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The Case Of The Hidden Flame by Alison Golden ebook deal

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The Case Of The Hidden Flame

by Alison Golden

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Detective Inspector David Graham has just arrived on the island of Jersey, taking over a rag tag team of questionable commitment and skill at the Gorey Constabulary, a team that he is supposed to lead and develop into a cohesive investigative unit.

Within minutes, his first challenge presents itself when ex-soldier, Colonel Graves, finds a dead body on the beach. As the military man kneels down, he discovers it is his soon-to-be fiancé half buried in the sand…

In a small resort like Gorey, this event is monumental, and almost unheard of. The rumors swirl yet it is the new Detective Inspector’s job, with a bag still packed and travel dust on his shoes, to ferret out the clues and solve the case…while bringing his team along to assist.


Test Of Magnitude by Andy Kasch ebook deal

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Test Of Magnitude

by Andy Kasch

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Revenge is only justice when it can be administered without hatred.

Welcome to the Tora star system, home of the spectacular Cardinal-4 space station overlooking Amulen and Banor, twin worlds that share the same orbit. One visit and you’ll understand why this station is the pinnacle of Torian achievement and a wonder of the Erobian Sphere.

Unfortunately, your timing isn’t great. Many centuries of peace and prosperity are on the verge of collapsing for members of the Erob coalition as signs of the first interstellar wars loom. The half-breeds tell us it is because we are now forsaking the ancient law, and have thus allowed an evil infection to begin spreading through the galaxy. But those Erob half-breeds have always been a little over-dramatic, haven’t they?

Brandon Foss, an unhappily married Virginian in his early thirties, awakes from a strange dream to discover he has been abducted from Earth and kept in cryonic preservation on Amulen for two decades. One other resuscitated human is with him, a real knucklehead who almost seems as alien to Brandon as their reptilian captors. A friendship of convenience forms as the two Earthlings soon become unwittingly intertwined in Torian politics and military affairs—at a time, it turns out, when the Torians desperately need just such intertwining.


The Wind Guardian by Frank Scozzari ebook deal

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The Wind Guardian

by Frank Scozzari

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Ultimate threats facing the United States come to life.

With the help of an inside man, a group of determined terrorists siege a nuclear power plant, intending to spread radiation into the wind and wreak havoc on neighboring cities. The only thing standing in their way are two misfit security guards, Cameron Taylor and Grace Baker, whose romantic escapade temporarily takes them off the terrorists’ radar screen.

After realizing what is going on in the power plant, Cameron and Grace find themselves in a battle against time and odds. A sudden resurgence of duty has them taking up arms and committing beyond the point of no return. But has their call to action come too late?


These Mean Streets, Darkly by Austin Dragon ebook deal

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These Mean Streets, Darkly

by Austin Dragon

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It’s a world of colossal skyscrapers. Hover-cars fly above in the dark, rainy skies and gray people walk below on the grimy, hard streets in the “Neon Jungle.” Uber-governments and mega-corporations fight for control of the super-city, but so does crime.

An average woman, Carol—hardworking and decent in every way— loses her daughter to the psycho Red Rabbit. Can Police Central find the girl in time—alive? And is it really a random, senseless kidnapping in the fifty-million-plus city?


Broken Trust: Mystery And Suspense by H. B. Rae ebook deal

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Broken Trust

by H. B. Rae

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Detective John Watson longs for a change of pace in his career. The seemingly endless stream of mundane, run of the mill divorce cases have sullied his motivation for the job he once couldn’t imagine living without. Watson aches for excitement – where are the Mafia hits, the gangster rivals and the serial killers he always dreamt of catching?

Watson is at a cross-roads. Give up his passion for crime, continue stalking wayward husbands for angry wives or give it all up for a steady paycheck elsewhere?

Mrs. Olivia Shapiro’s case is just the elixir he needs to turn his life around. As fate would have it, Olivia’s husband, James is a missing person. The key objective is that he must be found. Or so it seems.

Detective Watson soon realizes this simple case is not so simple after all. Just when he thinks the kidnapping mystery is solved…a new twist enters the mix. Questions and answers swirl within a web of deceit, it’s his job to decipher who is telling the truth and what is a ghost-chase. As he moves deeper into a family’s past, Watson finds himself entrapped in a much larger conspiracy than he ever dreamt he’d investigate. Why is James Shapiro really missing?


