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Brass In Pocket: An Exciting British Crime Thriller by Stephen Puleston ebook deal

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Brass In Pocket

by Stephen Puleston

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It is the middle of the night …The road is deserted …A killer is waiting …

Two traffic officers are killed on an isolated mountain pass in North Wales. Inspector Drake is called to the scene and quickly discovers a message left by the killer – traffic cones in the shape of a No 4.

The killer starts sending the Wales Police Service lyrics from famous rock songs. Are they messages or is there some hidden meaning in them?

Does it all mean more killings are likely? When a politician is killed Drake has his answer. And then the killer sends more song lyrics. Now Drake has to face the possibility of more deaths but with numbers dominating the case Drake has to face his own rituals and obsessions.

Finally when the killer threatens Drake and his family he faces his greatest challenge in finding the killer before he strikes again.



India Was One by An Indian ebook deal

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India Was One

by An Indian

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…Suddenly, he saw something shiny at the bottom of the abyss. He squinted his eyes to see what it was. He ran back to his binoculars and turned them to see what it was. Sharp barbed wires that separated the two mountains came into focus. He had come as far as he could in his country. But she was standing in another country.

He was in South India and she was in North India…

Have you ever imagined India being divided into two countries? What happens to the millions of Indians who are from South India but are now residing in North India? Kaahi & Jai were two such people who got trapped in this situation. Everything was going smoothly for them and suddenly, their world turned upside down.

How will they get together? Will India become one again?

Take an exciting journey with them from their college days in Mumbai to their life in the US and back to India when they find out that India is divided.



Grey Matters by Rachel DeFriez ebook deal

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Grey Matters

by Rachel DeFriez

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They bash our heads and chain us up because we’re different. Well, maybe knowing we would happily throw on a bib, rip out their guts, and devour them like hotdogs on a stick, without the stick–or the bib for that matter–probably has something to do with it. No one really wants to hang out with a girl whose idea of a Slurpee is grey matter and blood splashed in the snow, hold the straw.

Evelyn Cross has everything: shampoo commercial hair, a letterman jacket, a tiara, a 3.98 GPA, and now the Z-Virus that is infecting teenage couples in the small town of Eli. As usual though, Evelyn is a cut above her peers. The virus has made her look like a ZV and crave human flesh like a ZV, but instead of slowly consuming her organs and brain, it has transformed her into a super predator, fighting both sides of a looming conflict. On one side, armed Z-V Institute Snatchers hunt down unwilling, infected test subjects. On the other, pale white ZVs with body parts stuck in their teeth invade people’s homes and devour their families. Evelyn is the grey in the middle. And she’s not the only one of her kind–there’s also Greyson Childs, the vicious pack hunting player that dumped her best friend when they all got infected.

When the war really heats up, Evelyn has to take a good look at herself and decide if she can embrace what she is and make it work.



Harley Hill Cozy Three Book Murder Mystery Bundle: Books 1-3 by  ebook deal

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Harley Hill Cozy Three Book Murder Mystery Bundle: Books 1-3


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Box set contains three full-length novels for one great price:

Look out London, there’s a new investigator in town! When Harley Hill’s new job turns into a murder case, she’ll need all her skills to find the killer. Luckily she has a mischievous cat, and a cake-baking aunty to help.

London-based detective Harley Hill is looking for a rare diary connected to the royal family when she discovers a body. Harley, along with Cordelia and Monty the cat, go to the very root of power in London in search of murderer and the Doomsday Diary. As they dig deeper, they risk becoming the next victims.

Amateur sleuths Harley and Cordelia leave their posh London home for a Castle in the wilds of Scotland. When a friendly dog leads Harley to a body, it’s clear Harley has a real murder mystery on her hands. With a motley crew of guests, including a paranormal investigator, Harley must uncover dark secrets of the past to nab the killer.



