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(FREE on 10/23) No Perfect Secret by Jackie Weger -
No Perfect Secret

by Jackie Weger

A single secret begets a layer of lies.

Anna Nesmith believes she has it all–a great marriage, a dream job and a home of her own. When a State Department investigator begins asking questions, Anna’s ordered world implodes. Frank Caburn is man to the bone and manufactures testosterone like Frito Lay does chips. Instantly attracted to Anna, he is determined to make her his own–if only she can pick through the emotional rubble to find her bruised heart can love once again.

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(FREE on 10/23) Wish by Jake Smith -

by Jake Smith

James McConnell’s one wish is that his nine-year-old son will finally be healthy enough to play a game of catch. Then he and his wife, Emily, receive news they’ve dreaded: Aaron’s cancer has relapsed.

As the family steels themselves for a draining treatment regimen in yet another hospital, Aaron receives the gift of a lifetime—a personal visit from one of his favorite professional baseball players—and the chance to make a bold request, his wish: to see his dad play in one major league game.

A former college standout, James fears he doesn’t have the talent it takes, even for one game, and that he’ll miss what could be Aaron’s precious last weeks. Yet how can he refuse his dying son’s wish?

(FREE on 10/23) The Sixteen: Soul Jumpers - Book Two by Ali B. -
The Sixteen: Soul Jumpers – Book Two

by Ali B.

There are people out there who don’t die with their bodies. Their souls live on in the bodies of others. Some good, some bad—they are soul jumpers.

Nothing in Iris Brave’s world make sense anymore. Her father, Micah, is still alive—his soul survives in the body of a teenage boy.

It is up to Iris and a group of soul jumpers called the Sixteen to save Micah. To do so Iris must take on the unscrupulous leaders of the Council. Can she save her father? Will she survive?

(FREE on 10/23) The Rise Of Agnil by Susan Navas -
The Rise Of Agnil

by Susan Navas

When Aggie goes fishing on her own for the first time and is dragged into the river by a shape-changing elf, her life is turned upside-down. Everything she thought she knew about herself is about to be challenged.

Join Aggie on her journey of discovery, through a magical world of elves and an evil wizard.

(FREE on 10/23) The Search For South Pole Santa: A Christmas Adventure by JingleBelle Jackson -
The Search For South Pole Santa: A Christmas Adventure

by JingleBelle Jackson

The population alarm has gone off at the North Pole alerting the world that there will soon be too many children for Santa to serve! The search begins for a second Santa, South Pole Santa. Many people apply, but only six are selected to compete – including a teenage girl attending school far away on a remote tropical island. Cassandra Penelope Clausmonetsiamlydelaterra. . . wants the job, despite the odds against her and everything that goes wrong!

Can Sandra’s dream come true? Can she become South Pole Santa ? The polar opposite of Santa? And who, or what, is trying so hard to keep her from it?

This holiday family book is full of mayhem, magic, mystery, bad guys, dark caves and a good dose of elves. Not just for the Christmas lovers amongst us, anyone who enjoys a fun adventure where kindness reigns in the end, will enjoy this timely new holiday choice.

Oh, Oh, Oh!

(FREE on 10/23) The Teacher's Billionaire by Christina Tetreault -
The Teacher’s Billionaire

by Christina Tetreault

Callie Taylor’s life is turned upside down when she learns the truth about her birth following the death of her mother. Not only is her father alive, but he’s none other than presidential candidate Senator Warren Sherbrooke.

Billionaire and confirmed bachelor, Dylan Talbot, is devoted to his family. When his stepfather Warren Sherbrooke receives a letter from a past love telling him they have a daughter together, Dylan is instantly suspicious. In order to keep the media vultures away and protect Warren’s political aspirations, Dylan convinces Warren to let him handle the situation.

As Callie and Dylan spend time together, they can’t resist the feelings that blossom between them. However, when Callie learns the real reason he has been spending time with her their fledgling romance is put in jeopardy and only complete honesty can save it.

(FREE on 10/23) Blue Like Elvis by Diane Moody -
Blue Like Elvis

by Diane Moody

Do you remember where you were the day Elvis died?
I do. I know exactly where I was.
I was there.

In the summer of 1977, Shelby Colter moved back to Memphis, Tennessee hoping to make a fresh start after breaking off her engagement. Working as a patient representative hostess at Baptist Memorial Hospital–the world’s largest private hospital–she’s thrilled with her new job, assisting patients with their non-medical needs. She has to laugh at her colorful co-workers who constantly chat about Elvis-sightings. After all, Baptist Memorial was “Elvis’s hospital.”

Shelby hits the ground running, taking care of her patients, getting to know her new friends, and bumping into . . . Dr. Tucker Thompson? Who knew that annoying kid who used to hang out with her big brother was now a resident at Baptist Memorial Hospital? Little Chubby Tucker–a compassionate, handsome doctor?

As the summer rolls along, three people she loves face life-threatening situations, drawing Shelby back to her faith. And then one night, in a hospital prayer room, she pours out her heart to a most unexpected visitor . . .

(FREE on 10/23) Rogue by Jess Petosa -

by Jess Petosa

Ally lowered her hands and stared at the pile of ash in front of her. They made it four hours into their morning travels before they ran into another pair of Exceptional Guards. The Guards had approached Ally and her group with ease, expecting an easy catch. Once again, Ally had raised her hands and eliminated the Guards before they took another step toward her or the others. She stood over the pile, breathing heavily.
She felt Stosh come up beside her, his arm brushing against hers.