The Air He Breathes by Brittainy Cherry ebook deal

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The Air He Breathes

by Brittainy Cherry

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I was warned about Tristan Cole.

“Stay away from him,” people said.

“He’s cruel.”

“He’s cold.”

“He’s damaged.”

It’s easy to judge a man because of his past. To look at Tristan and see a monster.

But I couldn’t do that. I had to accept the wreckage that lived inside of him because it also lived inside of me.

We were both empty.

We were both looking for something else. Something more.

We both wanted to put together the shattered pieces of our yesterdays.

Then perhaps we could finally remember how to breathe.


The Fallen Body by Stone Patrick ebook deal

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The Fallen Body

by Stone Patrick

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When Texas Rangers arrest Sarah Baines for murdering her philandering husband, she’s already got a lawyer: Taylour Dixxon, a woman Sarah recently befriended who now has her first murder case. After Sarah is assaulted in prison while being tried, authorities place her in protective custody. That doesn’t stop her husband’s killer, Roman Danshov, from looking for Sarah—and Taylour might be the way for Roman to find her. Patrick’s novel features a protagonist whose life outside of lawyering is often more intriguing: Taylour’s wayward nephew, Spencer, invites himself to live with her, and the boy’s father doesn’t seem to mind; and other legal cases not relevant to the murder, such as homeowners in a dispute over a new fence and an Internet hookup gone wrong, leave more lasting impressions.


Catnip by Valerie Tate ebook deal

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by Valerie Tate

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What can go wrong when an elderly matriarch leaves the family fortune to her cat?

Just about everything, including ‘catnapping’ and murder!

CATNIP is a mystery set in the picturesque town of Dunbarton, Ontario, and tells the story of what befalls the dysfunctional Dunbar family, and the chaos that ensues, when the matriarch of the clan leaves the family fortune to her cat.

That formidable feline proves to be more than a match for the humans in his life, until one fateful night when, caught unawares, he is stuffed in a sack and carried away.

A nosy neighbor with a nasty, suspicious mind points the finger of suspicion at the Dunbars and Christopher Mallory, the young attorney who is the trustee of the estate, and under the terms of the will, they face losing everything.

When a murder occurs, Christopher finds himself confronting a ruthless killer who would do anything to conceal his or her identity, including to kill again.


Brothers And Bones by James Hankins ebook deal

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Brothers And Bones

by James Hankins

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Charlie Beckham is a rising star among federal prosecutors until, on the morning of the most important court day of his career, a deranged homeless man turns Charlie’s life upside down with a single word. He calls Charlie by a secret nickname known by only one other person in the world—Charlie’s brother Jake, who went missing thirteen years ago. Could the homeless man have information about Jake’s whereabouts after all these years? Is it possible that the long-haired, bearded vagrant actually is Jake? Charlie has a hundred questions but the homeless man disappears before Charlie can ask a single one.

So begins Charlie’s search for answers, and for his brother, a search that leads him down Boston’s darkest streets, into its blackest alleys, and, finally, into its criminal underworld. But if Charlie wants answers he’ll have to get them from some of the most feared and ruthless people in the city.


Emergency Exit: 2020 by Ever N Hayes ebook deal

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Emergency Exit: 2020

by Ever N Hayes

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My wife, Sophie, lost her life four years ago. If she hadn’t, we’d both be dead now.

It’s as simple as that, but also far more complicated.

The cool October day was typical for autumn in the Midwest—a little sun, a little rain, a little wind. My parents, our kids, and their friends had gathered at my lakeside cabin to celebrate and honor Sophie…It was truly a great—stress-free—day.

And then suddenly it wasn’t.

Everything changed on the evening drive into town.
Everyone—everywhere—was dead. Animals too. There was no destruction. Just…death.
Absolute death.
The cause was unknown until we fled back to the cabin and caught the coded message on the radio—a chemical attack.

A what? In northern Minnesota? In America?
How did we not know about this? How did we survive? Was anyone else alive? Anywhere?

