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Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there. Enjoy today’s selection of free ebooks!

(FREE on 6/15) The Living Night: Part One: An Epic Tale Of Vampires, Werewolves, Horror, Fantasy And Action by Jack Conner -
The Living Night: Part One: An Epic Tale Of Vampires, Werewolves, Horror, Fantasy And Action

by Jack Conner

Plunge into grand mystery and adventure in a world of vampires, werewolves and other immortals by the bestselling author of the Black Tower Trilogy.When a powerful figure in the Immortal Community is killed, two vampires, Ruegger and Danielle, are forced to go on the run to find out who ordered the murder and why. The two vampires are notorious throughout the Community for only feeding on humans that deserve it — murderers and rapists — as well as other immortals.

If an immortal steps out of line and preys on undeserving humans, Ruegger and Danielle will (if they can) take them down — and feed from them. Thus the two are sarcastically known throughout the Community as the Marshals.

Now, to stop the world from becoming embroiled in a vicious war, Ruegger and Danielle must follow the threads of a strange conspiracy that spans continents and many races, some exotic and particularly deadly.

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(FREE on 6/15) The Outlaw Preacher by John Andrews -
The Outlaw Preacher

by John Andrews

Ride from darkness to light with the legendary “Nine Ball” and the notorious Doomsayers outlaw motorcycle club. High speed violence and evil relentlessly pursues his soul from the gates of Folsom prison to the wild streets of Southern California. Hang on tight as this outlaw biker struggles to break free from his life as a violent marauder to answer the call of God. Journey with this death defying evangelist through desolation and pain to the mountaintops of blessing. Once you’re in this spiritual warfare street fight, there’s no turning back so grab your helmet, you’ll need it!

(FREE on 6/15) A Friend Like Annabel by Alan Davidson -
A Friend Like Annabel

by Alan Davidson

“I saw your friend Annabel in the High Street,” said Kate’s mother. “There was a duck following her around. It went into the newsagent’s after her.”

“Yes,” said Kate absently.

She’s completely bonkers – but then she’s British! Classic comedy featuring 13-year-old Annabel Bunce, her best friend Kate Stocks, their assorted schoolmates [and some fairly eccentric grown-ups!] in the small English country town of Addendon. Five complete stories in one volume.

(FREE on 6/15) Inevitable Act L by Johnie Jay -
Inevitable Act L

by Johnie Jay

Angel McCloud is done with love after experiencing a broken heart by her deadbeat boyfriend. Vowing to take a break from relationships, now its all about her. Angel wants to have a little fun and cater to her sexual beast without commitment and drama and with the handsome, star wide receiver from the Detroit Lions, her delectable-bodied personal trainer from the past visiting town, and a coworker that’s been sniffing up behind her for a while now, it seems like she will get that chance.

That is, if the sexy mystery man that keeps invading her life, thoughts and dreams, stops making her feel a craving that she never has before. Future Crowne used to be Mr. Nice guy and the hopeless romantic but it only seemed to get him overlooked and misused. What a difference 5 years can make. Future is now the epitome of a player and a ladies man and to protect his heart he has no problem giving women a dose of their own medicine.

(FREE on 6/15) Loving From Afar by Mona Ingram -
Loving From Afar

by Mona Ingram

What would you do if your perfect life was shattered by a series of uncontrollable events?

Allison Ransome loses everything; everything except her love for Cole Slater, the young man she planned to marry after graduation.

Gutted by Allison’s perceived treachery, Cole moves on with his life. Ten years later, he returns home, telling himself he will avoid the woman who broke his heart.

But nothing goes as planned. Can Allison and Cole forget the past and come to terms with the events that tore them apart?

(FREE on 6/15) Lies by John Michael Hileman -

by John Michael Hileman

Two men with miraculous powers: one sworn to secrecy; one the focal point of the entire world.


Jon Blake doesn’t trust the voices in his head, but they have proven they can give him everything he has ever dreamed, including the love of the beautiful deaf girl who has captured his heart. All they ask for in return is his complete submission.

But the more they reveal their incredible power–not only to him, but to the whole world through him–the more the line between good and evil is blurred. As family secrets are revealed, Jon finds himself on a journey of discovery that will lead him to make a horrifying choice.


The dark forces in Boston are not done with David Chance. He has cut them too deeply. And for that, he must pay.

When David’s son is abducted, he and his wife have to trust, one last time, in the author of the strange messages that appear in the sea of words around them. But will their faith survive when it is pushed to the breaking point?

