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Healing Ruby by Jennifer H. Westall ebook deal

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Healing Ruby

by Jennifer H. Westall

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Ruby Graves, a young girl in Depression-era Alabama, faces the hardships of poverty and loss with as much faith as she can muster. At only thirteen she’s already lost a younger brother, and now faces losing both her father and the boy who’s stealing her heart as well. Armed with her beloved Scriptures, she prays daily for their healing, only to have her tender faith shattered.

Through her pain, she’s able to connect with her long-lost Uncle Asa, whose mere presence at his brother’s funeral brings murmurs of a scandalous past involving her parents and a prominent local pastor. When Ruby discovers that one of Asa’s many secrets is an ability to heal, and that she may be next in line for the “gift,” she vows to find the faith that has eluded her so far–a faith that could mean never losing loved ones again.

But according to her father, faith and doubt can’t reside in the same heart, and doubt is Ruby’s constant companion. As she struggles to find the true meaning of faith, she’s opposed at every turn by the pastor who would see her family destroyed and a community that can’t see deeper than the color of one’s skin. Through her search for a faith that could move mountains and a true understanding of her gift, can Ruby trust in a God that may require the ultimate sacrifice?



Spots Before Marriage by Sophie Dawson ebook deal

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Spots Before Marriage

by Sophie Dawson

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A Determined Doctor. A Struggling Bachelorette. Fourteen Dalmatian Puppies.Keith is all set to enjoy lunch in the park when a bunch of spots appears before his eyes. Fourteen rambunctious Dalmatian puppies to be exact, and all of them fighting for his lunch. Chasing after them is the bruised and beautiful Whitney. Keith isn’t looking for love. His life plans are all laid out for work and serving God.

Whitney prides herself on being self-reliant. She runs a successful company and doesn’t need anyone. But her brother dumps two pregnant Dalmatians on her doorstep and fourteen puppies later, she’s a walking disaster. Between her work and the dogs, Whitney’s world is upside down.With everything they thought they wanted right within reach, will Keith and Whitney find the beauty between the spots? Is it possible to have true love when there’s a horde of Spots Before Marriage?

Love and marriage comes to us inspired by many things. Who would have thought that mold, spots and mice would bring love and marriage? Well, they have. The Love’s Infestation Series continues with Spots Before Marriage.



One Was Lost by Natalie D. Richards ebook deal

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One Was Lost

by Natalie D. Richards

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Damaged, Deceptive, Dangerous, Darling. When a group of teens wake up in the woods, these words are inked onto their skin. Are they labels? A warning? They must find the truth before a killer finds them.

While on a mandatory senior field trip, a flash flood cuts off Sera and three classmates from their group with no way to call for help. But they’re not as alone as they thought…



Catch Me, Cowboy by Jeannie Watt ebook deal

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Catch Me, Cowboy

by Jeannie Watt

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She will not be his second choice…

When champion bronc rider Ty Harding returns home after four long years on the road, the first thing he does is look up Shelby O’Connor—the woman who begged him to stay. The woman he still loves.

Horse trainer Shelby O’Connor truly believes she’s over Ty—until he shows up on her family ranch and turns her world upside down. Shelby isn’t a big one for second chances, but she’s all about proving that she and Ty are done. But when she discovers that Ty plans to head back out on the rodeo circuit, despite his injuries, she has to come to terms with the fact that maybe she isn’t as over him as she thought she was. And now she has to decide what to do about that.

Will history repeat itself, or will Ty and Shelby get another chance at love?



Beloved by Corinne Michaels ebook deal

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by Corinne Michaels

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Men suck.

They break you. Leave you. Take everything until there’s nothing left. And frankly, I’m done allowing them to make me feel insignificant. So, forget men. I’ll just throw myself into my job, because at least that never fails me.

Jackson has other plans, though. I refuse to be impressed by his perfect body, the cute dimple on his cheek, or the rugged stubble on his face. Jackson Cole can be resisted.

But, I’m only fooling myself.

He’s going to wear me down. I can feel it. In the end he’ll prove that once again, I’m no one’s beloved.



My Honor Flight by Dan McCurrigan ebook deal

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My Honor Flight

by Dan McCurrigan

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This novel tells the story of a young soldier who accompanies his great-grandfather, Doug Mackinack, on an Honor Flight – a sponsored trip to the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.

During the flight, the old man shares stories from his platoon’s tour in Europe, many ending in dramatic (or occasionally, humorous) twists.

The stories share not only suspenseful situations, but also the emotional impact of the platoon’s journey through a broad range of humanity: Fear. Courage. Compassion. Anger. Love. Death. Loyalty. Mercy. Retribution.

In a final defining moment near the end of his tour, Mackinack is forced to decide his path in a split second. Will he return to the man he was before the war, or will he become the killer the war created?

When Mackinack and his great grandson reach the monument, there is one final surprise tied to events sixty six years earlier.



The Watchmaker's Daughter by C.J. Archer ebook deal

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The Watchmaker’s Daughter

by C.J. Archer

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India Steele is desperate. Her father is dead, her fiancé took her inheritance, and no one will employ her, despite years working for her watchmaker father. Indeed, the other London watchmakers seem frightened of her. Alone, poor, and at the end of her tether, India takes employment with the only person who’ll accept her – an enigmatic and mysterious man from America. A man who possesses a strange watch that rejuvenates him when he’s ill.

