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A Matter Of Trust by Kat Faitour ebook deal

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A Matter Of Trust

by Kat Faitour

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She stole his heart.
But did she also steal his fortune?

British financier Bennett Sterling steers his world with iron control and cold determination. Burned by a lover long ago, he guards his heart and business with wary resolve.

Devon Sinclair is a brilliant economist, poised for sure success. Intent on making her own way, she tells no one of her complicated past and grifter family.

Passions explode when Devon meets Bennett and neither can deny their fiery attraction. But when corporate accounts are stolen, the evidence points to her and the stakes climb higher.

Will Bennett see beyond the lies to trust the woman he loves? Or will Devon condemn them both by doubting his loyalty?

In the powerful world of London finance, it turns out trust is the most valuable commodity of all.



Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay ebook deal

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Never Look Away

by Linwood Barclay

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A warm summer Saturday. An amusement park. David Harwood is glad to be spending some quality time with his wife and their four-year-old son. But what begins as a pleasant family outing turns into a nightmare after an inexplicable disappearance. A frantic search only leads to an even more shocking and harrowing turn of events. Until this terrifying moment, David Harwood is just a small-town reporter in need of a break. Now the only thing he cares about is restoring his family. Desperate for any clue, David dives into his own investigation—and into a web of lies and deceit. For with every new piece of evidence he uncovers, David finds more questions—and moves ever closer to a shattering truth.



Loving The Hawke by Lana Williams ebook deal

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Loving The Hawke

by Lana Williams

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Victorian Romance. After five seasons as a wallflower, Lettie Fairchild is resigned to spinsterhood. Mostly. Determined to claim more meaning for her life than seeing her younger sisters married, she seeks a purpose. She finds what she’s looking for when she happens upon a book describing seven curses that plague London.

Nathaniel Hawke is attempting to adjust to civilian life after retiring from the military, but his injured leg and memories of his time in the service prevent an easy transition. On his long walks during London’s darkest hours, Nathaniel is appalled by what he sees taking place on the dirty streets and alleyways. He is determined to take action. Coming upon a proper, if rebellious, lady in the desolate area both intrigues and frustrates him.

Nathaniel’s disregard for his personal safety infuriates Lettie even as her heart is touched by his determination to aid the city’s neglected children.

As the two wounded souls stumble upon each other time and again in slums and ballrooms, they realize they fight a common cause–and share an unbridled passion.

Will the curse they fight be their downfall? Or will love win the day?



The Wooden Indian Resurrection by Trish Hermanson ebook deal

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The Wooden Indian Resurrection

by Trish Hermanson

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Deborah is always running. Hiding. Festering with bitterness from the stab-in-the-back that led to her arrest and exile from the community that once offered her prestige and a doorway into college. It was 1968, and Deborah had “gone white,” embracing a Norwegian-Lutheran town and its high school bubble of Beatles, basketball, and boys. But underneath the glow of her senior year, tensions simmered, leaving her with unanswered questions that haunted her for years. Why did townsfolk cast suspicious eyes her way after race riots broke out following the assassination of Martin Luther King? Why did the town toss her out? And the most troubling question, what happened to her white boyfriend? Did he return from Vietnam in a body bag?

After being forced from the community, Deborah turns her back on white culture, marries a Native, and becomes an activist in the American Indian Movement. But the siege of the town of Wounded Knee, South Dakota, leaves her a window and single mother. By Deborah’s accounting, her life is a waste: a dead husband, dead relationships with her elderly father and her grown son, and a dead-end job as a wooden Indian.

After years of hiding, she’s discovered by her former white girlfriends. Inflamed with anger that they found her, and hoping to heal from past wounds, she confronts them at a historic cavalry fort in the Midwest. But will facing enemies set her free from her shut-down life, or will secrets revealed lead to more pain? Must she tread the trail of forgiveness to find life’s second chances, or could she be deceived again?

Deborah’s search for wholeness is a journey of coming of age in middle age. Of experiencing it’s never too late to become who you’re meant to be. And of discovering she can love passionately again.



Crossroads by Lori L. Otto ebook deal

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by Lori L. Otto

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Will Rosser is smart.
Will Rosser is creative.
Will Rosser is driven.

He sounds a whole lot like his older brother, Jon Scott, who’s successful and well on his way to a good life after the hardships their family faced growing up.

One event is all it takes to change Will’s trajectory, though.

Will Rosser is at a Crossroads.



Bad City by Matt Mayr ebook deal

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Bad City

by Matt Mayr

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In the violent world of post-apocalyptic South Town, Eli Baxter is king, ruling from the thirteenth floor of his building while henchman do his bidding. Simon Gray, a talented young thief, now disillusioned with South Town, is desperate to escape with the woman he loves. As he plots their journey north, glimpses of his childhood in South India and Northern Ontario reveal the world as it once was, fueling his desire to break away. But when he’s handed a new job, one that will make Eli untouchable, Simon realizes that escape – and transcendence to love and a peaceful way of life – might be harder than he thought.



Gabriel by Mike Evans ebook deal

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by Mike Evans

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Bestselling Author Mike Evans brings you the perfect bloody action packed book you have been waiting for!

Gabriel has been out of the CIA for years. When America was looking for a killer, Gabriel was there to answer. Orphaned when his family was taken by terrorists he had the mindset required to do the work. After years of being loyal, he finally went out on his own, tired of being sent into missions he no longer agreed with.

Now almost a decade later a job comes in, one he can’t ignore because it would cost the people including himself of America their lives.

Allah’s Hand has put out the threat, and the CIA has recruited Gabriel…again.

Can Gabriel do what is asked, can he save the people, can he be the hero that he doesn’t want to be?



Bullets Of Palestine by Howard Kaplan ebook deal

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Bullets Of Palestine

by Howard Kaplan

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Two agents. Two opposing sides.

Israeli Agent Shai is dispatched to eliminate a terrorist threat. To succeed in his mission Shai must win the trust of Palestinian Agent Ramzy who will help him gain access to the infamous and dangerous Abu Nidal.

Shai is under orders to kill Ramzy when the mission ends. Instead, they forge a friendship that transcends the hatreds of their heritage. Loyalties are tested. Will they capture Abu Nidal or betray each other? In a conflict where both sides dehumanize each other, two extremely human men, are caught in the cross-hairs of the larger war.



Three Wells Of The Sea by Terry Madden ebook deal

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Three Wells Of The Sea

by Terry Madden

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Our world and the Five Quarters are shadows of one another, joined by death and three wells of the sea…

When Nechtan, warrior king of the Five Quarters is murdered, he leaves his land on the brink of civil war. His closest adviser, the druid Lyleth, has a price on her head and the evidence to condemn the real killer. Seeking to unify the land, she strikes a bargain with her green gods and weaves a forgotten spell to summon her king from the land of the dead.

Hugh Cavendish is torn from his life as a high school English teacher and pitched back into the turmoil of his previous life as king Nechtan. If he and Lyleth fail to regain his throne and prevent civil war, the ice-born reaver known as the Bear waits to snatch up the scraps of the kingdom. As Hugh clings to life in our world, in the other he must face the rebellion as well as the Bear. If he lets go of life in either world he will lose not only his kingdom but the woman he loves.



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