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God Moment: Hearing God's Voice Sparks A Remarkable Experience by Bette Price ebook deal

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God Moment

by Bette Price

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Reads almost like fiction but is actually true. The factual account relays awe-inspiring miracles experienced after following God’s personal and specific words heard in prayer. Through personal testimonies, the authors give hope and encouragement that even after falling into doubt and disobedience the Lord can still provide outstanding miracles. As the Lord deals with defeats from major depression, bipolar disorder, and marital separation He creates a victorious conclusion. Bette and Wayne’s transparent account, full of God, is sure to uplift and inspire.


Self-confidence: 16 Proven Ways To Increase Your Self-worth by Sara Wellington ebook deal

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Self-Confidence: 16 Proven Ways To Increase Your Self-Worth

by Sara Wellington

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Self-confidence is an important key to success in any walk of life. People with self-confidence are usually able to achieve their goals relatively easily. In contrast, people who lack self-confidence often end up not achieving as much. You too can build up your self-confidence if you desire to achieve more in life.

In this book, you’ll discover simple but proven tips that can help you build up that elusive self-confidence. These tips are:

– practical, clear and to-the-point

– easy to follow and can be implemented by anyone

For example, you’ll quickly learn

-how recognising your accomplishments and potential can greatly boost your self-worth

-how goal setting and making decisions can boost your success

-how positive thinking can greatly contribute to self motivation

-how cultivating new interests can greatly add new dimensions to your life

-and much more

Explore the proven ways to increase your self-confidence and boost your claim to success today.


Brother by Ania Ahlborn ebook deal

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by Ania Ahlborn

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Deep in the heart of Appalachia stands a crooked farmhouse miles from any road. The Morrows keep to themselves, and it’s served them well so far. When girls go missing off the side of the highway, the cops don’t knock on their door. Which is a good thing, seeing as to what’s buried in the Morrows’ backyard.

But nineteen-year-old Michael Morrow isn’t like the rest of his family. He doesn’t take pleasure in the screams that echo through the trees. Michael pines for normalcy, and he’s sure that someday he’ll see the world beyond West Virginia. When he meets Alice, a pretty girl working at a record shop in the small nearby town of Dahlia, he’s immediately smitten. For a moment, he nearly forgets about the monster he’s become. But his brother, Rebel, is all too eager to remind Michael of his place…


My Wife Drives A Moped: Hilarious Husband Lessons Learned The Hard Way by Rodney Southern ebook deal

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My Wife Drives A Moped

by Rodney Southern

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Do You Have One Hour To Laugh And Read a Short Book Today?
If you do, then take a few moments to download and enjoy this book by budding author Rodney Southern. Purposefully written to be short, power-packed with laughs and loaded with heartfelt love for family, Southern delivers on all counts.

Having been married for over 14 years and a father to identical twin thirteen year old daughters, Southern has learned to survive on a sense of humor. That fun loving side comes through clearly in this book and will have you wishing for another chapter.

Have you ever felt like your spouse simply doesn’t understand you? Do you find yourself constantly wishing you had more information? This book is for you! It is a series of short stories about a man and his wife that will have you laughing out loud. If you want a nice, quick read that will make you feel good about being married all over again, this is the book for you!


Taken By You by M.L. Young ebook deal

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Taken By You

by M.L. Young

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All I wanted was an internship. I never thought I’d end up dating a billionaire.

Penelope Wells is about to start her last semester in college and dreams of working at a large tech company in San Francisco. When her best friend and roommate, Nicolette, scores her an internship interview at RandomMeetX, a multibillion-dollar singles app, she couldn’t be more thrilled. But when she goes in for her interview, her life changes forever.

Blake Hunter is the CEO of RandomMeetX and a misogynistic billionaire who craves control and power. When he sees Penelope in his building, he’s strangely mystified, even though she isn’t the plastic type he usually goes for. After all, she’s a plain Jane and his usual type is pumped full of silicone.

He proposes something to Penelope that she knows will change the course of her future. All her needs will be taken care of–if she takes care of all of his. With her bank account running low, she agrees, but quickly finds out Blake’s needs involve handcuffs, blindfolds, and lots of handprints on her ass.


Action by Janet Elizabeth Henderson ebook deal

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by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

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Disgraced cop Jack Miller inherits a house. He also inherits a tenant. She’s sexy, mysterious and obviously up to no good. His cop instincts are in overdrive. He’s trying to get his job back and no police force will employ him if there’s illegal activity in his house. His only option is to solve the mystery of his crazy tenant’s behaviour and kick her out – if he can keep his hands off her long enough to do it!

