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(FREE on 7/5) Testing The Waters: Intriguing, Tragic, True. by E. McNew -
Testing The Waters: Intriguing, Tragic, True.

by E. McNew

opular. Driven. The girl next door.

Once upon a time a beautiful teenager looked forward to school letting out and the warm, carefree days to come. But in the summer of her fifteenth year, things would drastically change. After reading a romance book sensationalizing a young woman’s perfect life following the hookup with a wealthy prince charming, Elizabeth set out to create her own fairy tale ending.This would become the beginning of the darkest hour in her life.

Pregnancy. Bridesmaids. Jail.

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(FREE on 7/5) Ratio: A Leopold Blake Thriller by Nick Stephenson -
Ratio: A Leopold Blake Thriller

by Nick Stephenson

The Deadliest Game…

When an old acquaintance calls in a favor, Leopold Blake finds himself unable to refuse – despite his best efforts. A major political conference is hitting Seattle, and presidential hopeful Jack Melendez is fresh out of bodyguards – a problem that Leopold is in a unique position to remedy.

For June Kato, acclaimed neurosurgeon and martial arts expert, a weekend in Seattle was supposed to be the perfect getaway – an opportunity to connect with her new lover on a deeper level and finally enjoy some alone time. But fate, it seems, has other plans.

With all eyes on the Emerald City, Blake and his team soon discover that all is not as it seems. What should have been a simple protection job quickly turns into the weekend from hell, as powerful enemies converge on their position, bent on revenge. But who is the target?

As loyalties are tested and shocking secrets are revealed, Leopold and June find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into an elaborate and deadly trap that will change the course of their lives forever.

(FREE on 7/5) Mr. Love: A Romantic Comedy by Sally Mason -
Mr. Love: A Romantic Comedy

by Sally Mason

The pen name is deadlier than the sword.

Desperate for money, literary author Gordon Rushworth writes a romance novel and self-publishes it under a female alias. To his astonishment it becomes a mega-bestseller, sparking a feeding frenzy in New York publishing and hit-hungry Hollywood. Soon a gorgeous and ambitious young Manhattan agent, Jane Cooper, arrives in Gordon’s Vermont village hunting the mysterious “female” novelist, forcing him to concoct a desperate plan to conceal his identity–a plan that pitches him into an increasingly hilarious spiral of lies, lust and love.

(FREE on 7/5) My Ride With Gus by Charlie Carillo -
My Ride With Gus

by Charlie Carillo

New Year’s Eve, 1995. Rising young architect Jimmy Gambar is on top of the world, ready to pop the question to the girl of his dreams at a fancy restaurant. Ten minutes later he snaps and storms out, leaving behind the girlfriend, her ridiculous gift of a hot pink necktie and the precise way of life he’s known for so long.

Later that night, big trouble – a sleazy downtown bar, a shady lady with a switchblade in his SoHo loft, an accidental fall against a metal lamp. Now Jimmy has a dead woman’s body lying on his rug, and only one person to turn to – a man he hasn’t seen in twenty years.

His big brother Gus (“The Ghost”) Gambuzza.

(FREE on 7/5) The Dream Jumper's Promise: A Suspense by Kim Hornsby -
The Dream Jumper’s Promise: A Suspense

by Kim Hornsby

A man goes missing off Maui, leaving his wife to wonder if he’s dead, until her old boyfriend turns up and offers to help solve the mystery if she’ll let him into her dreams.

Tina Greene can’t accept the presumed surfing death of her new husband, without a recovered body. Months after signing the death certificate, the Maui dive shop owner trades mourning for saving her business from bankruptcy. When Jamey Dunn walks back into her Lahaina life things take a strange turn. Dreams of her husband, Hank, have Tina questioning her sanity and leaning heavily on Hank’s best friend, Noble. Jamey is desperate to help Tina but then so is the best friend whose protectiveness exceeds helpful. When Jamey suspects Tina’s eerie dreams hold clues to Hank’s disappearance, he reveals his unbelievable ability to enter dreams. But for Tina, the decision to let Jamey enter her subconscious has a price. As Tina, Noble and Jamey decipher the mystery of Hank’s disappearance, grave danger sets in to reveal one of them is an imposter, one is flirting with insanity and one is a liar.

(FREE on 7/5) The New Agenda by Simone Pond -
The New Agenda

by Simone Pond

For certain, society was disintegrating: humans were self-destructive and wildly uncontrolled. But young William Morray had hoped, as an idealistic teenager, that his father’s acclaimed Repatterning Program––a precursor to the brilliant New Agenda––could manage the upheaval and get society back on track.

