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The Adventures Of Sir Romeo Beau: Basset Hound Service Work Doggie

by J R Pullen

Sir Romeo Beau Basset Hound is one of the very first Basset Hound Service Work Doggies around. This makes him an extremely ‘unique’ Basset Hound. Sir Romeo has been very fascinating to the public however; while being that, he is always focused and adorable all the time he is out working. That is why he’s such a little celebrity.

These STORIES and ADVENTURES are about the two of them and how little Sir Romeo, in need of a wonderful new forever home went from being an adorable little hound, adopted from the Sun Coast Basset Rescue, to becoming my wife’s little ‘hero.’

The book itself is basically a combination children/adult Service Work Dog awareness book as told by Romeo’s point of view (he is an officially trained service work dog) and travels everywhere with my disabled wife.

Rogue Forces

by Dale Brown

A riveting and relentlessly exciting thriller, Rogue Forces explores a timely and important question in this age of Blackwell and Halliburton: What would happen if the Army’s private security contractors became uncontrollably powerful? Brown’s popular character, Patrick McLanahan, is going Rogue.

Mrs. Poe

by Lynn Cullen

A writer and his demons. A woman and her desires. A wife and her revenge . . .

Inspired by literature’s most haunting love triangle, award-winning author Lynn Cullen delivers a pitch-perfect rendering of Edgar Allan Poe, his mistress’s tantalizing confession, and his wife’s frightening obsession . . . in this “intelligent, sexy, and utterly addictive” (M. J. Rose) new masterpiece of historical fiction.

1845: New York City is a sprawling warren of gaslit streets and crowded avenues, bustling with new immigrants and old money, optimism and opportunity, poverty and crime. Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” is all the rage—the success of which a struggling poet like Frances Osgood can only dream. As a mother trying to support two young children after her husband’s cruel betrayal, Frances jumps at the chance to meet the illustrious Mr. Poe at a small literary gathering, if only to help her fledgling career. Although not a great fan of Poe’s writing, she is nonetheless overwhelmed by his magnetic presence— and the surprising revelation that he admires her work.

What follows is a flirtation, then a seduction, then an illicit affair . . . and with each clandestine encounter, Frances finds herself falling slowly and inexorably under the spell of her mysterious, complicated lover. But when Edgar’s frail wife Virginia insists on befriending Frances as well, the relationship becomes as dark and twisted as one of Poe’s tales. And like those gothic heroines whose fates are forever sealed, Frances begins to fear that deceiving Mrs. Poe may be as impossible as cheating death itself. . . .

Extinction Point

by Paul Antony Jones

First comes the red rain: a strange, scarlet downpour from a cloudless sky that spreads across cities, nations, and the entire globe. In a matter of panicked hours, every living thing on earth succumbs to swift, bloody death. Yet Emily Baxter, a young newspaper reporter, is mysteriously spared—and now she’s all alone.

But watching the happy life she built for herself in New York City slip away in the wake of a monstrous, inexplicable plague is just the beginning of Emily’s waking nightmare. The world isn’t ending; it’s only changing. And the race that once ruled the earth has now become raw material for use by a new form of life never before seen…on this planet.

With only wits, weapons, and a bicycle, Emily must undertake a grueling journey across a country that’s turning increasingly alien. For though she fears she’s been left to inherit the earth, the truth is far more terrifying than a lifetime of solitude.


by Scott O’Dell

A young Indian girl, caught between the traditional world of her mother and the present world of the mission, is helped by her Aunt Karana, whose story was told in Island of the Blue Dolphins.

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by Bernard Schaffer

The Most Dangerous Police Book Ever Written…

After Frank O’Ryan gets shot, his first assignment is working with the most disliked man in his police department, Detective Vic Ajax. Ajax isn’t like the other cops. He doesn’t like them and they don’t like him. He steals trash from suspected drug dealers, searching for evidence. He conducts a futile war with an administration that thinks the only sign of a good cop is writing traffic tickets and waving to soccer moms during school crossings. He hunts pedophiles.

Now, Frank will enter a world where being real police means laying so much of your soul on the line, you might not make it out. But as Vic explains, if it keeps a little girl from having to testify about what some monster did to her, it’s worth it. Together, they’ll resort to any means necessary to take down the scumbags, even if it means employing the interrogative services of a man in a six-foot bunny costume called The Truth Rabbit.

