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All In Vein by Mary Kipps ebook deal

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All In Vein

by Mary Kipps

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Victor has been a vampire for centuries but he is finding it increasingly difficult to stay well fed. The brazen nature of today’s prey is only part of his problem. Moravian vampire lore requires he attack in the nude. And now his nighttime stalking has caught the attention of a strange and arresting undercover policewoman.


Rejection Free: How To Choose Yourself First And Take Charge Of Your Life By Confidently Asking For What You Want by Scott Allan ebook deal

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Rejection Free

by Scott Allan

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Is your fear of rejection holding you back from taking massive action? Do you NOT ask for what you want for fear of getting a NO? Do you depend on the opinions of others to define your self-worth?

Do you wish you could take action without the fear of failing?
You can become Rejection Free and break your barriers of fear and self-doubt.
I know rejection hurts. We take it personally when people fail to give us what we desire the most. But getting rejected is a state of mind. It has power over you if you let it in by believing the worst. Rejection Free teaches you to free yourself from the feelings of shame and the fear of loss. By taking action, you release yourself from an emotional rollercoaster and learn to live your life with greater confidence.

In Rejection Free, you will learn how to …

  • choose yourself first no matter what people think of you.
  • ask for what you want without the fear of hearing NO.
  • break free of rejection in any situation that calls for you to be brave and confront your fears.
  • stop trying to please the wrong people and pay attention to the right ones.
  • realize that rejection isn’t all about you (and how inspiring this is!).
  • put an end to the trap of predictability and the ways it hurts your chances for success.
  • overcome your self-doubt and become great at asking for what you want the most.
  • desensitize yourself to rejection so you can handle anything that comes your way!


Christmas: Sara In Montana: Romance Series by Morris Fenris ebook deal

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Christmas: Sara In Montana

by Morris Fenris

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What happens when a California girl meets a Montana guy in the middle of a crisis?

Sara wished for a husband for Christmas this year and then married her boss. Now she is running for her life from him with a warrant out for her arrest, doesn’t want to be married anymore, and really needs a miracle to save her. To top off her week – she finds herself in the middle of a Montana snowstorm and sicker than she’s ever been.

Trent quit the FBI to return home and became a sheriff. As the most eligible bachelor in Castle Peaks, he’s had his share of women chase him, but has been disinterested; until now. He has a sworn duty to protect the town’s citizens and assist other agencies in doing the same. When faced with a suspect in a criminal case, will he make the arrest or lead with his heart?

Join Sara Brownell as she runs for her life, straight into the waiting arms of local sheriff Trent Harding. Throw in a life-size nativity and plenty of snow and watch the magic of Christmas come to life. time…”


Chain Of Mercy by Brenda S. Anderson ebook deal

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Chain Of Mercy

by Brenda S. Anderson

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Manhattan businessman Richard Brooks was at the top of the world, drunk with success, wealth, and women, and he proudly lived that prodigal lifestyle, until one disastrous evening, when that world came crashing down.

Richard flees to Minneapolis where he repairs ancient boilers instead of solving corporate problems, and he’s determined to live the solitary life he now deserves.

But Executive Sheila Peterson has other plans for the handsome custodian. Richard appears to be the perfect match for the no-strings-attached romance she’s after, but she soon discovers that he’s hiding more than the designer clothes in his closet.


Whiskey Devils by Brandon Zenner ebook deal

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Whiskey Devils

by Brandon Zenner

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Running a criminal enterprise is hard work: Evan Powers has become the new manager in Nick Grady’s well-established marijuana growing operation. Led by his roommate and best friend, little has changed in Nick’s secretive business since the late ‘60s, which is just the way the aging hippie would like it to remain. However, Nick’s complex past comes full circle, thrusting Evan in a scramble to decipher the truth behind the enigmatic lives of the people he holds dear. Deep in the woods, demons will be unleashed.


Out Of The Shoebox: An Autobiographic Mystery by Yaron Reshef ebook deal

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Out Of The Shoebox

by Yaron Reshef

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Did you ever get a phone call that changed your life?That is what happened to author of this book.

