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(FREE on 11/18) All For Anna by Nicole Deese -
All For Anna

by Nicole Deese

If guilt is a prison; Victoria Sales has given herself a life sentence.

Held captive by regret, 23 year-old trauma RN, Tori Sales, has seen the reality of many nightmares. But there is one nightmare she will never wake from—her last memory of Anna.

Her efforts to save the little girl were not enough; she was not enough.

After a year of living alone, Tori is forced to return home—a place where heartache, loss, and broken relationships lurk around every corner. Isolation is her only solace; running is her only escape.

But she cannot outrun the truth forever.

When a handsome, compassionate stranger enters her world, Tori is inspired to deal with her past and focus on the future—one she never believed possible. But before her quest for closure is complete, a new revelation surfaces, tainting her world yet again.

Will she accept the recovery she so desperately needs? Or will she choose the escape she knows best…

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(FREE on 11/18) Tourist Trapped by K. J. Klemme -
Tourist Trapped

by K. J. Klemme

Crackerjack divorce attorney Amanda Sloane spends her life defending the soon-to-be-ex-wives of Chicago’s upper crust, but her orderly world crumbles when her estranged father persuades her to help search for the half-sister she’s resented for thirty years.

Amanda drags along computer-geek-turned-attorney Chad Cooper, and together they chase across the Yucatan, pursuing an ever-changing string of leads. The duo encounters treacherous alliances, attacks on their associates, and a deadline for a hefty ransom.

Amanda digs up more than clues when their search collides with the past she believed long buried. Old memories chip away at pretenses, threatening to crush Amanda’s carefully constructed life.

Time is running out. When the bullets start to fly, Amanda and Chad wonder: who will survive Cancun?

(FREE on 11/18) Pause To Rewind by Aimee Alexander -
Pause To Rewind

by Aimee Alexander

Jenny has exchanged life in the fast lane for freelance journalism and being a mum. She doesn’t look back. Why would she? A broken engagement to her fiancé Dave. A falling out with her parents. And a night in a hotel room best forgotten. Life is simple now. Jenny’s little boy, Charlie, is starting school, beginning to build a life independent from her. She needs to get her own back.

Life, though, has other plans. When Charlie becomes ill, Jenny is forced to confront her past and all things she has turned from. But she will do anything for Charlie.

(FREE on 11/18) A Touch Of Ice by L. J.  Charles -
A Touch Of Ice

by L. J. Charles

Everly Gray’s fingers are a magnet for trouble.

When she touches photographer Mitchell Hunt and sees the image of a dead body, she dives into the murder fingertips first. Life takes a turn for the dangerous when she discovers the body is related to a small-time crime family that accidentally stepped on the toes of notorious criminal, Delano West. Caught in a web of intrigue where nothing is as it seems, El discovers an aptitude for breaking and entering, the pain of an up close and personal meeting with a bullet, and the terror of facing a cold blooded killer. What she doesn’t learn–to keep her fingers to herself.

(FREE on 11/18) 30 Silver - by Daniel Huber -
30 Silver –

by Daniel Huber

Jarrod Morris thought that he could change the world. But after his junior year of college the pressure was just too much for him, and his future came to a screeching halt. So Jarrod moved back home to Los Angeles to help out his disorganized, well-meaning but slightly crazy mother whose job as a psychic keeps things unpredictable in the worst way. After a bit intervention from fate at the local dog park, Jarrod’s path crosses with the mysterious, beautiful Eden, who teaches doga classes–that’s right, yoga with dogs– and despite the oddity of her profession, Jarrod is smitten. He sets out to stalk her around Los Angeles, showing up and fumbling his way into her life and into her heart. Meanwhile, Jarrod himself is being stalked by an unstoppable force that he has no idea even exists. In fact, Jarrod’s mom’s strange behavior actually has a purpose, and oftentimes it’s been to shield her son from his secret lineage; their family are descendants of Judas Iscariot, and an immortal Roman soldier is closing in on their location in a search for the original thirty silver coins from Biblical times.

As Jarrod’s relationship with Eden grows and deepens, he finds that she too, has secrets of her own. She’s not just a beautiful yoga instructor from the dog park. She’s actually an angel fallen from grace. More strange things begin to unfold as Jarrod learns his life isn’t normal at all, and there are bigger things to worry about than dropping out of college or dealing with his mom’s clutter. In fact, he’s got to run for his life, or risk facing a foe that has searched for the most infamous purse for over two thousand years.

(FREE on 11/18) The Bone Feud by Wynne McLaughlin -
The Bone Feud

by Wynne McLaughlin

At the height of the American Wild West, two friends and scientific colleagues went to war. Each scrambled to out-wit and out-discover the other in a race to unearth the skeletal remains of dozens of previously undiscovered species of dinosaurs. What began with spying, bribery, and theft, quickly exploded into a bitter feud involving hired gunfighters, secret deals, and sticks of dynamite. Scientist-adventurers Edward Cope and O.C. Marsh inadvertently unleashed “dinosaur fever” across the globe, and their amazing discoveries became the subject of bidding wars by universities, museums, and even the great showman P.T. Barnum. Their story has never been told, until now.

(FREE on 11/18) Defending Turquoise by John Ellsworth -
Defending Turquoise

by John Ellsworth

Join Thaddeus Murfee in his new career in Flagstaff, where he is called on to defend the wife of the District Attorney. She has shot her husband to death and admitted it—but what about the mysterious bite marks in all the wrong places?

