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Moonlight Weeps by Vincent Zandri ebook deal

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Moonlight Weeps

by Vincent Zandri

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Dick Moonlight can’t help himself. Moonlight, the private detective known as the head case with a bullet lodged in his brain, should be grateful for his current job. But when it becomes clear the cash-starved brain surgeon he’s been hired to drive around is protecting his son from a rape conviction, Moonlight is disgusted.

Worse, when the charges turn into a case of “reckless murder,” Moonlight’s the only one trying to keep the kid from the electric chair though the girl—a state senator’s daughter—clearly committed suicide. Then Moonlight and his unwilling assistant, a fat Elvis impersonator owing him money, stumble into a much bigger plot and are soon dodging Hollywood obsessed drug-running Russian thugs, corrupt government officials, and the specter of Moonlight’s recently diseased girlfriend.


The Vampyre Legal Chronicles - Marcus: Paranormal Vampire Romance - Book: 1 by CC MacKenzie ebook deal

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The Vampyre Legal Chronicles

by CC MacKenzie

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Magic will return to the human realm of Earth. And Earth will burn as the ground shakes and mankind will perish under the combined fists of pestilence and disease. And magic will rule the land. And so it begins…

Take one broodingly hot vampire. Add one gorgeous New Born. And this is just the beginning…

Free spirited Anais Walker has one passion – Corporate Law.

And one goal – a glittering career with Gillespie, Pattullo & Hindmarch.

Success is so close she can taste it.

Until a lamentable slip of concentration jeopardises a billion dollar deal with the Chinese in Shanghai.

Is Anais about to lose it all?

Famously ruthless corporate lawyer Marcus Gillespie has two secrets.

He’s a Vampire Prince.

And after two hundred and thirty years he’s found the woman for him.

She’s beautiful, smart and with a body to die for. After six months of mentoring Anais, the time has come to move her from the boardroom to the bedroom. And when Anais makes a costly mistake, Marcus has the gorgeous lawyer just where he wants her…

But although passions run red hot in the bedroom, Anais refuses to give her heart or commit to a future not of her choosing. When an ancient enemy arrives in Shanghai with bad news, Marcus finds himself in a race against time not only to win her heart, but also to save her life in the shadow of a changing world…


The Pharaoh's Builders: The Pharaoh's Land Series, Book One by Heather Perriwinkle Smith ebook deal

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The Pharaoh’s Builders

by Heather Perriwinkle Smith

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In the Earth’s unbridled joy of prolific living, communion and oneness; a possibility sparks into existence. Ten thousand years ago in Egypt, before what we know of recorded history there was a different kind of Pharaoh. Though his rule was absolute, he and those he surrounded himself with not only defied conventionality, they defied reality. His builder Angyet has earned the position of architect of the largest structure ever conceived in a monumental pyramid. Her skill goes beyond this task as she is also an architect of reality itself. She is able to create and alter anything by request of the molecules and having connection as oneness with all things. Meet Bilal, born a slave yet somehow unbroken and undeterred, he reaches for the beauty of the oneness even in the darkness that is his everyday life. Oneness itself is conspiring to gather an unlikely group of those with the capacity for communion, who are audacious and brave enough to question their reality and strive for the creation of a future the world has never known in the character of humanity.


Evan The Christmas Elf: Ghost Hunter by David Rangel ebook deal

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Evan The Christmas Elf: Ghost Hunter

by David Rangel

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A Christmas elf named Evan longs to be a ghost hunter and gets his opportunity. In his first case he is pitted against the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future


The Trouble With Goodbye by Sarra Cannon ebook deal

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The Trouble With Goodbye

by Sarra Cannon

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Two years ago, Leigh Anne Davis shocked everyone in tiny Fairhope, Georgia when she broke up with her wealthy boyfriend to attend an Ivy League university a thousand miles away. At school, she finds a happiness and independence she’s never known.

Until one terrifying night takes it all away from her.

With no place else to go, Leigh Anne heads home to reclaim her old life. A life she worked so hard to escape. On the outside, she seems like the same girl everyone has always known. But deep inside, she’s hiding a terrible secret.