A mysterious unexpected phone call hurls Yaron Reshef into an intensive two-year journey, during which he has to solve a mystery that took shape in the 1930s and gradually unfolded in the present. A mysterious lot, a forgotten bank account, a people long gone ”” along with their memory which were obliterated during the Holocaust. All of these rise to the surface, bearing with them memories and emotions previously hidden away in the shoebox.

Out of the Shoebox is a fascinating journal that reads like a detective story, comes across as an imaginative quest into the past, yet is the true personal story of the writer, Yaron Reshef.


Hunted by K.F. Breene ebook deal

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by K.F. Breene

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With a new Chosen coming forward, Shanti has lost sight of her duty. With her plans unraveling, she does the only thing she can think of– frees her brother and a mysterious stranger from a Graygual camp before heading back to beg for Cayan’s aid.

Unfortunately, that stranger was precious to the enemy, guarded by one of the elite. A Superior Officer known as the Hunter, this man always catches his prey, and his focus is now on the elusive, violet-eyed girl and the man she ripped from the his hands.

With danger mounting, and one of the best constantly on her heels, Shanti will learn that running will never be enough.

She will unite them with her suffering, and lead them with her love.


The Treemakers: by Christina L. Rozelle ebook deal

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The Treemakers:

by Christina L. Rozelle

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“Stay on guard. Be aware of your surroundings. Notice the nuances. Cover your tracks. Always be prepared. Question everything. This is how you stay alive, Joy. This is how you keep the ones you love alive.”

The words of sixteen-year-old Joy Montgomery’s late father, Zephyr the Magnificent, urge her onward in this quest for truth and freedom, with the allusion that all is not as it seems in Bygonne.

Faced with the exhausting task of building mechanical trees that produce the precious oxygen they breathe, the Greenleigh orphan slaves piece together clues about the existence of a possible forbidden paradise beyond The Wall. To find the truth, shatter the illusions, and free the children, Joy must entrust the aid of an unlikely ally who harbors dangerous secrets.


Zombie Girl by A. Giacomi ebook deal

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Zombie Girl

by A. Giacomi

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Eve used to be an ordinary girl, from an ordinary town, with ordinary dreams, but her dreams rapidly turn into nightmares when one grave mistake leaves her a little less than human and a lot less average.

Eve’s not quite the same girl she used to be. She desperately clings to her humanity as new desires, new abilities, and new urges take over with each passing day.

Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl is a tale that takes you on an emotional and terrifying journey as Eve struggles to cope with her new life and find a cure for her strange illness before time runs out. She desperately clings to her humanity as she tries to control the monster she knows is lurking inside her.

Turns out living was the easy part.


Between Heaven And Texas by Marie Bostwick ebook deal

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Between Heaven And Texas

by Marie Bostwick

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In this luminous prequel to her beloved Cobbled Court Quilts series, New York Times bestselling author Marie Bostwick takes readers into the heart of a small Texas town and the soul of a woman who discovers her destiny there. . .

Welcome to Too Much–where the women are strong-willed and the men are handsome yet shiftless. Ever since Mary Dell Templeton and her twin sister Lydia Dale were children, their Aunt Velvet has warned them away from local boys. But it’s well known that the females in Mary Dell’s family have two traits in common–superior sewing skills and a fatal weakness for men.

While Lydia Dale grows up petite and pretty, Mary Dell just keeps growing. Tall, smart, and sassy, she is determined to one day turn her love of sewing into a business. Meanwhile, she’ll settle for raising babies with her new husband, Donny. But that dream proves elusive too, until finally, Mary Dell gets the son she always wanted–a child as different as he is wonderful. And as Mary Dell is forced to reconsider what truly matters in her family and her marriage, she begins to piece together a life that, like the colorful quilts she creates, will prove vibrant, rich, and absolutely unforgettable. . .


Navy Seal: Self Discipline: How To Become The Toughest Warrior: Self Confidence, Self Awareness, Self Control, Mental Toughness by Jason Lopez ebook deal

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How To Become The Toughest Warrior

by Jason Lopez

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The name “Navy SEAL” is synonymous with bravery, courage under fire, and honor.

These are the men, and one day soon the women, who stand out from their peers as being part of one of the most elite military groups in the world. They have proven that they have what it takes but the question is, do you?

