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Triangle Of Hope by Michael Meyer ebook deal

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Triangle Of Hope

by Michael Meyer

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Feel-good contemporary fictionWho knew that a chance encounter would change their lives forever?

Clint Westerly has it all; that is, until he makes a fateful decision that turns his life upside down.

Tanya Wilshire has sheer determination to fulfill her mother’s dying wish, although she seemingly has now lost the means to do so.

Seamus Harrington, eighty-four years of age, is determined to right an old wrong before it is too late, even though the odds are heavily stacked against him.

This chance encounter of three unlikely allies results in an extraordinary event that heals not only themselves but also an entire community.


Max: by D.M. Mitchell ebook deal

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by D.M. Mitchell

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“There’s been so much happen to me, so many strange things. Terrible things. My mind is in a whorl, confused as to what I should relate first. Where to begin? I must describe my cell. After all, it has become my world. Strange, that I who once had the entire globe to choose from, am now confined within a twelve feet by twelve feet boundary.”

So writes Philip Calder. He is being kept a prisoner, alone, on a remote Scottish island. His life is shrunk to the stifling confines of his small room, a courtyard surrounded by high walls, and the sterile company of two uniformed guards whom he ironically names Morcambe and Wise. He is only allowed a pen and paper to break the monotony. So he writes. He writes about how he came to be there, starting at the beginning, when Maxwell Stone first came into his world.

He relates how his world was altered forever when Connie Stone and her ten year old son Max moved into the small mining town of Overthorpe. It’s the 1960s, and Connie causes a stir amongst the locals, for wearing bright lipstick, short skirts, and, the worst of all, being a single mother. Calder is at once captivated by her.

Philip becomes friends with her son, but it is a strange, volatile relationship. Max is unfathomable, unpredictable, often violent, and as they grow older both Philip and Max vie for one young woman’s attention – Ruby. But it’s Max’s strange fascination with wanting to be Philip Calder, to have his life, his identity, that triggers a series of unpredictable events that will lead to Calder’s imprisonment.

Gavin Miller is a successful author. He is in possession of Calder’s manuscript, having been handed it by the manager of a nursing home called Overton Hall. He knows he must destroy it, because in it is laid bare his own dark secret.


Tesla: A Teen Steampunk/cyberpunk Adventure by Mark Lingane ebook deal

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by Mark Lingane

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What if a whole race wanted you dead, where would you go? And what if you didn’t know why? What if everything you thought you knew about yourself was wrong?

One thousand years have passed since nuclear war wiped out civilization in the northern hemisphere. The planet slowly heats and water becomes a rare resource. Out of the ruins of a devastated civilization rises a new breed of people – those with the power to control magnetism. Teslas

Sebastian, a young orphan boy from a quiet rural town, is being hunted by strange part-machine, part-human people. His only hope is Melanie, an angry, dying teenage girl who is dragged into the adventure and sets out to deliver him to the Steam Academy, even if it’s just to stop him talking. Seb must confront an unknown past and fight against everything he believed in. And occasionally wash his hair.

No one said it would be easy.


Lovers, Players & The Seducer: The Storm Is Coming by J. A. Jackson ebook deal

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Lovers, Players & The Seducer

by J. A. Jackson

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Nicholas La Cour loves money. In the game of betrayer and betrayed he thinks his sister Lacey is the prefect target for his manipulative schemes to keep his financial ruin a secret.

Gorgeous Lacey La Cour lost her hopeful and playful spirit after being dumped by her childhood sweetheart. Now an adult, she is strong and independent.

Determined to find the answer to his money problems, Nicholas discovers his best friend Kienan Egan is strangely attracted to his sister Lacey.

Does his sister’s love life hold the answers to all of his problems?

Does Nicholas have the prefect plan?

A vengeful seduction is swept into play as tragic forces are unleashed in a dangerous game of deception and greed unlocking doors to the past.

Will Lacey discover her brother’s deception before it’s too late?

When it’s all said and done it’s all about the well-heed things in life, family, friendships, affairs, revenge, and romance.


Tommy Black And The Staff Of Light by Jake Kerr ebook deal

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Tommy Black And The Staff Of Light

by Jake Kerr

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With the world on the brink of World War Two, a young hero discovers his magical legacy

New York. 1938. Living in the quiet apartment of his overprotective grandfather, fourteen-year-old Tommy Black knows little about a world on the brink of war. But when he and his grandfather are attacked by ominous shadow creatures on a Saturday afternoon walk, Tommy learns not just about the trouble in Europe, but that magic exists, his grandfather is a great Archmage, and he is heir to his grandfather’s magical staff–a staff he has no idea how to control.

