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(FREE on 11/23) Covert Reich by A.K. Alexander -
Covert Reich

by A.K. Alexander

Young, homeless, pregnant minority women and their unborn infants are dying in the emergency rooms in East Los Angeles…

When three pregnant, homeless women die within a week of one another inside the emergency room of County Hospital in East Los Angeles, Dr. Kelly Morales begins to question why and how. When Dr. Morales attempts to question her colleague pathologist Dr. Jake Hamilton he becomes agitated and obviously anxious at her questions. Hours later Dr. Hamilton is murdered.

A cryptic e-mail is sent to journalist Georgia (Gem) Michaels insisting she look into the brutal slaying of a San Diego County family in 2008 that was chalked up to The Mexican Cartel. The e-mail also insists she keeps an eye on her neighbor. At first, Gem thinks the e-mail is nothing but a joke, but her gut tells her that maybe checking out her handsome but odd neighbor is worth her time.

Terrorized and brutalized chemist Dr. Ryan Horner is being held against his will. He knows that if he does not do the bidding of a group who call themselves The Brotherhood that the lives of his wife and children are at grave risk.

In a race against good versus true evil, Dr. Kelly Morales, Gem Michaels, Dr. Ryan Horner, and Detective Tony Pazzini search to uncover the truth and expose it behind the deaths and murders that make up Project Covert Reich.

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(FREE on 11/23) Going Home Again: A Young Adult And Adult Romance Novella by Sarah Atkins -
Going Home Again: A Young Adult And Adult Romance Novella

by Sarah Atkins

Jana Martin was raised in a small town and left as soon as she graduated from high school.

She had been in love with a boy during high school, but he cheated on her so she broke up with him.

Ten years later, she has to return home to settle her grandmother’s estate.

Much to her dismay, she finds out that this boy is now the lawyer handling her grandmother’s estate.

She has to work closely with him as some relatives are trying to challenge the estate…

(FREE on 11/23) Forty-four Book Eight by Jools Sinclair -
Forty-four Book Eight

by Jools Sinclair

It has been six months since Emily Ross disappeared on a cold winter day while walking to her class at the University of Oregon. It has been six months without clues, without leads, without hope.

Detective Ellis Frazier is desperate. He knows it is only a matter of time before the investigation ends up as a cold case, dead and forgotten forever. At the end of his career, and his rope, he is willing to try anything.

Even if that means asking Abby Craig for help and stepping into her dark, colorless shadow world. A world inhabited by nightmares.

A world populated by ghosts.

(FREE on 11/23) Never A Mistress, No Longer A Maid by Maureen Driscoll -
Never A Mistress, No Longer A Maid

by Maureen Driscoll

Caught behind enemy lines at the Battle of Waterloo, nurse Jane Wetherby is forced to seek shelter with British operative Lord Edward Kellington. After a night of passion, the two are separated. With nothing but the alias Jane used to protect her family, Lord Edward is unable to find the woman he can’t forget.

Seven years later, Jane courts scandal by serving as the unofficial surgeon in the village of Marston Vale. When Edward arrives to formalize his betrothal to a viscount’s daughter in accordance with his late father’s wishes, Jane has no choice but to watch the match proceed. When a threat from the past emerges, Jane must join forces with Edward to safeguard her loved ones. But at what risk to her heart…

(FREE on 11/23) Sea Captain's Promise by Joyce A. Scott -
Sea Captain’s Promise

by Joyce A. Scott

If you’ve lost yourself, you need someone else to show you the way home.

When Thomas Quinn is eight-years-old, he asks a promise of an Irish sea captain: “If ever I should become like me father will you dunk me under the water ’til I cannot breathe? Will you, sir, please?”

The captain agrees.

Ten years later, Thomas is a womanizer, a thief and a drunk, who remembers a promise, but doesn’t know what it was about or who it was with.

While flirting with a young woman in the Galway marketplace, he is accosted by her grandfather. The man is gruff with him and knows too much about him.
Afraid, Thomas runs and goes on a drunken binge with his friend, Farrell. Late that night, they are knocked out by someone wielding a club.

When Thomas wakes, he finds himself tied to a ship’s yardarm by his ankles and dunked over and over into Galway Bay until he cannot breathe. Only then does he learn the young woman’s grandfather is the captain of the ship.

Kidnapped and taken out to sea, Thomas fights with the sailors, steals ale from the hold, runs from a battle with a female pirate and falls in love with the captain’s granddaughter.

But it isn’t until he finds out who he really is that Thomas’ restless soul finds its way home.

(FREE on 11/23) Hit List by R.J. Jagger -
Hit List

by R.J. Jagger

Up-and-coming associate attorney Kelly Ravenfield discovers she is on a stranger’s murder list and frantically searches for answers, not only to save her life but also to find out whether she was tricked into participating in a murder herself.

(FREE on 11/23) Wild Irish Roots: Prequel To The Mystic Cove Series by Tricia O'Malley -
Wild Irish Roots: Prequel To The Mystic Cove Series

by Tricia O’Malley

Margaret O’Brien’s life is about to change.

