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Salvation Jane

by Ann Massey

Salvation Jane: If you love political intrigue with a dash of romance you are in for a treat.


On the heels of a relationship breakup, Jane Patterson inherits a hotel. Her fantasy of operating a five star venue comes crashing down when she discovers it’s filled with vagrants. She turns to her local politician, a man who is astute, brilliant and incredibly charming. Unworldly and innocent, Jane is surprised that he’s so eager to help. But then he hasn’t told her of his plans to ban beggars from the streets and criminalize homelessness. When Jane discovers her conscience, she finds herself having to play the politician at his own game.

The Widow File

by S.G. Redling

Dani, a data analyst with an elite security firm, possesses the unnerving ability to read people by the trash they leave behind. Receipts, parking tickets, the detritus of daily life—if you leave it behind, she will figure you out.

Her latest case involves high-tech industrial espionage at a corporation with ties to the military. But when a team of assassins sweeps through the firm, stealing all files and killing her coworkers, Dani narrowly escapes. Whoever ordered the strike thinks Dani has vital information and they put a hit man named Booker on her trail.

Armed with only her wits and a bag of random investigation materials, Dani must figure out who the enemy really is while playing a high-stakes game of cat and mouse with the cunning hit man who has an agenda of his own.

Be Mine Forever

by Marina Adair

For Trey DeLuca, the idea of settling down was entirely unsettling. As VP of sales for his family’s wine company, he’s never in any one city—or with any one woman—for long, which is how he likes it. But when family obligations keep him temporarily grounded in his hometown, he finds the perfect distraction. She’s sweet, gorgeous, and sexy as hell…only her life screams commitment.

Between raising her son and struggling to keep her dance school afloat, Sara Reed has her hands full. Dance students she needs—a steamy tangled sheets cha-cha with a self-admitted commitment-phobe? Not going to happen. But sparks fly as the town prepares for a big Valentine’s Day gala, and Trey strikes a deal with Sara…he’ll “manny-up” and watch her son in exchange for ballroom lessons.

With love quickstepping ever closer, Sara needs to teach this playboy some new steps or risk losing him—and her heart—forever.

Night Of The Living Trekkies

by Kevin David Anderson

Journey to the final frontier of sci-fi zombie horror!

Jim Pike was the world’s biggest Star Trek fan—until two tours of duty in Afghanistan destroyed his faith in the human race. Now he sleepwalks through life as the assistant manager of a small hotel in downtown Houston.

But when hundreds of Trekkies arrive in his lobby for a science-fiction convention, Jim finds himself surrounded by costumed Klingons, Vulcans, and Ferengi—plus a strange virus that transforms its carriers into savage, flesh-eating zombies!

As bloody corpses stumble to life and the planet teeters on the brink of total apocalypse, Jim must deliver a ragtag crew of fanboys and fangirls to safety. Dressed in homemade uniforms and armed with prop phasers, their prime directive is to survive. But how long can they last in the ultimate no-win scenario?

The Weight Of Souls

by Bryony Pearce

16 year old Taylor Oh is cursed: if she is touched by the ghost of a murder victim then they pass a mark beneath her skin. She has three weeks to find their murderer and pass the mark to them – letting justice take place and sending them into the Darkness. And if she doesn’t make it in time? The Darkness will come for her… She spends her life trying to avoid ghosts, make it through school where she’s bullied by popular Justin and his cronies, keep her one remaining friend, and persuade her father that this is real and that she’s not going crazy.

And then Justin is murdered and everything gets a whole lot worse. Justin doesn’t know who killed him, so there’s no obvious person for Taylor to go after. The clues she has lead her to the V Club, a vicious secret-society at her school where no one is allowed to leave… And where Justin was dared to do the stunt which led to his death. Can she find out who was responsible for his murder before the Darkness comes for her? Can she put aside her hatred for her former bully to truly help him? And what happens if she starts to fall for him?

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The Runner

by WJ Davies

“We all have a reason for being here, we’re just not sure what it is.”

Time is running out. As the Great Flood threatens to consume the silo, Ace and a team of divers are in a desperate battle to avert disaster. When a terrible accident destroys the person he cares about most, Ace has little left to live for.

After nearly succumbing to the silo’s flooded depths, he realizes that drastic measures must be taken in order to save their underground home. But those in charge deem his ideas too dangerous, his methods too forbidden, and he is shunned for his sin of toxic words.

When an opportunity for redemption presents itself, Ace has only one question: Why should he fight to save these people, if they aren’t willing to help themselves?

Safer Outside

by Kristina Renee

When Liz moves to a new high school, she hopes for a fresh start. School is her escape from the violence at home and her only hope for breaking the cycle of poverty she was born into. Trying to shield her siblings from her stepfather’s fury gets harder each day so when she meets Logan, she thinks it will be a harmless distraction from the fear.

