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(FREE on 1/22) Olivia, Mourning by Yael Politis -
Olivia, Mourning

by Yael Politis

Olivia wants the 80 acres in far off Michigan that her father left to whichever of his offspring wants to stake a claim. As Olivia says, “I’m sprung off him just as much as Avis or Tobey.”

The problem: she’s seventeen, female, and it’s 1841.

Mourning Free knows how to run a farm and Olivia has complete trust in him.

The problem: he’s the orphaned son of runaway slaves and reluctant to travel and work with a white girl. He especially fears the slave catchers who patrol the free states, hunting fugitive slaves.

Not without qualms, they set off together. All goes well, despite the drudgery of survival in an isolated log cabin. Incapable of acknowledging her feelings for Mourning, Olivia thinks her biggest problem is her unrequited romantic interest in their young, single neighbor.

Then her world falls apart.

Strong-willed, vulnerable, and compassionate, Olivia is on a journey to find a way to do the right thing in a world in which so much is wrong.

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(FREE on 1/22) Out Of A Dream by Rosemary Hines -
Out Of A Dream

by Rosemary Hines

Michelle Baron should be reveling in her new life in Sandy Cove, Oregon. From the outside, it all looks idyllic. A newlywed settling into a quaint coastal town, her husband establishing himself as a junior partner in a law firm—what more could she want?

But a series of disturbing nightmares haunts Michelle. Her quest to understand these dreams leads her to the New World bookstore, where she begins a spiritual journey that will challenge her Christian heritage as well as her marriage.

(FREE on 1/22) Blue Christmas by Diane Moody -
Blue Christmas

by Diane Moody

Sometimes the best Christmas presents aren’t found under the tree . . .

Working late on Christmas Eve, college senior Hannah Brooks is in the midst of a full-blown pity party. When a last-minute customer brimming with holiday spirit invites her to a candlelight service and a late-night family dinner, Hannah reluctantly accepts. She has no idea this kindhearted woman is the mother of Jason McKenzie – leader singer of Out of the Blue, the hottest band in the country – and Hannah’s childhood idol. The evening ends with an innocent kiss (sans mistletoe) as Hannah is swept away by Jason’s unpretentious manner.

Over the holidays Hannah and Jason’s relationship grows, but when turmoil and tragedy strike at the very heart of his famous band, their newfound love is put to the test in the glare of the paparazzi spotlight. Throughout her rollercoaster of experiences with Jason and his friends, Hannah comes face to face with her own beliefs. Who knew she could learn more about prayer and faith by hanging out with a bunch of rock stars than she ever learned in church?

(FREE on 1/22) Broken By Truth by Jeri Fink -
Broken By Truth

by Jeri Fink

Truth With Dr. H is a hit! Produced in Manhattan, merging Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Springer, everyone loves the reality talk show. But when ratings slip, Dr. H proposes the perfect episode: women pressured by psychopathic lovers to give away their babies–and who now want to find their adult children.

Everyone agrees the idea’s a winner… until the psychopathic lover shows up with a gun and shoots one of the on-air guests, splattering Dr. H’s Armani suit with blood.

In the ensuing manhunt, Dr. H realizes the shooter had an accomplice, and she is forced to ask herself who the psychopath really is.

(FREE on 1/22) Romance Bundle by Kate Goldman -
Romance Bundle

by Kate Goldman

The Sheikh’s Daughter

Sheikh Girgis, the king of Arabistan, wants to build the most advanced oil refinery in the Middle East and travels to Houston, Texas, in order to meet with a talented industrial architect, Jake Pierce. During his evening jog in Houston, Jake sees three men harassing a young woman and gets into a fight with them to save her. Jake escorts the young lady to the hotel where she is staying, and they both notice a connection between them. Jake gets the shock of his life the next morning when he meets Sheikh Girgis and sees the young woman that he rescued at his side. The sheikh introduces her as his daughter, Princess Amina. The sheikh hires Jake and after he arrives in Arabistan accommodates him at the palace. While Jake is working on the oil refinery he often runs into Amina. They enjoy spending time together and they quickly fall in love head over heels with each other. When Jake and Amina realize that the sheikh will never allow them to marry, they decide to flee to the USA on a private jet. After they are caught by security guards in the airport and brought back to the palace, Sheikh Girgis makes Jake an offer that is very difficult to decline.

Love Without Rules

Sydney Stone never dreamed that her little hobby would become her career. Her dating advice blog becomes a smash hit overnight due to a shout-out by a big celebrity. Pretty soon, she has published a book, and goes live on national television with her long-term boyfriend, Scott, to promote it. On air, Sydney decides to make a bold move by breaking traditional gender roles and proposing to him. But he surprises her with the wrong answer and instead reveals that he has been cheating on her. Heartbroken and humiliated, Sydney watches as her book sales and her reputation as America’s love doctor go down the drain after the televised fiasco. In order to help Sydney, her best friend introduces her to a talented publicist, Drew Young, who she doesn’t like at first glance. However, after Sydney unexpectedly meets Drew in a shopping mall they begin to fall in love with each other. What Sydney wasn’t counting on was Drew breaking every rule that she had ever believed about men, and changing her life forever.

Vacation With a Star

Melanie promised herself never to date musicians again, after her boyfriend and aspiring rock star Nick brutally broke her heart. When pop icon Daniel Howe unexpectedly visits her favorite Italian restaurant and tries to invite her for a date she brushes him off and shows no interest. Daniel has everything in his life including money, fans and fame, but he doesn’t have true love. When Daniel first sees Melanie he feels a spark and decides that he needs to try to build a relationship with her regardless of his hectic world tour. Suddenly Melanie receives a two-week vacation in Greece as a present from her company, however when she bumps into Daniel at the resort hotel she realizes that he actually orchestrated it all. Beneath the Greek sun they begin to fall for one another and Melanie starts to believe that perhaps Daniel is more than his pop star persona. Just when Melanie is ready to let the world know about her relationship with Daniel something unexpected happens that can either break her heart completely or make her the happiest person in the world.