Matthew Glass must find a particular watchmaker, but he won’t tell India why any old one won’t do. Nor will he tell her what he does back home, and how he can afford to stay in a house in one of London’s best streets. So when she reads about an American outlaw known as the Dark Rider arriving in England, she suspects Mr. Glass is the fugitive. When danger comes to their door, she’s certain of it. But if she notifies the authorities, she’ll find herself unemployed and homeless again – and she will have betrayed the man who saved her life.



Masquerade's Moon by RaShelle Workman ebook deal

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Masquerade’s Moon

by RaShelle Workman

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Professor Pops throws Snow White a Masquerade Ball for her sixteenth birthday. A war is brewing and her party may be the battle ground.



Rooms by James L. Rubart ebook deal

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by James L. Rubart

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On a rainy spring day in Seattle, young software tycoon Micah Taylor receives a cryptic, twenty-five-year-old letter from a great uncle he never knew. It claims a home awaits him on the Oregon coast that will turn his world inside out. Suspecting a prank, Micah arrives at Cannon Beach to discover a stunning, brand new nine-thousand square foot house. And after meeting Sarah Sabin at a nearby ice cream shop, he has two reasons to visit the beach every weekend.

When bizarre things start happening in the rooms of the home, Micah suspects they have some connection to his enigmatic new friend, Rick, the town mechanic. But Rick will only say the house is spiritual. This unnerves Micah because his faith slipped away like the tide years ago, and he wants to keep it that way. But as he slowly discovers, the home isn’t just spiritual, it’s a physical manifestation of his soul, which God uses to heal Micah’s darkest wounds and lead him into an astonishing new destiny.



A Stone In The Sea by A.L. Jackson ebook deal

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A Stone In The Sea

by A.L. Jackson

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Sunder lead singer Sebastian Stone is no stranger to trouble.

It follows him wherever he goes.

From his track record, he should have known Shea Bentley would be a problem. But the soft, innocent Southern girl was all he could see. All he wanted to see. Now they’re both drowning in a sea of desire, sinking hopelessly into a world of lust, and their passion refuses to let them up for air.

No matter how much he wants that to be enough…Shea has an inescapable past. One she would do anything to keep running from.

But some secrets never die.

If her history is dragged from the depths, it could tear his world apart. He has to decide if she’s worth fighting the tide or if they should just sink like a stone in the sea.



Sway by Adriana Locke ebook deal

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by Adriana Locke

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BARRETT LANDRY has it all.

Power, prestige, and plenty of women, the dapper politician’s life is pretty phenomenal. But in the midst of the biggest campaign of his life, he needs to focus. The last thing he can afford is a distraction.

ALISON BAKER is a work-in-progress.

As a single mother to HUXLEY, she’s rebuilding life on her terms. She’s focused on family, faith, and a future for her son that can’t be taken away. Putting her child first means not being careless, no matter what.

A chance encounter forces Barrett and Alison to redefine what they really want out of life. But everything comes at a cost … and sometimes, even for love, it’s a price too steep to pay.



The Infected by Joseph Zuko ebook deal

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The Infected

by Joseph Zuko

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On a day like any other, Jim Blackmore finds himself at ground zero of the zombie apocalypse. He is forced
to run a blood-soaked gauntlet through a city overrun by an insurmountable horde of the dead in a desperate attempt to reach his wife and two small children. As he fights to get home he discovers that the living are just as dangerous as the dead. But does Jim have the strength of will to survive the perilous journey?

New sneak peek of Joseph Zuko’s up coming novel.A few chapters from Sweet Home has been added to the end of this book. Read on to check out the next level of horror in the Zuko catalog.



Bird Of Prey: The Beginning by Steven Ryan ebook deal

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Bird Of Prey: The Beginning

by Steven Ryan

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A giant seagull in a seaside town takes a dislike to cats and embarks on a killing spree!

The local cats don’t feel very good about this and neither do the public. The bird’s natural instincts are used to great effect to wreak destruction upon the cat population of a seaside town.

Pressure mounts from the media, upon the local authorities, but can the squeezed and battered public servants deliver what the public want? The recession bites, and the uncertainty of Brexit means that resources are scarce and sacrifices have to be made by everyone. PCs Franklin and Wilkins follow the clues left by the trail of destruction, and YouTube to catch the culprit. Under the oppression of sexism, police brutality and bullying the pair use their incredible powers of deduction to solve the crimes?



The Ruins Of Arlandia by William F. F.  Wood ebook deal

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The Ruins Of Arlandia

by William F. F. Wood

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The universe has been devastated from 100 years of war between the Goremog Empire and the No’Rath Domain. It has become a dangerous nightmare where small pockets of survivors are hunted down and destroyed. All living populations are nearly extinct. Driven by unquenchable hatred, fleets of robot controlled space ships have been built in order to continue fighting. The planets of Arlandia and Aleria put all their hopes in a super weapon, secretly built in ten remote locations. When completed, it would have saved them from their enemies. But before they could finish it, the Alerian home world was destroyed, the people scattered and the weapon lost.

Calvin Range is from the planet New Arlandia, a hidden planet that escaped the devastation of the war. After a disaster in space, Calvin, a Lieutenant in the Arlandian Space Force is propelled on an exciting adventure along with Astra, Princess of the planet Aleria. Together they must find the ten pieces of the super weapon and assemble it before the Goremog launch a second war and are able to finish what they started – total domination of the entire universe.



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