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Mentor Me: Ga=t+e- A Formula To Fulfill Your Greatest Achievement by Ken Poirot ebook deal

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Mentor Me: Ga=t+e- A Formula To Fulfill Your Greatest Achievement

by Ken Poirot

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Happiness. Success. Motivation. Influence. Inspiration.

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Groundbreaking Practical Self-Help, Mentoring, Coaching, Personal Success, Business Guide

We all want to have success and happiness in every area of our lives, as well as be a positive influence and inspiration to other people. But too often, we get lost in our resolutions to do just that, having no idea where to start or how to get there.

This book is the perfect guide! Fun, Concise, Succinct, Proven, and Filled with Wisdom!

Successful mentor and coach Ken Poirot provides answers and walks you through in this groundbreaking book, Mentor Me: GA=T+E—A Formula to Fulfill Your Greatest Achievement!

Finally a Real-World Practical Self-Help, Mentoring, Coaching, Personal Success, Business Book!

In Mentor Me, you will discover:

– How to formulate a plan to achieve your dreams

– Your personality style and how it relates to the personality styles of other people

– How to most effectively learn new information, motivate yourself, and others

– The two most powerful words in the English language and how to put them to work for you

– The best-and most effective-way to handle any conflict in life

– And so much more…

Mentor Me delivers what other books only promise: real-world strategies, techniques, and information that produces effective, tested, and proven results!

Easy-to-implement directives and personal life illustrations combine to provide readers with the pathway to success they have only previously dreamed about.


Failed Moments by A. Allen ebook deal

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Failed Moments

by A. Allen

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1790, French Caribbean: biracial plantation owner Patrice Beaumont is known as a “kinder” slave master, but his trusted friend reminds him that is no cause for pride. He claims to be committed to ending slavery, but his actions don’t back-up his words. Is being the “best of the worst” all he’s capable of?

1863, New York City: Giant Irish street fighter Patrick Allen is days away from battling it out with a similarly oversized black fighter, when the Draft Riots ignite dangerous racial conflicts around the city. Never one to take sides outside the ring or join a fight he can’t win, he steers clear of the angry mobs. So when he stumbles on a lynching in progress, who can expect him to do anything more than look away?

Modern day, New York City: Patrick Walsh, a day trader by occupation and a daydreamer by disposition, sits alone on his terrace trading his portfolio while gazing out at the city skyline. Alone feels right…always has, and he’s fairly certain, always will.

Besides having a similar name and a proclivity to make cowardly mistakes, what mystery ties these men together?


Analogue by Jack Rohrer ebook deal

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by Jack Rohrer

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Psychedelic drugs being used to treat anxiety and depression? Yes, at a select Nevada hospice where legally-sanctioned LSD is employed as a compassionate treatment for terminally-ill patients. But when a variant (or analogue) of standard LSD is introduced at the facility, unexpected consequences emerge.

Plot threads interweave between the hospice and the university that furnishes the drug and between two patients with inoperable brain tumors: Garrett Wayley, a chemistry grad student, and Nick Farris, a San Diego police detective. When their brain tumors mysteriously improve after LSD psychotherapy, they find their lives may suddenly and inexplicably be handed back to them. But at what cost? A disturbing side effect may be along for the ride and how each man handles it makes all the difference.


The Beautiful-ugly by James Snyder ebook deal

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The Beautiful-ugly

by James Snyder

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She’s sixteen. She’s alone. And the world thinks she’s crazy. What could possibly happen next? Well, she’s going to show them…

When sixteen-year-old Connelly Pierce wakes up inside an unknown psychiatric hospital with both her wrists slashed, she begins the arduous task of piecing together the events of her life that led her there. Her own cognitive behavioral therapy (as she had learned so well from them). Beginning with the sudden death of her mother and father when she was six, and the only world she knew disappeared, literally, overnight. That’s when, with no known or, at least, close relatives, she and her nine-year-old brother Eric find themselves cast into the nightmare quagmire of government child protection agencies, and Connelly begins her incredible fourteen-year journey—her dark odyssey—into her own brave new world. A world, she realizes, she must not only quickly adapt, but fight back as well, if she hopes to survive.


Down The Dark Path by J Neill ebook deal

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Down The Dark Path

by J Neill

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Andelusia dreams of darker things.

Of war. Of suffering. Of the moon falling from the sky.

Given the chance to flee her home, she falls in with a mysterious stranger and becomes a pawn in the last conflict the world might ever know.