Studs And Stilettos

by Bev Pettersen

Her dreams of stardom are jeopardized by a hot trainer…and a ruthless murderer.

Emily Murphy isn’t afraid to swap her fancy wardrobe for a borrowed pair of barn boots. Working on the set of a Kentucky movie might be just the ticket to landing a real acting job and proving to her sister she can accomplish something worthwhile.

Dan Barrett knows a lot about hard work and even more about horses. And while he’s drawn by Emily’s beauty and pluck, he wants a stay-at-home ranch girl. But fighting their attraction is difficult, and soon they both realize that what they thought they wanted isn’t what they really need.

Unfortunately, Dan isn’t the only person watching Emily. And the other one is a ruthless killer determined to keep a secret buried.

Call Of The Vampire

by Gayla Twist

Aurora Keys has dreamed of the Vanderlind Castle ever since she was a little girl. But the fiercely private Vanderlinds keep the massive structure strictly off limits to visitors. Until one night, the wealthy family throws a party—not just a small soiree, but a huge black-tie affair. No one from the town of Tiburon, Ohio, is invited—not even the mayor. But Aurora’s best friend, Blossom, has a foolproof plan for the two of them to sneak in.

At first, everything goes smoothly: the girls enter the castle undetected, and there is free champagne. But then the handsome Jessie Vanderlind sweeps Aurora into his arms, crushing her to his chest and whispering, “I knew you’d come back to me.”

Aurora understands it is a case of mistaken identity, but she feels connected to him somehow. And the boy is so beautiful, she believes she would be happy if he never let her go.

Once Jessie realizes he is mistaken, his smile quickly changes to a scowl. “You must leave,” he tells her in a low, urgent voice. “Immediately. Come! I’ll find a way to get you out.”

Unbeknownst to Aurora and Blossom, they have snuck into the home of one of the most prestigious vampire families in the world, and it is doubtful the two young women will ever be allowed to leave. Aurora’s resemblance to Jessie Vanderlind’s lost love just may be the only thing keeping them alive.

Emily Pilcher: Pilcher’s Farm!

by G J Duncan

Emily lives on a boring old farm that has no animals. As a rare birthday treat, her parents, the bumbling Mr and Mrs Pilcher, take Emily to Wallington Zoo to meet the formidable head zookeeper, Miss Yorktown and the newfangled AutoManagement, Feeding, Cleaning and Veterinary Console! ™

When the bonkers machine blows up, opening every door, gate and hatch in the zoo! The animals break out, creating havoc in the town centre!

Events take a turn for the worse when Bertha, a very old, very tired, and very grumpy looking rhinoceros, takes exception and confronts Miss Yorktown in the town square. Pandemonium ensues as Bertha lowers her 31-inch horn and begins to charge…

A wacky, fun-filled, fast-paced adventure, full of colourful characters and rampaging animals!

The Niello Necklace Mystery

by Robyn Collins

As far as fourteen-year-old Bun knows, Mary Hare has always been his mother, and New South Wales has always been his home. But one day he returns home to find the woman who raised him lying gravely injured at the bottom of the stairs, where she finally reveals the truth. With her last breaths, Mary informs Bun that she is not his biological mother after all. Determined to find out who his real parents are, Bun puts his photographic memory to work and begins collecting and examining clues—ones that will lead him and his best friend, Katie, on an epic chase across the United States. Someone, however, wants to keep the truth from them, so the pair finds themselves pursued every step of the way.

Guided by their intelligence and determination, Bun and Katie are able to decipher the few clues they have to work with: an American passport, a birth certificate, and a mysterious niello necklace with the inscription “MMA585.” After jetting across the ocean to New York, the evidence leads them to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they find the possible fate of Bun’s real parents hidden in some newspaper archives. The articles also contain clues to the location of some of his other family members, but they won’t be able to get there without a fight. In the span of twenty-four hours, Bun narrowly escapes being shot, run over, and kidnapped, all by the powerful forces determined to keep his family secret under wraps.

The pair’s thrilling American adventure turns into a race against their enemies, as they do anything they can to reach their cross-country destination while staying one step ahead of the people trying to harm them. Nothing is what it seems, and Bun and Katie have only each other to trust as they face life-threatening dangers at every turn. They will either make it to the West Coast in time for a happy family reunion, or powerful forces will keep the mystery of Bun’s parentage hidden for good. It will take plenty of intelligence, lots of bravery, and a little bit of luck if the friends are to reach their destination safely and solve the mystery of the niello necklace.