She’s Wrong.

Logan has the resources to change her life but at what cost? Her relationship is the best thing that ever happened to her but it could also be the worst. If she’s not careful, she may lose everyone that’s important to her. But it’s hard to be careful when you’re fifteen and in love.

Reader’s Feast: Something For Everyone

by Carolyn McCray

An eclectic mix of some of McCray’s bestsellers. The perfect gift for the voracious reader.

7 Folds of Winter – the #1 YA+ Epic Fantasy

The Rush – the bestselling prequel Moonrush short story

Rook – the bestselling supernatural thriller

Ambush – the bestselling Betrayed prequel short story

Anatomy – the bestselling Harbinger mystery short story

Pet Miracles – the bestselling inspirational short story collection

Pet Whisperer…er…rrr- the bestselling romantic comedy

Hacked – the bestselling techno-thriller Robin Hood Hacker prequel short story

Conditional Love

by Cathy Bramley

Meet Sophie Stone, a thirty-something serial procrastinator. Tesco knickers, Take That and tea with two sugars is about as exciting as it gets. Sophie’s life is safe and predictable, which is just the way she likes it, thank you very much.

But when her boyfriend dumps her on Valentine’s Day and a mysterious benefactor leaves her an inheritance, Sophie has to accept that change is afoot. There is a catch: in order to inherit, Sophie must agree to meet the father she has never seen.

With interference from an evil boss, bickering flat mates, warring parents and a sexy ex-boyfriend, Sophie has plenty to contend with without an architect who puts his foot in it every time he opens his mouth.

She will have to face the past and learn some uncomfortable home truths before she can finally build a future on her own terms.


by John L. Monk

A suicide returns from death for a chance to live again. The vacated bodies of killers are his rides.

Before he’s kicked out, he’ll need to stop his host from hurting anyone else. It’s one of the rules if he wants more rides. More rides means more movies and fishing trips, and more of those little apple pies they sell at gas stations and convenience stores, because they’re just that good.

For a dead guy, it’s a pretty good gig…until someone changes the rules.

Sacred Light Spirit Eagle: My Visionary Life And Near Death Experience

by Cristael Ann Bengtson

A Near Death Story Like No Other

Cristael’s temperature soared as agonizing pain ripped through her body. She couldn’t breathe. Spasms clenched her muscles, and convulsions arched her back so that only her head, her shoulders, and her heels touched the bedsheets. Every nerve in her body was screaming in unbearable torment.

˃˃˃ And then Cristael died

As she rose up out of her body and floated up to the ceiling of her room, Cristael glanced down. Lying on her bed was a dark shadow, a body without life.

˃˃˃ The Void and the Light

She was lost in a black abyss where all was silence. As she moved through the terrible darkness, Cristael cried out to God for help. And far away a golden-white Light appeared. The Light drew closer and closer until it enveloped Cristael with Light and with Love.

At First Touch

by Mattie Dunman

Liz Hannigan has been on the run since she was twelve years old.

Her mother is dead. Her father has lost his job. And thanks to an experimental procedure, Liz is now able to ‘download’ the contents of every brain around her with a simple touch. Forced to hide from both the federal government and a darkling group of morally deficient scientists known as the Coalition who are determined to exploit her abilities, she moves with her father to the bucolic coal town of Pound, West Virginia.

But the hunt for Liz and her abilities hasn’t ended, and her hopes for peace are shattered when she inadvertently downloads the enigmatic Carey Drake, whose unusual good looks and charm conceal a secret as shocking as her own. Stunned by the knowledge that she has found someone else with extraordinary abilities, Liz finds herself drawn to Carey, discovering a deep attraction and dares to hope for the first time she might find love.

When an agent of the Coalition begins stalking her, Liz must find a way to work with the government agency she most mistrusts as she strives to build a longed-for normal life and evade the agent who has tracked her down. Caught up in a struggle to save herself and those she loves, the girl who sees all is blind to true danger until it is too late.

All My Friends Are Spiders – All About Spiders For Kids: Do Spiders Bite? What Is Spiders Web? – Spiders Pictures And Spiders Facts

by Alice Cussler

This educational book for kids contains many colorful images and interesting facts about different Spiders. Kids will learn interesting facts about the life of these amazing creatures, including:

– Jumping Spiders
– Orb Weaver Spiders
– Wolf Spiders
– Garden Spiders
– Daddy Long Legs Spiders
– Crab Spiders

Little spider Twigs has a lot of friends and all his friends are Spiders. They like to play together as all kids do. People created a lot of tales about Spiders. They think that Spiders are scary and angry. Kids will learn that in fact spiders are very beneficial for people, because they fight mosquitoes and pests.