When the shadow falls and the Furyon army invades, she loses herself.

And begins her journey Down the Dark Path.


The Crucible Of Adversity: Memoir Of A Brain Cancer Survivor by Aaron Warnock ebook deal

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The Crucible Of Adversity: Memoir Of A Brain Cancer Survivor

by Aaron Warnock

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“It is easy to say or think you wouldn’t let yourself get down if you were in my position, that crying about it wouldn’t help, and that the only way to make it through this or have a chance of making it would be tackling this thing head on. To that I say, when have you ever had to stare death in the face with the odds stacked against you? Was the outcome highly unlikely that you’d survive…? There might be some of you out there, but we are few. Those who have, we stand apart from the rest of humanity… But we still stand. We are still here because we fought. We had the courage to not back down, and were just crazy enough to say “bring it on”. That is the reason we stand, and the very reason we aren’t lying cold and dead, in a box buried six feet deep.”

This is the story of one man’s struggle to grab life by the horns when it would have been easier to just give up. Follow Aaron on his journey as he battles through brain cancer, love, loss, and derailment, to when he finally discovers what it means to truly LIVE!


Partly Cloudy With Scattered Worries - Finding Peace From Stress In All Kinds Of Weather by Kathy Collard Miller ebook deal

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Partly Cloudy With Scattered Worries – Finding Peace From Stress In All Kinds Of Weather

by Kathy Collard Miller

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Regardless of the storms of trials, temptations, worry, uncertainty, or regrets that you’re facing, you can trust God. Let this book increase your faith and trust in God, and you’ll experience the peace you desire. Its conversational style, personal testimonies, practical illustrations, and solid biblical teaching provide the tools you need to break the hold and overcome the devastating effects of worry.


Under The Silk Hibiscus by Alice J. Wisler ebook deal

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Under The Silk Hibiscus

by Alice J. Wisler

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During World War Two, fifteen-year-old Nathan and his family are sent to Heart Mountain, an internment camp in Wyoming for Japanese-Americans. Nathan’s one desire, along with hoping that the beautiful singer Lucy will notice him, is to protect the family’s gold pocket watch, a family heirloom brought over from Japan. His attempts are noble, but the watch is stolen. Nathan’s actions to get the watch returned cause more turmoil for his family. Struggling to make sense of his life in “the land of freedom,” Nathan discovers truths about his family, God, forgiveness, and the girl he loves.


Misadventures Of A 1970s Childhood: A Humorous Memoir by Tom Purcell ebook deal

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Misadventures Of A 1970s Childhood

by Tom Purcell

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““Misadventures of a 1970s Childhood” offers a romp back in time to the fond childhood memories that millions of baby boomers experienced more than 40 years ago.

It includes stories about bike jumps that nearly killed us, vengeance on the sledding slopes, 6th grade puppy love, the old wooden stereo console, the first David Cassidy shag haircut, the dog that ran away, the photo box in mom and dad’s hall closet, a baby sister left behind at the drive-in theater, a regrettable incident in which a toilet was clogged with an apple core, and other tales that could only happen in the 70s.


The Keys Of The Watchmen by Kathleen Perrin ebook deal

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The Keys Of The Watchmen

by Kathleen Perrin

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Katelyn Michaels plans on hating every moment of her visit to Mont Saint Michel with her father’s new French wife. Once there, she is confused when she experiences sensations of déjà vu as she and her younger brother explore the medieval village and abbey. She is even more disturbed when she is confronted by two unusual young men, one who insists she has a sacred mission, and the other who will stop at nothing, even murder, to prevent her from fulfilling her destiny.

When the oddly-dressed but alluring Nicolas slips Katelyn a strange medallion, she is whisked back through time where her Watchmen hosts tell her she is the only hope to save Mont Saint Michel. Even worse, she learns that those trying to destroy the mount are led by a fallen angel intent on learning the mount’s closely-guarded secret.

Katelyn is torn by feelings of anger at being taken back in time, inadequacy at finding a modern solution for a medieval problem, and responsibility for the mount’s starving inhabitants. She is also perturbed by her surprising attraction to the ill-tempered Nicolas. Will she stay to learn why she was chosen by the Archangel Michael and find a way to save his mount?


The Boys Upstairs by Jane Lebak ebook deal

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The Boys Upstairs

by Jane Lebak

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Three homeless children. Two estranged brothers. One last chance.