Davina Davenport is trying to make a movie with ‘borrowed’ equipment, in a house without permission and on a deadline. It’s her last stab at an acting career and even she knows the plan is slightly insane. Her boss at the TV station is asking about the missing equipment. Jack Miller is nosing around her house – and her. And the creepy cameraman from work wants to blackmail her into trading sex for his filming skills.

It will be a miracle if the movie gets made before Davina ends up fired, in jail or in Jack’s bed!


Cement Heart by Beth Ehemann ebook deal

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Cement Heart

by Beth Ehemann

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Lawrence Finkle, known simply to his die-hard Minnesota Wild fans as Viper, isn’t used to hearing the word “no.” He lives his whole life just a little on the reckless side. After all, life is just one big game, right?


When what was supposed to be an innocent bet goes horribly wrong, he’s left to deal with the aftermath—and the guilt. In an effort to make things right the best way he can, he ends up falling for the one person on the planet he never should have.

The old saying goes that two wrongs don’t make a right . . . or do they?


Grant Of Immunity by Garret Holms ebook deal

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Grant Of Immunity

by Garret Holms

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It’s 1976, Los Angeles. Sarah Collins, a young mother of two, is brutally raped and murdered at the Hollywood Reservoir. For nineteen years, the murder remains unsolved and the case goes


In 1995, the streets of Los Angeles are being terrorized by Jake Babbage, a traffic cop who uses his position of power to rape and murder innocent women. On his way to court one day, Babbage sees Judge Daniel Hart. The two recognize each other, and the terrifying night of nineteen years ago comes back to haunt the highly respected judge. The aftermath of the encounter brings long-buried secrets to light and tests the moral fiber of Judge Hart, who has committed himself to protecting those victimized by the very crimes of which he is now accused.


The Harrow: The Harrow: Book One by Karen Carr ebook deal

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The Harrow

by Karen Carr

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Callie was just going to the YMCA for a swim, nothing out of the ordinary, when the tunnel leading to the pool took her into an entirely different world. For Callie had unknowingly answered the call of The Harrow, which would bring her and many other women across the ages into the chambers of the Dark Manor. The women have to fight the machines of The Harrow and each other to their death, for there could only be one winner, the one that wins true love. Callie and Duncan had been dreaming about each other for years, and nightmares of The Harrow had plagued Callie for the same amount of time. Without realizing it, Callie’s life had been driven to her final destination, but the wrong choice could mean death for everyone in The Harrow.


The Jack Reacher Files: Fugitive by Jude Hardin ebook deal

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The Jack Reacher Files: Fugitive

by Jude Hardin

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Jack Reacher…

Former army major, military police, the 110th Special Investigations Unit. Now a drifter and a trouble magnet. Could he be involved in a plot to overthrow the United States government?

Nicholas Colt…

Former world-class guitarist and private investigator. Now an operative for a super-secret federal agency called The Circle. Suddenly on the run for a crime he didn’t commit.

A ticking clock…

Three hundred feet beneath the Capitol building in Washington, DC, there’s an armored complex that only a handful of people know about.

Annex 1.

Built to eliminate any threat of cyber theft, it’s where the nation’s most sensitive files are kept.

It’s where the Jack Reacher files are kept.

Targeted now by his own organization, Colt must somehow penetrate the vault and retrieve the incriminating documents on Reacher.

Or die trying.

The fate of his family—and his country—might just depend on it.


Thorn by Intisar Khanani ebook deal

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by Intisar Khanani

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For Princess Alyrra, choice is a luxury she’s never had … until she’s betrayed.

Princess Alyrra has never enjoyed the security or power of her rank. Between her family’s cruelty and the court’s contempt, she has spent her life in the shadows. Forced to marry a powerful foreign prince, Alyrra embarks on a journey to meet her betrothed with little hope for a better future.

But powerful men have powerful enemies—and now, so does Alyrra. Betrayed during a magical attack, her identity is switched with another woman’s, giving Alyrra the first choice she’s ever had: to start a new life for herself or fight for a prince she’s never met. But Alyrra soon finds that Prince Kestrin is not at all what she expected. While walking away will cost Kestrin his life, returning to the court may cost Alyrra her own. As Alyrra is coming to realize, sometime the hardest choice means learning to trust herself.


Tethered by L.D. Davis ebook deal

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by L.D. Davis

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Donya Stewart’s chest filled with the soft beating wings of butterflies when she first met Emmet Grayne’s green eyes at the ripe age of five. Unable to identify the tugging pressure within her when in his presence, Donya moved through the first several years of her life addled by her feelings for the boy who was her best friend’s brother, and very much like her own sibling. But one cool autumn night in her mystifying teenage years, Emmet erases any ideas Donya has of him being anything like a sibling.

