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Hidden Moon by K.R. Thompson ebook deal

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Hidden Moon

by K.R. Thompson

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When 17 year old Nikki Harmon moves to Bland, Virginia, she expects her new life will be as dull as the town’s name.

But she finds that not everything is as it seems and the forest surrounding her new home holds secrets—one of them being a centuries-old Indian legend, carefully guarded by Adam Black Water, the leader of a pack of boys known as the Keepers.

Nikki will soon discover that the forest holds more magic and danger than she ever dreamed possible as a killer lurks on the Appalachian Trail. As she searches for the truth, she will unearth the darkest secret of all.

But will she lose her heart? Or will she lose her life?



The Seer: Deadly Fairy Tales, Book 1 by Elizabeth Marx ebook deal

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The Seer: Deadly Fairy Tales, Book 1

by Elizabeth Marx

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Fairy tales aren’t supposed to be deadly, but anything can happen on Halloween night in Salem … even a human sacrifice.

When a supernatural beast murders a sixteen-year-old girl, her soul is reawakened as an OtherWorldly being. Now, as the Seer, she is destined to serve the Order, even as she craves retribution. Invisible, isolated, and confused, she rejects her calling and seeks solace in the one thing she believes is real: her connection to Locke … only he can’t see her, or feel her presence.

Determined to find some way to warn Locke of the danger he’s in the Seer sets out to discover the truth behind the clandestine Order. Unfortunately, those who are like her fear her, and only one acknowledges her existence—Tristan, a Guardian sentenced to defend the Order at all costs.

Soon Tristan discovers something sinister, something that cannot only destroy the Seer, but every witch in the Order.

To protect the one she loves and regain the life she lost, the Seer must join forces with Tristan and save the thing responsible for taking her away from the world to which she desperately wants to return.



Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle Free Of Dieting, Confusion And Self-judgment by Marissa Vicario ebook deal

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Your Holistically Hot Transformation

by Marissa Vicario

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Are you tired of fad diets and all-juice cleanses? Confused about all the conflicting nutrition information available? Over feeling guilty for your nutrition slip-ups?
Finally learn to trust yourself to make slimming, nutritious and energizing choices without dieting, confusion and self-judgment!

Award-winning Health Coach and Women’s Lifestyle Expert, Marissa Vicario, wasn’t always as healthy and happy as she is today. There was a time when her diet had more macaroni and cheese and G&T’s than broccoli and green smoothies. It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom that she realized something had to change, and it was in that moment that she vowed to make her physical, mental and emotional well –being a top priority.

Your Holistically Hot Transformation follows Marissa’s wellness journey from unfulfilled corporate professional to purpose-driven women’s lifestyle aficionado committed to making healthy, fit and balanced (aka Hot), less intimidating, more approachable and totally attainable to women regardless of where they are on their own path to a healthy lifestyle.



Books For Kids: Mubu's Christmas by Stephen Nawotniak ebook deal

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Mubu’s Christmas

by Stephen Nawotniak

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The Mubu the Morph series are award winning childrens books on self esteem for ages 4-8. The series consists of books for kids on character development and books for special needs children.

Mubu and his friend Kookoo-ah-choo live out their values of friendship and sharing talents with others in this holiday tale. Kookoo uses her gift of song to lift the spirits of people around the town. Mubu earnestly advocates for Kookoo with Santa. This story speaks to the spirit of Christmas and how we can spread it to others.



Eyes Of Ember by Rebecca Ethington ebook deal

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Eyes Of Ember

by Rebecca Ethington

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Joclyn is in hiding, hunted by the man she still desperately loves. Ryland is gone, his mind erased; no memory of Joclyn remains, but Joclyn’s heart desperately begs her to hold out hope. Meanwhile the black-eyed monster that possesses him attempts to kill her over and over again.

If it wasn’t for Ilyan, Joclyn would be dead by now.

Ilyan, the man who once stalked her, is now Joclyn’s protector, the only person she has left. He protects Joclyn from the men who seek to end her life, and all the while, she is haunted by dreams where Ryland begs her to break the bond between them.

Ilyan is there. Always there.

Ilyan trains and prepares her, teaching her everything she needs to know in the hope that one day she can avenge Ryland, if not protect herself from him.

And then, there is her father.

The man who has never been there is suddenly responsible for everything. And who he is has made Joclyn into something she never wanted to be:

The Silnỳ.



Birth Of An Assassin, Books 1-3 by Rik Stone ebook deal

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Birth Of An Assassin, Books 1-3

by Rik Stone

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This series of gritty, action packed novels has been brought together to give you in excess of one thousand pages of nail biting suspense. With over 500 5-star reviews and ratings, readers have not been disappointed.

