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Serenity's Song by Lynn Landes ebook deal

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Serenity’s Song

by Lynn Landes

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Christmas is a time for miracles and Serenity is a singer whose dream is about to come true. How hard can it be to film her first video, find a dress for the hospital benefit and save Christmas from an ancient evil?

The Saints of the world are being hunted, betrayed by the guardians who were sworn to protect them. After five hundred years of waiting Ayva intends for that power to be hers! No one will stop her this time. Not Michael, the son of the Saint and certainly not some human girl.

Serenity will have to choose between her dreams and her destiny and Michael will learn that even Saints need saviors…



Saving Madeline: A Novel by Cricket Rohman ebook deal

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Saving Madeline: A Novel

by Cricket Rohman

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Families have secrets. Roxy’s family had more than its share. So, she flees to Hollywood to follow her dream and create a new life for herself. Easier said than done. Though bombarded with daily challenges, Roxy and Ginn, her wounded warrior roommate, manage to find humor in their frequent calamities with the help of an amazing dog. But then, Roxy’s mother moves in . . .

Along comes the well-connected acting coach, James Jonathan Jarvis, and Roxy’s big break in showbiz: a part in a reality TV show with a wilderness survival theme. Her hopes crumble when her confused mother disappears a week before rehearsals are to begin. Roxy’s search leads her to Northern Wyoming where she and Madeline become trapped in a real life-and-death situation. Will her recently learned survival skills be enough to save them both?



Influencer Fast Track: From Zero To Influencer In The Next 6 Months! by Gundi Gabrielle ebook deal

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Influencer Fast Track: From Zero To Influencer In The Next 6 Months!

by Gundi Gabrielle

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Sound crazy?

Well, it isn’t actually IF you know how to leverage the many (mostly free) resources available to anyone using the internet today!

It’s not about pumping thousands of dollars into ads or wearing yourself out on social media without getting much traction.

There are a number of simple strategies that can have a tremendous effect on growing your online presence and visibility that make even a 6-month time frame perfectly doable.

“Influencer” does not mean becoming world famous and making millions overnight. That would indeed be unlikely and fall under a classic get-rich-quick scheme, which this book is not!

Quite the opposite! The strategies and hacks described in INFLUENCER FAST TRACK show you – in 7 simple steps – how to leverage the formidable marketing power of the internet, as well as major platforms, institutions, peers and influencers to grow quickly – while creating win-wins for everyone involved!



Lark by Erica Cope ebook deal

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by Erica Cope

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The last time she checked, Mia Carrington was pretty sure she was a normal girl with a completely ordinary life.

She’s captain of the cheerleading squad, has a crush on the gorgeous and mysterious new boy in town, and has strange dreams that she can’t help but feel are real somehow…

Okay, so maybe she’s not all that normal after all.

A freak accident changes Mia’s life forever when she is thrown into another world and left to deal with the revelation that she is the daughter of the King of the Light Elves. Throw in an ominous prophecy predicting that Mia will break a curse unleashing the Dark Elves on the world and, well, things don’t look too good.

There is danger lurking at every corner in this strange world and Mia isn’t sure who she can trust…

The only thing she is certain of is that the Dark Elves are coming for her, and they will stop at nothing until they have her.



Brooklyn Rockstar by Jennifer Ann ebook deal

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Brooklyn Rockstar

by Jennifer Ann

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He’s America’s hottest rockstar, and he’s harboring a dark secret…one that could end with deadly consequences.

She’s a small-town girl from the Midwest, escaping an overprotective family.

After catching the first solo gig by the rocker with the looks of a Greek god and the voice of an angel, Evelyn’s a goner.

But Charlie Walker is the worst kind of bad boy all wrapped up in a smoking hot body, surrounded by scandal, and completely untouchable to someone as ordinary as Evelyn.

Or so she thought.

When the chemistry between them is unleashed, the danger involved extends far beyond the threat of their relationship being thrust into the spotlight.



