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Seeds Of Discovery

by Breeana Puttroff

The night Quinn Robbins nearly ran over a strange boy with her car, she didn’t know that a simple almost-accident could change the way she sees everything.

She didn’t know that curiosity could be so all-consuming that it would even follow her into her dreams.

And she didn’t know that hiding in her town is a secret so strange that discovering it could change her life forever.

Discover why over 70,000 readers have fallen in love with the secret of the Dusk Gate. Uncover the mystery.

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Sense And Sensibility

by Jane Austen

A beloved classic, Austen’s first published novel explores the question of what drives your life: your heart or your head?

The Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne, are as different as sisters can be. Serious Elinor lives by reason and thoughtfulness while her younger sister, Marianne, only follows her passions. But in questions of love, they learn neither the heart nor head alone will lead them to happiness. Filled with romance, Austen’s brilliant wit, and rich characterization, this is a celebration of sisterly love and the need for family–no matter how different they might be from us.

Blood Land

by R.S. Guthrie

Crime’s an ugly constant in the big city. L.A. Chicago. New York. But when a savage murder brutalizes a small town and neighbor turns on neighbor, a tough-as-nails cop is essential to restoring order. Dark Prairies is a gritty, emotional saga set in the Wyoming badlands with both greed and vengeance at its core.

When billions of dollars in natural gas rights hang in the balance and the town’s top law officer’s wife is slain by her own blood, a reluctant hero is forced to battle his own demons and ultimately choose between justice, revenge, and duty.

Social Death: A Clyde Shaw Mystery

by Tatiana Boncompagni

A gripping new mystery about the murder of a beautiful heiress and the scandalous secret she carries to her grave.

When veteran news producer Clyde Shaw is called to the scene of a grisly murder on the Upper East Side, she thinks it’s just another high-profile crime, the kind she’s built her high-powered career on — except the murder victim is Olivia Kravis, the daughter of Clyde’s billionaire boss and Clyde’s best friend since childhood.

As a high-stakes network ratings war begins, Clyde’s own privileged yet troubled past comes back to haunt her, and she’s forced to choose between finding her best friend’s killer and losing everything — her job, her reputation, even her life. Long-guarded secrets. Millions at stake. And only Clyde holds the key to unlocking the truth.


by Niv Kaplan


In a thrilling manhunt, a grieving father is tracking any clues, any traces of his kidnapped child while forming an international organization that tracks other missing children.

The suspense never ceases as the flesh trade, divorce disputes, and child slavery are all being probed by Sam Baker and his team across the globe. The mystery builds as deep in the Sinai Desert, amongst immortal granite cliffs and The Gulf’s breathtaking shades, there lays Sam’s greatest fears. Hate, corruption, and greed threaten his organization and he turns to a secret outfit for help. Then a horrible scheme to use children to spread terror is revealed and the trackslead to an inevitably lethal confrontation with a merciless terrorist group.

This is a tale of modern terrorism, international intrigue, diplomacy, and sacrifice, all in hopes of finding one small boy.

Will Sam find his son?

Year Of The Chick

by Romi Moondi

An awkward family homecoming at Christmas.

A humiliating public weigh-in, with two judging parents as the audience.

The announcement of a deadline for arranged marriage doom.

And that’s just the first two chapters.

In “Year of the Chick,” Romi Narindra must find love before her parents find her a husband (a seemingly absurd concept that’s the norm in many cultures).

To escape her fate, Romi wades through the waters of secret-dating, where self-consciousness is at an all-time high, and experience at an all-time low. It’s the sort of thing that would turn almost anyone into a man-crazy freak with romance tunnel-vision, and that’s exactly what happens to her. All the while, a lack of inspiration in her corporate job leads Romi to her love of writing, in what quickly becomes a man-quest play-by-play.

From whiskey-breath scum bags to uni-brow creeps and everything in between, Romi and her wingmen come up empty time after time.

And that’s when she meets a fellow writer. On the Internet.

So will it be arranged marriage doom, or an Internet affair that’s not as creepy as “To Catch a Predator”? Time will tell in the “year of the chick,” a twelve-month quest to find love.


My Kind Of Crazy: Living In A Bipolar World

by Janine Crowley Haynes

“The author lures us into her Bipolar world by injecting humor into the serious subject of mental illness. She acts as a tour guide and takes the reader on her manic journey and then steers us straight into the abyss of her depression.” –Diane Urban, PhD, NYS Licensed Psychologist, Adjunct Professor at Manhattan College and Westchester Community College, SUNY

“MY KIND OF CRAZY is an important contribution which sheds light on the often hidden world of mental illness. The line between reality and psychosis is impossible to comprehend unless one has seen the world from both perspectives. The author unlocks the door to a locked psychiatric facility and allows the reader cross the threshold. The story is further enhanced by glimpses of her experience through the eyes of her husband and son.” –William M. Dince, Phd, NYS Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist

The Forest At The Edge Of The World

by Trish Mercer

Captain Perrin Shin, assigned to village Edge of the World, is out to do more than command the new fort. He’s determined to uncover the mystery of the Guarders: where they live, why they attack, and what they want.

Suspiciously, none of their behavior has ever made sense.

Mahrree Peto, a teacher in Edge, is also growing suspicious. Of the Administrators who promise to eradicate the Guarders, and of the arrogant captain they sent to protect Edge.

It’s hard to know who to trust.

