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(FREE on 9/8) The Walls Of Flemington by Juliette Rogasik -
The Walls Of Flemington

by Juliette Rogasik

Adelene’s world is one of tranquility, luxury, beauty and youth. Yet beyond the manicured lawns, the ponds and trees, there stand the rigid Walls that lock out the black void of Outer Space. Aboard the vast Inceptum Fidelis, a generational spaceship bound to colonize another planet, there is no poverty, no war, no crime. Some have seen the Earth they left behind, some will see the Faraway World, and others—like sixteen-year-old Adelene—will know neither. They are the honored Middle Generation, sacrificed for the sake of humanity.

The journey will last 150 years.

Escape is unfathomable, and the mere thought of it, seditious. Erased from all memory sources by the totalitarian regime on the ship, every relic and information from the past is treasured in secrecy. As Adelene emerges out of the perfect childhood crafted for her, the dark secrets lurking behind the ship’s seemingly flawless society begin to surface, and curiosity soon plunges her and her group of friends into a series of dangerous events and horrid truths.

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(FREE on 9/8) The Housewife Assassin's Handbook by Josie Brown -
The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook

by Josie Brown

Every desperate housewife wants an alias. Donna Stone has one…and it happens to be government-sanctioned.

She earned it the hard way: her husband was killed the day she delivered her third child.

To avenge his death, she leads a secret life – as an assassin.

But espionage makes for strange bedfellows – and brings new meaning to that old adage, “Honey, I’m home…”

(FREE on 9/8) Ratcatcher by Tim Stevens -

by Tim Stevens

The police have Internal Affairs departments. British Intelligence has John Purkiss, the Ratcatcher.

Purkiss’s job is straightforward. Track down agents of the intelligence services who are taking kickbacks, committing crimes, or otherwise abusing their positions. And bring them to justice.

Straightforward doesn’t mean easy…

After a renegade British former spymaster, Fallon, is sighted in the Baltic city of Tallinn on the eve of a historic summit meeting between the Russian and Estonian presidents, Purkiss is despatched to investigate, and uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to tear Europe, and the world, apart.

But Purkiss has personal reasons for going after Fallon. Four years ago, Fallon was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Purkiss’s fiancée, a murder Purkiss himself witnessed.

Now, in an atmosphere of treachery and sudden violence, as the countdown begins to a potentially catastrophic conflict between Russia and the West, Purkiss must keep his desire for revenge under control for the sake of the world’s – and his own – survival.

(FREE on 9/8) God's Tissues by Eyal Sabag -
God’s Tissues

by Eyal Sabag

Eyal Sabag is one of the most sought-out coaches and motivational speakers in Israel. Here he provides a “hindsight” glimpse into his unbelievable life, revealing his story of transformation: from almost complete disability (caused by cerebral palsy at birth) to a lifetime of fulfillment and self-realization. As Eyal often advises, “if I can do it, so can you!”

At the age of 24, after enduring years of self pity, needy reliance on others, insecurity, and a strong belief that his life is just a product of one case of very bad luck, Eyal found another way to live. On this new path, which he calls “From Disable to Able,” Eyal has learned how to use the seemingly magical power of the subconscious, positive thinking, and imagination; all of which opened the door to a brand new world: one in which he retook control over his choices and actions in life. Eyal now leads a life enriched by taking practical and responsible actions. He says he has never felt happier, stronger, or more whole.

Through a deep inner perspective, enhanced by a light and humoristic approach to life in the face of hardships, in this book Eyal provides you with a set of practical tools that allow you to go from a “fixation state-of-mind” to spiritual, mental and physical prosperity and freedom.

(FREE on 9/8) Asperger's: Parenting A Child With Asperger Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms, And Treatments by Grace Child -
Asperger’s: Parenting A Child With Asperger Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms, And Treatments

by Grace Child

When parenting a child with Asperger’s Syndrome, one has to adjust any conceptions they have of raising a child, raising a family, and the struggles that are part of the growing process. A family with a special child develops and grows very differently from a completely normal one, so it’s important that parents are given the proper knowledge and tools to prepare for the journey ahead.

Grace Child, the author, writes in such a way that you won’t be wasting your time sifting through a bunch of useless content. You are going to get straightforward helpful tips to help you become the best source of support for your child.

(FREE on 9/8) Daughter Of Joy by Kathleen Morgan -
Daughter Of Joy

by Kathleen Morgan

Abigail Stanton, who recently lost her husband and child, moves to Culdee Creek to become a housekeeper for Conor MacKay, a man whose previous housekeepers warmed more than dinner. Abby makes it clear that she won’t tolerate any disreputable advances on his part, but she feels God led her to this ranch and this family for a purpose. As she grows to love Conor and his daughter, her faith inspires Conor to believe that there might just be something to this idea of religion. This wonderful start is for all collections.

(from editorial reviews)

(FREE on 9/8) Dust by Arthur Slade -

by Arthur Slade

Imagine a depression-era town where it hasn’t rained for years. A pale rainmaker with other-worldly eyes brings rain to the countryside and mesmerizes the townspeople, but the children begin to disappear one by one. Only young Robert Steelgate is able to resist the rainmaker’s spell and begin the struggle to discover what has happened to his missing brother and the other children.

