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(FREE on 8/11) This Most Amazing by Jenny Benjamin -
This Most Amazing

by Jenny Benjamin

This Most Amazing – multigenerational love stories that span two continents and two centuries. Join the quest for answers: can passionate lives from the past resurface in ones in present day?

In 1797, in the mountains of Italy, Vincenzo Lupo deserts Napoleon Bonaparte’s army after he kills an Austrian boy during battle. Plagued with night terrors and guilt, he crosses the Apennine Mountains to reach his village, Villetta Barrea.

In 2012, Italian-American Dahlia Conti teaches poetry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States. While leading a workshop on “found poetry,” she meets artist Jonas Nickle, and a passionate romance begins even though Dahlia is reluctant to be consumed by a relationship because she is about to embark on a new teaching job in Rome.

When Dahlia reaches Italy, she continues a long-distance relationship with Jonas, and while taking in the sights, smells, and tastes of Italy, something shifts in Dahlia’s body and mind. Not only has she traveled to a new country, when she sleeps, she travels to a different time where she re-lives scenes from Vincenzo’s life.

Drawing together two time periods along the same Italian landscape, these stories collide during Dahlia’s dreams. Experiencing what she believes are auditory and visual memories where she embodies Vincenzo, or his lover, Ottavia, Dahlia searches for answers to the mysteries of Vincenzo’s life: what happened after his fellow villagers put him in jail for desertion? Here he fell in love with the doctor’s daughter, Ottavia, who supplied Vincenzo with meals. Were they able to fulfill their romance outside the jail cell?

Dahlia pulls her own lover along in this search, answering the past with new life. In This Most Amazing, a historical romance reaches a modern female artist, and in this curious mix, creation means redemption.

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(FREE on 8/11) Nightblade: Episode One by Garrett Robinson -
Nightblade: Episode One

by Garrett Robinson

A Dream of Greatness. A Life of Turmoil.

Meet Loren, a forester’s daughter from a small village in Selvan. Born to mean, spiteful parents, she’s always hoped to escape and make a name for herself. When she meets Xain, a fugitive wizard, she thinks her dream may finally come true. But the nine kingdoms are more complicated and dangerous than she could have imagined…

Now, friends and foes will put Loren’s wit and bravery to the test as she becomes the woman she always hoped she would be: Nightblade, the most feared thief in all the land.

(FREE on 8/11) Summer Of Change: Contemporary Small Town Romance by Elena Aitken -
Summer Of Change: Contemporary Small Town Romance

by Elena Aitken

With the Springs resort set to open in mere weeks, Trent Harrison needs to stay focused and see to every detail. The last thing he needs is a complication, even one that comes in the form of hot bar owner, Samantha Burke.

Samantha loves her quiet close-knit community of Cedar Springs, just the way it is. The addition of a fancy new resort as well as its arrogant owner, and the change they’re both sure to bring, is certainly not welcome.

With Trent pushing his way into her town, and her life, Samantha’s resistance to him wavers in the face of the passion and heat they share. Change is inevitable, but can either of them drop their guard long enough to accept it when there’s so much on the line?

(FREE on 8/11) Colors Of Awakening: Into The Mists by O.N Gandelman -
Colors Of Awakening: Into The Mists

by O.N Gandelman

“Have you ever felt like you knew what was going to happen?” Have you ever felt like you were seeing something that was not supposed to be there? …Have you ever felt different? Terribly different?”

“My beautiful girls, you are witches.”

In those few words, Kate Collins’ world- along with that of her two best friends- Sophie Lolens and Alexa Peters, collapses.

With their lives on the balance, the girls are transported to a magical world that coexists with our own ”” The Mists. There they learn the truth that was hidden from them all of their lives, and about the destiny that patiently awaited their arrival.

Like a snow ball that begins its roll innocently enough, the girls are rapidly carried from a colorful fairytale into the twisted corridors of a dark story, filled with cobwebs, intrigue, secrets and lies, all converging together under the growing shadow of an awakening war in that magical world.

The snow ball won’t stop until the girls reach the point of no return, where love and family will be on the balance and death on the other hand of the scale.

(FREE on 8/11) The War Never Ended: Memories Of Holocaust Survivors by Simon Hammelburg -
The War Never Ended: Memories Of Holocaust Survivors

by Simon Hammelburg

Moving novel based on 1200 interviews with Holocaust Survivors

The War never Ended – Memories of Holocaust Survivors is a fascinating, soberly written book that reads like a novel but consists of facts, some of which have never been widely published. When living in Los Angeles, the author received phone calls from 1200 people in reaction to a campaign raised to help American Jews and other individuals file claims for property they had lost during the Nazi regime in what would later be Eastern Germany. Many of these phone calls were unrelated to the issue of filing the claims. On many occasions someone simply needed to talk to a complete stranger who lent a listening ear and understood. The conversations were usually long monologues about experiences in concentration camps like Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, even Sobibor. The victims talked about their escapes from the hands of the Nazi’s, and about their harsh return after the liberation.

When the process of filing claims was finished, the author found himself in the possession of a wealth of information, not only about the experiences of Holocaust survivors but also about the post-war generation. The personal, moving and candid witness statements and memories were all transcribed and verified, and provided shocking insights into the psychological aftermath of the first and second generation Holocaust victims.

(FREE on 8/11) The Photographer's Apprentice: A Jake Adams Adventure by Dan Eitreim -
The Photographer’s Apprentice: A Jake Adams Adventure

by Dan Eitreim

Recently orphaned Jake Adams is happy, content and enjoying his work as a “Photographer’s Apprentice” when he meets and is instantly enchanted by the girl of his dreams.

