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(FREE on 1/18) An Avalon Christmas: A Holiday Novel by Darien Gee -
An Avalon Christmas: A Holiday Novel

by Darien Gee

Welcome to Avalon, IL. Quaint, charming, idyllic. A beautiful small river town that tourists love to visit and residents are proud to call home. Take a stroll down the flower-lined streets bubbling with old-time, classic charm or peek into any of the stores that make the local merchants proud: find a favorite book at the Book Nook, browse the selection of local wares at Avalon Gifts ‘N More, or stop by Madeline’s Tea Salon for scones and a hot cup of Darjeeling. Avalon is a place that you could stay for a while for no reason other than being there.

But it’s the 4,243 residents that set Avalon apart from everywhere else in the world. Characters of all sorts abound, from the friendly and hospitable innkeeper to the gossipy gal living next door to the crotchety old geezer down the street. A colorful palate of individuals give Avalon its heart, and when push comes to shove, this motley crew shows up for each other as friends, neighbors and family in the least expected ways.

Avalon. Quaint, charming, idyllic. Or is it? Is it truly as perfect as it sounds? This Christmas a secret hides around every corner. Who’s giving away free turkeys to every house in town? What is this mystery homeless man up to when he offers free gift-wrapping in front of the town’s most popular gift shop? Is the annual town fundraiser raffle grand prize (one full year of rent or mortgage paid!) a hoax or the real deal? Can a broken relationship between brothers be healed or can unexpected love bloom between the unlikeliest of couples? What happens when mystery gifts of generosity start showing up around town during the holidays and how do they change the lives of those who need them the most but expect them the least?

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(FREE on 1/18) Bride Of A Bygone War by Preston Fleming -
Bride Of A Bygone War

by Preston Fleming

Beirut, 1981. Walter Lukash, a journeyman CIA case officer, has been posted in the Middle East for eight straight years and is ready for a quiet desk job back in Washington. When he is ordered to Beirut instead for a two-month secret liaison assignment with the Phalange militia’s intelligence unit, his superiors believe they understand his reluctance to accept.

What they don’t know is that, five years earlier, Lukash secretly married a Lebanese woman against Agency rules and abandoned her soon after the outbreak of war. More than that, his new Irish live-in girlfriend, whom the Agency considers a security risk, has followed him to Beirut from Amman and Lukash has defied orders to break off the relationship.

When the two-month assignment is extended to two years, Lukash realizes he can no longer avoid painful realities and choices. But before he can straighten things out, he is caught in a deadly three-way intrigue between the Phalange, the U.S. government and Lebanon’s ruthless Syrian occupiers that threatens to unleash the full force of Syrian-backed terrorism against Americans in Beirut.

(FREE on 1/18) Enchantment's Reach by Martin Ash -
Enchantment’s Reach

by Martin Ash

An extraordinary work of tense, outsider fantasy… Enchantment’s Reach is the first volume of six, a fast-paced, intricately-woven saga of conflict, mystery, intrigue, magic and betrayal, set in a world where the fabulous and the unexpected have become the norm.The small kingdom of Enchantment’s Reach lies close on the border of the mysterious land of Enchantment from where weird energies seep, borne invisibly on unnatural breezes. Untamed magic resides in the air, in the land itself, and sometimes deep within the psyches of its inhabitants.In a time of immense tension. Enchantment’s Reach is being torn apart from both inside and out. From the southwest have come the Karai, a brutal warrior race not wholly human. One of their armies now musters close upon the border of the Reach.

The Karai are in league, it appears, with mysterious entities who dwell within Enchantment itself, commanding advanced technologies and commonly held to have the powers of deities. Yet neither the Karai nor these godlike creatures of Enchantment have been known before to interfere directly in the affairs of lesser creatures.What do they seek from Enchantment’s Reach?Further dangers menace the isolated kingdom. Grave internal as well as external conflicts threaten its King, Leth, his beautiful young queen, Issul, and the people of the Reach. Ancient religious factions are resurgent; fanatical cults revive old feuds and rise to imperil the throne. And somewhere deep within Enchantment’s Reach itself a mysterious creature appears, an incredibly ancient inhabitant of some other dimension, seeming secretly to wield unusual influence over King Leth.

Ahead lie treacherous intrigues both human and otherworldly, and a desperate quest into lands of warring gods, into dimensions previously uncontacted, and into the depths of unconscious creation in search of keys to mysteries dark, enigmatic and profound.This is fantasy at its finest – a true epic brimming with secrets and revelations, an inquiry deep into mysteries of existence, the nature of experience and identity, of belief, knowledge and desire, of jealous ‘gods’ and scheming humans, all held together with a narrative power that will hold the reader enthralled from beginning to end.

(FREE on 1/18) My Ride With Gus by Charlie Carillo -
My Ride With Gus

by Charlie Carillo

New Year’s Eve, 1995. Rising young architect Jimmy Gambar is on top of the world, ready to pop the question to the girl of his dreams at a fancy restaurant. Ten minutes later he snaps and storms out, leaving behind the girlfriend, her ridiculous gift of a hot pink necktie and the precise way of life he’s known for so long.

Later that night, big trouble – a sleazy downtown bar, a shady lady with a switchblade in his SoHo loft, an accidental fall against a metal lamp. Now Jimmy has a dead woman’s body lying on his rug, and only one person to turn to – a man he hasn’t seen in twenty years.

