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Elizabeth's Legacy by Victor Kloss ebook deal

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Elizabeth’s Legacy

by Victor Kloss

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Like most normal people, Ben hadn’t the faintest idea there was an Institute of Magic…

Two years after his parents’ sudden disappearance, Ben Greenwood stumbles upon a cryptic letter that could shed some light on their whereabouts. But before he can track them down, he’ll need to find the mysterious organization that sent the letter:

The Royal Institute of Magic.

To succeed, Ben will have to navigate a land filled with fantastic creatures and Spellshooters, where magic can be bought and sold, to unravel an ancient family secret that could hold the key to defeating an evil the Institute has been fighting for the last five hundred years.


Where Secrets Reside by Susan Finlay ebook deal

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Where Secrets Reside

by Susan Finlay

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In Reynier, France, a sleepy hillside village peppered with ancient picturesque troglodyte cave dwellings, the locals value their privacy and their quiet life. Few tourists know it exits, which suits the locals just fine.

One day, after a torrential storm, a townswoman happens across a terrified soaked toddler sitting alone in the woods. She brings the toddler into town, but no one recognizes the child. Suspecting the child’s parents—rare tourists perhaps—must be lost or in trouble nearby, the locals organize a search party to find them. Their search leads instead to the discovery of a murder victim, another stranger, in one of the caves. As the investigation gets underway, the situation heats up. The residents of this once peaceful close-knit village find themselves terrorized by a possible serial killer. Facing their own mortality, they wonder whether the killer is an outsider, or one of their own? And who will be the next victim?

Captain Pascal Goddard of the local Gendarmerie has his hands full; he must solve the biggest murder case the region has ever seen. The residents will not let him rest until he uncovers the killer’s identity, putting a stop to the killing so a frantic village can return to normal. But as the list of suspects grows, some begin to worry that past history will paint them as guilty even if they are not; at least not of murder.


The Art Of Getting Things Done: 10 Prolific Ways To Effectively Manage Your Time by Vincent Santiago ebook deal

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The Art Of Getting Things Done

by Vincent Santiago

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In a world full of busy schedules, family time and unscheduled meetings, time is Gold.

Time is a very precious nonrenewable resource, and this is what you’ll hear from people who know the value of it. They say that the more you rush, the faster the time gets, and the more you wait, the slower it gets. The truth is that time will remain the same whether you rush or not. It really depends on the way you manage yourself. That is why self-management is key. It helps you become more organized, punctual, and a more effective person. The Art of Getting Things Done was created to serve those who lack in the “self-management” category. It also teaches you self-discipline and self-awareness in order to successfully manage all of your work, and have time for additional activities. But this is only scratching the surface! Much much more will be included in this simple, step-by-step guide.

In this book you’ll learn:

* The importance of a winning attitude

* How to create effective to-do lists the right way

* The 5 most powerful to-do lists that will save you time

* How to weigh your priorities

* How to remain calm amidst distractions

* The benefits of taking a break

* How to develop new habits for a more productive day

* How to stay healthy and attain prosperity

Time management might be a little tricky, but The Art of Getting Things Done provides a step-by-step blueprint to make life easy, more fun, and hassle free.

Thank you for your support, best of luck to you!


Ratham Creek by Marie F Martin ebook deal

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Ratham Creek

by Marie F Martin

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Unexpectedly widowed and left destitute by her husband’s gambling debts, Arianne Hollis retreats to a remote area of Montana and struggles to build a new life. She becomes acquainted with old families and newcomers, only to find herself sucked into a feud between them. A handsome, lonely member of the clannish mountain people wins her love, but she is torn between him and his family’s escalating violence to protect their way of life. Then she becomes a target. Will Arianne give into the same vengeance that corrupts the clan?


Easy As One Two Three by Willow Rose ebook deal

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Easy As One Two Three

by Willow Rose

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Mads and Signe are very young when they get married. They are ready to take on the world starting with their honeymoon to Egypt. Two years later, Mads is in a coma and Signe has vanished from the face of the earth.