Mountain Angel

by Suzie O’Connell

Aelissm Davis figured she would eventually return home to Northstar, Montana, but not like this—driven to seek the tranquility of the secluded valley by memories of her dead boyfriend and the advances of an obsessive former friend. Just when she begins to relax, a call from her old friend makes it clear he wasn’t deterred, and she calls her overprotective uncle for advice. Things become even more tangled when he sends Patrick O’Neil “on vacation” to keep an eye on her. Aelissm is pretty sure her uncle is playing matchmaker again, but despite her annoyance, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Pat. He is a haunted man with a kind smile and sad eyes, and he may just be the best thing to ever happen to her… if she can convince him to stay.

Blood Forest

by Jonathan Taylor

A young American couple conducting an aerial survey of central Africa is shot down by hostile militia in a dense region of the Congo. With their attackers in pursuit, Brandon and Samantha are pushed deeper and deeper into the forest, to a place so terrifying that even the local Mbuti refuse to enter.

The pair soon discovers another party is risking the dangers of the jungle, seeking a rare flower with vast medical potential. As the two groups combine forces against the genocidal militia, the Blood Forest holds them all with a secret that is more complex and sinister than any of them realize.

“This forest has a pulse.
It beats in my chest.
I can see it in the eyes of the beasts.
Together, we move to this rhythm.
It calls to us. It calls for blood.”

The Byrds Of Victory

by James Robert Campbell

Two novellas, “I Am a Freight Train” and “The Fields Are Ripe for Harvest,” compose “The Byrds of Victory” — the stories of Preacher Byrd, who fights in the South Pacific during World War II and returns to his small Texas Panhandle hometown to work as a blacksmith-welder and to join black and Mexican-American leaders and start a farm workers’ union, which results in a great deal of intrigue and ends with a shoot-out; and Preacher’s son Benny, haunted by the tragedy of a drag racing accident while working with a wheat harvest crew in Texas, Colorado, Nebraska and Montana.

Vigilante Of Shadows

by Miranda Stork

DCI Arianwen Harris is working a case of a ‘serial killer’, or is she. Aodhan is an avenger of sorts. He kills those who have killed innocents. When Aerianwen finds, and jails, Aodhan who she believes did this, he escapes in a highly unusual fashion and takes her hostage, or is she a hostage? He takes her to a castle in Scotland. And so the story continues.

Heart Of My Own Heart

by Karen Welch

Their honeymoon might be a European concert tour, their first home a series of hotel suites, but for Stani and Emily Moss, the happy-ever-after has begun. While one opportunity after another leads Stani on a journey of self-discovery, Emily sets out to create a home in the ever-changing landscape of their chaotic world. Distracted by a demanding on-stage partner, a gifted young boy hidden deep in the hills, and a shadowy threat on the streets of London, Stani learns the necessity of trust and honesty, along with the immeasurable value of faith, while Emily boldly confronts the realities of this shared life, dealing with them in her inimitable style.

Travel with Stani and Emily through the first event-filled year of their marriage. Familiar faces are joined by a host of newcomers, as the newlyweds move between London, New York and the farm in the foothills. Lives are touched, futures are altered, and above all, miracles abound.

Good Girls

by Joycey Ann Crutchley

Straight-laced CAT steps out of character when she secretly flies all the way to Sydney to ‘boil her soul mate’s rabbits’!

JULES embraces singledom and commitment phobia, so when she falls in love with an actor 10 years her junior, in the space of twenty four hours, a spanner is well and truly thrown into her perfect life.

KIZZY also meets the man of her dreams and much to her mother’s chagrin they plan to spend all summer together. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to everyone, the man is actually her father.

There’s only so much sexist behaviour a woman can take. So bitter and twisted, EM leaves Japan and her boyfriend behind and embarks upon a journey that will not only avenge the male race, but hopefully put her back on her correct and spiritual path.

Journey To A Dream

by Craig Briggs

Like many of us Craig Briggs dreamt of living a different life, free from the stresses and strains of modern living. But unlike most of us, he decided to pursue his dream.

In May 2002 Craig, his wife Melanie and their dog Jazz left their home town of Huddersfield in England’s industrial north and set off for Galicia: a remote and little known province in the northwest corner of Spain.

And so began their Journey To A Dream

With help from the locals, they quickly settled in to their new relaxed lifestyle but the search for a new home soon changed that. They encounter a freelance estate agent of dubious character and after several failed attempts to buy a house are forced to reassess their goals.

Worse follows; a brush with the law, a builder who refuses to work, a swimming pool that floats, and the mysterious disappearance of their life savings. The spectre of a penniless return to England with their dream in tatters hovers over them.

But this Yorkshireman is made of sterner stuff.

Join Craig, Melanie, and Jazz along a colourful, bumpy, and sometimes dangerous journey and immerse your senses in the sights, sounds, and tastes along the way.

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