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Terminus by Kevin Hardman ebook deal

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by Kevin Hardman

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Master Sergeant Gant Maker was a highly-decorated and well-respected Marine – until his last mission left him as the sole survivor of an encounter with a vicious race called the Vacra. Served up as a scapegoat and drummed out of the military, he has since lived a life of seclusion with only an adopted alien as a companion.

Now the Vacra have returned. As the only person to have ever faced them and survived, Maker is reinstated in the Corps and given the onerous task of finding this enemy on a world located at the edge of known space. Assisting him is an unlikely band of military rejects, including a blind sharpshooter, an unstable psychic, and a genetically-engineered killing machine who refuses to fight.

Given that the Vacra have superior weapons and technology, Maker recognizes that his team is at a distinct disadvantage. But Marines are nothing if not resourceful, and Maker has an audacious plan that just may level the playing field – if it doesn’t get them all killed.


The Forever Life by Craig Robertson ebook deal

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The Forever Life

by Craig Robertson

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Immortal, broken, and alone. To live forever, love must die. Major Jon Ryan is a cocky fighter pilot turned astronaut. He volunteers for the most ambitious, desperate mission ever conceived. The planet Jupiter, thrown off orbit, will destroy Earth in less than a century. Project Ark is humanity’s only hope for survival. Jon will search alone to find a suitable location for human resettlement.

To be able to do this, he must first have his consciousness transferred into an experimental android host. He understands the implications of his mission all too well: He will not age and by the time he returns home all the people he knew will be dead. His only companion on his fifty year voyage is his ship’s irritable AI.

Jon not only pushes the extremes of human technology, but the limits of his psychological strength. As time goes by, all communications with Earth gradually cease, leaving him in an eerie silence with more questions than answers. Will he save our species from extinction or be the sole survivor, lost forever in space?


The Fizgig by Jill Cox Vogt ebook deal

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The Fizgig

by Jill Cox Vogt

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Daisy Young believes that when life hands you lemons, eat chocolate and get on with it, but no amount of candy gets her mind off her drowned fiancé – until she flees to Tennessee’s mountains and meets Luke Strann, a man with a dark, secret past.

Their friendship transforms into a “no promises, no demands” affair that ultimately leaves Daisy frustrated with what love is not. Should she give up the hope she’s learned to run to and return to her family in Nashville? Just as she weighs her choices, a near-fatal accident reveals Luke’s secret, and Daisy must make the decision of her life.


Longshot In Missouri by Keith R. Baker ebook deal

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Longshot In Missouri

by Keith R. Baker

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Nicknamed “Longshot” by President Lincoln’s first spy-master, he is an Irish immigrant farmer of uncanny skill with a long-range rifle and the ability to succeed in nearly impossible mission situations.

But overcoming the loss of family members, (especially his wife Bridget), physical injury, and the nagging pull of his conscience about the North’s goals in the US Civil War may prove more challenging to Rob Finn than the missions he is assigned…


Red Zone - Sometimes An Athlete's Biggest Play Is Made Off The Field. by Kelli Hughett ebook deal

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Red Zone

by Kelli Hughett

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When Marcy Farris comes face to face with a murder victim at a high school football game, she’s plunged into a game no one wants to play. Despite police assurances, she knows this wasn’t a random murder. But to prove otherwise she’ll have to tackle the painful memories of her husband’s suicide.

Struck down by an injury in his prime, former NFL linebacker, Jack Briggs, wonders if there’s life after football. His perspective changes when he meets Marcy. Though she’s out of his league, Jack finds himself drawn to Marcy’s “go-for-it” demeanor. Now, as the killer stalks Marcy, Jack has to prove he still has moves before the killer has a chance to exact his revenge on Marcy.

There is no overtime in the game of murder — only sudden death.


Falling For Chloe by D. Stearman ebook deal

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Falling For Chloe

by D. Stearman

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Jake Marley always dreamed of making it big as a singer / songwriter, and when a chance meeting in his hometown ends with an invite to Nashville, he’s sure fame and fortune are just around the corner. After Jack jumps on the fast track to success, his notoriety grows – but so do his addictions.

Jake expected fame to take its toll. He just didn’t realize how much he’d have to give up in the pursuit of stardom. But the hardest thing? Losing Chloe, his small-town girlfriend and the only person who knows the real Jake.

Can Jake and Chloe find their way back to each other? Or will the price of fame remove any chance he has to prove his love for Chloe?


