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(FREE on 6/21) Moon Struck: Book 1 by Jeanette Raleigh -
Distracted Driving: The Multi-Tasking Myth

by Steven Gacovino

We all want to believe we can drive responsibly and monitor distractions. But our attention is limited by nature, and we are often very subtly distracted from noticing things right in front of us. Depending on what you’re doing while you’re driving, you could literally miss seeing a giraffe grazing on the roadside. Because of distractions, many people have failed to see a gorilla beating its chest right in front of them, and this is no joke.

We really are not good multi-taskers when our attention is spread over tasks that require dedicated attention. That’s why conversations on cellphones turn out to be a serious distraction to drivers. Read this book and see what you think. And then see what you think about whether it’s fair to the rest of the people in your car or on the road when you allow yourself to be distracted in the special way that cellphones can distract.

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(FREE on 6/22) Irreparable Harm by Melissa F. Miller -
Irreparable Harm

by Melissa F. Miller

After eight long years, attorney Sasha McCandless is about to make partner at a prestigious law firm. All she has to do is keep her head down and her billable hours up.

When a plane operated by her client slams into the side of a mountain, killing everyone aboard, Sasha gears up to defend the inevitable civil lawsuits. She soon realizes the crash was no accident: a developer has created an application that can control a commercial plane’s onboard computer from a smartphone.

Sasha joins forces with a federal air marshal, and they race to prevent another airline disaster. But when people close to the matter start turning up dead, Sasha must rely on both her legal skills and her Krav Maga training to stop the madman before he kills her.

(FREE on 6/22) Pepped Up by Ali Dean -
Pepped Up

by Ali Dean

Pepper Jones is ready for an epic cross country season. She wants to qualify for Nationals, and she’s willing to do anything it takes to make it happen. She can handle long miles and hill sprints, but boys? That’s an entirely different challenge.

Pepper’s never considered revealing her deeper feelings for her longtime friend, Jace Wilder. After all, he’s got the personal magnetism and good looks to hook just about any girl in town — and he has. Their friendship stands apart from high school social circles, and they’re both just fine with that (or at least they pretend to be).

That is, until running star Ryan Harding moves to town.

When it comes to running, Pepper’s goals are clear. But when it comes to Jace and Ryan, it’s nowhere near as simple.

(FREE on 6/22) Me, Jill Robinson! Seaside Mystery {jill Robinson Adventure Series} by Anne Digby -
Me, Jill Robinson! Seaside Mystery {jill Robinson Adventure Series}

by Anne Digby

A seaside holiday – and a thrilling mystery for Jill. What on earth is her brother Tony up to? Why is he being so secretive about his new friend Sam [getting on the wrong side of Dad in the process] – and why are they looking for the boy with a fringe? When Jill takes up the trail with best friend Lindy, it leads the girls straight into danger…

(FREE on 6/22) Murder On Moloka'i by Chip Hughes -
Murder On Moloka’i

by Chip Hughes

When Boston heiress Adrienne Ridgely strides into his Honolulu office, Surfing Detective Kai Cooke likes what he sees, but doubts what he hears. Adrienne’s sister, environmental activist Sara Ridgely-Parke, plunged to her death from a mule on Moloka‘i – the first fatal incident on the soaring cliffs above Kalaupapa’s fabled leper colony. Murder, cries Adrienne, perpetrated by Sara’s ex-husband, developer J. Gregory Parke. Cooke flies to Moloka‘i, tracking tantalizing leads to an unlikely murder that, despite himself, he starts to believe in.

Was the mule prodded or spooked or drugged? Did Parke do it for vengeance, or Adrienne for an inheritance, as Parke alleges? Soon Kai uncovers a motive more noxious than either of these – entangling him in the shady dealings of big-time developers, corrupt politicians, and underworld thugs. As he hops from island to island seeking a pivotal clue, the clock ticks down on more than the P.I.’s case or even his own life. The future of Moloka‘i itself is at stake.

(FREE on 6/22) Epic Fantasy: War Of The Moonstone: Book Two: A Dark Epic Fantasy Adventure Series by Jack Conner -
Epic Fantasy: War Of The Moonstone: Book Two: A Dark Epic Fantasy Adventure Series

by Jack Conner

A dark, action-packed epic fantasy adventure by the bestselling author of the Black Tower Trilogy, “The War of the Moonstone: Book Two” is the exciting conclusion to the Moonstone Duology. Dark times have come to the kingdom of Felgrad. Once one of the jewels of the Crescent, now the dark powers have turned their gaze upon it, and Giorn Wesrain, son of the baron of Fiarth, has become inextricably drawn into the machinations of the Dark One, along with his beloved Niara, High Priestess of Illiana.

Their love will be tested as the armies of the enemy strive against Felgrad. Worse, one of their own, Raugst, is in truth an agent of the Dark One, and Raugst will soon bend the barony to his will. If Felgrad falls, so too will the rest of the Crescent, and then the Dark One will be unleashed upon the world.

