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(FREE on 2/22) The Twelve Stones by RJ Johnson -
The Twelve Stones

by RJ Johnson

Twenty two years ago, Alex McCray found the first of the Twelve Stones, a set of powerful artifacts left for Humanity to find and use to save Earth from certain destruction.

Returning to his hometown of Onyx, California, Alex reunites with his father who returns the stone Alex found so many years ago. Their reunion is cut short however after Alex’s father is murdered by billionaire industrialist Rupert Kline, a madman who will stop at nothing to collect all twelve stones for himself.

Driven by revenge, Alex McCray vows to bring his father’s killer to justice and keep the remaining Twelve Stones out of Kline’s hands.

(FREE on 2/22) Suzie Sparkle And The Magic Book : A Book For Children Age 8/9/10/11/12 by Steve Moran -
Suzie Sparkle And The Magic Book : A Book For Children Age 8/9/10/11/12

by Steve Moran

Suzie Sparkle had always loved reading. It wasn’t surprising, since her father owned a bookshop. What she liked best was the feeling of being carried away to another world, a world of make-believe and imagination.

It was a safe way to experience adventure, excitement and danger.

At least, it was until they collected THAT book.

They got it from a woman who looked like a witch, and who lived in the most dangerous part of town.

It was an old book, with an air of mystery about it.

Suzie couldn’t wait to get it home and start deciphering the faded old writing on its stiff and dusty pages.

So when she finally sat down with it, all on her own, she accidentally discovered another, dangerous way to be taken to other worlds – worlds of magic, fantasy and deadly peril……

(FREE on 2/22) Trick Question: A Hard-boiled New Orleans Legal Thriller by Tony Dunbar -
Trick Question: A Hard-boiled New Orleans Legal Thriller

by Tony Dunbar

Medical lab janitor Cletus Busters is caught red-handed in a restricted area with the frozen head of Dr. Whitney Valentine, one of the lab’s most prestigious researchers. Busters won’t say much, except that he’s innocent. But given his conspicuous record and past as a voodoo guru, all signs point to life in prison.

Calling Tubby Dubonnet!

With the trial less than a week away, Busters’ lawyer has made exactly two motions – heading to the bar for several rounds of Wild Turkey and begging Tubby for help. Meanwhile, Tubby’s taken on a new client – a female boxer with an abusive boyfriend – and also has to referee the romantic entanglements of his ex-wife and three teenage daughters.

But as Buster’s trial proceeds, and the jury savors the startling evidence (alongside Dunbar’s succulent descriptions of Crescent City cuisine), the danger mounts. Revealing the murderer could prove to be Tubby’s biggest triumph – or his last case ever.

(FREE on 2/22) Death Of A Dapper Snowman by Angela Pepper -
Death Of A Dapper Snowman

by Angela Pepper

Gift shop owner Stormy Day is settling into her new life until she comes across a frozen body, hidden inside a well-dressed snowman.

When her own father is implicated in the murder, Stormy must chase down clues and uncover the town’s secrets herself.

As she draws closer to identifying the killer, Stormy’s own life may be in danger. That is unless Jeffrey, the mischievous Russian Blue cat who led her to the icy body in the first place, can flick his sleek gray tail at the final piece in the puzzle.

(FREE on 2/22) The Psalter by Galen Watson -
The Psalter

by Galen Watson

A medieval prayer book, an Irish saint’s prophecy, and a forgery that changed the church—forever.

Father Romano has run afoul of the modern inquisitors before. This time, it leads to a medieval manuscript and murder. Was it an ordinary theft gone wrong or something more? The Carabinieri in Rome would like to know.

Michael Romano is an American priest working in the Vatican’s Secret Archives with a penchant for stepping over the line. Church Inquisitors have noticed — and they aren’t happy. Nevertheless, Romano is also the Church’s senior paleographer, an expert in ancient manuscripts, and his expertise is needed to examine a ninth-century codex known as a Psalter.

Father Romano’s examination leads him into the past as he uncovers an historical narrative of medieval forgeries, Saracen invasions, and Saint Malachy’s legendary prophecy of Petrus Romanus–the final Pope. Yet he has unwittingly become a target for those who will stop at nothing to possess the secret of the Psalter.

(FREE on 2/22) The Ultimate Sacrifice by Talia Jager -
The Ultimate Sacrifice

by Talia Jager

Kassia is a 16-year-old girl just trying to have a normal life. This is somewhat difficult because she has the ability to inflict pain on others with her mind, which is why she was sent to a special institute for kids with various gifts. It is here Kassia met her best friend Mira.

Their lives will change forever after Mira is attacked and Kassia finds out her talent is much more powerful when she saves her. Little did she know that this act would attract the attention of demons.

Suddenly, she is on the run from them with her boyfriend, Mira, and a few of their close friends. Realizing she can’t outrun the demons, she seeks the guidance of a shaman. The shaman tells her the heart breaking news that the only way to protect her friends and the institute is through her own death.

Join Kassia on her journey of friendship, love, and the conflicts she must face to protect those around her.