Dreaming of a life full of happiness and love, everything is dramatically (and forever) altered when he witnesses a brutal assault and murder. Before he can do anything to help, he is shot and left for dead.

Bleeding profusely and barely clinging to life, he struggles to make it back to town where he discovers that, in addition to being shot, he has been framed for the horrendous crime.

With a price on his head and the law on his tail, Jake has no choice but to run – totally unaware that he is also being hunted by another, even more sinister pursuer whose only intent is on killing him.

(FREE on 8/11) Dog Backwards by Guy A Johnson -
Dog Backwards

by Guy A Johnson

The story of six lives that come together through an unimaginable opportunity: to meet with the dead for just one hour.

Michael works in an office and is mourning the loss of his five-year-old daughter, Milly.

Barbara has her own cleaning company and the death of her stepfather, Eric, hangs heavy on her conscience.

Connor is ten and, despite having the love of his aunt and uncle, still misses his mother, who has been dead for over a year.

Liam lives in his big family home all by himself, where he hides from his past and yearns for the return of his mother, father and sister, all of whom are gone for good.

Shelley, friend and lover to Liam, also has her losses, but keeps these a secret from him.

Their reactions are very different. Michael’s is very positive: he simply cannot believe his luck. The others, however, do not react in the same way: Shelley is disgusted, Barbara cannot face making a decision and ten-year-old Connor simply doesn’t understand.

There are further complications. Michael has to consider his estranged wife, Susan: she has not been chosen for the program. Barbara discovers the experience is likely to leave her penniless. Connor has not only lost his mother, but also his father. So he is faced with a dilemma that no ten-year-old boy should ever have to face: which one to choose?

(FREE on 8/11) Ghostly Treasure by Suzanne Stengl -
Ghostly Treasure

by Suzanne Stengl

Her first adventure might be her last.

When Christie McFee reads about the gold hidden at the bottom of Lost Lake, she decides to put some adventure in her life by diving for treasure. But when she meets Gaven St. Michel, the Divemaster on La Bonne Aventure, she starts to think that treasure can be whatever you want it to be.

If only Christie could figure out how to deal with the two ghosts who are haunting her—one of them wants her help, and the other wants her dead.

(FREE on 8/11) Unexpected Gifts by Elena Aitken -
Unexpected Gifts

by Elena Aitken

When you’re looking for a little escape to the rugged mountain landscape that’s as beautiful as it is wild, unwind at Castle Mountain Lodge.

Christmas represents everything Andi Williams is supposed to have, and doesn’t. Running away to a remote mountain lodge in the Canadian Rockies, sounds like the perfect way to escape, until a mix-up finds her sharing a villa with hot, rough around the edges, Colin Hartford.

Colin’s determination to enjoy the holiday he’s missed for the last five years, sweeps Andi into a season of joy that she’s not sure she’s ready for. Can Andi open herself up to everything the holidays have to offer…including love?

(FREE on 8/11) Mercy's Fall by Kristina Ludwig -
Mercy’s Fall

by Kristina Ludwig

Sixteen year-old Mercy is the flirtiest Amish girl in Pennsylvania, attracting Englischers and Amish boys alike. Guys from all around flock to Stoltzfus Bakery, where Mercy works, to sample her delicious apple fritters and snickerdoodle cookies. Mercy never has a shortage of dates, and she likes it that way. After all, there are too many boys out there to settle for just one.

Then Chase, a mysterious, handsome college student, walks into the bakery, catching Mercy’s eye and capturing her heart. He’s every bit as charming and flirtatious as she is, and she thinks she may have finally met her match.

But then there’s Samuel, the smart, sensitive Amish boy Mercy has known for years. Mercy thinks he just might be the guy for her…if only she could get him to forget about her twin sister, Rebekah, whom he has a massive crush on!

Suddenly, the girl who never planned to settle down finds herself in love with two guys at once. It’s an autumn for Mercy to fall, and fall hard. But who is the right guy for her, Chase or Samuel? And how can she keep the guys secret from each other in her small community?

(FREE on 8/11) Max And The Gatekeeper by James Todd Cochrane -
Max And The Gatekeeper

by James Todd Cochrane

A war has been waging for centuries; a magical and technological battle between good and evil. This conflict will affect life everywhere, but not everyone is aware it exists. When twelve-year old Max Rigdon is sent to stay with his grandfather for the summer, he unwillingly enters the fight.

The day Max steps off the bus he is marked with an evil curse and immediately becomes the target of evil men and creatures with designs on ruling the universe. Not only does this curse cause Max physical pain but it allows his enemies to track and find him. He soon learns that the reason for this unwanted attention is because his grandfather is the keeper of a gateway; a powerful machine that makes travel to hundreds of strange unknown worlds possible. The enemy will do anything to gain possession of this power in their quest to control all worlds.

With the help of his friend Cindy and others, Max must quickly learn the necessary skills to survive if he is to avoid the deadly trap that has been planned for him and his grandfather. A trap that has been decades in the making with Max as the missing piece. If successful it will change life as we know it.

(FREE on 8/11) The Shark In The Park by Mark Watson -
The Shark In The Park

by Mark Watson

The air is misty, bright and cool, the morning Michael walks to school.

At the boundary of the park he waits, nervously he hesitates.

The day warms up, the sun shines down and Mike walks on, into town.

Gnarly branches, crook and tight, curl around the ghostly light.

Suddenly he freezes, weak at the knees, what is that swimming beneath the trees?

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