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(FREE on 1/15) Standing Stones by Beth Camp -
Standing Stones

by Beth Camp

Mac McDonnell’s traditional way of life is challenged when Lord Gordon lays claim to Westness, his new estate on their island home.

Lord Gordon plans to modernize the island by replacing farmers and fishermen with sheep. Quick to protect others, Mac leads protests – despite the impact his actions will have on his sister and three brothers. Everything changes when evictions begin, and a second protest at Westness turns violent.

Mac must decide what he is willing to risk — to protect his family, his sweetheart, and his livelihood.

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(FREE on 1/15) Sky Zone: A Novel by Creston Mapes -
Sky Zone: A Novel

by Creston Mapes

A rally for a controversial presidential candidate.
A terrorist threat.
A nightmare of cataclysmic proportions.

Jack and Pamela Crittendon have hit the breaking point. After months out of work as a reporter, Jack is playing Mr. Mom and working part-time at Festival Arena with his survivalist friend Brian Shakespeare. Meanwhile, Pamela has gone back to work full-time while eight months pregnant. Having her recently widowed mother on hand isn’t making matters any easier.

With financial pressures boiling, Jack reports for duty at a rally for controversial presidential candidate Martin Sterling where he expects a mindless night on the job. But when Homeland Security picks up intel about a potential terrorist threat, Jack and Shakespeare are thrust into a life-or-death battle to save their own lives–and the lives of thousands of innocent people.

(FREE on 1/15) Unfit: A Novel by Lara Torgesen -
Unfit: A Novel

by Lara Torgesen

Chrissy Rollings has a mountain of troubles to overcome, one that would crush most other girls her age.

She was born in a small North Carolina town in 1952, into a poor but happy and loving family that always managed to scrape by each month… until the night her father died in a car crash, plunging the family into poverty. Chrissy’s mother is forced to take low-paying jobs to supplement her meager welfare checks, leaving Chrissy to raise her five siblings. But even these sacrifices are not enough.

North Carolina was among the states to practice eugenics — forcing sterilization procedures on thousands of people deemed “unfit” to reproduce. When Chrissy’s mother was faced with the choice of having 14-year-old Chrissy sterilized or losing her welfare check, she makes the only choice she feels she can and signs the consent form. That act of survival sets into motion a series of events that shape the course of Chrissy’s life forever.

Despite knowing in her heart that she did not deserve to be sterilized, that she was not in fact “unfit,” Chrissy struggles for the rest of her life with feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and a belief that she doesn’t deserve to have anything good happen to her.

Little by little, though, Chrissy claws her way past every obstacle, slowly building a new family of friends and eventually finding her soul mate, with whom she is reborn. With their support, she becomes a woman who is strong, loving, intelligent, and anything but unfit.

Her gripping story is an inspiration for anyone who started life with little hope for the future, those who faced problems that felt insurmountable, or just anyone who ever felt “unfit.”

(FREE on 1/15) Tears Of Endurance Book #1 by D.G. Torrens -
Tears Of Endurance Book #1

by D.G. Torrens

A secret can tear you apart … or bind you forever.

For Arianna Ferria, a satisfying and challenging life as an art gallery owner takes an unexpected turn into burning romance when she falls for the handsome and successful Ben Fielding. Soon, their relationship blossoms into more than she could ever imagine, but when a black secret comes crashing down around them, their love faces the ultimate test as they come to grips with a tragic fate that will bring you to tears … Tears of Endurance

(FREE on 1/15) A Horse Called September by Anne Digby -
A Horse Called September

by Anne Digby

The moving story of a passionate friendship between two girls growing up together on an isolated Devon farm in the 1970s, the break-up of that friendship — and the horse that changed their lives forever.

(FREE on 1/15) Jungle Horses by Scott Adlerberg -
Jungle Horses

by Scott Adlerberg

Arthur lives a quiet life in London, wandering from the bar to the racetrack and back again. When his pension check dries up, Arthur decides to win it all back with one last big bet at the bookie. When that falls through, Arthur borrows money and repeats the process, until he’s in too deep with a vicious gang of leg-breakers.

The plan to save his skin will take him far from his home, to a place where a very different breed of horse will change his life forever.

(FREE on 1/15) The Leopard Rider: An Epic Adventure by James Duprie -
The Leopard Rider: An Epic Adventure

by James Duprie

When his father suddenly reappears, Marco Polo is swept on an errand for the Great Kublai Khan. One that will take him away from all he has ever known and force him through strange and exotic lands while being pursued by every major kingdom of the known world.

(FREE on 1/15) Wings Of A Dream by Anne Mateer -
Wings Of A Dream

by Anne Mateer

Rebekah Hendricks dreams of a life far beyond her family’s farm in Oklahoma, and when dashing aviator Arthur Samson promises adventure in the big city, she is quick to believe he’s the man she’s meant to marry.