Watch as sixteen-year-old Turquoise Begay comes on the scene, the beautiful, abandoned Navajo girl living reservation style—with all the wrong people. Learn about her butterflies and lip gloss–and the man who rules them all. Thaddeus is appointed to defend Turquoise by a judge whose goal in life is to see Thaddeus disbarred and ejected from the practice of law.

(FREE on 11/18) Legend Of The Chosen: Destiny's Kingdom Book 1 by Jennifer Selzer -
Legend Of The Chosen: Destiny’s Kingdom Book 1

by Jennifer Selzer

As the kingdom plans for the annual celebration of Twilight Bloom, Quade and his beloved Trina go about their usual preparations for a night filled with fun, feasting and joy. But Quade knows something that Trina doesn’t: emissaries of the gods have visited him, bringing grave tidings. An ancient entity has breached the Bethel galaxy and will systematically destroy it unless the chosen, spoken among his people as a fairy tale legend, come together to intervene. Even worse, the burden of fulfilling this deed sits squarely on Quade’s shoulders.

These warnings were easy enough to ignore until mysterious things start to happen. Clea, Trina’s best friend and law-breaking smuggler, seems to have secret, untold information about the legendary chosen, which she is unwilling to disclose. Instead, as Quade’s world privately unravels around him, Clea chooses to pursue her own path, and disappears on the eve of Twilight Bloom. Finally, Trina’s father, the Keystone of Bethel and most influential figure in the galaxy, starts behaving like a man possessed. As it becomes clear that Quade cannot protect those closest to him by himself, he must seek the help of others: the Avè, a powerful, wise magic user; the emissaries, whose warnings and advice Quade had originally shunned; but most of all, Quade must find the strength and resolve within himself to seek out the chosen, realize his own destiny, and to do whatever it takes to save his world and the people that he loves.

In the beginning the gods created evil

Left alone it grew vengeful

Angry, it sought to destroy all of existence

The Bethel galaxy is all that remains.

(FREE on 11/18) Drive, Ride, Repeat: The Mostly-true Account Of A Cross-country Car And Bicycle Adventure by Al Macy -
Drive, Ride, Repeat: The Mostly-true Account Of A Cross-country Car And Bicycle Adventure

by Al Macy

“Every day I wake up with nothing to do, and by the end of the day, I’ve only gotten half of it done.”

During his working life, Macy was a neuroscientist, computer game programmer, jazz trombonist, chef, CEO, piano player, clam digger, and technical writer.

The book is a journal of a car/bicycle/camping trip from California to St. Louis and back, but Macy promises that “if it starts sounding like one of your brother-in-law’s boring slide shows, I will stop this book, and we’ll turn around and go home. I mean it.”

Interspersed with the journal chapters, you’ll find thought-provoking life tips, stories from the past, and descriptions of Al’s wacky inventions. You’ll hear poignant anecdotes about what happened when doctors discovered a golf-ball-sized tumor in his wife’s brain and how everything they owned burned.

(FREE on 11/18) Salted by Aaron Galvin -

by Aaron Galvin

Life isn’t better under the sea.

Lenny Dolan is all too familiar with this reality. A Selkie slave in the realm beneath the waves, he has no choice when charged with leading a crew ashore to capture an elusive runaway. If unsuccessful, the loved ones kept behind will pay for his failure with their lives.

But when their target leads Lenny and his crew to deeper, darker secrets, the Selkies are faced with a moral dilemma. Secure their own freedom at the expense of others, or return empty-handed to face the grisly consequences?

How Lenny and his crew answer the question will teach them the harshest truth of all. Only through the loss of innocence does one become Salted.

(FREE on 11/18) Simpson's Will by Edward A. McCoyd -
Simpson’s Will

by Edward A. McCoyd

Just out of Fordham Law School in 1968, Tim O’Leary receives a surprise job offer from Bradford, Lord and Turner, an old-line Manhattan law firm. Upon arrival, he is assigned to what is expected to be a routine probate proceeding in the estate of the well-known and recently divorced Reginald Simpson, who has died and whose Will disinherits his good-for-nothing brother Harold. Matters deteriorate, however, when the Will mysteriously vanishes and Harold hires the brash Brooklyn lawyer Mickey Finn to challenge it. Tim’s girlfriend, a street-smart private investigator, decides the Will has been stolen, but an unexpected turn of events frustrates Tim’s pursuit of her theory as the case hurtles toward what promises to be a costly and embarrassing conclusion.

(FREE on 11/18) Birth Of A Destiny by T.R. Milne -
Birth Of A Destiny

by T.R. Milne

Evil stalks her. True love finds her. Destiny claims her.

Rose wakes from a coma to find her life has changed forever.

Her parents were killed in the accident that nearly claimed her life. Now orphaned, her mother’s sister brings her to live in the country with her cousins, who quickly make their resentment known. Once courageous and full of life, Rose now exists in the murky shades of grief.

And, whilst she wants nothing more than to be left alone, evil stalks her dreams, and fate moves her towards her destiny. Ghostly meetings, attacks under the cloak of storms, and a threatening dark presence brings danger and adventure to Rose, her cousin and new friend. Her special abilities, known to no one, must remain a secret – somehow.

The trio uncover a portal that takes them to an enchanting world threatened by an evil creature thirsting for eternal darkness. Only one can stop him . . .

Rose’s heart is wounded repeatedly and she struggles with the loss of her parents, the hostility from her cousins and the guilt that keeps her from Diamond, her horse. But, she is totally unprepared for a turn of events that has staggering consequences. Her special abilities are strengthened as she is tested, time and again.

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