With his grandfather captured, Tommy barely escapes with his family’s magic staff. Desperately trying to figure out to use the staff, Tommy learns what he can as he and family friend Mister Ali fight golems, shadow creatures, magicians, and Djinn on their way to the world’s center of magic–the great Citadel of London. But it’s when escaping on an enchanted train that Tommy faces his biggest challenge: The beautiful and wild young magician Naomi, whose talent with magic is only rivaled by her ability to insult Tommy in creative ways.

With the world seemingly arrayed against him, can Tommy discover the secret of the Staff of Light in time to save his grandfather?


Branded by Abi Ketner ebook deal

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by Abi Ketner

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Fifty years ago The Commander came into power and murdered all who opposed him. In his warped mind, the seven deadly sins were the downfall of society.

To punish the guilty, he created the Hole, a place where sinners are branded according to their sins. Sinners are forced to live a less than human existence in deplorable conditions, under the watchful eye of guards who are ready to kill anyone who steps out of line.

Now, LUST wraps around my neck like thick, blue fingers, threatening to choke the life out of me. I’ve been accused of a crime I didn’t commit, and the Hole is my new home.

Constant darkness.

Brutal and savage violence.

Excruciating pain.

Every day is a fight for survival.

But I won’t let them win. I will not die in the Hole.

I am more than my brand. I’m a fighter. My name is Lexi Hamilton, and this is my story.


Entrepreneur Enhanced - Start.grow.save.invest by Ryan Stevens ebook deal

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Entrepreneur Enhanced – Start.Grow.Save.Invest

by Ryan Stevens

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‘Now’ is the right time to get started.

What holds you back from starting your own business? What holds you back from following your dreams?

People are often concerned that it’s too late to start a business and that it’s hard to do. Let me tell you something – every year there are over 500 new millionaires in this world; are you ready to become one of them?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then you need to get moving right now.

You don’t have to be an expert, and you don’t have to be perfect in what you do; you only need to be committed to what you do. You have to always push and move on, no matter what happens. Nobody said that it will be easy to become an entrepreneur.

This book will unveil some of the secrets that an entrepreneur needs to succeed and it will also reveal my personal experience and thoughts regarding entrepreneurship.

Every success story has a beginning. So, are you ready to get started?


What Stays In Vegas by Beth Labonte ebook deal

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What Stays In Vegas

by Beth Labonte

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Bored administrative assistant, Tessa Golden, is trapped in a life of lousy weather, irritating bosses, and mind-numbing secretarial work. Her dreams of being an artist have rapidly deteriorated into building things out of paperclips while on hold with tech support. To make matters even worse, the love of her life has gone off and married another woman.

So when Tessa is suddenly transferred to the Las Vegas branch of her company – playing wingwoman to her freshly divorced boss, juggling a client-from-hell, and catching the eye of one very eligible coworker – will her life finally be shaken up enough to straighten itself out?


Carry Me Home by Rosalind James ebook deal

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Carry Me Home

by Rosalind James

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Take one cowboy with a slow, sweet, sexy smile, add one buttoned-down, walled-off geology professor with sass to spare, toss in a campus stalker with other plans…and you’ve got Paradise, Idaho.

Paradise, Idaho, may not be the largest town, but for newly minted professor Zoe Santangelo, it’s the first step on the path to her big break. After teaching in a small Idaho school, her next stop is the Ivy League, and no one is going to stand in her way. She’ll do what it takes to move up, to protect her students from a creepy campus stalker–and to protect her heart from Cal Jackson, the hot, hunky cowboy who keeps coming to her rescue.

After a career-ending injury, Cal has left professional football behind and come home to work the family farm. He’s determined not to get mixed up with any more city girls who don’t want to settle down with a country boy. But after he rescues sassy geologist Zoe from a snowy ditch, he can’t stop thinking about her. Can Cal keep Zoe safe from whoever is targeting her–and can he show her that having ambition doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice love?


Grave Situation by Alex MacLean ebook deal

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Grave Situation

by Alex MacLean

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Halifax cop Allan Stanton is a troubled homicide detective who has lost everything, including his family and his sense of justice. When he finally decides to leave the force and start over, he’s assigned a string of murders that all bear the signs of a serial killer collecting trophies.

As Stanton unravels each grisly crime scene, the mounting evidence points uncomfortably close to him and a case more disturbing than anything he’s ever seen.