Kevin Farrell is a jaded police officer trying to save three homeless children. But it’s three nights before Christmas, and the only one he can ask for help is his brother Jay, a disabled priest.

The catch? He and his brother have been estranged because after all the evil he’s seen, Kevin cannot believe in God. Only now, to save these homeless kids, with temperatures below zero and falling, Kevin knows it’s going to take both him and his brother working together, but first they’ll have to mend the breach between them.


A Sinister Slice Of Murder: A Jessie Delacroix Murder Mystery by Constance Barker ebook deal

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A Sinister Slice Of Murder: A Jessie Delacroix Murder Mystery

by Constance Barker

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A Haunted Inn … a Ghostly Séance …
and a Tea Room full of scrumptious delicacies!

Jessie Delacroix leaves the hustle and hassle of a new career as an assistant investigator for a law firm in Savannah to return to her roots in the small tourist town of Whispering Pines. The 25-year-old dynamo is not prepared for the ghosts who await her there in the haunted Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room that she inherited and now must operate.

Not only does she find the spirits of those she loved long ago, but a sinister murder occurs just one day after her arrival. Is this a sign of malicious spirits…or foul play of another sort? The police are stumped, so it’s up to Jessie, and her little beagle, Arthur, to uncover the surprising answer – with a little help from her supernatural Granny and a mystical pawnbroker.

Join Jessie, Arthur, Carlo the short-tempered but lovable chef, Sheriff Muldoon, and a host of other characters as they explore the dark secrets of the Haunted Inn and the ghostly town of Whispering Pines


The Goblin Wars Part One: Siege Of Talonrend by Stuart Thaman ebook deal

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The Goblin Wars Part One: Siege Of Talonrend

by Stuart Thaman

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Lady Scrapple lurks in the depths of Kanebullar Mountain, building her army of mindless slaves and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. As the final pieces are about to fall into place and secure her victory, an anomaly is born. One of her goblins, an incredibly powerful shaman, stands free of Lady Scrapple’s iron-clad hive mind.

A few miles west of Kanebullar Mountain, the frontier city of Talonrend perches dangerously on the edge of anarchy. King Lucius Firesbane has disappeared without an heir and left the city leaderless.

In the face of chaos, a disgruntled paladin sets out to find his king.


A Stolen Rose by Amy Corwin ebook deal

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A Stolen Rose

by Amy Corwin

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A forty-year-old mystery may bring two lonely people together or tear them apart, forever.

When the Earl of Wraysbury rescues a young woman from a carriage accident, he can’t resist her laughing eyes and wry sense of humor, even though their families have been locked in a feud for generations.

Anemone may be achingly lonely but she’s loyal to her family. When she wakes up after an accident in the strong arms of a handsome stranger, she’s immediately drawn to him, and appalled when she discovers he’s her family’s sworn enemy, the Earl of Wraysbury.

Neither Anemone nor the earl is prepared for the flaring attraction they feel, or for the escalation of the war between their families when a 40-year-old mystery triggers accusations of murder. Loyalty and the threat of a dangerous duel are destined to tear the lonely lovers apart unless they are willing to defy their families and take a chance on love.


Firebird by Jennifer Loring ebook deal

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by Jennifer Loring

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Stephanie Hartwell is a journalist chasing the story of her career…

When superstar hockey player and notorious bad boy Aleksandr Volynsky is traded to the Seattle Earthquakes in a blockbuster deal, Stephanie demands the opportunity to prove herself by scoring an exclusive interview with a man with no love for the media…the same man she once thought, as a naïve teenager, she’d someday marry.

An Olympian and Stanley Cup Champion, Aleksandr has achieved every goal he’s ever set…

Now expected to carry a failing team on his shoulders, Aleksandr’s troubles deepen when he encounters Stephanie after a season-opening loss. His lifestyle of drinking and random hookups has been a futile attempt to forget the beautiful tomboy who stole his heart nine years ago. And worse, fame and fortune have made it impossible for him to trust anyone—especially Stephanie, who is engaged to another man.

Romance rekindles, but tragedy reveals Aleksandr’s dark side…

Being with Aleksandr in the first place jeopardizes Stephanie’s journalistic integrity and threatens her career, and when he spirals out of control, it reawakens fears from her own history, making her unable to commit to a future with him.

When Aleksandr discovers the truth behind his self-destructive behavior, will his newfound self-awareness be enough to convince Stephanie to give him one last chance…

Or will his revelation drive her away for good?


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