Birth of an Assassin:
Set against the backdrop of Soviet, post-war Russia, Birth of an Assassin follows the transformation of Jez Kornfeld from wide-eyed recruit to avenging outlaw. Amidst a murky underworld of flesh-trafficking, prostitution and institutionalized corruption, the elite Jewish soldier is thrown into a world where nothing is what it seems, nobody can be trusted, and everything can be violently torn from him.

The Turkish Connection:
Mehmet battles for daily survival in the murky Istanbul of 1951 while being forced to learn the craft of theft and violence alongside the other street children. Come evening he curls up under a stinking jetty in a waterway off the Bosporus Strait. Desperation fills him as he yearns to break free from the life inflicted on him by his drunken, womanizing father, little knowing his rotting body lies at the bottom of those same waters.

The Man in the Blue Fez:
From a former death camp in the snowy Russian mountains of 1973, Jez Kord is sent into the freezing wastelands to prove himself fit. Pavel Rostislav has orders to hinder his progress and follows closely behind. They unite, but returning to camp the sky is filled with helicopter gunships and the flaming liquid of napalm bombs swallows up the entire complex. They run, but a unit of Spetsnaz elitists are hot on their heels.

Anna Kord is on assignment in Turkey with two other agents. Adam Mannesh and his twisted band of misfits have designs on a drug empire that Anna and the unit have been tasked to take down. Adam comes to their assistance, but then betrays them. Their only chance of survival hangs on Jez and Pavel evading the Siberian pursuit.



Lighthouse Of Hope - A Day By Day Journey For Fear-free Living by Sue Falcone ebook deal

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Lighthouse Of Hope – A Day By Day Journey For Fear-free Living

by Sue Falcone

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A spirit of fear can take over life and dominate us in a way God never intended. It is a proven fact that fear is at the root of stress, and 75 to 90 percent of visits to primary-care physicians result from stress-related disorders. Is this God’s plan for us? Never!

In The Lighthouse of Hope discover:

•God did not give us a Spirit of Fear.
•Keep healthy fear from growing into permanent entrapment.
•Recognize your fears and conquer them— God’s Way!

Fear can dominate us in a way God never intended. But there is a beacon of hope for those trapped in fear. This book is a pathway to God’s plan for believers to live a life free of stress and fear.

We don’t think there has ever been a time in America when a Lighthouse of Hope is more needed. There can be no success in life without hope. The hope that comes by faith in the Lord Jesus and gives real peace and joy. This will enrich all who need life. Sue writes from her experience and also from her heart. It is an enjoyable and timely read for hopeful living in these days.



Fields Of The Fatherless by Elaine Marie Cooper ebook deal

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Fields Of The Fatherless

by Elaine Marie Cooper

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In the early months of 1775, war is brewing in the American colonies. Although frightened, eighteen-year-old Betsy Russell (an ancestor to actor Kurt Russell) of Menotomy Village, Massachusetts, wants to be prepared in case of attack by British troops. Her father, prosperous farmer Jason, is the fourth generation of Russells on this land yet their very rights as British Colonials are being stripped away one by one. Will the King of England take their land as well? Tensions are growing here in the countryside west of Boston and the outbreak of battle seems a certainty.

Jason desperately wants to protect his family his wife, children and grandchildren and their future. Betsy makes every attempt to be prepared for the worst. But not even the American militia could have predicted the bloody massacre that was about to occur right on the Russells’ doorstep. If Betsy loses everything she holds dear, are the rights of all the Colonists endangered?

Fields of the Fatherless is based on a true story.



A Hunter's Blood: The Crimson Contracts by Kyle Robertson ebook deal

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A Hunter’s Blood: The Crimson Contracts

by Kyle Robertson

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This is a futuristic tale of how law enforcement works in a darker society. It tells of how the bounty hunters are at the top of the food chain, and what methods they use to capture the more elite criminals.

The corporation Dyna-Techor experimented, and created the perfect humanoids. The seven creations turned on the scientists, and murdered them. The corporation wanted their prodigal experiments back. They contracted The Hunter’s Guild to retrieve them. The guild dealt with the more extreme criminals, and Drakx Slazakohn was sent to retrieve them.

Drakx was an experienced, hard boiled Hunter that only brought criminals back one way, dead. He acquired, and killed all six of the males, but was very surprised that his last contract was female. Her name was Sensus, and she was very different from the men. She was enhanced. Drakx felt her enhancements when she killed him seven times. That was when things got interesting.

Drakx worked at the guild for years, but how he works for a higher power to retrieve the male souls Sensus brought back. They were called the DNAccidents. His reward for capture was life again, but failure meant eternal pain from perpetual death.