(FREE on 9/8) Tender Deceit by H.Y. Hanna -
Tender Deceit

by H.Y. Hanna

First love. Second chance. All they have to do is stay alive…

When her father dies in mysterious circumstances, Leah returns to her island home and finds that the boy she once loved has become a dangerous, attractive stranger. Who is Toran James and what is he hiding? Suddenly, fear stalks her every move and she discovers that the past holds more secrets than she realised. Was her father’s death really an accident? Someone is out to silence Leah – and that someone might be the man she is rapidly falling in love with… again.

(FREE on 9/8) Playing With Poison: A Humorous And Romantic Cozy by Cindy Blackburn -
Playing With Poison: A Humorous And Romantic Cozy

by Cindy Blackburn

Pool shark Jessie Hewitt usually knows where the balls will fall and how the game will end. But when a body lands on her couch, and the cute cop in her kitchen accuses her of murder, even Jessie isn’t sure what will happen next. She also isn’t sure how to catch a killer, but she’s about to learn.

Her skill set doesn’t exactly fit the task, however. Jessie put herself through college hustling at a pool table, and nowadays makes her living writing racy novels. This middle-aged romance author has excellent people-watching skills, a keen imagination, and street smarts going way back. Come to think of it, Jessie is the perfect sleuth.

(FREE on 9/8) Loving The Doctor, Box Set Two by Bobby Hutchinson -
Loving The Doctor, Box Set Two

by Bobby Hutchinson

Read these four medical themed, passionate books about doctors, nurses, and the ER.

What readers say about:


(avid reader Sue Walter says)

This was my first read of Bobby Hutchinson and it will not be my last. It became evident to me right from the beginning of the story that this is a seasoned author who has a passion for writing and has really honed her skill.

All of the characters are well designed and engaging, from my favorite, Cameron, to his “beautiful lady”, Alex, and all of the supporting characters in between. There are a few very descriptive action scenes that I found were easy to picture in my mind. I could feel the tension in parts of the story which I absolutely love.

The story is about the conflicting relationship between Cameron (who I quickly identified with) and his wife, Alex, and their struggle with career choices and the inadvertent toll it takes on their marriage. There are sensual and erotic love scenes, but they are tastefully done and I enjoyed reading them aloud to my wife before bed. The love scenes really brought the passion the characters felt to life while leaving just enough to the imagination to keep me glued to my Kindle (I stayed up way too late finishing it).


(LISA says)

This book by Bobby Hutchinson really delves into the relationship they share, and in this case it’s not always a good one. One twin has an accident and needs extensive plastic surgery, and she falls in love with the surgeon – who wants to get to know her twin sister. I loved the complicated family problems and the hero, who has issues of his own to work out. As always, the characters in Double Jeopardy are complex and their relationships go way beyond what is usually found in a romance. I love Bobby Hutchinson’s books.


(Carolyn says)

Bobby’s ‘arenas’ for her stories are often surprising but the outcome is the ‘right one’. I highly recommend all of her books!


(reader forever says)

This is the first time I read a novel by this author. I love it so much I’ll be looking for all her books. She has such an engaging writing style that makes the story flow naturally. The characters are appealing and so natural. I could “hear” and “see” them while reading.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

(FREE on 9/8) My Emily by Matt Patterson -
My Emily

by Matt Patterson

This book tells the story of a hurting family, an amazing little girl and a mysteriously faithful God.

Emily wasn’t born perfect – so one might think.

She was born with Down Syndrome and many would jump to the conclusion that she would have very little hope for a life with any significance. Two years later came the diagnosis of leukemia. What little hope remaining turned to no hope whatsoever – or so one might think.

The life of this little girl, with all its perceived imperfections, had great meaning. Her loving nature and courage touched the hearts of everyone she met. She also taught them how to value their own lives – even with their many “imperfections.”

Note: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will help families with special needs children, those who are battling pediatric cancers, as well as parents grieving the loss of a little one.

(FREE on 9/8) Castigo Cay by Matthew Bracken -
Castigo Cay

by Matthew Bracken

Dan Kilmer is a former Marine sniper in his early thirties. He returned home from military service in the Middle East and gave college a try, but his combat experiences prevented him from fitting into campus life. In a South Florida boatyard, his uncle was attempting to refurbish an old cargo schooner, and Dan left college to help him finish the flagging project. After two years of work but before the sixty-foot boat was relaunched, his uncle fell from a scaffold and died. While still in his twenties, Dan inherited the schooner Rebel Yell.

Soon after, he left the United States to embark on a series of voyages, mostly in pursuit of beautiful women and good times. While he was away from America, new federal taxes were imposed on luxury property, including privately owned yachts. Dan cannot pay these or other new taxes, so he can’t return to the States without risking confiscation of his schooner. Instead he must always fly under official radar and earn a living by his wits while staying one step ahead of the IRS and other government agencies. He must navigate the reefs of government control while always searching for a way to make money without the permission of the local authorities. This usually requires some type of shady dealing, subterfuge, and stealing from thieves as Dan moves from port to port.

(FREE on 9/8) Quicksilver by Toni Dwiggins -

by Toni Dwiggins

A young man disappears in the wilderness of the California mother lode. He leaves behind a gold-flecked rock and a vial of liquid mercury. He is a misfit in the modern world, a throwback to the Gold Rush days.

A venture capitalist–whose gold country is Silicon Valley–hires forensic geologists Cassie Oldfield and Walter Shaws to track his missing brother.

Following one of the ‘lost rivers’ of California, Cassie and Walter plunge into the dark history of the legendary lands, into the dark past of the brothers, into a poisonous sibling feud that threatens both lives and the land.

And the question then becomes: which brother is on the hunt?

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