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(FREE on 10/11) Doctor How And The Illegal Aliens: Doctor How, Book One - Who Is Doctor How? by Mark Speed -
Doctor How And The Illegal Aliens

by Mark Speed

What if the BBC had the wrong story? What if Doctor Who had family? For fifty years, it is Doctor How who has held the line against the forces of darkness and stupidity.

Illegal aliens try to hack How’s Spectrel (TARDIS is a very rude word where he comes from), just as he suspects his estranged cousin Where has been compromised.

When reports come in of mysterious attacks by alien creatures, Doctor How has to rely on his new assistant Kevin, a petty criminal from south London, and Trinity, a morphing super-predator, as he counters this threat to humanity’s existence.

His efforts are hampered by bungling agents from MI16, desperate to capture the Time Keepers’ technology.

Can Doctor How keep ahead of MI16, save Where and combat the alien threat?

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(FREE on 10/11) Just Deserts by Jinx Schwartz -
Just Deserts

by Jinx Schwartz

Hetta Coffey is a woman with a yacht, and she’s not afraid to use it!

As a self-employed engineering consultant with a penchant of oddball (read: shady) projects, she has a way of attracting trouble.

With her floating home drydocked for repairs in Mexico, Hetta needs a place to live and a job to pay for boat repairs. Landing a project at a mining operation not far from her boat, Hetta finds herself on the tumultuous Arizona/Mexico border, where all hell is breaking loose even before she gets there.

(FREE on 10/11) Dust To Dust: A Sci-fi Thriller Short Story By The Author Of False Witness by Scott Cook -
Dust To Dust: A Sci-fi Thriller

by Scott Cook

In the wake of the arrival of the benevolent Arcadians, life on Earth has become idyllic. Except for Del Christensen, that is. His farm is obsolete now that the aliens can make food out of human waste, and his religion is an anachronism in a time when humans roam the stars. Del decides it’s time to wake up his fellow Terrans with an explosive statement about their new world and their new Arcadian idols, even if it means he has to die to do it.

(FREE on 10/11) The Third Coin by J. A. Howard -
The Third Coin

by J. A. Howard

Brilliant, twelve-year old Bea Brightman has popularity down to a science. After attending seven schools in as many years, she’s a master at making friends. That is until her father, a world-renowned archaeologist, moves them to New York City to pursue an ever-elusive coin. There she meets the mysterious and decidedly unpopular Nisha Lakewood who may hold the key to finding it.

Nisha Lakewood doesn’t fit anywhere. At school it’s rumored that she’s a witch able to make children fly. Yet at home, her fortunetelling Aunt finds her disappointingly normal. However, as Nisha approaches her thirteenth birthday, things begin to change. The magic she never believed she had is suddenly showing up when she least expects it and the nosy new girl, Bea Brightman, is on to her secret.

When Bea and Indy, a boy from the neighborhood, decide to pay Nisha’s Aunt a visit, it sets the three off on an unforeseen adventure that includes a prophecy, an unbreakable oath and one incredible coin.

(FREE on 10/11) Budget Body Movers: Paranormal Vampire Romance by Hillary Stone -
Budget Body Movers

by Hillary Stone

Lucky Day is the main character in this paranormal romantic thriller. She is gut wrenching, throw up afraid of dead people. That’s a serious problem when Budget Body Movers is the family business. Things get worse when Lucky’s mother and uncle die suddenly in a car crash. Lucky is determined to conquer her horror of the dearly departed and save the business. Her long-time friend “Vickie Jorden” quits her job to help Lucky.

A mysterious new client pulls Lucky and Vicky into a dangerous web of murder, kidnapping and vampires. As the body count rises, Lucky meets Douglas Mossbury, a handsome stranger, whose past and future are tied to her own. Is Douglas the great guy he seems to be, or part of the terror that has seized her home town? Can Lucky face her fear and learn her family’s closely held secrets before it’s too late to save the ones she loves?