Only Giorn and Niara can stop him, but how can they when the legendary Moonstone, the great artifact of the Light that has kept the fell powers at bay for thousands of years, has been taken? As Giorn sets out into the waste lands after it, to either reclaim it or find out what the Dark One wants it for, enemy hordes swarm the mighty city of Thiersgald and Niara is trapped behind its walls . . . with Raugst.

(FREE on 6/22) Paleo Slow Cooker Meals: 45 Easy Nutrient-rich Slow Cooker Recipes by Patrick Smith -
Paleo Slow Cooker Meals: 45 Easy Nutrient-rich Slow Cooker Recipes

by Patrick Smith

Following the paleo diet can be demanding and cooking with it in mind takes a lot of time. The paleo slow cooker recipes in this book are different and save time instead. After a few simple preparations, the slow cooker does all the work for you on its own. In fact, all of the recipes in this book are easily prepared in 30 minutes or less.

In my book, Paleo Slow Cooker Meals, you will find recipes that have a high nutritional value, are low carb, sugar free and overall healthy. You will also learn how to replace rice and pasta with alternatives that conform to the paleo diet.

(FREE on 6/22) No, No, No, No, No, Yes. Insights From A Creative Journey: Motivation & Self-improvement by Gideon Amichay -
No, No, No, No, No, Yes. Insights From A Creative Journey: Motivation & Self-improvement

by Gideon Amichay

No is not the end…But rather an essential tool for direction, motivation and innovation.

No. It is a word that every CEO, entrepreneur and creative professional has confronted. It is a word that both novices and seasoned professionals dread. It is a word that can easily seem like death to a dream.

And yet it is also a word that can point in the right direction. It is a word that motivates us to do something differently, try something else, get better, innovate, keep going. No is a word that looms over every business person’s, innovator’s, and artist’s life. And yet the word is universally met with trepidation and fear because the value of being told No is so little understood. ˃˃˃ No is a facilitator

In No, No, No, No, No, Yes. Insights From A Creative Journey, award winning creator of visionary ad campaigns (Cannes Lions, Clios); ad exec (the Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R agency); cartoonist (The New Yorker); speaker (TEDx); and teacher (School of Visual Arts) Gideon Amichay demonstrates that No is not a barrier to success it s a facilitator. No is not the end, but rather an essential tool for direction, motivation and innovation.

(FREE on 6/22) Missing Side Of A Rubik's Cube by C Enyo -
Missing Side Of A Rubik’s Cube

by C Enyo


In a world of exploitation, drugs and mental illness, hidden behind social deception, DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON IN YOUR CHILD’S LIFE?

Growing up, we’ve all explored the intrigues of life, perhaps experimented with cannabis and lived a little precariously. Michael was no different, until one day he fell into the hands of corrupt drug enforcement officers turning his world upside down – never to be the same again!

Based on TRUE EVENTS, Missing Side of a Rubik’s Cube is the touching story of Michael, a young man who gets entangled in a web of police corruption and of Miltos, a mentally ill man with whom he forms an unlikely bond.

Plagued by demons and battling for sanity, Michael will risk crossing moral boundaries in pursuit of justice against his tormentors, taking us on a dramatic and emotional journey. But just how far is he willing to go in order to climb back out of hell?

(FREE on 6/22) Miracles In Disguise by Michelle Lynn Brown -
Miracles In Disguise

by Michelle Lynn Brown

What do you do when the pain of your past leaves you feeling so unworthy, that any hope of a future crumbles right before your eyes?

Since Kristina Talbot can remember, she’s tried to earn the love of men in her life, only to be hurt in the process. On the heels of her abusive husband’s death, Kristina Talbot leaves New York and heads to New Mexico to try and get her life headed down a new road – one that doesn’t include a man.

Even before she reaches her destination, Nathan McKinley sets up a roadblock to her plan. His charming and gentle personality is no match for her love-starved heart. And when Nathan shows her God in a new light, and how to place her trust in Him and not her circumstances, she begins to hope…

When Kristina’s past collides with her present, and tragedy strikes close to Kristina’s heart, her fears and distrust come flooding back, threatening to sweep away her newfound hope. Can Nathan help her hold on to her new relationship with God, or will she allow her dark and troubled past to pluck out the tiny bud of hope that is beginning to blossom within her heart?

(FREE on 6/22) Cyberstorm by Matthew Mather -

by Matthew Mather

Mike Mitchell, an average New Yorker already struggling to keep his family together, suddenly finds himself fighting just to keep them alive when a bizarre string of disasters starts tearing apart the world around them. The Internet goes down. A bird-flu epidemic starts raging. Rumors spread that it’s all part of a coordinated foreign attack. And then the power goes out as a monster snowstorm plunges New York into frozen darkness, becoming a wintry tomb where nothing is what it seems…and no one can be trusted…

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