They said it was for the greater good: out of chaos comes order and from the ashes the phoenix will rise. They said the Repatterning was a positive event, but like most advertising, it was a lie.

William’s wish had always been to work with his father and win his approval. However, when he is sent away to a remote underground safety shelter in Denver, William is awakened to the grisly truth that the Repatterning is a mass genocide. And worse: his father, the New Agenda leader, is the spearhead of this horrifying plan to eradicate all cities, homes and people outside of the Elite citizenship. William decides to team up with an underground rebel alliance to end the Repatterning and save what’s left of civilization.

The New Agenda is the prequel to The City Center.

(FREE on 7/5) The City Center by Simone Pond -
The City Center

by Simone Pond

During the man-made apocalypse in the 21st century, a group of elites killed off a majority of the population. Only two groups of survivors remained – those selected to reside inside the utopian Los Angeles City Center and the rebels, relegated to live on the Outside. Centuries later, Ava Rhodes escapes the City Center and goes a journey to seek the truth about her supposed utopian home, sending the City Center’s leader, Chief Morray, into an obsessive pursuit for his property.

(FREE on 7/5) Try, Try Again by Ruth Logan Herne -
Try, Try Again

by Ruth Logan Herne

Powerful and rich, Wall Street financial wizard Conor Bradstreet had it all until his son’s death showed him otherwise. A decade older and wiser, Conor now faces the final step in his healing – making peace with his ex-wife.

Peace with Conor is the last thing on Alicia Bradstreet’s mind. Losing her son took more than her heart, it darkened her soul. But with their daughter’s engagement to a single father comes the expectation of harmony. Can Alicia move beyond her anger… and Conor beyond his guilt… to Try, Try Again?

(FREE on 7/5) Fried Rice Recipe Cookbook: 20 Easy Dishes by Jeen van der Meer -
Fried Rice Recipe Cookbook: 20 Easy Dishes

by Jeen van der Meer

This cookbook contains 20 fried rice recipes from the basics to unique twists. This is an excellent way to incorporate rice into your meal planning without a lot of fuss.

Rice is very healthy for the body giving good energy. Most of the recipes call for brown rice, which is the healthier choice because it has the rice bran intact.

This is where most of the nutrients are and it gives the rice a mild nutty texture and flavor when fried.

The other rice called for is jasmine rice which is “the fragrant rice” found in many Thai dishes.

Some of the delicious recipes include Dirty Rice with Pork, Fried Rice with Pineapples, Fried Rice Kimchi Style, Vegetable Stir Fried Rice, Apple Cherry Fried Rice, Lychee Raisin Fried Rice with Cashews, Hawaiian Fried Rice, Italian Fried Rice Balls, Asian Fried Rice, and a lovely Vegetarian Fried Rice.

(FREE on 7/5) The French Girl by Felicia Donovan -
The French Girl

by Felicia Donovan

The heartwarming story of a young girl who becomes orphaned and is sent to live with her distant lesbian cousin and her cousin’s partner. Embraced by their love and warmly welcomed by their community of lesbian friends, she slowly discovers the true meaning of family, but their strength is put to the test when the state abruptly threatens to take her away.

(FREE on 7/5) The Vengeance Squad Goes To England by Sidney W. Frost -
The Vengeance Squad Goes To England

by Sidney W. Frost

The Vengeance Squad helps one of its own when the bookmobile fund is stolen. Two years after the death of his fiancée, Chris McCowan begins to feel normal again. As normal as the situation allows. Sarah had told him to find a new love and be happy, but he never dreamed he would. That was before he fell in love with Angela. Did she feel the same about him? Perhaps he would soon find out. She had invited him to visit her at her home in Bath, England during his time off between semesters. He had his plane ticket before his fall teaching obligations were finished.

Tex Thompson had worked part time at the library while attending college full time ever since he’d married Jane. Adding the Vengeance Squad’s criminal investigative work on top of that left little time for her or the children. This time, Tex’s wife had put her foot down. No more Vengeance Squad activities until he’d stayed home long enough for his children to get to know him again. And, she added, she expected some quality husband and wife time as well. This semester break would be different, Jane said, and Tex was looking forward to it. Chris and Tex were ready to spend more time with the ones they loved. But that was before they learned Liz Siedo, the third member of the group was the victim of a crime that could break her heart.

Will Liz, the hugger, the cheer leader, the one who was always optimistic and always supportive, need their help? Will Chris and Tex abandon their plans to assist her? Will Liz allow the guys to break the law to rectify her mistakes?

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