Mash Up by Joe Klingler ebook deal

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Mash Up

by Joe Klingler

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“Cleverly designed, Mash Up is the perfect detective read, as well as a classic addition to the noir genre.”—San Francisco Book Review (5 of 5 Stars)

Disturbed by the death of a suspect in a recent case he feels was the result of his own failure to unravel a high-tech crime; Qigiq, Fairbanks detective, motorcyclist and knife-thrower, heads south to partner with the energetic, action-loving Kandy Dreeson of the San Francisco Police Department to be schooled on all things digital.

But when Robina, a violinist from a local college, arrives at the police station with body parts in an Amazon box screaming about her missing roommate, Kandy and Qigiq are soon drowning in a torrent of cyber-clues from YouTube videos to disappearing music files while dodging threats to their lives. With each bit they decipher they grow ever closer to the dangerous forces that would trade money for murder, and secrecy for seduction.


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Daddy, Can You Make Me Pancakes?

by Kevin McAteer

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It’s 6:00 a.m., and four year old Amanda shuffles into her parent’s bedroom, where she finds Daddy sleeping in what normally is Mommy’s spot. She innocently wakes him up from a deep sleep. “Daddy … can you make me pancakes?”

“Yes, sure honey.”

Neither Amanda nor Daddy have their normal energetic smile. Not because they were tired, but because Mommy didn’t make it home last night. Cancer unexpectedly took her.

Now “Daddy” must find a way to care for three small children while holding down a new executive position within his company.

For the moment, making pancakes is the one thing that keeps their family together.

A true story of love and loss and hope.


Tourist Trap by Julie Smith ebook deal

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Tourist Trap

by Julie Smith

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The THIRD book in Edgar-winner Julie Smith’s Rebecca Schwartz series.
“Warmth, wit and local color in a fast-moving story … Smith’s best work so far.” -Kirkus
So what’s a nice Jewish girl doing at an Easter sunrise service?
Lawyer Rebecca Schwartz would pick the one with the body nailed to the landmark cross! Coincidence? Not so much. She’s there because her boy friend’s covering the service for the San Francisco Chronicle. The body’s there because someone’s making a statement he doesn’t want the press to miss.

Next: mass shellfish poisoning at Pier 39. A very different kind of serial killer is operating here—one who seems to have a grudge against the whole city.

And this is a very different kind of serial killer tale—a funny one. (If your don’t count the murders, or course.) Rebecca’s warm and witty, never takes herself too seriously, and on one occasion offers closing testimony with green hair. A highly embarrassing moment, but the bright chartreuse is all in the service of making her case.

No way does she believe her client would nail somebody—especially to a cross. And the things she has to do to prove it are hilarious and often unorthodox, yet always professional. Sometimes hyper-professional–the average lawyer simply can’t be bothered spraying herself with Thunderbird to fit in with her witnesses!

A wild ride through Baghdad by the Bay…and a great courtroom drama.


Reunion: A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel by Staci Stallings ebook deal

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by Staci Stallings

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Camille Wright and Jaylon Quinn met in high school and fell in love, but their dreams under the stars took them in two different directions. Now an aerospace engineer, Camille is successful in her career but struggling in life. Jaylon’s life took him where he never expected to be, and now he’s building a life that looks perfect—from the outside. Both remember the love they shared but understand that love once lost rarely comes back around…

Ten years later. Lives have changed. Dreams have changed.

Or have they?

A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel, REUNION gives a glimpse into two people who are better together than they ever are apart. However, time and life have driven a wedge between them. Can they bridge the gap and find love a second time around? As inspirational books go, this one has it all—two struggling characters, loss, love, and ultimately peace. You will cheer for these two, cry with them, and love them just like you would expect to in the best of romance books. It is a romance like no other.


Midnight by Stephen Leather ebook deal

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by Stephen Leather

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“Your sister is going to hell, Jack Nightingale.”

Somehow, variations of that line keep former police negotiator Nightingale’s life careening in wild, unforeseen directions. This time, it is uttered by a dead woman hanging over a staircase, her neck broken by the laundry cord she tied around it before tossing herself over the banister. But Jack and his sister have been separated since birth…How can he save someone he’s never met?

Nightingale goes on the hunt for the sister he never knew, but everyone he talks to about her dies horribly. It’s as if someone—or something—is determined to keep them apart. If he’s going to save her, he’s going to have to do what he does best: negotiate. But any negotiation with the forces of darkness comes at a terrible price, and first Jack must ask himself a question: is every soul worth saving?


