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Mash Up by Joe Klingler ebook deal

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Mash Up

by Joe Klingler

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Disappointed. Disturbed. Too slow to solve a high-tech crime, leaving a key suspect dead. Qigiq (Inuit for hawk) needs a major change. That change involves pointing his vintage motorcycle south from Alaska to San Francisco. His new partner, the hyper-intense Kandy Dreeson, is set to help him master all things digital when Robina, a violinist from the local college, arrives holding an Amazon box with a thumb inside.

The victim may be Robina’s roommate, a free-spirited cellist who hasn’t returned from a date with a mysterious man. A man she calls Mony.

Qigiq and Kandy are confronted with a torrent of cyberclues: YouTube videos documenting torture, thousands of disappearing music files, a new virus spreading through the Web. With each bit they decode they grow closer to a twisted mind who repeatedly threatens their lives as they strive to untangle a string of ‘accidents’ before the faceless killer can play a trump card–a card to be delivered anonymously, digitally, and within the hour.



Rebels, Rogues, And Romantics by Dani Haviland ebook deal

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Rebels, Rogues, And Romantics

by Dani Haviland

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He’s too much a REBEL! I could never love anyone as inconsiderate and rash or coarse.

Such a ROGUE. I can’t abide someone who can’t or won’t follow the rules or obey the law of the land.

His smile, his soft voice, those gentle words… He’s so ROMANTIC. How could I ever resist? Who cares if he’s a rebel or a rogue?

REBELS, ROGUES, AND ROMANTICS Throughout history, women have been susceptible to their charms. Share the adventures of a few of the more memorable ones in this collection of historical tales written by award winning authors:

Dani Haviland, USA Today Bestselling author. The Cherokee call him Dances Naked. Can this crazy white man help his new friends with their dilemma of near starvation and what to do with the two white women who want to join their tribe? A time travel novel.

Taylor Lee, USA Today Bestselling author. Aces Wild. They call him Angel, but every woman he meets sees the devil in his eyes. Angel’s Avengers Book 1. A sizzling historical romantic suspense novel.

Katy Walters, USA Today Bestselling author. Return to Rhonan. Inspired by the Land Clearances in Scotland, this supernatural story of love, passion, hauntings, terror and retribution will have you gripping your Kindle. First book in The Lords of Rhonan Regency romance suspense series.

Michele Hauf, USA Today Bestselling author. Tame Me Not. Headstrong, free, and untamed. Can she win the musketeer’s heart? Book 1 in The Saint-Sylvestres historical romance set.

Suzanne Jenkins, award-winning author, The Liberation of Ravenna Morton. Ravenna would rather not have to deal with secrets from her lifelong affair with Mike, but granddaughter Esme has different ideas as she digs to uncover the tragedies of Ravenna Morton’s youth. A Native American historical romance based in Michigan.



Hungry For Life by Rachel Richards ebook deal

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Hungry For Life

by Rachel Richards

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In this painfully moving memoir, take a firsthand look at anorexia through the eyes of a young girl. Even in kindergarten, Rachel Richards knows something isn’t right. By leading us through her distorted thoughts, she shines a light on the experience and mystery of mental illness.

As she grows up, unable to comprehend or communicate her inner trauma, Rachel lashes out, hurting herself, running away from home, and fighting her family. Restricting food gives her the control she craves. But after being hospitalized and force-fed, Rachel only retreats further into herself.

With a driving perfectionism, she graduates college with honors. But at sixty-nine pounds, Rachel is a shell of nervous and obsessive behaviors that have controlled her life. Years of self-harm and self-loathing have fueled the inner battles between good and evil, health and sickness, and life and death.

Acting on stage offers her moments of freedom from the skewed perceptions she’s constructed over the years. But her dream of a career in theater is not enough to save her. What is the secret that will finally unleash her will to recover?

If you or someone you know suffers from an eating disorder or is a concerned parent, is anxious about weight and dieting, has an addiction, or wants to learn more about the mystery of how an eating disorder develops and the multifaceted and complex road to recovery, this book is a must-read!



5 Essential Dimensions by A. A. ALEBRAHEEM ebook deal

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5 Essential Dimensions


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This book unveils an amazing theory. Our lives have five dimensions that are essential for living a healthy, successful, and tranquil existence. These are our financial, social, internal, physical, and spiritual affairs.

This book offers insight into helping us recognize the five life dimensions. It will teach us how to bring these dimensions into balance. Ultimately, it will show how we can reach our goals in every dimension.