Skye City: The Trials Of Arturo Collection by R. D. Hale ebook deal

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Skye City: The Trials Of Arturo Collection

by R. D. Hale

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This collection contains Skye City: Episode One: The Rise of an Orphan, Episode Two: The Migdols of Samaris, Episode Three: The Biopunk Generation, and Episode Four: The San Terian Genocide.

My name is Arturo Basilides. I am an orphan living in the slums of Medio City – the capital of a nation ravaged by a war which was won by extremists. Offered a choice between slavery and disenfranchisement, we exist in an underclass so disconnected we effectively inhabit a different era. Daily life involves scavenging, theft and substance abuse with a bunch of misfits who are somehow still in one piece after years of abandonment. I am a natural born fighter and although I despise warfare, I must witness the downfall of those bastard elites whilst fulfilling my romantic intentions with the forever unattainable girl of my dreams.



Black Dawn by Jay Allan ebook deal

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Black Dawn

by Jay Allan

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War is coming, darker and more terrible than any that have come before.

The Hegemony is coming to impose its brutal system of genetic supremacy on the Confederation and the other nations on the Rim, to make its elite Masters the unchallenged rulers of all human habitation in the galaxy.

The White Fleet had been an expression of optimism, a grand expedition to explore the vast reaches of the long-dead empire. Tasked to uncover the secrets of the devastating Cataclysm and to seek and recover the advanced ancient technology that humanity had once possessed, it found something else instead.

A new enemy. A vast domain, one with advanced technology, massive fleets, and a genetically-ordered society and hierarchy it intends to impose on all humanity everywhere. The Hegemony is like nothing Tyler Barron and his comrades have ever encountered…but the veteran admiral must find a way to fight the far superior enemy, to rally the Confederation’s forces, and those of the other Rim nations, for what may well be the final war.

Barron understands his task is herculean, but what he doesn’t know is that the Confederation, far from being ready to face a new enemy, is embroiled in a widening scandal, one threatening to devolve into outright civil war, as the fleets and troops needed to face the enemy square off against each other.

Barron and his people will do all they can to prevent the Confederation from slipping into oblivion, and to prepare it to face the new enemy that is coming. They have placed themselves in the breach before, saved the Confederation from disaster more than once, but this will be their greatest test, a struggle like none of them have ever experienced.

This time the goal is not victory. It is survival.



The Hellbreakers: A Surviving The Dead Novel by James Cook ebook deal

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The Hellbreakers: A Surviving The Dead Novel

by James Cook

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In the desert wastelands of the American Southwest, one man stands alone.

Alexander Muir, a once-renowned professional fighter, has spent the last six years surviving the only way he knows how: on his own. In a land where the golden rule is to make allies or die, he has stayed alive against all odds.

But now, his self-imposed exile is over.

In other parts of the world, those who survived the Outbreak have banded together to form militant groups with a single mission: to reclaim what is theirs. One intrepid band, the Third Colorado Volunteer Militia, has decided to challenge a place where even the bravest fear to tread—Phoenix, Arizona.

And now, these two worlds—the barren isolation of a lone survivor and the emerging force of a fledgling government—are set to collide. Together, they will take on a challenge bigger than all of them.

But in this fight, the dead are not the only danger…



Since You're Leaving Anyway, Take Out The Trash by Dixie Cash ebook deal

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Since You’re Leaving Anyway, Take Out The Trash

by Dixie Cash

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Debbie Sue Overstreet is still the best-looking gal in Saltlick, TX-and her ex-husband Buddy is still the best-looking sheriff. Thanks to a thriving gossip mill (also known as Debbie’s hair salon), there isn’t a thing in Saltlick that she doesn’t know about before anyone else. That is, until somebody offs snooty Pearl Ann Carruthers. With Buddy on the case, the woman who has to know everything is stumped by not just one, but two questions: first, who killed Pearl Ann and why, and second, how on earth did she ever let Buddy Overstreet get away? Lucky for Saltlick and Buddy both, she means to find out the answers, no matter what it takes!



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