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(FREE on 8/7) Sleeping Tigers by Holly Robinson -
Sleeping Tigers

by Holly Robinson

Jordan O’Malley has everything she ever wanted: a job she loves, a beautiful home, and a dependable boyfriend. When her life unravels after a cancer scare, Jordan decides to join her wildest childhood friend in San Francisco and track down her drifter brother, Cam, who harbors secrets of his own. When Cam suddenly flees the country, Jordan follows, determined to bring him home. Her journey takes her to the farthest reaches of majestic Nepal, where she encounters tests–and truths–about love and family that she never could have imagined. Funny, heartbreaking, and suspenseful, Sleeping Tigers reminds us all that sometimes it’s better to follow your heart instead of a plan.

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(FREE on 8/7) The Earth Painter by Melissa Turner Lee -
The Earth Painter

by Melissa Turner Lee

When a self-conscious young woman discovers the boy in drama class is actually the immortal who painted the world into being, she becomes the target of another painter who hates humanity.

The Earth Painter is set in the small mill town of Chesnee, SC. It revolves around Holly Scruggs, whose family has just moved back to Chesnee after her dad lost his job along with pretty much everything they owned. Her image conscious parents correct her to the point of brokenness until she meets Theo. He is the artist responsible for all the beauty of the land and he thinks Holly is beautiful, too. Together they will fight against Fritz, the water painter, who hates humans and is hiding a secret under the high school.

(FREE on 8/7) Seven, Eight ... Gonna Stay Up Late by Willow Rose -
Seven, Eight … Gonna Stay Up Late

by Willow Rose

She thought she could keep it a secret.

Just fourteen years old, Amalie thought she could take off and go to the festival with her best friend without anyone knowing it – without her parents finding out. She thought she was safe when she met a man offering her drugs, she thought she was safe when she went alone to her tent to take the pills. But when she opened her eyes and found herself in the man’s basement, she knew she wasn’t safe anymore.

She was trapped.

(FREE on 8/7) Waiting For Summer's Return by Kim Vogel Sawyer -
Waiting For Summer’s Return

by Kim Vogel Sawyer

All alone on the Kansas prairie, Summer Steadman has few options. With her husband and children lost to illness, she has no desire to continue on farther west to where she and her husband planned to build their future. Instead, she seeks employment in a small Mennonite community in order to be near the graves of her family.

Widower Peter Ollenburger, the local gristmill owner, needs someone to teach his young son. When he hears of a “learned woman” in town, he believes she is the answer to his prayers. He soon discovers, however, that helping this outsider may have troublesome consequences.

There is little this father will not do for his son, but as the boy begins to look at Summer as more than a teacher, Peter must make a choice. Does he marry this woman to give his son a new mother, or does he marry only for love?

Will Summer’s broken heart ever be able to love again?

(FREE on 8/7) Flora Lively: Murder At The Maples by Joanne Phillips -
Flora Lively: Murder At The Maples

by Joanne Phillips

When twenty-nine-year-old Flora Lively loses both of her parents and inherits the family business, Shakers Removals, she tries hard to make a success of her father’s dream – even at the expense of her own dreams. Burdened with Marshall, her father’s handpicked American manager, Flora finds solace in her friendship with Joy, an elderly client she helped move into the Maples, the local retirement community. When strange and dangerous things begin to happen at the Maples, Flora finds herself conducting a private murder investigation.

Will Flora discover who’s behind the series of ‘incidents’ at the Maples? Will her newly inherited business be able to fight off their biggest rival? And just who is that mysterious stranger Flora keeps bumping into?

(FREE on 8/7) Latitude 87.7 by Paul Landes -
Latitude 87.7

by Paul Landes

Benjamin Hunter, philanthropist, businessman and adventurer has been mysteriously kidnapped and becomes the subject of a world wide manhunt. What does he know about a weapons-grade virus with the potential to kill millions? Can Alex find him before international intelligence agencies—and the people intent on killing him?

Alex Boudreau, spy, black ops expert and notorious double agent blames herself for Benjamin’s baffling disappearance. Alex fights her inner demons and a past laden with deceit and scattered dreams, as she races against time and covert intelligence agencies to find the love of her life and bring him home—safely.

