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(FREE on 9/7) Paradise Rot by Larry Weiner -
Paradise Rot

by Larry Weiner

Kyle Brightman–late of the advertising industry and soon-to-be-late of the 5th floor psych ward–has a job offer he can’t refuse. A new resort in the Caribbean is looking for an art director. Kyle soon finds himself on the Isle of St. Agrippina working alongside a beautiful copywriter with an icy handshake. Questions arise: Why does the resort management team sport spray-on tans in the Bahamas? How can the resort offer such cheap vacation packages? What does one do with vats of Astroglide?

To get the answers, Kyle must first navigate a series of wildly unpredictable events with a cast of even more wildly unpredictable characters, including a seductress jungle assassin, her partially paralyzed talking Chihuahua, an Ivy League Rastafarian seaplane captain, Kyle’s ex-psych ward roommate, a former Haliburton mercenary, and a French tavern owner with a fondness for goats, all set to the greatest hits of the 70’s. Pablo Cruise never felt so right.

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(FREE on 9/7) The Good Soldier: Jack Noble Early Years Bundle by L.T. Ryan -
The Good Soldier: Jack Noble Early Years Bundle

by L.T. Ryan


In March of 2002, while the eyes of the world focused on Afghanistan, Jack Noble finds himself on the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq. A Marine in name only, Jack is on-loan to the CIA. Normally an integral part of the team, he finds that he is nothing more than a security detail in Iraq.

Jack and his partner Bear have a run-in with four CIA special agents over the treatment of an Iraqi family. Within hours Jack and Bear are detained.

All Jack wanted was to finish his enlistment and move on with his life. All he did was intervene and save a family from unwarranted violence at the hands of four CIA agents. But he soon discovers that he did far more than intervene. He has placed himself dead square in the middle of a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of the U.S. government.

This Jack Noble political thriller is not for the faint of heart!


Washington, D.C. Midday. A man waits at a bus stop, his intentions unknown. Two government operatives have been stalking him for days, waiting for him to make his move. Unexpectedly, the man takes off running and heads for a deserted warehouse.

Jack Noble and his partner, Frank Skinner, believe the man to be part of a terrorist organization that is involved in smuggling drugs and guns and men into the country. But it turns out their plan involves far more export than import, and hits a lot closer to home.

As the case in this explosive action thriller unfolds, the man behind it all reaches out to Jack with a simple message… 37 hours.

(FREE on 9/7) Dawn Any Minute by Nancy Frederick -
Dawn Any Minute

by Nancy Frederick

Alice has too much on her plate. As the owner of a children’s party restaurant, she’s understaffed, overextended, and the frequent brunt of parents’ complaints. At home, she has a relationship that never worked, an ailing great aunt, and a daughter whose personal crisis threatens the entire family. But to forty-year-old Alice, scarred and traumatized by a tragic accident in her teens, the present is far easier to handle than memories of her past. When a stranger arrives with a legal document from years ago, that’s only the beginning of a series of events which upturn her life and bring the devastating past back into the present.

When someone long gone returns to her, Alice feels that a miraculous turning point has arrived, and that she has the chance to embrace the life she dreamed of before everything was shattered. She finds the nerve to compete on a television cooking show, where she encounters a man who could become her business partner, but who wants much, much more. Can she allow herself to take necessary risks, in order to cast away her hand-me-down life and find success and true love, or is she destined always to be that wild, headstrong girl who can’t resist making faulty choices? Dawn Any Minute is a story of awakenings, in which hearts long slumbering arise from the ashes to claim a bright new day.

(FREE on 9/7) Needle by Craig Goodman -

by Craig Goodman

NEEDLE is a true story. Sometimes, I wish it wasn’t. Regardless, in many ways I still can’t believe it actually happened. After all, I’d graduated from a prestigious university, was reared in an affluent home and knew that drugs were for losers. In fact, I’m not even sure when the metamorphosis occurred—when I made the official leap from struggling musician to struggling junky—but it was definitely before I first stuck myself with a needle and began selling liquor camouflaged in fruit juice to underage children of the rich and famous.

Of course, that was merely the tip of the illicit iceberg as so much remains hidden in that shadowy world where dope dealers pose as sales associates in drug fronts disguised as clothing boutiques, and chemically dependent cabbies provide shuttle services to junkies on a quest for the perfect fix. But certainly, the veil of deception would eventually be torn away when I was banished to that awful place, that asylum for the wretched, where another horrific decision would seal my fate with the watery wreckage of an international tragedy.

