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The Bad Girl by L. Donsky-Levine ebook deal

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The Bad Girl

by L. Donsky-Levine

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Survival in the animal world is a simple concept. Survival in the human world is not.

1971. Riley Madison is always looking over her shoulder. And always running. From poverty, from abuse, from a childhood snuffed out by a junkie mother, and a violent past marginally kept at bay. This twenty-two-year-old New Yorker lives in her less than perfect world where her only friend is a cat, and when not self-medicating with Twinkies, Oreos and cigarettes, she works at a Times Square sex emporium servicing anyone who can pay. Not because she wants to. But because she has to if she aims to stay one step ahead of the dangerous underworld that sees her as nothing more than prey. Prey whose internal armor is about to be tested in ways she never imagined when her life once again spirals out of control.


Echoes From The Past by Peter Rimmer ebook deal

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Echoes From The Past

by Peter Rimmer

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Secret childhood sweethearts, Sebastian and Emily are torn apart from each other when Sebastian’s cruel and heartless father discovers their love. Sebastian is the wrong son; he is the youngest son and it is his eldest brother who is intended for Emily, the daughter of a penniless Baronet. The consequences are harsh and Sebastian is banished from England and sent on a sea voyage to an unknown destination.

Echoes from the Past is a story of the first white hunters in a country that was to become first Rhodesia and then Zimbabwe. It tells too Sebastian’s struggle in a new colony torn apart by a bloody struggle between the British and the Boers and his loyalties are tested to the full in an historical adventure combining ambition, greed and love. But, he never forgets his first love, Emily.


Legal Thriller: The Reform Artists: A Legal Suspense, Spy Thriller by Jon Reisfeld ebook deal

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The Reform Artists

by Jon Reisfeld

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Evicted from his suburban Maryland home after his estranged wife, Katie, falsely accuses him of domestic violence, Martin Silkwood, successful CPA and devoted dad, has one week in which to hire a lawyer and prove his innocence to the court. If he fails, he could lose everything.

Martin quickly discovers that the abuse charges have made him a social outcast and workplace liability, who is presumed guilty and is an easy target. Desperate to reclaim his former life, Martin learns that the odds, in court, are stacked against him.

With each passing day come new insights into the far-reaching — and personally devastating — implications of Katie’s charges. All appears lost until a clandestine group approaches him with a game-changing offer of help. Now, Martin must make a difficult decision: Should he play by the rules and take his chances before a biased judge? Or should he raise the stakes further by going outside the law? Should he support a covert effort to secure him a fair trial? Whatever Martin decides, his life will never be the same.


My Brother In Arms: The Exceptional Life Of Mark Andrew Forester, United States Air Force Combat Controller by Thad Forester ebook deal

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My Brother In Arms

by Thad Forester

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On September 29, 2010 Mark Forester was killed in action while fighting terrorists in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan. His heroic legacy of being shot down while preparing to rescue a fallen teammate began long before this tragic day.

An Apache aviator said of Mark’s final battle: …”I have never witnessed such an act of heroism in my three years of fighting in combat. I have over 2,700 hours total time with 1,500 hours of combat time in both Iraq and Afghanistan…JAG 28 continued to advance on the enemy while taking intense enemy fire, and continuously fired his weapon in an attempt to get to his fallen teammate and destroy the enemy.”

Mark chose to enlist in the Air Force as a Special Operations Combat Controller after he received his Bachelor’s degree from The University of Alabama. Because of his above average grades and near-photographic memory, his Business Finance degree would have done him well. But, he felt a higher calling; one that put him between us and the enemies bent on our destruction.

Even though he had pledged that freedom must be preserved, his greatest desire was to marry the right girl and have a family—Mark never got that chance. Instead he selflessly gave his life for the country he loved.