Walk with us through the training regimen of the most feared and respected military force in the world as we take you through initial training to graduation day. Along the way you’ll learn some lessons about integrity, perseverance, and honor. You don’t have to be a SEAL to take these lessons and apply them to your daily life. You just need the right motivation and we’re here to give it to you.

Here’s just a few thing you’ll learn about:

  • • The Navy SEAL Fitness regimen
  • • How to train your mind for everyday battle
  • • Being aware of what’s happening around you
  • • How the tough keep mentally strong

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Navy SEAL? You might not be boot camp ready but when you’re done with Navy SEAL Self-Discipline you’ll be ready to take on life! What are you waiting for? Grab your copy today and start on the path to a new, more confident you!


Murder In Whitechapel by Aiden James ebook deal

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Murder In Whitechapel

by Aiden James

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Emmanuel Ortiz holds an ancient and dark secret…
His real name is Judas Iscariot.

Forced to walk the earth as a cursed immortal, Judas’ disguise as Emmanuel does little to ease his eternal loneliness. Having recovered nine of his thirty blood coins, his focus is not yet on redemption for his treacherous role in the betrayal of Jesus Christ.

Distractions come easily for the rich entrepreneur and sometimes sleuth who presently resides in England, 1888. Fascinated by the spate of murders in London’s poverty stricken Whitechapel, Emmanuel soon realizes the killings resemble others he is familiar with, and the bloody signature of killing and taunts speaks to the unholy talents of yet another immortal…an enemy from long ago.

This knowledge fuels his determination to track and apprehend the infamous Jack the Ripper at any cost.

With the backdrop of a Victorian Society, rigid and moralistic, along with the plight of those less fortunate, Emmanuel seeks to align himself with Scotland Yard. With the help of his immortal pal, Roderick Cooley, and by pretending to be an American private investigator interested in the horrific prostitute killings, he sets out to stop the senseless bloodshed. But, has he bitten off more than he can chew, by immersing himself in the slums and disease of the Ripper’s hunting grounds?


Written For You by Joseph Cognard ebook deal

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Written For You

by Joseph Cognard

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Somebody must have suggested Bob Curry write a book. He didn’t just wake up one morning with the idea. Or did he? Well at least working in a publishing company he should have no problem finding people to read it. Or will he? Read along as this dark comedic play moves quickly to an epic conclusion. Will you enjoy reading a play? Of course you will don’t forget it is and will always be Written for You.


The Wives Of Los Alamos by TaraShea Nesbit ebook deal

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The Wives Of Los Alamos

by TaraShea Nesbit

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They arrived in New Mexico ready for adventure, or at least resigned to it. But hope quickly turned to hardship as they were forced to adapt to a rugged military town where everything was a secret-including what their husbands were doing at the lab. Though they were strangers, they joined together-adapting to a landscape as fierce as it was absorbing, full of the banalities of everyday life and the drama of scientific discovery.

While the bomb was being invented, babies were born, friendships were forged, children grew up, and Los Alamos gradually transformed into a real community: one that was strained by the words they couldn’t say out loud or in letters, and by the freedom they didn’t have. But the end of the war would bring even bigger challenges, as the scientists and their families struggled with the burden of their contribution to the most destructive force in the history of mankind.


Radio Sphere by Devin terSteeg ebook deal

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Radio Sphere

by Devin terSteeg

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Like others of their generation, Elizabeth struggles to find meaning in the madness around her. She lives alone, until one day George, a young man seeking friendship, stumbles into her. Together they will leave the relative safety of Boston, seeking answers to the mystery of the crumbling world they inherited.

If you can hear me then you must be alive. You’re alive, right? That’s good. There aren’t many of us left. The water is looking at me again and I might need you.

The blue in the sky has burnt away and now it’s all brown, everything is brown, past, present, and future. I don’t know what I’m going to do. You’ll be my friend, right? Just us, in this whole big world.

Two hundred years into a post-apocalyptic world, humanity struggles with diminished resources and shrinking ambitions. Radiation has poisoned minds as well as matter and people are running out of the critical supplies of civilization.

Meanwhile, a mysterious alien race observes the ruins of humanity and tries to make sense of what it sees.

Something has waited for 200 years to provide all the answers. Will Elizabeth and George survive their journey into the forgotten past? Or are some questions better left unasked?


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