Along with a woman thrust into his life, he has to capture the DNAccidents or die trying, and his death would be perpetual in the forever category. Drakx had to change while working for the higher power because his failure was more dire than the guild.



Desert Dreams by Zoe Matthews ebook deal

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Desert Dreams

by Zoe Matthews

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Lizzy grew up on a farm in Kansas as the oldest child of eight children. She spent her days caring for her siblings and working on the farm. One hot summer day, her parents gave her an ultimatum; marry a man her father chose for her or move out. Not wanting to marry a man who is almost as old as her father and knowing she was just another mouth to feed, she decides to apply for the position to be a waitress with the Fred Harvey Company, who owned many fine eating establishments along railroad lines, including the Santa Fe Railroads.

Three years later, Lizzy is still working as a Harvey Girl and enjoying her new life and her job at the El Tovar Hotel near the Grand Canyon. Then her life is about to drastically change once again when she meets widower Nicholas Montgomery and his two young sons. Will they both be able to put their pasts aside and admit their love for each other?



Crashing Into Love - Where Personal Tragedies, Faith, & Love Collide by Yvonne Lehman ebook deal

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Crashing Into Love

by Yvonne Lehman

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Three people are busy with Christmas preparations—until a car crash brings them together and changes their lives forever.

Jacob Delaney finds solace jogging around curves and along nature trails in the western North Carolina mountains until he’s stuck … with no place to run.

Jenny Jameson, unwilling to participate in a Christmas Wish Toy Drive, finds her resolve crumbling when she fears a hungry child will go without Christmas.

For Holly Swansen, surviving a near-fatal accident is the least of her concerns. Her life is blanketed by the darkness of scandal that takes from her any hope of a Merry Christmas.



The Last Billable Hour by Susan Wolfe ebook deal

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The Last Billable Hour

by Susan Wolfe

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Welcome to the Silicon Valley law firm of Tweedmore & Slyde, where multimillion-dollar deals are the order of the day, ambition runs high, and stabbing a colleague in the back could be taken all too literally.

T&S is a hot firm making a bid to be a major national player when Leo Slyde—the company’s chief rainmaker, its king of the “billable hour”—is found stabbed to death in his corner office. It falls to T&S’s brightest, most unjustifiably insecure young associate Howard Rickover to conduct a risky “inside job” for homicide detective Sarah Nelson. But can Howard flush out a wily murderer among lawyers who do not make it their practice to be caught unprepared—and still keep up with an associate’s impossible workload?



Twelve Days Of Fruitcake by Nancy Hill ebook deal

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Twelve Days Of Fruitcake

by Nancy Hill

Get this book for ONLY $2.99

A delightful Christmas story that begins when an old woman gives a special fruitcake to her friend. The friend, in turn, gives it to someone else. For twelve days the fruitcake exchanges hands, improving the life of everyone who receives it. Charming, heartwarming, and magical.



Sail by Lindsey R. Loucks ebook deal

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by Lindsey R. Loucks

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Nineteen-year-old Absidy Jones is a ghost magnet, a sensitive person spirits flock to when they can’t cross over. After her brutal past escaping the hordes of ghosts vying for her attention, she spends her reclusive existence melting down iron into bite-sized pieces. Whether alloy or wrought, ancient paper clips or nails, consuming iron is the only thing that keeps the ghosts away.

But when Absidy’s sister goes missing in deep space, a dangerous place brimming with rogue planets, ship-eating nebulas, and vicious aliens, Absidy vows to find her. She leaves her safe haven and boards the first ship she can that’s on a direct route to deep space—a ship that turns out to be haunted.

To keep the malicious ghosts from killing her, the alluring bad boy pilot gifts her a small bundle of all the iron on the ship. But their growing relationship is tested with the crew’s prying eyes and hidden secrets.

While the ship sails into deep space, it’s not just her sister’s life that Absidy fears for. It’s her own, as well. Especially since her stash of iron has shrunk to zero.



Under The Silk Hibiscus by Alice J. Wisler ebook deal

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Under The Silk Hibiscus

by Alice J. Wisler

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During World War Two, fifteen-year-old Nathan and his family are sent to Heart Mountain, an internment camp in Wyoming for Japanese-Americans. Nathan’s one desire, along with hoping that the beautiful singer Lucy will notice him, is to protect the family’s gold pocket watch, a family heirloom brought over from Japan. His attempts are noble, but the watch is stolen. Nathan’s actions to get the watch returned cause more turmoil for his family. Struggling to make sense of his life in “the land of freedom,” Nathan discovers truths about his family, God, forgiveness, and the girl he loves.



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