His big brother Gus (“The Ghost”) Gambuzza.

(FREE on 1/18) Point Apocalypse by Alex Bobl -
Point Apocalypse

by Alex Bobl

He enters a prison world. A place of no return harboring the death of the universe. No proper food or drinking water, no modern technologies. He doesn’t know who he is. He can’t tell friend from foe. He has no idea what brought him here. He has no time to think. He lives from one objective to the next.

The Earth’s laws end here. No one to turn to for help. The lives of thousands of people now depend on him alone.

(FREE on 1/18) Speed Trap by Joey Ledford -
Speed Trap

by Joey Ledford

SPEED TRAP is one good cop versus a whole town of bad cops.

SPEED TRAP is set in 1959 in a small south Georgia town, a place you can’t avoid on your long road trip to Florida, and you’d better hope you only get a ticket when you get pulled over.

SPEED TRAP introduces Special Agent Cal Bocock, a handsome young investigator handpicked by the Governor of Georgia to bring down small town tyrant Earl “Boss” Griffin and his corrupt cops and gang of henchmen.

SPEED TRAP features Fancy Fontaine, a beautiful and mysterious lady in black who initially enchants Bocock at the funeral of a murder victim.

(FREE on 1/18) Behind The Forgotten Front: A Wwii Novel by Barbara Hawkins -
Behind The Forgotten Front: A Wwii Novel

by Barbara Hawkins

It’s 1942 and Harry Flynn leaves behind the love of his life to journey into a world of tigers, elephants and Himalayan Mountains. Here he must take risks if he is to survive. He enlists to fight in the war expecting to find the thrill of danger and honor of military service. Instead of a fighting position, Harry is sent to the Forgotten Front in the Indian subcontinent as an ordinary supply officer. There, General Joseph ‘Vinegar Joe’ Stilwell is constructing a ‘road to nowhere’ through Japanese-occupied Burma. The general will do anything to get the road built.

In this exotic world with Naga headhunters, opium-smoking Kachin tribesmen, and marauders who scorn both life and death, Harry forges unlikely friendships. He’s forced to obey orders that challenge his principles and is torn between being true to himself or ‘no man at all.’ Eventually, not willing to let Uncle Sam needlessly condemn the road crew to death, he rebels.

He tries to sabotage the road’s progress where an all-black construction regiment is losing a man a mile due to disease and crumbling mountain slopes. Then a commanding officer spots his unconventional skills. Immediately he’s transferred to America’s first guerrilla-supported unit: Merrill’s Marauders and later the Mars Task Force. Here, he must entrust his life to others. During a time when boys were forced to come of age on the battlefield, Harry must find what makes his life worth living or die.

The lessons learned in World War II apply to all wars, where men walk away carrying unspeakable memories and lives that ‘could have been’ haunt those that lived. Behind the Forgotten Front brings them all back to life and shows that history is about facts driven by passions and sometimes the mistakes of real people.

(FREE on 1/18) Drifter: Book Four by M.L. Gardner -
Drifter: Book Four

by M.L. Gardner

Richard Sloan is a Massachusetts missing person’s detective who seems to be losing his touch. After six months he hasn’t found anyone alive and becomes desperate to redeem his reputation.

Aryl Sullivan, who suffered amnesia in a boating accident, finds himself caught up in a series of events that land him in London. While in the hands of Gina, a secretive and controlling woman, and her boss, Mickey, Aryl is forever changed as he does what he has to in order to survive.

Following leads on a serial cop killer terrorizing Boston, Detective Sloan unwittingly stumbles on information that leads him to Aryl Sullivan, a man everyone in Rockport thinks is dead.

(FREE on 1/18) Waiting For Shadow: Tracking Jane, Prequel by Eduardo Suastegui -
Waiting For Shadow: Tracking Jane, Prequel

by Eduardo Suastegui

Meet Major McMurtry…

Her voice will draw you into her pain. Her struggle will show you how to overcome. In her search for love you will find hope.

Major Jane McMurtry is learning to walk after an IED ripped into her legs. Fitted with a new set of prosthetic legs, Jane can do more now. She can start tracking again with her new dog. She can go for long walks around her Colorado ranch. Even her back and hip pain have diminished.

But that’s not the sort of pain pressing down on Jane. She misses Shadow, the military K9 partner she trained and had to leave in Afghanistan. If he could come home. If she only had Shadow at her side, she’d handle things better. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’ll come soon, not before he finishes his tour of duty. That’s what Army regs and bureaucrats say. This leaves Jane to face her pain alone and either fold under its thumb, or push on as best she can.

(FREE on 1/18) Don't Juggle Bees! And Other Useless Advice For Silly Children: A Silly Rhyming Picture Books For Kids by Gerald Hawksley -
Don’t Juggle Bees! And Other Useless Advice For Silly Children: A Silly Rhyming Picture Books For Kids

by Gerald Hawksley

Another silly rhyming children’s picture book from Gerald Hawksley!

DO say “please”, if you’d like some cheese.

DON’T attempt to juggle bees.

DO remember where you keep your toes.

DON’T balance an elephant on your nose.

Packed with completely useless advice and jolly illustrations, this charming rhyming picture book is a simple, silly guide to life, which will enlighten and entertain silly children (and silly adults) everywhere! A silly rhyming picture book for children by Gerald Hawksley, created especially for the Kindle.

And DO see if you can spot the mouse on every page!

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