Since Mark’s death, his family’s eyes and hearts have been opened to multiple examples of selflessness and patriotism by meeting his teammates and leaders in the military. The family has witnessed first-hand the ability for them to turn off their stern, professional personae and turn on compassion, love, support and acceptance. The author feels a strong desire to Honor our Heroes. This book highlights one hero, SrA Mark A. Forester, and also helps recognize many other men and women who volunteer to fight for our freedom.

My Brother in Arms is not a memorial in print, but a biography for continuing Mark’s legacy of perseverance, determination and accomplishing our missions on earth. We each have different missions, but what’s important is for us to recognize ours and work to accomplish it. In the end, don’t we all want to go out while moving forward?


The Lunch Lady's Daughter by Roderick J. Robison ebook deal

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The Lunch Lady’s Daughter

by Roderick J. Robison

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Going to a new school is hard when you’re shy. And Sarah McKinliy is very shy. During her first week of fifth grade at H.C. Stonewelle Elementary School, Sarah does her best to just blend into the crowd. She never does anything to draw attention. Attention is the last thing she wants. Things go well enough that first week. Sarah even makes friends with the most popular girl at school.

But things quickly head downhill when her mother becomes a lunch lady at the school cafeteria. Randall Kepliere, the class clown, finds out her mother is one of the lunch ladies and he embarrasses Sarah in front of the entire fifth grade class. Kids she doesn’t even know stare at her in the hallways. And the most popular girl at school turns on her and excludes Sarah from her group. It looks like it’s going to be a long year…if Sarah can survive it.


The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver ebook deal

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The Poisonwood Bible

by Barbara Kingsolver

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The Poisonwood Bible is a story told by the wife and four daughters of Nathan Price, a fierce, evangelical Baptist who takes his family and mission to the Belgian Congo in 1959. They carry with them everything they believe they will need from home, but soon find that all of it—from garden seeds to Scripture—is calamitously transformed on African soil. What follows is a suspenseful epic of one family’s tragic undoing and remarkable reconstruction over the course of three decades in postcolonial Africa.

The novel is set against one of the most dramatic political chronicles of the twentieth century: the Congo’s fight for independence from Belgium, the murder of its first elected prime minister, the CIA coup to install his replacement, and the insidious progress of a world economic order that robs the fledgling African nation of its autonomy. Against this backdrop, Orleanna Price reconstructs the story of her evangelist husband’s part in the Western assault on Africa, a tale indelibly darkened by her own losses and unanswerable questions about her own culpability. Also narrating the story, by turns, are her four daughters—the self-centered, teenaged Rachel; shrewd adolescent twins Leah and Adah; and Ruth May, a prescient five-year-old. These sharply observant girls, who arrive in the Congo with racial preconceptions forged in 1950s Georgia, will be marked in surprisingly different ways by their father’s intractable mission, and by Africa itself. Ultimately each must strike her own separate path to salvation. Their passionately intertwined stories become a compelling exploration of moral risk and personal responsibility.


Civil War: American Civil War In 50 Events: From The Very Beginning To The Fall Of The Confederate States by James Weber ebook deal

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Civil War In 50 Events

by James Weber

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Do you want to learn how the bloodiest military conflict in American History began, was fought and ultimately won by the Allies

Read about the 50 most important events of the Civil War, from the very beginning to the fall of the Confederate States.

This book is perfect for history lovers. Author James Weber did the research and compiled this huge list of events and battles that changed the course of history forever.

Some of them include:

– Lincoln Inauguration (March 4, 1861)

– Civil War Begins (April 12, 1861)

– Union Troops Surrender at Ft. Sumter (April 14, 1861)

– First Battle of Bull Run (July 21, 1861)

– Monitor vs. Merrimack (March 9, 1862)

– Antietam (September 17, 1862)

– Emancipation Proclamation (January 1, 1863)

– Gettysburg (July 1, 1863)

– Battle of Spotsylvania (May 8, 1864 – May 12, 1864)

– Battle of Cold Harbor (June 1, 1864 – June 3, 1864)

– Sherman Burns Atlanta (September 2, 1864)

– President Johnson officially ends Civil War (May 9, 1865)

and many many more

The book takes you through the most important events of the Civil War from before the beginning of the war in 1861 until its end in 1865. It contains all the major battles and fights. You will find pictures and explanations to every event, making this the perfect resource for students and anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge in history.