(FREE on 2/22) Sufficient Ransom: A Novel by Sylvia Sarno -
Sufficient Ransom: A Novel

by Sylvia Sarno

What a mother wouldn’t do for her child. Ann Olson takes her life for granted until her young son, Travis, disappears from the backyard one evening. Searching for her son, Ann throws caution to the wind. Soon, she finds herself enmeshed in the seedy world of Mexican drug dealers who operate just across the border in Tijuana.

Does Ann, an atheist, embrace Christianity despite her husband warning that her pastor friend is more interested in converting her than in finding Travis? Does she make it out of the drug tunnel alive, or is her rashness her downfall? And is Travis’s disappearance related to that of other recently missing children in San Diego? A story of a mother’s love, courage in the face of evil, and her unexpected journey of self-discovery along the way.

(FREE on 2/22) Shaman - The Awakening by VR McCoy -
Shaman – The Awakening

by VR McCoy

The nightmares never cease. Ever since I was a child I’ve struggled to deal with them. Each night a different horror takes shape, and I see it as if I was there. I wake from these terrifying dreams of another world in which I’m running from the strangest visions of evil. Visions that can only exist in nightmares, yet they’re all too real to me.

Christian Sands is an FBI agent with a unique ability. When his ViCAP unit takes on another serial killer investigation, they soon find themselves in deeper than they bargained for. The killer seems to be ahead of them at every turn. The search for the mysterious killer takes Christian and his unit from the Crossroads of New Mexico deep into the Navajo Nation.

(FREE on 2/22) Mystery: The Isherwood Case Files by Johnny Scotland -
Mystery: The Isherwood Case Files

by Johnny Scotland

Isherwood is the new boy in town, a well known British detective brought into the Los Angeles Police department’s homicide squad to help get better results. Although Charley doesn’t like the idea, he has no choice but to put up with it. Isherwood shows the squad what difference observation makes to how a potential crime scene is viewed, when asked to help by a member of the public who is worried for the safety of her sister.

Is she right? Is the girl’s fiance a monster who has already killed his previous wives? The problem is that he is perceived as a high profile member of society and the Chief warns the detectives to tread carefully.

Will Isherwood tread on anyone’s ego as he provides insight on this potential murder case? This is the first of the series of Isherwood Case Files in which our detective gets up close and personal with homicide, showing the squad the difference between the American approach and the more reserved British approach.

Mystery 2:The Case of the Ghost Writer

With Jon Isherwood being asked to help in the Los Angeles Police Department’s homicide division, a call is received from a landlord who has found his tenant has been murdered. In this salubrious part of town, the ghost writer has found his demise.

Will the clues be sufficient to pin the murder on anyone? Since the ghost writer lived a very private life, investigation takes Isherwood and his team to the home of a rich and famous author. There are many questions unanswered, though with forensics on their side, will they be able to work out the motive that anyone could have had to kill the solitary figure?

Using observation, Isherwood and his team work toward finding a conclusion to a story which spells sadness, disappointment and revenge. But whose will the revenge be and will it be easy to crack the case? Readers will need to take the journey with our detectives to find the answers to their questions. Not all is always as it seems.

Mystery 3:The Case of the Dead Man with No Identity

When a victim is found at the bottom of the laundry chute in a hotel, where will the inquiries begin. There is no identification on the man and nothing to say who he was. Isherwood investigates the case of the dead man with no identity with his usual flare.

Should he be looking in other places or are the clues there for him to find? As the story unfolds, is the killer who they think it is? Can a killer actually be charged with murder when the victim is seemingly already dead?

One of Isherwood’s most irritating cases, the blandness of the whole affair baffles him. Instead of being riddled with detail for him to unfold, this crime comes with no clues, no answers and no real leads. How will the detectives find out who killed Ian Bradshaw? And what stories can the dead body tell the coroner.

(FREE on 2/22) Couponing For Beginners: Exactly How To Save Thousands A Year Couponing by ClydeBank Finance -
Couponing For Beginners

by ClydeBank Finance

You’re about to discover EVERYTHING you need to know about Couponing in order to start saving money with every purchase you make. More often than not, individuals look strictly at how to make more money in order to get their financial house in order. They fail to take a look at their current spending and expenses in order to first get a better grasp on the money they do have. The first step in personal finance is to always look at how you are spending your money currently and find ways to cut expenses.

Many people find Couponing overwhelming and simply not worth the upfront work. I’m here to tell you that is quite possibly the farthest from the truth! Couponing requires minimal upfront work and the rewards greatly outweigh the costs.

(FREE on 2/22) House Of Dead Trees by Joseph Duncan -
House Of Dead Trees

by Joseph Duncan

When paranormal investigators Allen Mandel, Jane Rivers and Billy Kasch are invited to film the infamous Forester House for their popular cable television show Ghost Scouts, they think they’ve scored the coup of the season.

Forester House is reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in the country. For 130 years it has hosted tragedy, madness, perversion and murder, and now the Ghost Scouts team is spending the night.

The Ghost Scouts are no strangers to bizarre phenomena: glowing mists, mysterious voices and things that go bump in the night…

But Forester House is no ordinary haunting…

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