Meanwhile, Emma Frost is looking for her daughter whom the police believe is guilty of the hit and run that left Mads Schou brain dead. But was it really an accident, or is there more to the story than they first thought? Emma believes so, but can’t convince the police. To help her, Emma receives help from a couple many of Willow Rose’s readers will recognize.


Free Indeed: A Devotional For Saints Who Still Struggle With Sin by Gary Webb ebook deal

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Free Indeed

by Gary Webb

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Many Christians secretly battle powerful, deadly spiritual forces — often without realizing the source or the solution to the misery they have endured all too long. Are you one of those? Free Indeed is a devotional workbook for those believers who are struggling with destructive, “besetting” sins. Each daily reading calls attention to a specific principle that leads a disciple of the Lord into the freedom that only the Son can give.

The daily format includes a brief Scripture passage, reflections, and a sample prayer to express the heart of the liberating truth focus for the day.

The author himself has experienced how these truths of God’s Word brought salvation and deliverance during the time when he was addicted to drugs, fascinated with the occult, and obsessed with suicidal thoughts.
You too can be transformed by the truth of Scripture and receive the joyous freedom of the Lord. In a sense, every sinner is an addict who needs to be made free.


A Consternation Of Monsters: Stories By Eric Fritzius by Eric Fritzius ebook deal

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A Consternation Of Monsters/h3>

by Eric Fritzius

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Within this collection of short stories you will find a variety of monsters — a whole consternation of them, to use the collective noun.

In these tales, a creature of make-believe proves difficult to disbelieve, a trickster-god takes an unkindly interest in witnesses, eldritch horrors can be summoned with a quilt, frustrated wolves face dangerous prey, the angel of death wears a plaid sport coat, wise old women are to be feared and heeded, Elvis remains king, the corpses of legends can be perilous to have around, and where one of the most powerful and potentially dangerous objects in the world is a fork.


Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia ebook deal

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Beautiful Creatures

by Kami Garcia

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Lena Duchannes is unlike anyone the small Southern town of Gatlin has ever seen, and she’s struggling to conceal her power, and a curse that has haunted her family for generations. But even within the overgrown gardens, murky swamps and crumbling graveyards of the forgotten South, a secret cannot stay hidden forever.

Ethan Wate, who has been counting the months until he can escape from Gatlin, is haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl he has never met. WhenLena moves into the town’s oldest and most infamous plantation, Ethan is inexplicably drawn to her and determined to uncover the connection between them.

In a town with no surprises, one secret could change everything.


Requiem by Celina Grace ebook deal

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by Celina Grace

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The girl’s body lay on the riverbank, her arms outflung. Her blonde hair lay in matted clumps, shockingly pale against the muddy bank. Her face was like a porcelain sculpture that had been broken and glued back together: grey cracks were visible under the white sheen of her dead skin. Her lips were so blue they could have been traced in ink.

When the body of troubled teenager Elodie Duncan is pulled from the river in Abbeyford, the case is at first assumed to be a straightforward suicide. Detective Sergeant Kate Redman is shocked to discover that she’d met the victim the night before her death, introduced by Kate’s younger brother Jay. As the case develops, it becomes clear that Elodie was murdered. A talented young musician, Elodie had been keeping some strange company and was hiding her own dark secrets.

As the list of suspects begin to grow, so do the questions. What is the significance of the painting Elodie modelled for? Who is the man who was seen with her on the night of her death? Is there any connection with another student’s death at the exclusive musical college that Elodie attended?

As Kate and her partner Detective Sergeant Mark Olbeck attempt to unravel the mystery, the dark undercurrents of the case threaten those whom Kate holds most dear…


Caught In Us by Layla Hagen ebook deal

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Caught In Us

by Layla Hagen

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Damon Cooper has all the markings of a bad boy:

• A tattoo

• A bike

• An attitude to go with point one and two

In the beginning I hated him, but now I’m falling in love with him.

My parents forbid us to be together, but Damon’s not one to obey rules.
And since I met him, neither am I.