That’s when she meets Knox Warner, a troubled newcomer to Fairhope. His eyes have the same haunted look she sees every day in the mirror, and when she’s near him, the rest of the world fades away. But being with Knox would mean disappointing everyone all over again. If she wants to save what’s left of her old life, she has no choice but to say goodbye to him forever.

Only, the trouble with goodbye is that sometimes it’s about courage and sometimes it’s about fear. And sometimes you’re too broken to know the difference until it’s too late.


Black Flagged Redux by Steven Konkoly ebook deal

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Black Flagged Redux

by Steven Konkoly

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Two years after shocking Washington D.C. with a brutal betrayal, General Terrence Sanderson waits in the shadows for the right moment to demonstrate the grim necessity of his resurrected Black Flag program. His opportunity may arrive sooner than expected.

At the CIA, Karl Berg makes a disturbing discovery. Russian Federation intelligence services are quietly scouring Europe to find Anatoly Reznikov, a rogue Russian scientist at the top of every nation’s WMD watch list.

Obsessed with reviving a bio-weapons program long banned by the Russian government, Reznikov has found partners willing to fund the project–with unimaginable consequences.

Berg goes “off the books,” sending one of Sanderson’s Black Flag teams to track down Reznikov. Led by Daniel Petrovich, the team races to stay one step ahead of a twisted conspiracy aimed at crippling the West.

In the end, nothing is what it seems in this gritty world of covert operatives and back room Washington agendas.


All In My Head by Kristen James ebook deal

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All In My Head

by Kristen James

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Avery Waldorf wakes up from a concussion to find a voice inside her head—an adventurous male voice belonging to Marcus, who doesn’t know where he came from, but has an opinion on everything about her life. She just wants to work on her screenplay, go to her writing classes and flirt with the guy of her dreams, Nash, who is finally noticing her.

Marcus wants to get up at dawn, run, snowboard, and basically take over her life, and even her body at times. He thinks she’s freaking hot and does not like Nash touching her. Marcus may be smart, talented at snowboarding, drawing and playing the guitar, but he’s not real! When she needs help, she has to call Nash.

She can’t tell anyone about Marcus without sounding like she’s crazy. Meanwhile Marcus doesn’t know where he’ll go if he leaves her mind. Does he need her help? Could he have a body out there waiting for him? More oddly, could she fall for a voice? Maybe she is losing it…


The Courage To Love by Christina Tetreault ebook deal

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The Courage To Love

by Christina Tetreault

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When Hollywood sweetheart, Mia Troy, checks into the Victorian Rose, the only things on her mind are rest and relaxation before she begins work on her new movie in Boston. That is until she meets Sean O’Brien, the co-owner of the bed and breakfast. From the moment she checks in, Mia is drawn to Sean, a reserved man who sees past her celebrity status.

Eighteen years ago Sean became the man of the house when his father walked out on the family. Without a second thought, he put his own hopes and dreams on the back burner and took care of his mom and younger sister. Now the co-owner of a successful bed and breakfast, Sean has accepted his position in life—until the day Mia Troy checks in.

Despite his better judgment, Sean can’t ignore his physical attraction to Mia. Soon he gives into his desire, telling himself all she wants is a quick fling to pass the time. As they spend time together, his feelings grow. But can love between a small town guy and an A-list celebrity ever last?


Silent Shadow by Jack Parker ebook deal

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Silent Shadow

by Jack Parker

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Talia Anderson has secrets.

Talia is chasing a shadow of a terrorist who has haunted her international family for years across Europe to rescue her kidnapped daughter. The shadow is her long dead husband. Its a wild chase to the ultimate decision. Does she kill him or walk away?


Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi ebook deal

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Shatter Me

by Tahereh Mafi

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“You can’t touch me,” I whisper.

I’m lying, is what I don’t tell him.

He can touch me, is what I’ll never tell him.

But things happen when people touch me.

Strange things.

Bad things.

No one knows why Juliette’s touch is fatal, but The Reestablishment has plans for her. Plans to use her as a weapon.

But Juliette has plans of her own.