“Seven,” she said in almost a whisper.

“I know,” he responded, taking her hand in his.

Ally is finally outside the City walls, with her brother and her best friends.

Luke is still inside the City walls, with no memory of the girl he once loved.

Life in the Wilderness is dangerous, and they soon find out that they are not alone. Will Ally continue her journey to the Southern City, or will she risk it all to help the boy she loves?

(FREE on 10/23) The Ming Storytellers by Laura Rahme -
The Ming Storytellers

by Laura Rahme

It is the 15th Century. At the dawn of the Ming Dynasty, three women’s path will cross and of their journey, a tale will be born.

An imperial concubine, a Persian traveler and a mysterious storyteller.

Three women, one story.

This is BEIJING. A city seething with mystery and royal intrigue.

Once a palace orphan, the wilful Min Li has only ever sought to please, even if that means pleasing Emperor Zhu Di. Now a powerful concubine, Min Li unearths a terrible secret concealed within the walls of Beijing’s Imperial city. Driven to despair, she seeks help from her lover, Admiral Zheng He. But this will spark a chain of events that even sets Beijing’s palace on fire. Min Li’s fate is sealed but her true enemy is not who she thinks.

The Ming Storytellers is a historical tale of 15th century China that sweeps across the palaces of Nanjing and Beijing into the mountainous villages of Yunnan, where a mysterious shaman holds the key to a woman’s destiny.

Across the oceans, from the bustling bazaars of Southern India to the lush shores of Zanzibar, nothing is quite what it seems.

For the eyes and ears of the Ming Emperor are ever near.

(FREE on 10/23) Cave Planet: The Portal - Book Two by Luke Meier -
Cave Planet: The Portal – Book Two

by Luke Meier

Leo and his Bernese mountain dog, Bucky, are back. Together they must save their friends with the help of Leo’s Dad and help to bring peace to the universe.

Leo’s friends are still trapped on a faraway Planet waiting for Leo and Bucky to return while back on earth Leo must trick his mother and best friend into believing that nothing has changed, and convince his father that all of this crazy alien stuff is real!

Will Leo be able to bring back help to the Cave Planet? Will his Dad believe him? Can Leo and Bucky save their new found friends from the droids that rule the Cave Planet?

(FREE on 10/23) Cookies And Treats For Christmas And Beyond: Delicious, Year-round Family Favorites by Carol Floyd -
Cookies And Treats For Christmas And Beyond: Delicious, Year-round Family Favorites

by Carol Floyd

Do you want to make recipes that have been made over and over for years, that are tried and true?

Do you love baking with recipes that you know have been made year after year to rave reviews? This book has over 40 recipes that are family favorites.

Do you enjoy finding recipes that are quick and easy to make?

Do love having a large selection of baking in your freezer so you can build a gift basket of treats at a moment’s notice?

Do you enjoy baking together with your family?

Do you find as Christmas gets closer you don’t have time to bake? (Many of the recipes can be frozen for up to three months).

Are you looking for recipes that will become part of your family’s annual traditions?

Have you thought about making your own liqueurs for yourself or for gifts?

Have you thought about having a special brunch?

Then this book is for you! What are you waiting for? It is time to start baking…

(FREE on 10/23) Cobweb Bride by Vera Nazarian -
Cobweb Bride

by Vera Nazarian

Many are called… She alone can save the world and become Death’s bride.

What if you killed someone and then fell in love with them?

In an alternate Renaissance world, somewhere in an imaginary “pocket” of Europe called the Kingdom of Lethe, Death comes, in the form of a grim Spaniard, to claim his Bride. Until she is found, in a single time-stopping moment all dying stops. There is no relief for the mortally wounded and the terminally ill….

Covered in white cobwebs of a thousand snow spiders she lies in the darkness… Her skin is cold as snow… Her eyes, frozen… Her gaze, fiercely alive…

While kings and emperors send expeditions to search for a suitable Bride for Death, armies of the undead wage an endless war… A black knight roams the forest at the command of his undead father… Spies and political treacheries abound at the imperial Silver Court…. Murdered lovers find themselves locked in the realm of the living…

Look closer–through the cobweb filaments of her hair and along each strand shine stars…

And one small village girl, Percy–an unwanted, ungainly middle daughter–is faced with the responsibility of granting her dying grandmother the desperate release she needs.

As a result, Percy joins the crowds of other young women of the land in a desperate quest to Death’s own mysterious holding in the deepest forests of the North…

And everyone is trying to stop her.

(FREE on 10/23) Sticks, Stones, And Dragon Bones by Evelyn Ink -
Sticks, Stones, And Dragon Bones

by Evelyn Ink

A door that leads nowhere…

a key to open it.

A map of a land that doesn’t exist,

and a monster that does.

Four sisters; a hypochondriac scientist, a mordant writer, and two feisty twins aspiring to be pirates, set off to retrieve their eldest sister who has been kidnapped into an unknown world.

Their adventure involves a grim prophecy from the oracle Sybil, help from a rugged viking named Barnabas, and the ever terrifying presence of Brakkus the dark-hooded villain who is in constant pursuit of them. The four sisters must work together to outwit the creature Brakkus, face their fears, and unravel the clues of an ominous prophecy to find their sister before time runs out…

“Follow the river of blood and you will find a coffin of leaves… You will find her in the clutches of two great forces seeking power. They both prowl behind curtains of violence, but one can deliver only evil and the other, possible freedom. The one you seek is in the jaws of the deliverers, but you must hurry, for like meat thrown to dogs she will be ripped apart.”

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