King's Envoy: Artesans Of Albia Trilogy by Cas Peace ebook deal

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King’s Envoy

by Cas Peace

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Taran Elijah’s quest for knowledge uncovers a plot that threatens the world…

In Albia, the fourth realm, the precious Artesan gift is dying. Although born to the craft, Taran is struggling to achieve his potential. Against his friends’ advice, he embarks on a foolhardy plan to acquire the teaching he craves. Alone, he crosses into Andaryon, the fifth realm, but instead of finding a mentor, he stumbles upon a treacherous plot.

In the wake of Taran’s actions, Albia suffers a series of vicious raids. Major Sullyan of the High King’s forces is sent to oppose them. But a dark and treacherous force is moving through the realms and both Taran and Sullyan will feel its power.

Their craft, the lives of their friends, the very existence of their realm are under threat unless they expose and oppose the evil.


The Duke's Handmaid by Caprice Hokstad ebook deal

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The Duke’s Handmaid

by Caprice Hokstad

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All the young outcast wanted was security in a world that destroyed her family and left her despised and rejected. Can the simple farmgirlfind a new family through voluntary enslavement to the duke’s household?


Unleashed: V Plague Book 1 by Dirk Patton ebook deal

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by Dirk Patton

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John Chase has just arrived in Atlanta on a routine business trip. Before leaving the airport for his hotel, he notices that things are not normal. There is a large presence of Police and Federal Agents, on high alert and much more focused than is normal, even in the post 9/11 world.

When he wakes the next morning, John is shocked to learn that America has been savagely attacked with both nuclear and biochemical weapons. He is immediately thrown into an apocalyptic horror, rescuing a young woman from a group of men who are in a violent rage as a result of the release of a devastating neurotoxin.

His path is clear. Survive and fight his way across the continent to reunite with his wife as society disintegrates into savagery and millions of people become raging infected, roaming unchecked in their pursuit of the dwindling number of survivors. But survival will be the hardest task he has ever undertaken.

So begins Unleashed, the first installment of the thrilling V Plague series. The novels are set against the backdrop of a shattered, post apocalyptic America and tell the stories of a steadily growing cast of complex characters and their battles to survive. There are numerous sub-plots of greed, brutality, betrayal, treason, heartbreak and even a serial killer woven throughout the progression of the main storyline, chronicling the best and the worst of humanity as the world crumbles.


An Innocent Client by Scott Pratt ebook deal

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An Innocent Client

by Scott Pratt

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A preacher is found brutally murdered in a Tennessee motel room.

A beautiful, mysterious young girl is accused.

In this bestselling debut, criminal defense lawyer Joe Dillard has become jaded over the years as he’s tried to balance his career against his conscience. Savvy but cynical, Dillard wants to quit doing criminal defense, but he can’t resist the chance to represent someone who might actually be innocent. His drug-addicted sister has just been released from prison and his mother is succumbing to Alzheimer’s, but Dillard’s commitment to the case never wavers despite the personal troubles and professional demands that threaten to destroy him.


Lamb To The Slaughter by Hopkins Karen ebook deal

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Lamb To The Slaughter

by Hopkins Karen

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The death of a teenage Amish girl in a cornfield looks like an accident, but sheriff Serenity Adams suspects foul play. To solve the murder, she must investigate the nearby Amish community with the help of a man who was shunned years ago.

At first glance, the case seems obvious. The poor girl was probably accidently shot during hunting season, but when the elders of the Amish community and even the girl’s parents react with uncaring subdued behavior, Serenity becomes suspicious. As she delves deeper into the secretive community that she grew up beside, she discovers a gruesome crime from the past that may very well be related to the Amish girl’s shooting.