Shadow Bound

by Angel Lawson

After recovering from a horrific fire that took the lives of two people and released her best friend, Evan, to pass from this world to the next, Jane Watts finally has a chance to live a normal life.

If you consider seeing and guiding ghosts normal.

It’s summer and Jane and her friend, Ava, spend the hot, humid days working and hanging at the pool while Jane’s boyfriend, Connor, attends summer school. With the ghosts under control, things are going well until a friend from Connor’s past reconnects with him. Hours later she kills herself. Charlotte’s suicide throws Connor into a tailspin and her ghost latches on to Jane because, as they learned from Evan, ghosts only linger if they need something.

Unfortunately, Charlotte doesn’t need something. She wants something.

Searching For Glory

by Hunter J. Keane

Gloria Star is rich and famous. She’s on a hit television show and engaged to one of the most desired men in Hollywood. Her life is perfect. But then she gets a letter in the mail that changes everything. The past she has been trying to forget for so long has finally come back to haunt her.

Gloria Star hasn’t always been an A-list celebrity. She used to be just a regular Midwestern girl named Glory Stark. Now she is forced to reconcile her two lives because Johnny Carter, the only man she ever loved, has asked her to return to her hometown, and she can’t say no. Ten years ago, one night changed everything for Gloria and Johnny. Not only did Gloria lose Johnny, but she also lost herself.

Now she’s headed back to her home town in Missouri, to reconnect with her sister and make amends with Johnny. She quickly realizes that returning to Glory Stark’s life isn’t going to be easy. As she faces painful truths about her past and an uncertain future, Gloria learns that forgiveness is essential, family is everything and love is forever.

Field Of Love: Power Love & Fortune On The Road To Enlightenment A True Story

by Martin Birrittella

A true story of passion, fortune and transcendence. This is an inspiring account of a young boy who enters the seminary with the dream of priesthood, but becomes a multi-millionaire entrepreneur whose heart’s desire is to commune with the divine. Adventures take him many times around the world where he is met with everything from gurus and gun-toting devotees to venture capitalists and prostitutes.The result is one magnificent expression of what he calls the Field of Love. The protagonist Martin was the co-founder, and CEO of two multi-million dollar companies he took public, in 1988 and 1993. In his adventures, he lives in India and manages an ashram for 4 years in the US in the late 70’s. Practicing meditation for over 40 years he rejoices at age 41 as he retires to devote full time to his practices. The book contains approximately 150 short chapters, each is an entertaining gem in and of itself. Field of Love takes the reader on a trip that is enlightening, shocking, funny and sometimes mind-blowing . The story is a disarmingly intimate glimpse into the profound process of spiritual awakening. The passionate narrative is always intensely personal and is living evidence of the powerful call of this Field of Love for every reader. The story is a must read for all who find themselves on a quest to awaken and realize their highest Self and Life.

This book’s hidden message will show the reader how to connect with your heart and live as your authentic self in addition to acting with unshakable faith by listening in and trusting the Universal Power. The reader will recognize how to embrace and delight in every life event and especially learn to love and be kind to all especially one’s self.

His Past Came Calling

by Cindy Baker

After meeting and falling in love with locum veterinarian, Dr. Matt Allen, recently widowed Livi Leonard thought the seemingly insurmountable trials and tribulations dogging her life were finally over.

But this proves not to be the case. Livi’s fifteen year old daughter, Chrissy, vanishes without trace while riding her newly acquired horse in the foothills of the San Rafael Mountains, bordering the farm where they live and the investigating detectives seem to view Matt as their prime suspect.

Far from ceasing, Livi’s problems seem to be escalating. Surely the man she adores and she believes adores her could not turn out to be so calculating and deceiving.

Children’s Ebook: How The Cow Jumped Over The Moon

by Sally Huss

In this book you’ll meet a very stubborn, bored, and uninspired cow. She is steadfast in her determination not to try something new. She is amusingly invited to join one animal after the next in an adventure with them, but sticks to her old habits. It is not until a chicken encourages her to jump over the moon that she decides to change her ways.

All in rhyme, and all with a smile, this story is one to delight every child, and subtly spark the spirit of adventure within them. It emphasizes the importance of trying something new — to be adventurous — in the most whimsical way.

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