The extent of the contamination—the devastation—was largely unknown. The exact perpetrators were also unclear. But as terrible and incomprehensible a reality as that was, the message indicated it was about to get even worse.

An army was coming. Maybe even several.


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The Marathon Watch

by Larry Laswell

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Duty with Honor…Above All Else.

The year is 1971. With Cold War tensions at their peak, the U.S.S. Farnley has been selected to take part in Operation Marathon, the brainchild of ambitious and unscrupulous one-star Admiral Eickhoff, who sees the dangerous experiment as his stepping stone to greater power and national prestige. The World War Two-era destroyer—with her outdated technology, low crew morale, and mentally unstable captain—would be an ideal component of the Admiral’s experiment due to her chief characteristic: her expendability.

Failure, however, is not an option for the new Engineering Officer Lee. His enthusiastic faith in the viability of the aged vessel and his dedication to duty with honor puts him at immediate odds with soon-to-retire Chief Petty Officer Ross, while ultimately inspiring his fellow crewmen to help return the Farnley to fighting form. But their dedicated efforts are creating a powerful and unforgiving enemy—and when unexpected catastrophe befalls the Farnley, those manning the old destroyer will suddenly be forced to choose between duty and disobedience, between life and death.


A Unique Kind Of Love: Young Adult Romance by Jasmine Rose ebook deal

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A Unique Kind Of Love

by Jasmine Rose

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“A person’s eyes are the doors to their thoughts, feelings and the purity of their heart.”

Lena Rose Winter was a seventeen year old girl sandwiched between trying to keep all her secrets and screaming her thoughts out.

Liam Christopher Black was a boy who couldn’t scream, yet his eyes spoke for him secrets that only Lena can hear.

In this heartbreaking novel, you’ll find these voiceless teens embark on a journey on speaking their truth, finding love and what it feels like to have someone who will listen to what you don’t say.


Yield The Night by Annette Marie ebook deal

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Yield The Night

by Annette Marie

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After surviving a round-trip to hell, Piper figures she can survive anything. After all, she just lived through the devastating loss of her Consul apprenticeship and a torturous stint at boarding school. How much worse could it get?

Well, she wasn’t expecting a group of crazy radicals to burn her home to the ground and take her prisoner.

The Gaians, a.k.a. the crazy radicals, plan to rid Earth of daemons and they want Piper to help them. In exchange for her cooperation, they promise her the answer to all her problems: magic. With her own magic, she could reclaim her apprenticeship, the only future she’s ever wanted. But her magic comes at price—it could kill her.

With the life she’s always known crumbling around her and her future slipping from her grasp, she needs Ash’s help one more time. But the greatest danger of all lies within her, and no matter what she does, she may lose everything—including him.


Eldorado by Jay Allan Storey ebook deal

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by Jay Allan Storey

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In an energy-starved future, Richard Hampton’s world is blown apart when his younger brother Danny disappears and the police are too busy trying to keep a lid on a hungry, overcrowded city to search for him.

Richard has to make the transformation from bookish nerd to street-smart warrior to survive when he jumps the Food Train for the disintegrating suburbs in a desperate search for Danny and his dog, Zonk.

Branded a criminal by a community of outcasts and condemned to death, Richard is rescued by streetwise Carrie, who joins in his search. As they trek across the remnants of suburbia, facing criminal gangs, renegade militias, and the hardships of the road, their friendship evolves into something more.

The trail finally unwinds at a deserted complex in the remotest corner of the sprawling suburbs. The incredible secret they uncover there will alter their lives and their world forever.


The Improbable Wonders Of Moojie Littleman by Robin Gregory ebook deal

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The Improbable Wonders Of Moojie Littleman

by Robin Gregory

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Set at the turn of the nineteenth century, THE IMPROBABLE WONDERS OF MOOJIE LITTLEMAN is a heartrending, coming-of-age story, with a dose of humor and mystical realism. After his adoptive mother dies in a freak accident, eight year-old, disabled, bi-racial Moojie is sent by his disapproving father to live at St. Isidore’s Fainting Goat Dairy, where he befriends a clan of outcasts from an alternate universe. Six years later, this forbidden friendship and subsequent events reveal an extraordinary boy’s tale of loss and connection, first love, and self-discovery.


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