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Enchantment’s Reach

by Martin Ash

Set in a world where the fabulous and the unexpected have become the norm.

In this world, anything is possible…

The small kingdom of Enchantment’s Reach lies close on the border of the mysterious land of Enchantment from where strange energies seep, borne invisibly on unnatural breezes. Untamed ‘magic’ resides in the air, in the land itself, and sometimes also deep within the minds of its inhabitants.

It is a time of immense tension. Enchantment’s Reach is being torn apart from both inside and out. From the southwest have come the Karai, a brutal warrior race not wholly human, one of whose armies now musters just a few leagues from the border. The Karai are in league, it appears, with mysterious entities who dwell within Enchantment itself, commanding awesomely powerful technologies and commonly held to have the powers of gods. Yet neither the Karai nor these godlike creatures of Enchantment have been known before to interfere directly in the affairs of lesser creatures.

What do they seek from Enchantment’s Reach?

Further dangers beset the small kingdom. Perilous internal as well as external conflicts threaten its King, Leth, his beautiful young queen, Issul, and the people of the Reach. Ancient religious factions are resurgent, fanatical cults revive old feuds and rise to threaten the throne, and somewhere deep within Enchantment’s Reach itself a mysterious creature appears, an inhabitant of some other dimension, seeming secretly to wield unusual influence over King Leth.

The world is on a knife’s edge…

Ahead lie treacherous intrigues both human and otherworldly, and a desperate quest into lands of warring ‘gods’, into dimensions previously uncontacted, and into the depths of profound technologies and unconscious creation in search of keys to mysteries dark, enigmatic and profound.

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Sam’s Story: It’s A Dog’s Life

by P.G Glynn

Do You Love Dog Stories? ‘Sam’s Story’ will give you heartwarming insights into a most unusual dog’s mind

A dog story for all ages. If your dog could talk, what stories would he tell?

‘Sam’s Story’ is written by the scamp himself: a fun-loving, adventure-seeking, wise-beyond-his-years Bearded Collie who longs to fly like the seagulls he sees daily on the beach near his home. He’s helped here and there in his writing by his human, to whom he gives wise insights about life – and death.

Sam’s book is also about love – both between a dog and a human and a man and a woman. It’s a touching story based on real events, which may seem quite hard to believe when you read them! Sam’s human learns much from his ability to live life to the full in the present moment, never judging others and embracing every new experience wholeheartedly. If you love animal stories you need to read this book because you’ll find Sam’s antics hard to resist!

The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook

by Josie Brown

EVERY DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE WANTS AN ALIAS: Donna Stone has one…and it happens to be government-sanctioned.

BUT DONNA EARNED IT THE HARD WAY: Her husband was killed the day she delivered their third child.

TO AVENGE HER HUSBAND’S MURDER: Donna leads a secret life: as an assassin.

BUT ESPIONAGE MAKES FOR STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: And brings new meaning to that old adage, “Honey, I’m home…”

The Widow’s Son

by Bruce Robb Steinberg

Enjoy the music, politics, fashion, televison and movie fare of the 1960s.

Based on the real life loss of the author’s father, Bruce Steinberg brings his passionate tale home as told through the eyes of his oldest brother – a child on the cusp of manhood who does not easily take to wearing the crown of New Man of the House.

The moment 12-year-old Jeremy Rosenberg witnesses his father’s death, Jeremy loses the world he assumed would last forever. With a young brother expecting their father to yet come home, a sister blaming herself, and a mother falling toward isolation, Jeremy is sent fatherless into the world just as he enters adolescence. Beautifully and memorably set in mid-1960s Chicago suburbia, The Widow’s Son is launched on a devastating moment. But this tale of misguided efforts and accidental triumphs of children forced into adult emotions creates a humorous, poignant novel. The reader’s laughter and tears are sure to flow together to the last page as Jeremy battles to make his family into a family once again.


by Marie Chow

How do you tell your child that you won’t be there when they grow up? UNWELL is the raw, honest story of a mother who writes to her unborn child, sharing her decision of choosing not to be a mother. She doesn’t choose abortion. Nor does she consider adoption. Instead, she decides to give her child a fighting chance in life, without the angst and drama that’s shaped her own bittersweet life.

With a poignant lack of emotion, the young mother shares her life story. As the child of Asian parents who moved to America early in her life, the mother shares how her life disintegrated after her parents’ divorce. From upper middle class suburban to sharing her mean aunt’s house to a one bedroom apartment in a shabby neighborhood, this mother endures the indignity that comes with the change of status. From her father’s absence to her mother becoming a married man’s mistress, her story reads like a tragic Victorian novel set in the 21st century, but that’s where the similarity ends—she is definitely not a shy country miss and she certainly did not take the easy way out.

This amazing story chronicles the life of a woman who fought for everything she got, faced her demons and made the hard choices. Her fortitude and candor are disarming, her avant-garde views strangely endearing. You’ve never read a book like this and probably never will again. Get your copy today and take the literary journey of a lifetime. Through this glimpse into the life of a woman of integrity, sacrifice and love, you’ll feel her pain, live her failures and cheer for the meager joys that come her way. But the one thing you’ll never do… is forget her. Or her story.