The most powerful man in the world is also fascinated by trust, and precisely what it takes to destroy it. He’s looking for research subjects, and up in Edge a brash captain and a nosy teacher have caught his attention.

Let the experiment begin.

Grief’s Garden: A True Story Of Heartache And Estrangement

by Thomas George

Grief’s Garden is a true story of a common man facing uncommon circumstances. His high school sweetheart and mother of his four young children loses her battle with cancer. In his struggle to move on with supporting and raising his young family while trying to become whole again as an individual he encounters many frustrating obstacles—especially when trying to blend families. The 20 year journey climaxes in heartbreak when three of his adult children estrange themselves and their children from him.

In search of answers and a path to reconciliation he explores the underlying issues of pathological grief, detachment, entitlement and arrested development drawing upon professional counsel and religious faith. He shares the devastating effects of estrangement, a silent epidemic facing many families who are struggling privately with the pain, helplessness and embarrassment of a nearly taboo subject in today’s society. The journey concludes with his thoughts on surviving the darkness of the resulting depression that walks hand in hand with estrangement.

100 Easy Camping Recipes

by Bonnie Scott

Delicious updated camping recipes for today’s campers.

Preparing quick meals on camping trips is easy if you have the right recipes and ingredients. Just wait until you get any of the 100 recipes in this cookbook cooking over an open flame. Camp cooking has never been easier or tastier. Complete Table of Contents and each recipe is on a separate page for your convenience.

This book features quick, easy to make recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

  • Grilling recipes
  • Dutch oven recipes
  • Foil packet recipes
  • Campfire cooking

Hot dogs and canned foods are by no means the extent of foods you can prepare easily while camping. If you can cook it at home, you can cook it over a campfire if you bring the needed ingredients and cooking equipment.

Get a head start on any of these recipes by combining the seasonings at home in advance. Store each set in a separate plastic bag, label it and add a copy of the recipe. Cooking out will be a breeze when you are organized and that will leave extra time for fun in the sun.

Wind In The Hands

by Rami Yudovin

Rami Yudovin, israeli author of scientific and theological works on Bible researches and ancient history, represents the novel parable about the good and evil, about a duty and a freedom of choice.

Twin Curse

by Rinelle Grey

Born together, wed together…

The ancient law is a curse to Brianna, whose twin sister has fallen in love with a man she can’t bring herself to marry. Instead she fakes her death and runs away to the big city.

Just when she is beginning to regret her decision, she meets Lyall, a handsome mage. Their instant bond grows deeper, and despite knowing she can never marry him, Brianna accepts Lyall’s offer to journey to the exciting Isla de Magi, where she discovers that she possesses magic as well.

However, when a chilling dream warns of an impending threat to her village, Brianna rushes home to help her sister. Lyall follows, chasing after the same threat and longing to reunite with Brianna.

Can the two work together to stop the danger? Or will Brianna be forced to choose between her love for Lyall and the safety and happiness of her sister?

Roxanne In La La Land

by L.A. DeVaul

New to Los Angeles, Roxanne Donally dresses mannequins at her day job, when she isn’t bombing movie auditions and drawing pictures of her landlady’s cat. Definitely no way to find stardom, or Prince Charming either, for that matter. And then a casual suggestion from a friend catapults Roxanne into an uncertain world. A world where this girl in Hollywood who can’t act, or find a real boyfriend, discovers that high-fashion modeling might be just her thing.


by Ani Alexander

What if you had the same recurring dream, the same nightmare all so often?

Imagine having to go to bed every other day wishing the dream would not come, yet knowing perfectly well that it will. Imagine waking up shivering and being scared to go back to sleep. And imagine yearning to, yet never knowing the meaning of this dream.˃˃˃ Emma

Emma should have been the happiest person around. She had everything, money, friends, a big house, a successful husband, a loving mom. Yet, everything was not as it seemed.˃˃˃ Sara

Sara had had a long, eventful life. At 83, she’d seen it all. Born to holocaust survivors, she felt blessed to have had a wonderful married life and a sizable fortune. She missed Adam though, her beloved husband who was now no more. She was lonely, but no one could guess the secrets she bore, and pledged to take with her to her grave.

Fate had other plans though.

˃˃˃ Dika

Dika believed the worst was over for her. The Gypsy girl had been married off to an abusive man at a tender age and had gone through all what a woman could ever bear before gathering up the courage to run away. In her job as a masseur she had found her freedom at last and life seemed so different from what she had experienced as a child.

She had her set of dreams about life, much grander and much happier, but those were just dreams. She never expected them to happen, at least not this fast.

Will Emma ever find the meaning of her recurring nightmare? Is she ready for it yet? Will Sara survive the biggest test yet in her long life, that of letting go of her secret?

Frozen Footprints

by Therese Heckenkamp

“Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror of the night.” Eighteen-year-old twins Charlene and Max Perigard have grown up under the wealthy but tyrannical rule of their oil-tycoon grandfather. When Max disappears and a ransom note shows up, Charlene’s world is shattered. She desperately tries to persuade her tight-fisted grandfather to pay, but the old man is convinced that Max is merely faking his kidnapping to extort money. Fearing the worst, Charlene determines to find her brother before it’s too late. Her quest hurls her into a twisted, frigid world of snow and ice that leads to terror in an isolated cabin. Together the twins struggle for survival while enduring fierce trials of mind, body, and spirit. Devoid of all worldly comfort and consolation, will faith and hope be enough to get them through this chilling nightmare?

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