***Profits from NEEDLE will be used to eliminate animal cruelty and improve the lives of homeless pets.

(FREE on 9/7) Far From Home by Megan Nugen Isbell -
Far From Home

by Megan Nugen Isbell

When Riley Regas moved from Boston to the small town of Carver, Kansas, she never expected the turn her life would take. She never thought she could be happy in Carver, especially after the betrayal she endured at the hands of someone she thought she loved. She was wrong.

It’s been six months since everything changed. Six months since Jesse stepped in and saved her. Six months since she realized she’d been in love with Jesse all along. Six months of happiness and Riley can’t wait to take the next step in her life with Jesse at her side.

But one night changes everything and the life she envisioned with Jesse is turned upside down. Jesse has always been there for Riley, and now it’s her turn to be there for him. Will the love they fought so hard to find be strong enough to see them through this or will it ultimately tear them apart?

(FREE on 9/7) 30 Delicious Poke Cake Recipes by Lori Burke -
30 Delicious Poke Cake Recipes

by Lori Burke

Poke Cakes are amazing and fantastic desserts. They exhibit the 4 key qualities of the perfect dessert: They are Simple, Quick, Incredibly Delicious and Fun!

These moist cakes are extremely simple to make. They are made with cake, pudding or Jell-O® gelatin, fruit spreads fresh fruit and a variety of toppings. You are only limited by your imagination in the ingredients you can use.

They are really quick cakes to prepare. You can make a simple but delicious Boston Cream Poke Cake in 1-1/2 hours and most of that time is baking time!

Poke Cakes are delicious cakes. One of my favorites is the Strawberry Poke cake which is a white cake with homemade strawberry syrup, homemade strawberry filling and sweetened whipped cream with fresh strawberries on top. The cake is a strawberry-whipped cream explosion that melts in your mouth!

Finally, making a Poke Cake is fun for both adults and kids. Kids just love to poke holes into the top of these cakes and fill them with Jell-O® gelatin or pudding. Poke cakes are great projects for the entire family.

(FREE on 9/7) Driven To Date by Susan Hatler -
Driven To Date

by Susan Hatler

Career-driven attorney, Jill Parnell, has worked long and hard to become a partner at Corbett, Gray, & Shaw. When the coveted position is given to the boss’s nephew, she does what any intelligent employee would do—attends a colleague’s wedding and schmoozes a high-powered partner at another law firm.

Her potential new boss has only one condition for her, that she demonstrate a personal life that will support a thriving career. Pretending to have a boyfriend is outside Jill’s comfort zone, but she invites the best man to act the part and Ryan is all-too eager to play her significant other. Sparks fly between them, but she reminds herself she’s only driven to date to get back on the partner track.

When Jill discovers Ryan is the lawyer who stole her promotion, her charade threatens to implode. But breaking off their pretend relationship could cost her the job of her dreams. And the more she gets to know Ryan, the more she’s tempted to tame the bad boy, and make him her own.

(FREE on 9/7) A Smudge Of Gray: A Novel by Jonathan Sturak -
A Smudge Of Gray: A Novel

by Jonathan Sturak

Detective Brian Boise is about to embark on the biggest case of his career. After being thrust into law enforcement on the footsteps of his father, Detective Boise finds himself on the trail of a murder suspect he could never have imagined, the mysterious businessman, Trevor Malloy. Trevor is an irresistible hitman with everything going for him, while Detective Boise is a cutthroat detective going against the grain. These two men, both breadwinners and keystones of their families, play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. They are a contrast of each other and as their game progresses, their worlds contort and the line between black and white blurs.

(FREE on 9/7) Surviving K2 by Wilco van Rooijen -
Surviving K2

by Wilco van Rooijen

Surviving two days in the Death Zone

In the summer of 2008 the ‘Norit K2 expedition’ climbed without additional oxygen the 8611 meter high peak of K2 in Pakistan. During the descent the expedition turned from triumph to tradedy. One of the biggest tradedy’s in mountain climbing history. Statistical every quarter ‘conqueror’ will die on the “Killer Mountain”. In 2008 11 climbers lost their life. The news was going over the whole world from CNN, Al-Jazeera, Sky News, BBC, New York Times etc.