Donya and Emmet, unable to deny the invisible cord that fetters them together on an incredibly visceral level, begin a long journey on a road abounding with challenges, hurdles, and destructive forces. Their love for one another is absolute, and the emotional link between them is strong, but when they make a series of painful decisions and mistakes that pull them apart, the strength of that tether is challenged.

Donya’s career as a model took her around the world and away from Emmet who was working hard for his law degree. When Donya makes a hard decision for both of them, the tether between them stretches beyond what seems possible.

“The tether contorted and quivered and groaned in protest.”

With age comes maturity and hindsight. Will Emmet and Donya have to live apart and with the consequences of their choices? Happy endings aren’t always a guarantee, even for two people who were born into this world for each other. Will the link between them bring them together or prove to ensnare them in heartache?


The Witch Hunter: The Witch Hunter Saga #1 by Nicole R Taylor ebook deal

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The Witch Hunter

by Nicole R Taylor

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Zachary Degaud was twenty three when he died. The problem was, he didn’t stay that way.

Present day, he’s just another vampire with another unremarkable story. That is, until he manages to provoke a two thousand year old witch named Katrin, who wants to make him pay in the most horrible way imagined.

Along with his brother Sam, newly made vampire Liz and their only witch ally, Gabby, his only chance for survival is to summon the ancient and unpredictable vampire known as the Witch Hunter.

Zac is just looking for a way out of his psychopathic witch problems, but instead will find himself falling head first into a blood feud that has stretched thousands of years.

Aya has been asleep for the past 150 years, until she was awoken by a haunting call. The witch she has been hunting for thousands of years, Katrin, has resurfaced and marked a young, annoyingly arrogant vampire by the name of Zachary Degaud. Unless she does something, he will die a slow and painful death. He has given her an opportunity to end the witch, but does she want to help him or leave him to his fate?

Zac will get under her skin like no one else has and she just might find herself making the ultimate sacrifice before he is gone forever.

They will both have to choose sides and look deep within themselves before the end. But, what Zac learns about himself, will surprise him most of all.


Two Jakes: Two Complete Jake Scarne Thrillers by Lawrence De Maria ebook deal

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Two Jakes

by Lawrence De Maria

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SOUND OF BLOOD: In this, the first Jake Scarne thriller, the rogue New York City cop turned private eye is sent to Florida by a grieving father to uncover the truth about his son’s death — only to be caught in a chain reaction of revenge involving a financial empire built on murder, sex and fraud. Bodies pile up as Scarne finds himself in the crosshairs of a powerful media baron, vicious mobsters, homicide cops, the F.B.I. – and a beautiful, amoral woman.

This is the rare novel that has some critics praising it as a terrific financial thriller and others likening it to JAWS. But at the novel’s heart is a tragic love story that tests the boundaries of loyalty and loss. With crucial and colorful scenes set in New York, Florida, Georgia, Seattle, Argentina and the Caribbean, SOUND OF BLOOD will hook you right up to its last, stunning twist.

MADMAN’S THIRST: In his second outing, private eye Jake Scarne, haunted by his last case, has been letting himself go physically and mentally, content to cash easy paychecks. But then his best friend asks for a favor he can’t refuse. Seeking personal and professional redemption, Scarne sets out to find out who is behind the rape and murder of young girl.

The police are convinced the brutal crime was random. But right from the start Jake knows better. The only problem: He can never reveal the source of his information. The one person, a stone killer, who can prove what really happened has disappeared, and may even be dead. The seemingly hopeless search for the man pits Scarne against an assassin for the ages whose shadowy employer cannot afford to have the crime solved.


Thaddeus Whiskers And The Dragon by H. L. Burke ebook deal

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Thaddeus Whiskers And The Dragon

by H. L. Burke

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Thaddeus F. Whiskers is a pampered palace pet, a kitten enchanted to never become a cat. Princess Clarice loves him, for in the entire kingdom, there is no other kitten as cute or as clever. He leads a life of cushions and cream until a wizard’s “gift” results in his banishment. Determined to make it back to the princess he loves, he escapes into the wilderness where he discovers the lair of a dragon.

Grandious, the dragon, doesn’t care about anything besides himself. He wants to be left alone with his treasure. However, there is something about Thaddeus that has him entranced. He finds himself opening his home and his heart to the little cat.

Thaddeus is a small creature in a big world. Between him and his beloved Princess stand conniving wizards, would-be-step-mothers, and rampaging rats. However, when danger threatens both Clarice and Grandious, Thaddeus won’t allow his size to get in the way of saving his friends.


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