyzed and watches in horror as her hands vanish before her eyes.

Waking to the sound of voices, Aimee realizes that she has been kidnapped. Little does she know how far away from home she is, though. In an attempt to flee her captors, she launches from their confines only to freeze at the view outside the window. The sky is black and filled with stars, and in the distance is a familiar blue globe. The planet Earth.

A group of humans forced to flee their planet after an epidemic destroyed their civilization now travel the galaxies in search of an antidote. Retrieving samples of plant life from every solar system, on this occasion Aimee was accidentally seized instead.

Aimee must learn to avoid the advances of an awkward young scientist who seems intent on dissecting her, as her own fascination turns to the exotic young warrior, Zak. Having fallen in love with Zak, she is now torn with the decision to return to Earth or live beyond the stars.

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