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(FREE on 8/8) I Have Three Things To Tell You, My Friend. by RM DAmato -
I Have Three Things To Tell You, My Friend.

by RM DAmato

2014 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist

The Golden Years Can Be a Killer!

In 2033, every senior citizen is offered a second chance and a second career. At 65, John Sinclair, a life-long teacher, faces two choices—a second career or permanent retirement and early death. The state will pay for his genetic rehabilitation, university education, and an extended life span of 160 years. It’s guaranteed! All Sinclair has to do is to mentor his young apprentice, commit to a new career, and avoid any dealings with a daft and spiteful school janitor, Fernando Smith. Like all incredible offers, Sinclair’s new career comes with a toxic price tag. The question is—is he willing to pay?

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(FREE on 8/8) Door In Dark Water by P. D. Callahan -
Door In Dark Water

by P. D. Callahan

P.D. Callahan, a college boy from the suburbs of Boston jumps straight into the hardscrabble world of Maine herring fishing in 1972. As he dives deep into the darkness and cruelty of fishing to make money, he realizes that he has walked through a secret doorway, a portal to another reality, a place where knowledge stems from the physical world, the corrosive and creative force of the sea, the emotional act of catching something alive and selling it for food and money, and living to the next day and the next day.

But tension strains his recent marriage as his girlfriend-turned-wife struggles with the harshness of their everyday existence. The shared burden of building a house with their own hands, and her job teaching art to 550 students from their dilapidated car, combine to sap her spirit and leave her with little or no energy to create her own art—the paintings that sustain her. Frustrated with harshness of survival and the strictures of small town life, she begins to look elsewhere.

At the core of this riveting narrative are the hilarious, and often terrifying, real events which teach this boy-becoming-man about the limits of endurance, love, and the difference between real and imagined fears.

(FREE on 8/8) Cowboy Heat - Sweeter Version by Sable Hunter -
Cowboy Heat – Sweeter Version

by Sable Hunter

The Hell Yeah! Sweeter Version Series Begins with Cowboy Heat (Hell Yeah! Sweeter Version: Book 1)

Aron McCoy has sworn off women, he has been burnt once and doesn’t intend to fall back into the matrimonial trap again. When Libby Fontaine arrives at Aron’s Tebow Ranch, she is determined to cram a lifetime of living into a few short months. The doctor has told her she can’t count on her remission from leukemia being a permanent one. Their attraction to one another is instantaneous and overwhelming. But when Aron finds out that Libby is innocent – he backs off. He has nothing to offer a girl who deserves white lace and promises. Then Aron catches Libby skinny-dipping in his stock tank and hears her cry out his name in pleasure – and the heat is on.

**Content Warning: This version of the Hell Yeah! Series is LESS Explicit

than the Erotic Version that is also available. If you’d like more explicit

version look for the Hell Yeah! Series. Same Book but with the graphic sexual content.

(FREE on 8/8) Home Again by Donna B. McNicol -
Home Again

by Donna B. McNicol

When Chicago’s city life takes its toll on single mom Sarah Davidson, she jumps at the chance to move back home, all the way to the boondocks of Kansas. Little did she know, the local Sheriff, handsome Carl Pierce, was making the same move from Tulsa. A tornado of events conspire against them, tamping the rising fire of passion. Can they beat the odds or will Sarah regret moving home again?

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