Frostbitten by Heather Beck ebook deal

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by Heather Beck

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Great beauty hides dark secrets…

Seventeen-year-old Anastasia Lockhart has never led an easy life, but when she starts getting into serious trouble, she’s sent to live with her grandparents in Cedar Falls. The small, picturesque town hasn’t changed since she visited four years ago, with one exception – the presence of a handsome, mysterious boy named Frost. Despite warnings from her grandparents and friends to stay away from Frost, Anastasia can’t deny their attraction, and the more time they spend together, the deeper in love they fall. Unfortunately, Frost has a secret that is beyond Anastasia’s wildest imagination, and she soon finds herself in the midst of a supernatural legend that has haunted Cedar Falls for years.

Can Anastasia and Frost’s love really overcome anything, or are their fates much darker?


In The Blood Of The Greeks by Mary D. Brooks ebook deal

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In The Blood Of The Greeks

by Mary D. Brooks

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It is the winter of 1942 in the Greek town of Larissa. The peaceful life of the town has given away to the chaos of war. Two girls, one Greek, the other German, come together in an unlikely union to save the lives of Jews targeted by the Nazis. Fourteen year old Zoe Lambros’ faith in God is shattered after her mother’s death at the hands of the German Commander. She determines to defy the enemy in every way she can–including a festering urge to kill the German Commander’s daughter, Eva Muller.

Eva Muller has a tortured past, and a secret, if revealed, will lead to certain death at the hands of her father. Despite knowing the risk, Eva is working with the village priest to help the Jews escape. With her activities closely observed, Eva needs help to continue the clandestine operation. Zoe Lambros is not who Eva has in mind but they have to put aside their mutual antipathy to each other and work together. They know that one wrong move will put an end to their lives.


Ghost: Back From The Dead - Ghost Thriller, Ghost Mystery, Supernatural Thriller: by J. C. Skye ebook deal

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Ghost: Back From The Dead

by J. C. Skye

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Kendall is a senior level criminology student at Elmhurst College, but she’s quite new to the art of necromancy. She has been experimenting with conjuring up long lost spirits in an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding her mysterious dreams and the disappearance of her dear friend, Tiffany.

Luckily, her new friends have come to her aide. Jamie is a junior level student with a reputation for being a gossip girl. Yet, there’s more to this little spitfire than what everybody on campus is saying about her. Kendall’s other new companion is Becca, a senior level student with a deep passion for the darker elements of life and death. Both girls are willing to help Kendall find the answers she’s seeking, but Kendall constantly walks a thin line between telling them everything she knows, and keeping secrets of her own.

Some of Kendall’s new friends aren’t entirely human either. Ever since she began delving into the conjuring of spirits, she’s gained some significant attention from beyond the grave. It all has to do with the campus library, but Kendall can’t quite figure out why. The ghosts of an old librarian and a green-eyed woman are vying for Kendall’s attention, but both spirits seem to want different things. Kendall is trying to help them, but in the process she’s failing in class and alienating everyone with a pulse. She’s losing live, human friends and gaining more fame from the ghosts and spirits which haunt the campus library.

Will Kendall find a way to help the spirits get what they want? Is she really willing to pay the price for her decisions? Who can she really trust, between her college professors and newfound friends?


The Gifting by K.E. Ganshert ebook deal

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The Gifting

by K.E. Ganshert

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If science is right, then I am crazy. And crazy is dangerous.

In a world where nothing supernatural exists, Tess Eckhart is positive she’s going crazy. What other explanation is there for the things she sees? After her complete freakout at a high school party, her family starts to suspect the same. So much that they pack their bags and move across the country, next to a nationally-renowned facility for the mentally ill.

Despite the whispers and stares, Tess is determined to fit in at her new school. But when it comes to Luka Williams, a reluctantly popular boy in her class, she’s unused to a stare that intense. Then the headaches start, and the seemingly prophetic dreams that haunt her at night. As Tess tries harder to hide them, she becomes increasingly convinced that Luka knows something–that he might somehow be responsible.

But what if she’s wrong? What if Luka Williams is the only thing separating her from a madness too terrifying to fathom?


Jake Carter & The Nightmare Gallery by Kevin Folliard ebook deal

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Jake Carter & The Nightmare Gallery

by Kevin Folliard

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When 6th grade outcast Jake Carter meets the enigmatic Dr. Shade, his dreams become reality. Shade’s miraculous technology grants access to the mental realm of the dreamscape, where anything is possible. Furthermore, Jake discovers that his long lost twin brother Luke has been serving as Shade’s loyal protégé for the past seven years.

Yet Jake and Luke’s reunion is soured by the doctor’s nightmarish agenda. Soon, protecting the world of sleeping innocents takes Jake on an adventure past the boundaries of imagination.


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