While she waits for the end of the Great War and Arthur’s return, her mother’s sister falls ill. Rebekah seizes the opportunity to travel to Texas to care for Aunt Adabelle, sure that her glamorous and exciting life is about to start.

But the Spanish flu epidemic changes everything. Faced with her aunt’s sickness, Arthur’s indecisiveness, and four children who have no one else to care for them, Rebekah discovers she must choose between her desire to escape the type of life she’s always led and the unexpected love that just might change the dream of her heart.

(FREE on 1/15) Lightning Rider by Jen Greyson -
Lightning Rider

by Jen Greyson

Anyone can time travel, but only one family can change the past.

That is, until history lost them.

As lightning strikes move time travelers across dimensional chessboards, Evy Rivera must use her lightning bullwhips to outplay, outmaneuver, and outgame the system before her mentors realize the true extent of her ability. There’s never been a girl lightning rider and her mentor is not pleased about having to train the first.

When Evy is thrown back to ancient Spain with nothing but her weapon and wits to keep her alive, she must quickly assess friends from foes.

Begrudgingly, the centurion Constantine agrees to train Evy to become a warrior, but as their missions align she is distracted by her growing attraction. He is raw with a tortured past and his graceful power sparks something deep inside Evy that makes her want to be more… better… worthy. Their heated arguments are surpassed only by their intensity on the battlefield… and between the sheets.

But Constantine cannot help Evy uncover her family’s destiny. As the alteration draws to a bloody close, Evy must make hard decisions and put her job before her own desires.

Can she unravel the truth before she unmakes the wrong history?

(FREE on 1/15) The Washington Ultimatum by Lee Gimenez -
The Washington Ultimatum

by Lee Gimenez

Rogue CIA agent Angel Stone sets off a ‘dirty bomb’ in Honolulu, Hawaii, killing thousands and creating widespread panic. She threatens to do the same to several other American cities, including Washington DC, unless she and her shadowy group of terrorists are paid one billion dollars. The FBI launches a massive worldwide manhunt to find the elusive, ruthless criminals. Leading the search is FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch. She hires ex-Special Forces operative J.T. Ryan to help hunt down the terrorists. As the clock winds down to disaster, Ryan sets off in a frantic, heart-pounding chase that takes him across the U.S. and Europe. Can he and Erin foil the deadly plot and avert catastrophe in time?

(FREE on 1/15) Once Again: An Inspirational Novel Of History, Mystery, & Romance by Deborah Heal -
Once Again: An Inspirational Novel Of History, Mystery, & Romance

by Deborah Heal


Field Research Location:

Columbia and Waterloo, Monroe County, Illinois.


Discover where Fort Piggot was located on the Kaskaskia Trail, while staying clear of attractive, single colleagues (ie. Brett!) so as not to commit career suicide, while also keeping the “rewinding time” program secret, so Uncle Sam doesn’t turn into Big Brother.

Merrideth Randall’s day job is teaching history at McKendree College. But after hours she turns to her first love, historical research. And she has a tool other historians can only dream of—a computer program that rewinds time!

Merrideth makes a virtual visit to the 1780s, hoping to be the first to locate Fort Piggot. Along the way, she gets a first-hand look at the lives of the courageous pioneers of the Illinois Country, who withstood Indian attacks, hardship, and loneliness to settle the rich land.

One of the settlers is James Garretson, who risks his life to take the Gospel to the very tribe that wreaked havoc on his family. Merrideth is amazed that he could forgive a crime so huge. Hero or fool, James Garretson is the ancestor of her colleague Brett, a physics professor at McKendree College.

With her findings, Merrideth is able to help Brett with his genealogy, but she can’t tell him everything she learned—like that he inherited his black hair and green eyes from James Garretson, or that his aunt’s poetry is eerily similar to the verse Garretson’s wife Isabelle used to compose at her spinning wheel.

Brett has rock-star status on campus, but amazingly enough, he seems to be pursuing Merrideth—in spite of her firm policy against dating co-workers. She would love to tell him about her amazing program, but discretion is not his strong suit. She has secrets about herself that she’d just as soon he didn’t find out either. One virtue Brett does have is patience, and he’s quite willing to wait for Merrideth to figure things out.

(FREE on 1/15) Dot, Dot, Dot by Michal Peleg -
Dot, Dot, Dot

by Michal Peleg

“This story I tell is a story of three… A team, side by side they always will be. They’re always together. Together, but free. What keeps them together? Oh, what can that be? “

In this whimsical, imaginative adventure, introduce your child to grammar in a fun way, while teaching about the joy of teamwork and togetherness. This story is about making a difference together, working for the greater good and not for individual glory. With our friends the ellipses, discover that even though being one of three can be hard, it’s worth it in the end to be part of something bigger – and to gain a friendship that lasts forever.

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