(FREE on 10/11) A Quick Guide To Teaching Kids & Teenagers How To Play Golf by J. J. Adams -
A Quick Guide To Teaching Kids & Teenagers How To Play Golf

by J. J. Adams

This Guide is your beginning to helping your child or teenager learn the basic rules and etiquette of Golf. In this book you will learn different steps to helping your child achieve the best possible knowledge for their adventure into the wonderful world of Golf.

As an example, Golf can benefit young people in so many different ways, such as learning honesty, courtesy, and respect. and of course the physical aspect of the game. Golf is a fun exercise (low impact cardio, core strengthening, balance and mental focus) and educational all rolled into one. Of course it is also a sport that the whole family can enjoy and learn to play together. Who doesn’t want to spend a nice morning or afternoon on a beautiful course enjoying the outdoors with family and friends?

This sport is something that can easily be started around 5 or 6 years old and continued to be played into your 70’s or beyond.

(FREE on 10/11) Mountain Angel by Suzie O'Connell -
Mountain Angel

by Suzie O’Connell

Aelissm Davis figured she would eventually return home to Northstar, Montana, but not like this—desperate for the tranquility of the secluded valley and plagued by memories of her dead boyfriend and the advances of an obsessive former friend. Just when she begins to relax, a call from her old friend makes it clear he wasn’t deterred, and she calls her overprotective uncle for advice. Things become even more tangled when he sends Patrick O’Neil “on vacation” to keep an eye on her. Aelissm is pretty sure her uncle is playing matchmaker again, but despite her annoyance, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Pat. He is a haunted man with a kind smile and sad eyes, and he may just be the best thing to ever happen to her… if she can convince him to stay.

(FREE on 10/11) The Girls From Alcyone by Cary Caffrey -
The Girls From Alcyone

by Cary Caffrey

Sigrid stood in the center of what had once been the Academy grounds on Alcyone. Now, all that remained were the burned and collapsed remnants of the school and dormitories. Smoke still wisped up from the blackened piles of lumber and debris. The stench was raw and acrid, threatening to overwhelm her sensors.

“There’s no way Independents did this,” Christian said. “It looks like a whole battalion landed here.”

Frantic, Sigrid scanned the area again, searching desperately for signs of the girls, but nothing turned up in her sensory modes. She tried calling out with her comlink. If they were in range, they’d pick up the signal. But there was still nothing. Not even the orbital satellites showed any sign of the girls, or survivors for that matter. Whoever had done this had been brutal and thorough.

Sigrid knew she would kill them.

(FREE on 10/11) Curve My Song by Sarah Gai -
Curve My Song

by Sarah Gai

Three curvy best friends: Bree, Elise and Skyla.

Follow Bree and her life as she fumbles her way through letting down walls and letting love in. This novella has a lot of laughs and a little drama and introduces the readers to the rest of the characters leading into the second book, which builds up suspense for the third and final installment. These novellas will appeal to plus size or curvy women everywhere, especially those who enjoy books in the BBW (big, beautiful women), chicklit and women’s fiction genres. It’s just one of those reads that busy women of today can enjoy while they relate to the curvy ladies who aren’t super models but representative of your average everyday beauty.

(FREE on 10/11) Any Road Will Take You There: A Journey Of Fathers And Sons by David Berner -
Any Road Will Take You There: A Journey Of Fathers And Sons

by David Berner

In the tradition of the Great American Memoir, a middle-age father takes the reader on a five-thousand-mile road trip — the one he always wished he’d taken as a young man. Recently divorced and uncertain of the future, he rereads the iconic road story — Jack Kerouac’s On the Road — and along with his two sons and his best friend, heads for the highway to rekindle his spirit.

However, a family secret turns the cross-country journey into an unexpected examination of his role as a father, and compels him to look to the past and the fathers who came before him to find contentment and clarity, and celebrate the struggles and triumphs of being a dad.

(FREE on 10/11) I Am Not Afraid Of Monsters! by Sharlene Alexander -
I Am Not Afraid Of Monsters!

by Sharlene Alexander

This book is perfect to read at bedtime and also for young readers.

“I Am Not Afraid of Monsters!” is full of surprises, you just will have to read the book to find out what they are..

This fun story with a great message is definitely one that will keep children’s attention as they anticipate what will happen next.

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