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by Pete Barber

Islamic terrorists attack a London Underground train, slaughtering two-hundred innocents in seconds with a nanoweapon small enough to hide in a hint of perfume.

A shockwave of fear grips the western world–the crazies have a weapon of mass destruction that can be deployed at will and against which there is no defense.

First responder, Detective Chief Inspector Quinnborne, defies orders and hunts for the weapon’s unhinged, genius creator. The authorities label Quinnborne a traitor, but when the nanotechnology spirals out of control, his grit and bloody-minded determination become humankind’s last, thin hope of survival in a world on the brink of destruction.

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Street Child: A Memoir

by Justin Reed Early

Street Child is the true story of a young boy who runs away from his increasingly dysfunctional and violent family. Placed into state custody at ten years old, his journey in foster care and survival takes many drastic turns until he finds safety with similar peers on the seedy streets of Seattle and San Francisco. While dodging serial killers (Green River Killer) and pedophiles, including a juvenile court judge who oversees his custody, these children develop credulous bonds while trying to protect each other amidst the increasingly dangerous elements.

Author Justin Reed Early takes you on a journey into a life where children become victims and victims become criminals.

The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Armada

by Damian Stevenson

Before James Bond there was Commander Ian Fleming or ‘17F’ as he was known during World War 2 when the young British author served as an intelligence officer in Great Britain’s Naval Intelligence Department.

In his startling debut novel, Ian Fleming scholar Damian Stevenson has crafted the ultimate origin story for one of popular culture’s most beloved icons. Everything that inspired the James Bond books is here: the suave and ruthless central character, his demanding boss, a bevy of beautiful femme fatales, formidable villains bent on world domination, their homicidal henchmen, exotic locations, crackling wit and all the cool cars, guns, gadgets and hardware one would expect.


by C.E. Weisman

Pearl Water’s childhood was shattered the night she stood at her bedroom window and watched her mother run away without a glance back. Only ten years old, Pearl was left to care for the family and take over her mother’s responsibilities.

Eight years later as the approach of midnight beckons, Pearl finds herself on the edge of eighteen and running, as her mother did, in search of freedom and the youth she’d been denied.

But freedom has a price.

She ends up on foreign turf; a farm in Oregon with her volatile boyfriend, Roy and his family, who seem to hold even more secrets than her own. As time goes by, Pearl is drawn into beautiful but also tumultuous relationships with these strangers in Oregon, all the while losing a bit of herself with each drop of booze Roy drinks.

As secrets unfold, Pearl wonders how much of her own past is truth and what has been a lie.

And would the answer come too late, as her world spirals down into a path of destruction?

Fire: The Collapse

by William Esmont

It begins with the end…

When prostitute Megan Pritchard clocks in for her shift, she has no way of knowing it will be her last. Struck down by what she believes is a fast-moving stomach virus, she has her first encounter with the new zombie plague. It won’t be her last.

Thirty-five thousand feet above central Kansas, airline pilot Mike Pringle has his own problems. When the zombie infection spreads through the cabin of his Boeing 757 and air traffic control stops responding, he is forced to confront the unthinkable – an airplane full of cannibalistic monsters and nowhere to land.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, submarine captain Betty Hollister receives an Emergency Action Message (EAM) unlike any other. With orders to fire upon the very country she has sworn to defend, she alone is the last line of defense against the zombie uprising.

In the twilight of a shattered civilization, the fate of humankind rests upon the actions of a handful of war-weary survivors. Driven to a scorched and decimated corner of the former United States, they alone hold the key to a global reawakening.

Or the final epitaph for a dead planet…

Wings Of Shadow

by Anna Kyss

Meghan’s graduation gift is one that any eighteen-year-old would dream of: traveling abroad to England. Her journey turns into more adventure than expected when Meghan meets the mysterious Kiernan and accepts his invitation to a secret club, hidden beneath the streets of London.

The eclectic dress of the club-goers is not the only unusual thing she discovers in the Underground. Kiernan’s father has developed a warped set of rituals, and he targets Meghan as his next victim. Instead of the fun date she imagined, Meghan finds herself imprisoned and in a fight for her very survival.

Cave Planet: The Portal – Book Two

by Luke Meier

Leo and his Bernese mountain dog, Bucky, are back. Together they must save their friends with the help of Leo’s Dad and help to bring peace to the universe.

Leo’s friends are still trapped on a faraway Planet waiting for Leo and Bucky to return while back on earth Leo must trick his mother and best friend into believing that nothing has changed, and convince his father that all of this crazy alien stuff is real!