War Of The Black Tower: Part One Of A Dark Epic Fantasy Trilogy

by Jack Conner

When a dark power rises, only a doomed prince can stand against it.“The War of the Black Tower: Part One of a Dark Epic Fantasy Trilogy” is a swashbuckling epic fantasy adventure. Imagine the reach of J.R.R. Tolkien, the propulsive action of Robert E. Howard and the modern grit of George R. R. Martin, and you’ll have some idea of the thrills awaiting you in “The War of the Black Tower: Part One of a Dark Epic Fantasy Trilogy”.

Baleron is the youngest son of the king of Havensrike, a land eternally at war with the dark empire of Oslog to the south. Ruled by Gilgaroth, the legions of Oslog have continually striven to tear down the works of man and sweep the world in darkness. For eons the dark masses have awaited their lord’s Chosen One, he who will be appointed by Gilgaroth to usher in the next age of shadow.

That time is now. Baleron, though a womanizer and rogue, the black sheep of the royal family one step from being kicked out of the castle, is loyal to the kingdoms of the north and wants only to redeem himself in his father’s eyes. But as Baleron leads his sister Rolenya’s wedding party through the treacherous Aragst Mountains, they’re set upon by the dark powers, and the thralls of Gilgaroth call out to Baleron in worship, calling him the Chosen One.

12 Essential Tips For New Grandma’s: How To Avoid Any Heartache And Love Your New Grandma’s Role

by Christobel Edwards

New Grandparents

You’re about to discover some essential home truths about your role as a new grandma. I am sure you are bursting with love, joy and excitement, your baby is having a baby. Congratulations! But as a grandma of two as I discovered to my cost, that my opinion was not always welcome.

Sure you bought up however many children, who have all turned out really well and you can’t wait to pass on your advice, good counsel, support and love to the happy couple, your children.

But wait, childcare has changed dramatically in the last 20 – 30 years, your children have endless sources of information on every aspect of pregnancy, birthing and then childcare. They are probably more informed with the latest thinking than you are. Don’t forget they are the parent’s not you.

Added to this you have the other set of grandparents and with today’s high rate of divorce their may be other step parents involved. Having your first baby can be stressful enough without having to deal with family feuds.

Prospective Parents

Alternatively you may be the lucky young couple who have just discovered that you are having your first child. Family dynamics can become a minefield, you need to remember you are having this baby, it is essential for you to lay the ground rules well in advance. So this little book may be the perfect way for you to open the conversation with your parent’s and in-law’s.

This book goes into a step-by-step strategy that will help you to manage your expectations both as a grandparent and provide the happy couple with a diplomatic way of taking control and setting the ground rules for the pregnancy, birth, and after care that they want


by Mark Eller

Last Chance.

On the edge of a far frontier rests a place of gentle manners and common civility–Last Chance. Threats of war change all of that.

A hero is needed. A Savior. Meet Aaron Turner, the small unassuming man who runs the Last Chance General Store. He may not be all that they hoped for.

Runway Memoirs: How I Became An International Male Model In The Fashion Industry

by Nicklas Kingo

From the runways of Paris and Milan to the cramped model apartments of Seoul male runway model Nicklas Kingo gives an honest and crass insight to a world that is a lot less glamorous than you think.

In his memoir he gives us glance into the bizarre fashion industry through the eyes of a simple bloke who went from an obese teenager to a male model in a short amount of time.

Whether you are looking for insight on how to become a model or an exposé of the fashion industry and modeling, this book is for you.

Hearts In Motion

by Edie Ramer

Take two cats, a dog, and a determined woman…

Animal lover Abby Pimm isn’t looking for love. With two rescue cats, one rescue dog, a struggling business, and her fourteen-year-old sister to raise, she’s got her hands full. What she needs is an angel – though she’ll settle for the devil if he’ll invest in her fledgling company and keep it afloat.

Add a six-year-old girl…

Wealthy businessman Holden Ramsay is no devil. He’s doing all the right things, and when he’s forced to care for his ex’s six-year-old daughter, he ends up hiring Abby as a temporary sitter – a woman who lights up his damaged heart, and perks up other organs as well. A woman who might be his redemption…or his downfall.

Who’s rescuing who?

The animals that Abby rescued think maybe it’s time they do a little rescue work of their own–because sometimes humans in love can be so dense…

Inquest: Book One Of The Destroyer Trilogy

by DelSheree Gladden

For Libby Sparks, turning sixteen means only one thing…death. Guardian rule demands she attend the ritualistic Inquest that will unveil her talents and secure her place in society. But that isn’t all that will be revealed in Libby’s case.

The more talents you have the better, at least to some degree. Four or five talents will guarantee you a life of luxury, but seven…that is the mark of the Destroyer. Libby knows her Inquest will reveal her to be the Guardians’ greatest enemy. Their law requires her death before her eighteenth birthday. If she lives, prophecy foretells that the world will fall into chaos and destruction.

Once her destiny is revealed, Libby is abandoned when her mother throws her out, her boyfriend tries to kill her, and her best friend shuts her out. Only Milo, a slightly grungy outcast, seems willing to be her friend—but Libby soon realizes he has secrets of his own. His secrets may very well have everything to do with her own destiny.

In order to make it to her eighteenth birthday, Libby must bury her talents and convince the world she is harmless. Her plan only lasts until Milo is put in danger and Libby is forced to choose. Abandon her friend to save her own life, or embrace her destiny and truly become the Destroyer.

Codley And The Big Storm – Together We Can!

by Lisl Fair

Come on a sea adventure with Codley and his best friend Pokie as they work together with other sea animals to repair their home after a violent storm.

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