The Devil And Pastor Gus by Roger Bruner ebook deal

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The Devil And Pastor Gus

by Roger Bruner

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Fifty. Half a century old. Closer to the grave than cradle. And what does Pastor Gus Gospello have to show for his fifty years on earth? Not much. Shepherd of a small church. Married without kids. Faithful keeper of God’s commands. Well, most of them, anyway. Gus longs to make a difference for God – to have an eternal legacy. Now, as he comes to grips with his mid-life crisis, Gus acknowledges he’ll never be another John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, or Billy Graham.

But can he become the next C.S. Lewis and write something like the Screwtape Letters?

His wife thinks so. Fueled with the unbridled hope of a naïve novelist, Gus sets out to craft a novel so rich in spiritual symbolism and truth that even the Devil takes notice.

And that’s never a good sign.

The last time the Devil and Gus met, Gospello’s pen hovered over the signature line of a dangerous contract – his soul in exchange for a child. But when Gus turned his back on the Great Deceiver, the news spread like Hellfire. Ever since, Satan’s been obsessed with personally delivering Gus to Hell.

With his eye on Gus’s new novel, the Devil tempts Gus with a peek into the spiritual realm of good and evil for a truthful account of his rise, fall, and enduring success. The Devil will feed Gus information few mortals are privileged to know. In return Gus will craft what’s sure to become a best seller. Of course, Gus has no intention of making the Accuser look as winsome as promised. Instead, Gus plans to write a scathing satire, exposing the Devil’s excessive arrogance.


Christmas In Silver Bell Falls by Samantha Chase ebook deal

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Christmas In Silver Bell Falls

by Samantha Chase

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Her attitude is less than merry and bright…

Melanie Harper and Christmas do not see eye to eye. While most people celebrate and look forward to the holidays, it’s something she has come to dread. When she receives a gift from an unlikely source – a house in the quaint town of Silver Bell Falls – her immediate reaction is to reject it. After all, with a name like that, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be surrounded by people who love Christmas!

He sees it as the most wonderful time of the year…

Josiah Stone is all about peace on earth and goodwill toward man. Maybe it’s because he’s the sheriff of a town named after a beloved Christmas song, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Christmas is his favorite time of year and living in Silver Bell Falls where everyone feels the same and celebrates it nearly year-round only adds to his festive outlook on life.

Can a white Christmas change everything?

When Melanie is forced to stay in Silver Bell Falls during the actual holiday season, she’s less than thrilled. But after meeting the sexy sheriff she finds that there is something to be said about the magic of Christmas.


The Book Of Things To Come: Be Careful What You Create - It May Kill You. by Aaron D. Gansky ebook deal

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The Book Of Things To Come

by Aaron D. Gansky

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Winner of the 2016 Selah award for Young Adult Fiction

At first, Lauren Knowles is thrilled to find she’s “clicked” herself inside Alrujah, a fantasy game she created with her best friend, Oliver Shaw. But the exhilaration of serving as a magical princess fades when she senses a demonic force – one they did not create – lurking in the shadows.

Though they created a world of wondrous beauty, blue-leafed forests, shimmering silver rivers, and expansive medieval castles, Lauren and Oliver soon find their secret realm to be an ever-changing land of dark oppression and deadly sorcery. With the help of Aiden Price and Erica Hall, two friends from their high school in North Chester, the four teens must find a way out that can only be discovered from the dusty pages of the ancient leather-bound tome, The Book of Things to Come.

Faced with questionable allies, invisible enemies, and increasingly dangerous levels of difficulty, the four must learn to work together, to trust each other … or be forever lost in this deadly game of virtual reality that’s become all to real.

Careful what you create – it could kill you.

Change our culture – support great books with strong moral values.
Give a print copy ( $7.95 ) to a young adult who enjoys fantasy fiction.


Bounce, Don't Break - Stories, Reflections, And Words Of Encouragement During Times Of Change. by Penny Hunt ebook deal

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Bounce, Don’t Break – Stories, Reflections, And Words Of Encouragement During Times Of Change.

by Penny Hunt

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When life T-bones you like an eighteen wheeler with unwanted change, this is the book to reach for. Bounce! Don’t Break offers four specific, right-now tactics to you help bounce back from setbacks and continue fulfilling the unique purpose for which you were created.

Learn to shift your focus from problems to solutions — from problem people, to problem-solving supporters. Comeback from setbacks, find faith amidst fear, lose the “woman-wonder” suit and put on the “live-in-wonder” outfit.


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