Sacrament Of Penance by Luboš Bôrik ebook deal

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Sacrament Of Penance

by Luboš Bôrik

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Could a crime investigation in the Czech Republic lead to uncovering the true reasons of Pope Benedict XVI resignation? It uncovers more. Political thriller based on true story holds the key to another Church cover-up.



After: The Battle Has Just Begun by R.J. Belle ebook deal

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After: The Battle Has Just Begun

by R.J. Belle

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Meet eight combat-injured men who sustained life-altering injuries. Read eight inspiring stories of heroism and the re-building of independent, productive and fulfilling lives after seemingly impossible circumstances.

This project looks at the struggles of these incredible men to reshape their lives after combat. It also sets these stories within the context of current veteran healthcare; injury, suicide, and disability statistics; and looks briefly at the impacts on the caregivers who support these men. Being face-to-face with combat-injured veterans has given me an insight that all Americans should have. Veterans of the Vietnam era began the process of opening our eyes to the grim realities that await veterans both psychologically and physically. These men’s stories show how much more we have to accomplish.



Love Thy Sister by Maria Grazia Swan ebook deal

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Love Thy Sister

by Maria Grazia Swan

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Italian-born Mina Calvi lives in a mansion in idyllic Orange County, California with her protective older sister, Paola. Unemployed again and aimless, Mina can’t seem to find her niche in her adopted country, but confusion and restlessness soon become the least of her problems. Someone is stealing from the software business owned by Paola and her husband, losses so great the business is sinking like the Titanic. And the strange death of a company employee turns out to be murder.

Then, while, facing a loss so terrible she can’t bear it, Mina discovers an old family secret that turns her world upside down. There’s some solace in the arms of her blue-eyed lover, amateur sleuth Brian Starr, but danger still stalks her at every turn, edging closer and closer as Mina tries to untangle the web of lies, adultery and treachery, and put her life back together



The Secret Of Excalibur by Sahara Foley ebook deal

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The Secret Of Excalibur

by Sahara Foley

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Hi, I’m Arthur Merlin. I used to be an ordinary guy, until a freak accident changed my life. Now my friends are afraid of me, and so am I. See, I developed superpowers: telepathy, pyrokinesis and telekinesis, to name a few.

The US government wanted to control me. But how do you control someone who can teleport anywhere he wants to in a blink of an eye? Fed up with their shenanigans, I headed for the Institute of Psychic Research in London.

But something is pulling me; calling me, and I don’t know what. I ended up at Lake George, where sightings of The Lady of the Lake and Excalibur have been reported. With the help of Dr. Burns and Commander Dobie, we uncovered the secrets of the lake, but they’re more than anyone imagined.

What would I sacrifice to save the world from Excalibur?



A Game For Assassins by James Quinn ebook deal

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A Game For Assassins

by James Quinn

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In the dark underbelly of covert operations, a group of mysterious killers is wreaking havoc in the ranks of MI-6.

It’s the height of the Cold War, and agents of the British Intelligence are being targeted by an unknown team of assassins. In desperation, the agency sends in their best agent to hunt down the killers.

Jack “Gorilla” Grant isn’t one of your typical secret agents. Uncompromising and rough-edged, he doesn’t fit in with the elitist and debonair intelligence operatives. Jack is drawn into a game where nothing is as it seems, and even the perfect spy can die in a wilderness of mirrors. Can he find the elusive killers before it’s too late?



Tovi The Penguin Goes Trick-or-treating by Janina Rossiter ebook deal

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Tovi The Penguin Goes Trick-or-treating

by Janina Rossiter

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It’s autumn and Tovi and his friends are getting ready to celebrate Halloween.

After Tovi’s decorated his house, the friends all meet at the farm to pick pumpkins. But what a surprise they get while they’re there! It gives them a good idea for a Halloween trick! Will their trick work? And will they get treats? Let’s find out ….

Tovi books are designed in a simple animated way to give young readers the impression of watching a short film where Tovi and his friends play out their adventures.



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