(FREE on 6/15) Jacob's Daughter: Book One by Samantha Jillian Bayarr -
Jacob’s Daughter: Book One

by Samantha Jillian Bayarr

When twenty-eight-year-old LIZZIE BARLOW tries to run from her past, she finds herself hiding out in the same Amish community in which she grew up. With her ten-year-old daughter, Abby, in tow, she fears her secrets will catch up to her.

When ABBY discovers her real father may be living just down the road from where they are staying, she sets off on an adventure to meet him. What she doesn’t know are the many secrets that her mother never shared with her–the same secrets that will turn her life upside down.

JACOB YODER is an Amish widower, trying to raise his ten-year-old son, when his past shows up on his doorstep unexpectedly, threatening to change his life forever.

Will life ever be the same for Lizzie and Jacob again? Or will their mistakes change everything?

(FREE on 6/15) Dead Angler by Victoria Houston -
Dead Angler

by Victoria Houston

Retired dentist Paul Osborne hasn’t fly fished since his wife died. He hasn’t had a woman tell him what to do since then either. But in the company of Lewellyn Ferris, he’s relearning both. And when he and his lady instructor find a well-dressed body floating in the moonlight, Paul adds deputy to his list of experiences…

Whether the death is accidental — or accidentally on purpose — Lewellyn is determined to rell in the truth. She enlists Pail and his walleye-expert buddy, Ray, to help her get to the bottom of the murky mystery. Whoever thought small-town retirement could be this dangerous?

(FREE on 6/15) I Bring The Fire Part I : Wolves by C. Gockel -
I Bring The Fire Part I : Wolves

by C. Gockel

In the middle of America, on Route 44, Amy Lewis has a plan — to get to her grandma’s house in time for dinner. Galaxies away Loki is waking up in a prison cell, strangely without a hangover, and with no idea what he’s done wrong — this time anyway. But he does know Thor is hiding something, Odin is up to something wicked, and there seems to be something he’s forgotten…

In this tale that is equal parts “Another Fine Myth,” “American Gods,” and “Once Upon a Time,” a very nice midwestern girl and a jaded, still very mischievous Loki must join forces to outwit gods, elves, magic sniffing cats, and nosy neighbors. If Loki can remember exactly what he’s forgotten and Amy can convince him not to be too distracted by Earthly gadgets, women, or three day benders, they just might pull it off…

This first installment of “I Bring the Fire” is for anyone who suspects chaos and mischief makers might have their own redeeming qualities, and anyone who just wants a good fantasy romp through modern Earth, ancient Asgard, and beyond!

(FREE on 6/15) Cuernavaca by Richard Perhacs -

by Richard Perhacs

Scott Flores’ life implodes overnight.

All that he’s built—a promising career as a standout college professor, his reputation as a brilliant young anthropologist and a near perfect marriage to his beautiful wife—is leveled and none of his personal fortune can change what happens. Grappling with the devastating aftermath and battling his own personal demons, he finds himself on an airplane headed to southern Mexico and the city of Cuernavaca, at the desperate urging of his mentor, fellow anthropologist Jerry Dwyer.

The chance for a new start at a fascinating archeological dig turns into the ultimate test of character when he’s dragged into a shadowy underworld hidden behind the gritty charm of this new land. It’s an invisible world of good versus evil, black-market smuggling, merciless criminals and murder—all punctuated by a corrupt legal system.

Set in contemporary Mexico against the backdrop of a wildly-contested national election that touches Scott’s life in ways he doesn’t understand, Cuernavaca showcases the best and worst of a nation struggling to recreate itself as Scott struggles to earn his own second chance.

(FREE on 6/15) Don't Juggle Bees! And Other Useless Advice For Silly Children by Gerald Hawksley -
Don’t Juggle Bees! And Other Useless Advice For Silly Children

by Gerald Hawksley

Another silly rhyming children’s picture book from Gerald Hawksley!

DO say “please”, if you’d like some cheese.

DON’T attempt to juggle bees.

DO remember where you keep your toes.

DON’T balance an elephant on your nose.

Packed with completely useless advice and jolly illustrations, this charming rhyming picture book is a simple, silly guide to life, which will enlighten and entertain silly children (and silly adults) everywhere! A silly rhyming picture book for children by Gerald Hawksley, created especially for the Kindle.

And DO see if you can spot the mouse on every page!

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