(FREE on 1/22) The Dolocher by European P. Douglas -
The Dolocher

by European P. Douglas

In 1788 the Dolocher roamed the dark streets of Dublin seeking victims from those who travelled the night alone. It struck fear into the people of the city. They never knew what he looked like for sure, rumours were abound of a giant black creature that could walk on hind legs and moved silently in the darkness. It was said that the beast carried the soul of Thomas Olocher the crazed murderer who had taken his own life in the towers of ‘The Black Dog’ prison and it carried on his murderous legacy looking for the girl who had put him in prison.

(FREE on 1/22) Habit: A Gripping Detective Thriller by T.J. BREARTON -
Habit: A Gripping Detective Thriller


A young woman, Rebecca Heilshorn, lies stabbed to death in her bed in a remote, upstate New York farmhouse. Rookie detective Brendan Healy is called in to investigate. All hell breaks loose when her brother bursts onto the scene. Rebecca turns out to have many secrets and connections to a sordid network mixing power, wealth, and more…

Detective Brendan Healy, trying to put his demons behind him, pursues a dangerous investigation that will risk both his life and his sanity.

(FREE on 1/22) Doug And Carlie's Love Conspiracy by Lisa Smartt -
Doug And Carlie’s Love Conspiracy

by Lisa Smartt

Clara Louise Johnson is 32, single, and lonely. The problem? She just got a cat. And when a shy lonely woman gets a cat, everybody knows the universe begins to work against her. Within a year, she could own twenty cats and start operating a failed recycling business out of her backyard. So newlyweds, Doug and Carlie, happily intervene. What happens when a rural-dwelling famous writer becomes a full-time matchmaker for beautiful Clara?

(FREE on 1/22) Stranded: A Novel by Don Prichard -
Stranded: A Novel

by Don Prichard

First they had to survive the island … then each other … then their rescuer.

All Marine Corps reservist Jake Chalmers wants is to give his dying wife a last, romantic cruise to the Philippines. Unable to save her in a mass murder aboard ship, he washes ashore a jungle island, where he discovers three other survivors. Heartbroken that he failed to save his wife, he is determined not to fail these helpless castaways.

Federal prosecutor Eve Eriksson rescues a young girl and her elderly great-aunt from the same ship. They badly need Jake’s survival skills, but why is he so maddeningly careful? She needs to hurry home to nail a significant career trial. And, please, before Jake learns her secret that she’s responsible for his wife’s death.

(FREE on 1/22) Double Shot: A Humorous And Romantic Cozy by Cindy Blackburn -
Double Shot: A Humorous And Romantic Cozy

by Cindy Blackburn

Jessie Hewitt thought her pool-hustling days were long gone. But when uber-hunky cop Wilson Rye asks her to go undercover to catch a killer, she jumps at the chance to return to a sleazy poolroom. Jessie is confident she can handle a double homicide, but the doubly-annoying Wilson Rye is another matter altogether. What’s he doing flirting with a woman half his age? Will Jessie have what it takes to deal with Tiffany La-Dee-Doo-Da Sass and solve the murders? Take a guess.

(FREE on 1/22) Stars Rain Down by Chris J. Randolph -
Stars Rain Down

by Chris J. Randolph

Meet Marcus Donovan; astronomer, day dreamer, and smart ass. He was just another researcher in a jumpsuit until he saw something that didn’t fit. At the time, it seemed to be nothing but a blip on a sensor read-out, an asteroid that wasn’t an asteroid, but it became his obsession. He named it Zebra-1, and now he’s hurtling through the solar system on a mission to see it in person.

Meanwhile, the Earth has its own visitors. Seven massive vessels appear out of nowhere and rain hell down from orbit, reducing civilization to a pile of ashes and rubble. Our world is conquered before anyone even knows we’re under attack.

Enter Jack Hernandez, a search & rescue specialist and true blue everyday hero. After crash-landing in the wasted ruins of China, he links up with the scattered resistance and begins to fight back. Having witnessed the invaders’ arrival first hand, he’s driven to do whatever it takes to make them pay in blood.

Neither Jack nor Marcus ever could have predicted it, but humanity’s future now depends on them both. One will be bonded to an ancient warship and asked to lead, while the other is imprisoned, tortured and forced to submit; before it’s over, they’ll each face challenges beyond imagination in a savage war as old as time.

When the stars rain down from the sky, who will rise up to meet them?

(FREE on 1/22) Splintered Energy by Arlene Webb -
Splintered Energy

by Arlene Webb

Waves of energy are happy hanging in the cosmos until dawn breaks—literally.

Light fractures, zaps into human bodies and becomes trapped.

Without memories to guide them, a handful of confused beings are left wondering why, where and what.

Their skin tones now specific colors, they only understand they don’t belong here and don’t want to. While the few humans clued in to Earth’s invasion struggle to protect the color they bond with, survival odds grow dim.

California. A widower’s twelve-year-old son is rather young to bring home a woman, especially a collapsed green beauty too frightened to open her eyes.

Arizona. A divorcee blinks hard, but the gorgeous red guy stepping in front of her car is still red—hello, ditch. When she comes around, she wonders which layer of hell she’s fallen into.

Ohio. A teen fears he’s dealing with the demonic, but no matter how dangerous things become, he’s determined to stand by a man with inhumanly blue eyes.

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