Wilco van Rooijen, the Dutch expedition leader has been missing for three days and given up by the outside world. On his last strength he came back a life out of the ‘Death Zone’. The ‘Norit K2’ Expedition 2008 paid a high price. What exactly took place that August 1, 2008? How could this tragedy have taken place?

(FREE on 9/7) Invisible Prison: Novella by Mary Buckham -
Invisible Prison: Novella

by Mary Buckham

Magic is the last gift Alex Noziak wants but she must embrace it to gain her freedom.

Alex Noziak, part-witch, part-shaman is dumped into the middle of four hostile non-human females and expected to train as a team to protect humans from preternatural threats. Prison never looked so good in comparison.

(FREE on 9/7) Death Of Secrets by Bowen Greenwood -
Death Of Secrets

by Bowen Greenwood

The end of privacy as we know it?

Kathy Kelver nearly trips over a murder victim on her way back to her dorm room late one night. In his last words, the dying man gives her stolen data about a secret project that could blow the lid off a shocking conspiracy. From the halls of Congress to the National Security Agency and beyond, Kathy must run for her life from shadowy forces who want her dead, while trying to build a relationship and hang on to her faith. The secret she’s carrying could end the right to privacy forever, if she doesn’t survive to warn the world.

(FREE on 9/7) The North Wing by Susan Butler -
The North Wing

by Susan Butler

Dreary, desolate, shrouded. And most unnerving of all, forbidden. Such was the bizarre circumstance surrounding the north wing of Rochester Manor, as Abigail was about to discover.

Late in the summer of 1887, shortly after her 19th birthday, Abigail Parker’s life took an unforeseen turn. Although she wasn’t looking for love, it found her in the form of a handsome, wealthy stranger who swept her off her feet, and soon she would embark upon a journey filled with the promise of bliss. Exciting though it was, it was also daunting for her to enter into a lifestyle she was ill-equipped to handle. While this fact was evident, no one could have prepared her for the true challenge she was to face, and the staggering secret waiting to be unearthed in “The North Wing”.

(FREE on 9/7) Shelter by Tara Shuler -

by Tara Shuler

Two guys, one girl, and two dark secrets that threaten to tear her world apart.

Alice Wright is a young vampire going to high school for the first time at the age of seventeen at the behest of her eccentric mother. In many ways, she’s more afraid of the human students than they would be of her.

She feels lost and awkward in human society, but she soon develops a strong bond with the cousin of one of her human classmates, nineteen year old Kai. He is beautiful, but somewhat of an enigma. She discovers a dark secret in Kai’s life, and she instantly wants to shelter him from the pain that has tormented him all his life.

Then she meets Maksim Augustine, the incredibly gorgeous guy who seems more like he should be a model than a high school student. She is overwhelmingly attracted to him physically, but her love for Kai causes her to continually push him away. Eventually, she discovers a frightening secret about Max, too.

But Max’s secret threatens to destroy everything…

(FREE on 9/7) Everville: The First Pillar by Roy Huff -
Everville: The First Pillar

by Roy Huff

Owen Sage is the emblematic college freshman at Easton Falls University. With all the worries about his first year in college, he was not prepared for what would happen next. His way of life was flipped upside down when he mysteriously crossed into another dimension, into the beautiful land of Everville. His excitement was abruptly halted when he discovered that there was a darkness forged against both the natural world, which he knew well, and the new land which he discovered, Everville. He must devise a plan to save both worlds while joining forces with the race of Fron and The Keepers, whom both harbor hidden secrets he must learn in order to gain power over the evil that dwells in The Other In Between.

With a race against time to save both worlds, his short time at Easton Falls did not quite prepare him for the evil, dark forces he must fight in order to conquer The Other In Between.

(FREE on 9/7) Bubble Screen by David Chill -
Bubble Screen

by David Chill

A series of thefts are plaguing a local warehouse and the owner brings in Burnside to find out who’s behind it. The owner, a big donor to Burnside’s alma mater, USC, has an idea of who the culprit is. But theft quickly turns to murder and Burnside is plunged into an investigation where the tentacles expand well beyond a simple case of larceny.

The story leads Burnside onto the trail of people who have only one purpose in life, that being the pursuit of money. And they will do anything to acquire money and use any means necessary to keep it. And through it all, Burnside also has to come to grips with his relationship with his girlfriend Gail Pepper, and make a life altering decision about his future.

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