Will Leo be able to bring back help to the Cave Planet? Will his Dad believe him? Can Leo and Bucky save their new found friends from the droids that rule the Cave Planet?

Under The Sassafras

by Hattie Mae

Nestled between the Atchafalaya Basin and Sugar Island lies Bon Amie, a friendly, quiet town, where nothing exciting ever happens. Until Joelette Benoit’s two sons find a man washed up in the murky water at the edge of the swamp.

Joelette Benoit, a widowed single mother, has sworn to never believe the promises of another sweet talking man. Fiercely independent and determined, she’s hidden away her heart, while struggling to provide for her two sons and lively mother-in-law. She swears the stranger will stay one night, and one night only, until she discovers he has no memory. Now duty-bound to aid him, Joelette decides to offer him a place to heal in exchange for his labor.

Against the colorful backdrop of life on the bayou, she watches as he immerses himself not only in her family but also in her town. She can do little to prevent her sons from bonding with the only man they’ve come to trust since the death of their father. Though she, too, is drawn to his kindness and vulnerability, she will not risk the heart of her family because without a past, this man cannot promise a future. But when his memory returns and he realizes he has blood on his hands, he knows he has unfinished business to attend to before he can claim the family he has grown to love.


by Misty Provencher

Yeah, everybody knows Nalena Maxwell. She was tagged ‘The Waste’ at Simon Valley High after a friend spilled that Nalena’s mom is a hoarder. Their apartment is filled with stacks and stacks of paper, every sheet listed with names of people and a ‘memory’ attached to each one.Nalena desperately needs a change in her life. But, when Garrett Reese, a popular upperclassman, seeks Nalena out in the library one night, the change that begins to bloom comes in the form of a secret. Everything in Nalena’s life…from her mother’s writings, to Garrett’s presence, to the tragic history of Nalena’s family…all of it triggers an ancient sign that will not only change Nalena’s life, but could also change the entire destiny of mankind.

The Inner Circle

by Kevin George

1908… Siberia… A tiny comet rips through Earth’s atmosphere and explodes above the Tunguska region of Siberia, instantly engulfing thousands of square acres of the mostly desolate region. The explosion is heard for hundreds of miles, the light of the comet seen halfway across the globe. Had the comet hit a few hours earlier in a more populated area, millions would have been killed…

A century later, another comet – this one hundreds of times bigger and more powerful – encounters a black hole in deep space and is pushed onto a new, deadly course leading straight to Earth…

A small group of humans – including the President of the United States, a former astronaut and a middle school science teacher – discovers the existence of this potentially deadly comet and keep its existence hidden from the rest of the world. Although the group – which calls itself the Inner Circle – has twelve years to deal with the problem, they will need every second of that time. Not only must they figure out a way to avert this crisis, they must also start to make plans in case they can’t avoid a catastrophe that could annihilate humankind…

Cheating To Survive

by Christine Ardigo

Can Cheating on Your Husband Bring Unimaginable Pleasure or Completely Destroy Your World?

To her three daughters, Heather is a fun-loving, silly mom. Her co-workers at Norlyn Plains Hospital think she has it all, including a handsome lawyer husband.

But when a flirtatious new doctor chooses Heather to spend his down time with, he reminds her of the man she regrettably gave up so many years before. Each interaction breathes new life into her and she gives in to the doctor’s seductions, threatening her fifteen year marriage.

Her co-workers Victoria and Catherine, are stunned by her actions, but when they see the positive transformation in Heather, and question their own crumbling marriages, they wonder if she has the right idea.

Can cheating on their husbands bring the three of them happiness? Or will they be destroyed by the consequences?


by A.K. Hartline

Heath Hatcher, a talented singer/songwriter from Fairview, Kentucky, dreams of becoming a rock star, and drops out of college in his sophomore year to do just that. But it’s a rough road to stardom, and along the way, he becomes an unsuspecting pawn in the world of vampires, a hierarchical organization headed by the ancient Gunsten Torre. Heath is ultimately forced into circumstances and decisions that have profound consequences on the direction of his life, and all those around him.

My Dad Is A Superhero

by Lily Lexington

Is Your Dad a Superhero?

Does your dad have x-ray vision or can he fly faster than a speeding bullet?

5 year old Sam is not like other boys, at least not with respect to his father, who is a superhero. “My Dad is a Superhero” is a fun tale that explores Sam’s bond with his dad and his incredible super powers.

Told from the point of view of Sam, it is a fun story that ends on a warm fuzzy note that is just perfect for bedtime. Children will take delight in the amazing and varied super powers of Sam’s dad and parents will take delight in some of the humor placed throughout the tale.

This book is a bedtime story for ages 2-6.

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