Her search leads her through the dense jungles of Western Africa, deep inside the computer network of a politically connected defense contractor, until finally, she finds herself in the middle of the highest, windiest, coldest, driest and loneliest continent on Earth—Antarctica. What she finds there could impact the world—forever.

(FREE on 8/7) Perilous by Tamara Hart  Heiner -

by Tamara Hart Heiner

Jaci Rivera joins her best friends Callie, Sara and Amanda for a night of pizza and shopping. But an evening at the mall turns into a terrifying twist of events that drive Jaci and her friends 2000 miles across the Canadian border. The girls find themselves alone and running from unknown enemies on all sides, and not even the police can be trusted. . . . Detective Carl Hamilton is called out on a homicide case where the partially decayed body of an unidentified teenage girl is found along a remote highway. He is drawn into a life and death race to stop the killers before they strike again.

(FREE on 8/7) Confessions Of A Prayer Slacker by Diane Moody -
Confessions Of A Prayer Slacker

by Diane Moody

Let’s face it. Most of us are clueless when it comes to praying. Why is that? And how come we’ve never done anything about it?

In Confessions of a Prayer Slacker, bestselling author Diane Moody traces her own personal prayer journey with a touch of humor and a healthy dose of transparency. “I want my readers to stop the merry-go-round of prayerlessness, quit acting like a bunch of spiritual babies, and get serious about this thing called prayer. Without it, we’ll never experience the warm, one-on-one relationship God desires to have with each one of us.”

(FREE on 8/7) Killing With The Edge Of The Moon by A. A. Attanasio -
Killing With The Edge Of The Moon

by A. A. Attanasio

Mama’s boy Chester Hubert drums up the courage to ask a witch’s granddaughter to the school dance—and finds himself hurtling through a modern, demonic fairy tale.

Quiet, elfin Flannery is not like other kids. She has caught the attention of the faerie, beautiful evil creatures from a mysterious Otherworld. They seduce their victims at midnight raves, then feed them to a dragon. For sport, they hunt souls with a black dog of prodigious evil. And they have taken Flannery for one of their own.

Thrust together in the Otherworld’s dark enchantment, Flannery and Chester discover they know each other better than they know their own hearts … but can they sort things out before the black dog finds them?

And what was that about a dragon?

(FREE on 8/7) Chop, Chop by L.N. Cronk -
Chop, Chop

by L.N. Cronk

ver since Laci was a little girl she’s been growing out her pretty, brown hair and chopping it off to send to Locks of Love. When Greg moves into town and finds out what she’s doing, he thinks it’s a great idea…so he starts doing it too! It’s just one of the things that reserved, young David must tolerate as their friendship grows throughout the years. As they near adulthood, they grow not only closer to each other, but closer to God as well. David finds himself content in every way, but when tragedy occurs David must struggle to find his way back to God.

(FREE on 8/7) Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen -
Crazy Kisses

by Tara Janzen


Special Ops soldier Kid Chaos Chronopolous is at the top of a Colombian drug lord’s hit list – with good reason. Under orders and undercover, Kid has been on a mission of revenge, taking out his brother’s murderers and the drug lord’s top lieutenants. Now, broke down and patched up, he’s coming home to Panama City to get out of the line of fire and get some rest. Then he finds a bikini bottom in his bathroom, a familiar scrap of next-to-nothing that can only belong to one woman – his woman, the only woman he’s ever loved.


Together, they’re a train wreck, scorching, sultry nights of passion followed by Kid leaving and breaking Nikki McKinney’s heart every time. She’s only come to Panama to say her last goodbye. But Kid’s mission puts her squarely in the crosshairs of the drug lord’s assassins, and when Nikki is captured by Kid’s enemies, only his deadliest skills can save her…

(FREE on 8/7) Invisible Aliens In Larry's Mouth - The Story About Importance Of Teeth Brushing - Based On True Story by Victoria Sunsett -
Invisible Aliens In Larry’s Mouth – The Story About Importance Of Teeth Brushing – Based On True Story

by Victoria Sunsett

Little boy Larry went to the dentist.

He got an amazing lesson what is going on in his mouth if he does not brush his teeth regularly. The story of this book is based on the real story that happened in one of the dental clinics in the city of Bellevue, WA. The dental assistant, a very nice lady, told one of her patients how she uses this story about the tiny creatures that live in every human mouth. This story would definitely convince any child or adult about necessity of brushing his/her teeth regularly, at least twice a day.

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