Serenity’s persistence leads her to a stunning discovery that not only threatens to destroy her blossoming romance with Daniel Bachman, but may even take her life in the end.


Clarissa And The Poor Relations by Alicia Cameron ebook deal

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Clarissa And The Poor Relations

by Alicia Cameron

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In Regency England Mrs Thorne’s School for Young Ladies is about to close due to the death of young Clarissa’s mother a year ago.This leaves eighteen-year-old Clarissa Thorne and her three school mistress friends no option but to return to the bosom of their families as despised ‘poor relations’ – at everyone’s beck and call for all their lives.

But Clarissa has just inherited Ashcroft , a large crumbling estate, and she offers her companions an escape – run away with her to a life of independence and adventure. They must put the estate to rights with little money and less experience. Can sensible Miss Micklethwaite, aging romantic Miss Appleby and the beautiful Miss Oriana Petersham escape their fate? To keep the vivacious, impulsive Clarissa in check they must at least try.

However, their relatives may have other plans.


Mellifica: Devastating First Love by Melissa Mayberry ebook deal

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Mellifica: Devastating First Love

by Melissa Mayberry

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No one understands the obsession Melissa Quinn has with Arien Hart.

He’s different—misunderstood. The more her friends warn her of Arien, the more Melissa refuses to listen. Enchanted by Arien’s charisma, she plunges into an impassioned relationship, leaving her boyfriend, Sandy Bavetta behind.

Melissa is blind to Arien’s faults, so Sandy has no choice but to leave it to fate.

When Arien’s love destroys Melissa, Sandy fights for his girl before the consequences are devastating.


Across The Creek by Jeremy Asher ebook deal

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Across The Creek

by Jeremy Asher

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Life only gives you one first kiss.

And when Jesse Malone kissed Sarah Ramsey, he thought his life would change, but not in the way that it did. An unlikely childhood romance between a poor boy and a wealthy girl began the day Jesse decided to do the impossible and cross the creek. A love was born, one that would become their shelter, protecting them from the storms of their lives, until the day Jesse witnessed his mother’s murder, forcing him to leave his childhood home…and first love.

Ten years later, life has finally gotten better for Jesse. He has a loving family, a charming pet shop to run, and one semester left before graduating with a degree in architecture. Everything is great, until the day fate intervenes and his long-lost love walks into his shop and back into his life.

Sarah, engaged to a budding attorney, is struggling to keep everything together. Her father, diagnosed with terminal cancer, is running out of time. Sarah races to build their dream business while planning her wedding in time for her father to walk her down the aisle.

Their brief encounter starts a series of events that neither Jesse nor Sarah expects. After a decade of running, Jesse is now forced to face the demons from his past, while Sarah has to choose between her handsome attorney and her first love.

Just when they think love has given them a second chance, Jesse is faced with an impossible decision, one that will change their lives forever.

About the Author

Raised in New Haven, Indiana, Jeremy Asher spent most of his childhood reading books, watching movies, and daydreaming. After high school, he went on to college, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business. Asher now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with his wife, four children, and overly curious dog, Wylie.

Across the Creek is Asher’s second novel. Beneath the Willow and Close to Home are the second and third books in the Jesse & Sarah series. His award-winning first novel, Insignificant Moments, was published in 2010.


Across the Creek (Jesse & Sarah: A Love Story #1)

Beneath the Willow (Jesse & Sarah: A Love Story #2)

Close to Home (Jesse & Sarah: A Love Story #3)

Losing Faith (Seth & Trista: Contemporary Romance #1)

The Greatest Gift (Seth & Trista: Contemporary Romance #2)

The Final Encore (Seth & Trista: Contemporary Romance #3)

Insignificant Moments

When the Heart Breaks: A Love Story (Grace’s #1)


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