This Book will help to …

* Recognizing life’s five essential dimensions.

* Offer tools to keep dimensions in homeostasis

* Revise lives by comparison to other philosophies

This book offers advice for human betterment, and while humans today become transfixed with money and pleasure, it summarizes wisdom from previous cultures.



And He Sneezed Again! by Kayci Visalli ebook deal

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And He Sneezed Again!

by Kayci Visalli

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Hilbert Henry Higginbot wakes up one morning with a sneeze, then another, and another. Hilbert doesn’t like sneezing, not one little bit, and he’s willing to try anything to get rid of them! When there’s no relief in sight, Hilbert calls the only person he can think of to help. But, boy, does he get more help than he bargained for! He learns the hard way that there is at least one thing more annoying and bothersome than sneezing…and now, he can’t get rid of those either! Poor Hilbert, what is he going to do?



I Get You by Warren Tate ebook deal

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I Get You

by Warren Tate

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Good and effective communication is the key to success. I GET YOU offers a practical approach to unlocking your communication super powers.

We use between 16,000 and 45,000 words every day. So communication must be easy, right? Wrong. We’re constantly competing with the internet, social media, email, lack of time and the general noise of life.

Are our messages being heard and understood? Do we stop and really listen to others?

When was the last time you practised and improved your face to face communication skills?

How you communicate in sales presentations, sales meetings, social occasions, networking or when meeting people for the first time can influence your outcomes dramatically.

I GET YOU helps you to transform your business communications and personal communications so your messages are clear and meaningful. Use its strategies to become more in influential, develop stronger relationships and change your destination.



The Killing Game by J.S. Carol ebook deal

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The Killing Game

by J.S. Carol

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You have four hours to save your life. What would you do?
It was supposed to be just a routine lunch meeting for JJ Johnson. Meeting clients and swapping gossip. Until an armed gunman walks in, forcing her into a fight for her life.

But this is no random attack – the twisted individual knows everything about each of the wealthy diners. And soon, it becomes clear that he wants something more than money.

The terrifying stranger wants to play a game – but can JJ find a way to save the lives of those left around her? If she can’t, how far will she go to save herself?



Falling For Rachel by Nora Roberts ebook deal

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Falling For Rachel

by Nora Roberts

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For the public defender Rachel Stanislaski, her work is her life. The last thing she needs is the hot‐headed Zack Muldoon storming into her court room. Zack might not like it, but he needs Rachel. She’s the only person standing between his delinquent kid brother and a prison sentence. Zack is used to getting his way—but when it comes to Rachel he might just lose his heart.



Apparition Lake by Daniel D. Lamoreux ebook deal

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Apparition Lake

by Daniel D. Lamoreux

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Something is terribly wrong in the nation’s oldest national park.

After gruesome deaths occur in Yellowstone, everyone believes that a monstrous grizzly bear is on a rampage. Scientific evidence suggests another terrifying conclusion. For Chief Ranger Glenn Merrill, putting an end to the mysterious deaths is more than just his job; it is a mission that will take him to the brink of death and shatter the foundation of his beliefs.

Apparition Lake plunges Glenn, his full-blooded Shoshone friend Johnny Two Ravens, and Jennifer Davies, an aggressive young biologist, into a world of Indian mysticism where mankind and nature struggle for control of Mother Earth.



Thieves And Wizards by Jaxon Reed ebook deal

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Thieves And Wizards

by Jaxon Reed

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Forged from the ore of a fallen star, the Forlorn Dagger absorbs all magic. Ideal for assassinating wizards, it’s been missing for centuries until it shows up in the library of a mysterious collector. Now an exceptional thief has stolen it.

A young princess endures harsh training to become the ultimate weapon of war: a battlemaiden. And a crown prince snatched from a bloody palace coup is raised in secrecy while a wizard grooms him for the day he reclaims the throne. When a rogue wizard sends an army to recover the Forlorn Dagger, they unite in an attempt to thwart evil, defeat dark magic, and save the realm.



Forever by Natalie J. Case ebook deal

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by Natalie J. Case

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Born in the dawn of man’s history, Amara is neither human nor vampire and yet fully both; a killer, a child, a lover, a monster.

Wandering the world, she seeks redemption and vengeance in equal measure. Discovering love in its many forms and loss in its deepest agony, her life circles around two others who return to her again and again, until their fates are set right.

“The ancient game is played out as three souls, born together in the lost pages of time, are as they were meant to be. But to tell that story, my story, I must go back to the beginning. To the time before I came to be.

Before any of us had come to be.”



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