Growing up in the small town of Grace’s Cove, Margaret never knew that she was different. She didn’t understand why people were unnerved by her ability to see what others could not. When her mother explains that she is special, gifted, her world shifts forever. Desperately wanting to be normal, Margaret is determined to seal that part of herself away. It seems as though she might succeed – until Sean Burke steps into her life.

Sean is an apprentice on a fishing boat and is pursuing his dream of running his own fishing business. Tales of the fish pulled from the rumored-to-be-enchanted cove are legendary across Ireland, and Sean is determined to learn its secrets. What he doesn’t expect is to be blindsided by his love for Margaret.

Helpless to stop loving Sean, but unable to confess to her shameful secret, Margaret must face the truth about herself – or run away from it forever.

(FREE on 11/23) The Sweet Eaters by Lord Toph -
The Sweet Eaters

by Lord Toph

“Indeed children are sweet…

Yet they should be more

Than the sweets they eat.”

Excite your eyes and ignite your taste buds as you journey into the world of Silas, Sola, and Sam with this wonderful tale.

The Sweet Eaters warmly shows you the soft and innocent hearts of three jovial and rather rotund children, as they find bliss and lessons within their own indulgence.

From the traditional and colorful illustrations to the wonderfully written story, The Sweet Eaters reminds every reader young and old that the sweetest of treats should not always be the choice of what we eat.

(FREE on 11/23) Star Crossed by Jordan Taylor -
Star Crossed

by Jordan Taylor

How can you love someone unconditionally while knowing she will one day break your heart?

Liz and Tom long for a baby—not a dog. When Tom suggests adopting a puppy, Liz is unconvinced. She isn’t looking for a substitute. Then she discovers puppy raisers: the behind-the-scenes volunteers of the service dog world. The commitment is only for a year, not a lifetime, with help along the way from the organization through the joys and challenges of a new puppy. It all seems perfect. Perfect until it’s time to say goodbye….

(FREE on 11/23) The Missings by Peg Brantley -
The Missings

by Peg Brantley

Aspen Falls, Colorado.


Secrets within a community.

Secrets within a family.

Detective Chase Waters finds himself working the most interesting case of his career—one that comes closer to home than he could ever imagine.

Are the mutilated bodies of young men and women the result of cult… or commerce?

(FREE on 11/23) Shackled Lily by T L Gray -
Shackled Lily

by T L Gray

She vowed never to love…

One would hardly see a three-story mansion, unlimited bank account, and high-end clothes as a prison. But to Kaitlyn “Issy” Summers, her family’s opulence only represents pain, betrayal and fear. To deal with her heartbreaking past, Issy finds multiply ways to self-destruct and harden her heart from ever being hurt again.

He vowed to make her his…

Grant Forester won’t give up on the woman he has loved for years. He sees past the anger and bitterness to the wounded girl in need of healing. He has the secret to freedom if she would only trust him.

But when darkness and deceit surfaces, their ability to choose may become nothing more than an illusion.

(FREE on 11/23) The Arrival: An Epic Fantasy Romance by Nicole MacDonald -
The Arrival: An Epic Fantasy Romance

by Nicole MacDonald

Love can take you places you never knew existed.

Cat, Kassie, Sian and Loi are anything but damsels in distress. Bored with their current dating scene, the four women dabble in the arcane and cast a love spell to locate their soul mates. To their astonishment, they wake on another planet.


The Arrival follows the women as they stumble through a foreign and often hostile world, where myth is reality and sword and sorcery rule. The women set forth hoping to discover a way home but instead end up fighting for their lives. Help arrives in the form of five enormous griffons and their human riders—sent by Elena, the Sorceress of Elion, who desires to meet these new arrivals. Friendships are forged and love teeters on the horizon as the women begin to find their footing in this strange new world.

But Elena is not the only Sorceress to seek them.

Far South in the realm of Vo’Arum, Jenviet DeNaga senses the arrival of the four Earth women and recognizes the potential within them. Finally, the weapons she has coveted for so long have returned to the world of Gar’nyse and now the race is on to possess them.

(FREE on 11/23) 30 Delicious Dump Cake Recipes by Lori Burke -
30 Delicious Dump Cake Recipes

by Lori Burke

Dump Cakes are amazing cobbler desserts. In fact Dump Cakes combine the four qualities of the perfect dessert: Simple, Quick, Incredibly Delicious and Fun.

They are really simple to make and use fruit, spices, cake mix and butter. They are quick to make. The preparation time for a Dump Cake is 5 to 10 minutes. Baking is an additional 45 minutes to 1 hour. Delicious? A warm piece of Dump Cake cobbler with a scoop of ice cream melting over a buttery cake and mingling with vanilla and cinnamon and other spices is one of the most delicious desserts you can eat.

Finally making a Dump Cake is fun for both adults and kids. You dump fruit, spices, a layer of dry cake mix and pats of butter. Baking one of these wonderful cakes is a great project for the entire family.

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