After a lifetime without freedom, she’s finally discovering a strength to fight back for the very first time—and to find a future with the one boy she thought she’d lost forever.


Ten Great Events In History by James Johonnot ebook deal

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Ten Great Events In History

by James Johonnot

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Johnnot’s Ten Great Events in History documents some of the momentous battles and activities in history, albeit from the perspective of Western civilization. Thus, Johonnot details such things as the Battle of Thermopylae, the Crusades, Christopher Columbus’s voyage, and more.


Shrilugh by Myndi Shafer ebook deal

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by Myndi Shafer

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Nothing can explain to Aydan Fulbert how she survived the savage attack in the woods. Why her left eye, instead of being blinded by the injuries she’d sustained, had simply turned a shocking shade of silver. And nothing can explain the fact that she can hear the Stranger speaking in her mind – or that she can answer him back without using her mouth.

Nothing can explain it – unless he’s telling the truth.

Nothing can explain the things the Stranger knows about her – things that she, until just a few hours ago, hadn’t known herself: that she’d healed faster from her injuries than was humanly possible. That the cruel family she’d been raised by isn’t biologically hers. That her stepfather is now hell-bent on bringing her to his own form of justice for a crime she didn’t commit.

Nothing can explain it – unless he’s telling the truth.

Nothing can explain why she so easily agreed to go with the Stranger. Why she didn’t find the notion of another world ludicrous and impossible. Why she didn’t cut and run the minute he explained where he wanted to take her.

Nothing can explain it – unless she believes he’s telling the truth.

Aydan knows she’s being intentionally naive. She knows her decision to follow the stranger is at best, reckless. At worst, deadly.

…unless he’s telling the truth.


Atlantic Island: Revised And Expanded Edition by Fredric Shernoff ebook deal

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Atlantic Island

by Fredric Shernoff

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For once, Theo Essex thought he could put aside his worries and just enjoy himself. A summer weekend at the shore. An evening with his friends. The beautiful Kylee in his arms.

That was before the Event.

After barely surviving a bizarre and cataclysmic night, Theo and his friends wake to find the United States has vanished. All that remains is their devastated island and a growing evil that looks to make survival impossible. Facing overwhelming odds, Theo must search for the strength to escape Atlantic Island.

The popular novel from author Fredric Shernoff has garnered national attention by bringing science-fiction, action, adventure and romance to the popular locale of a Jersey Shore that is both sentimentally similar and eerily different from our own. Now Shernoff has revised and expanded the novel in preparation for the next installment in the trilogy.


The Truth About You: A Novel by Susan Lewis ebook deal

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The Truth About You

by Susan Lewis

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For readers of Jodi Picoult, Heather Gudenkauf, and Elizabeth Flock comes a novel of secrets and suspense that challenges the ties that bind—while reigniting the hope of enduring love.

Lainey Hollingsworth is the anchor in her home. In addition to managing her husband’s writing career, she oversees the daily operations of a chaotic family: a rebellious teenage daughter, a stepson who blames her for ruining his life, and an adoptive father afflicted with Alzheimer’s.

Lainey always had a volatile relationship with her mother, who never revealed the truth about Lainey’s biological father, or the reason she fled Italy for England when Lainey was an infant.

As Lainey plans a trip to her mother’s homeland in search of answers, the familiar rhythm of life implodes when she receives a cryptic text message: Ask your husband about Julia. Suddenly caught between the ghosts of her past and a frighteningly unpredictable future, Lainey must face choices no woman would ever want to make.


The Sneezing Christmas Tree by Aaron Kerr ebook deal

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The Sneezing Christmas Tree

by Aaron Kerr

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A Christmas story the entire family will cherish. Free audiobook included!

A snowy night, a drive from farm to farm, and finally the perfect Christmas tree!

Alice and Tommy quickly name their beautiful new tree, Emily. And as they welcome her into their home, she seems like a perfectly ordinary tree. That is, until the sneezing starts.

They soon discover there is far more to this Christmas tree than they ever imagined. But everything changes when Alice realizes they may have made a terrible mistake by bringing Emily into their home.


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