Let The Devil Sleep by John Verdon ebook deal

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Let The Devil Sleep

by John Verdon

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The most decorated homicide detective in NYPD history, Dave Gurney is still trying to adjust to his life of quasi-retirement in upstate New York when a young woman who is producing a documentary on a notorious murder spree seeks his counsel. Soon after, Gurney begins feeling threatened: a razor-sharp hunting arrow lands in his yard, and he narrowly escapes serious injury in a booby-trapped basement. As things grow more bizarre, he finds himself reexamining the case of The Good Shepherd, which ten years before involved a series of roadside shootings and a rage-against-the-rich manifesto. The killings ceased, and a cult of analysis grew up around the case with a consensus opinion that no one would dream of challenging — no one, that is, but Dave Gurney.

Mocked even by some who’d been his supporters in previous investigations, Dave realizes that the killer is too clever to ever be found. The only gambit that may make sense is also the most dangerous – to make himself a target and get the killer to come to him.

To survive, Gurney must rely on three allies: his beloved wife Madeleine, impressively intuitive and a beacon of light in the gathering darkness; his de-facto investigative “partner” Jack Hardwick, always ready to spit in authority’s face but wily when it counts; and his son Kyle, who has come back into Gurney’s life with surprising force, love and loyalty.


Sweet Inspirational Romance: Catch Of A Lifetime: Can She Forget The Fumbles Of Her Past And Open Her Heart To Love? by Candee Fick ebook deal

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Catch Of A Lifetime

by Candee Fick

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He breathes football. She shudders at the very mention of the sport.

After a tragedy involving a football player destroyed her family, athletic trainer and graduate student, Cassie moves across the country looking for a fresh start, but a change in financial aid lands her in the middle of her worst nightmare.

Meanwhile, rookie coach Reed worries his dream career will slip away as injuries plague his players and his star receiver teeters on the brink of ineligibility. As the two work together to salvage the season, sparks fly, and Reed must eventually choose between the game and the woman he loves.


The Secret Of The Stones by Ernest Dempsey ebook deal

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The Secret Of The Stones

by Ernest Dempsey

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How far would you go to save a friend?

A four thousand year old mystery lurks in the hills of Georgia. While investigating a strange series of ancient symbols, an archaeologist vanishes, and a professor he entrusted with the secret is murdered. Former government agent, Sean Wyatt, learns of his friend’s disappearance as well as the assassinations and must race against the clock to unravel the clues to the ancient mystery.

But to save him, he will have to fight off highly trained mercenaries in hand to hand combat, violent shootouts, and high speed car chases through the Blue Ridge Mountains.

And in the end, what he learns will change the history books as we know them.


Mr. Crotchety by Rich Amooi ebook deal

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Mr. Crotchety

by Rich Amooi

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Warning: May cause happiness and laughter.

Shoe store owner Roger Hudson has a chip on his shoulder the size of Mount Rushmore. Hiring real estate agent Sally Bright, the most-annoyingly positive woman ever, probably isn’t the smartest move but she’s the best. Her constantly bubbly nature gets under Roger’s skin but there’s an even bigger problem. She’s also getting into his heart. And don’t even get him started on her dynamite legs.

Roger doesn’t fool Sally one bit. She knows his crotchety act is as fake as her best friend’s Gucci bag. She’s dealt with his type before but selling his home is proving to be harder than she thought. Especially since she’s developing feelings for her handsome client. But just when things seem to be going in the right direction, Sally’s secret could destroy everything she worked so hard for.


Wrecked And Yours by CeeCee James ebook deal

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Wrecked And Yours

by CeeCee James

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Does life ever give second chances?
Five years ago Miranda and Jason were inseparable–runaway teens standing together against the rest of the world. But those days are long gone.
Now in her twenties, Miranda is triggered by the ghosts of her past. Trying to escape, she abandons her old life and everyone she knew.
Jason swears his relationship with her is ruined.
Just when she’s back on her feet, her secret forces Miranda to return. Now, she must pair together with Jason to overcome the biggest challenge they’ve ever faced, or both of them be destroyed. But with so many scars separating them, can they learn to trust each other again?


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