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The Color Of Heaven Series Boxed Set: by Julianne MacLean ebook deal

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The Color Of Heaven Series Boxed Set:

by Julianne MacLean

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The first three books in the acclaimed Color of Heaven Series are now available in this special collection which continues to delight readers worldwide.

Book 1: The Color of Heaven

A deeply emotional tale about Sophie Duncan, a successful columnist whose world falls apart after her daughter’s unexpected illness and her husband’s shocking affair. When it seems nothing else could possibly go wrong, her car skids off an icy road and plunges into a frozen lake. There, in the cold dark depths of the water, a profound and extraordinary experience unlocks the surprising secrets from Sophie’s past, and teaches her what it means to truly live…and love.

Full of surprising twists and turns and a near-death experience that will leave you breathless, this story is not to be missed.

Book 2: The Color of Destiny

ighteen years ago a teenage pregnancy changed Kate Worthington’s life forever. Faced with many difficult decisions, she chose to follow her heart and embrace an uncertain future with the father of her baby and her devoted first love.

At the same time, in another part of the world, sixteen-year-old Ryan Hamilton makes his own share of mistakes, but learns important lessons along the way. Twenty years later, Kate’s and Ryan’s paths cross in a way they could never expect, which makes them question the possibility of destiny. Even when all seems hopeless, could it be that everything happens for a reason, and we end up exactly where we are meant to be?

Book 3: The Color of Hope

Diana Moore has led a charmed life. She’s the daughter of a wealthy senator and living a glamorous city life, and is confident her handsome live-in boyfriend is about to propose. But everything is turned upside down when she learns of a mysterious woman who lives and works nearby – a woman who is her exact mirror image.

Diana is compelled to discover the truth about this woman’s identity, but the truth leads her down a path of secrets, betrayals, and shocking discoveries about her past. These discoveries follow her like a shadow.

Then she meets Dr. Jacob Peterson—a brilliant cardiac surgeon with an uncanny ability to heal those who are broken. With his help, Diana embarks upon a journey to restore her belief in the human spirit, and recover a sense of hope – that happiness, and love, may still be within reach for those willing to believe in second chances.

Other books in this series:






“Full of high emotional moments and unexpected twists and turns, these Color of Heaven books are impossible to put down.” – New York Times bestselling author, Emily March


Outsiders by Tammy Ferebee ebook deal

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by Tammy Ferebee

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Something greater than human…

Jaylen Hayes knows that she is different from all other seventeen-year-old girls. Possessing extraordinary intelligence, she is also uncannily powerful and inexplicably hated by wild animals. But it is not until she transfers to Trinity High that she learns the truth about who—and what—she really is.

Instinctively drawn to two new classmates—the intense and passionate Indigo, and the charismatic and breathtakingly gorgeous Michael—Jaylen soon learns the shocking secret of their shared heritage, and the bloodline that extends to the stars. However, all is not what it seems, and Jaylen soon finds her newfound security threatened when a trusted friend becomes a dangerous and vengeful enemy.


Love Being You: 7 Strategies To Help You Discover Who You Are, Stop The Comparison And Live A Life Worth Living by Crista Braun ebook deal

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Love Being You: 7 Strategies To Help You Discover Who You Are

by Crista Braun

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Have you ever felt like everyone around you was just better off than you? Do you often feel like you will never get to where you want to go, never achieve your dreams and goals? Maybe you wonder if you will ever just be able to love your life, make a difference and live with joy like you know deep down that is possible…

This easy-to-read and practical book will not only help you gain confidence in who you are but it will also show you tips and strategies to achieve your greatest goals right now in your life. It will help you let go of constant comparison to everyone around you and encourage you to step up into who you were born to be and become on this earth.

We just can’t get it around it. Everywhere we look, we can see the same invisible thoughts racing through the minds of thousands of teens, young adults, older adults and so on.

You may be one of them.

The thoughts that you are facing are these: Am I enough? Do I even matter? Why does it look like everyone else is killing it in life and I’m just here, struggling to get by. You are stuck in an unhappy rut of feeling inadequate. You doubt more than you dream. Not because you’re not a dreamer but more because the noise of the world is draining out the gentle, small melody of your life’s purpose…

“Love Being You” will help you deal with those lies you have built up in your mind. Through the compilation of a series of strategies that you can begin to start implementing immediately, you will start to achieve greater fulfillment, joy and purpose in your life than ever before. You will start to realize that YOU have something amazing to give to the world and you will realize that any goal is achievable when you start taking small steps in the right direction every day.


Stake-out by Lily Luchesi ebook deal

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by Lily Luchesi

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In a city overrun with the undead, an ex-cop is given a chance to get revenge…

Danny Mancini is on a case, following a murder suspect. When he catches him, he finds out that the perp isn’t even human: he’s a 200 year old rogue vampire!

The department doesn’t believe him, and puts him on early retirement, despite his many years of service to the Chicago Police Department, which sends him into a downward spiral.

Two years later, Danny gets an invitation from the beautiful, young and very attractive Detective Angelica Cross to join a secret branch of the FBI to help her track down Vincent, the wayward vamp.

But renegade werewolves, meddling immortal witches and Danny’s strange visions of a life lived a century ago with Angelica make things more difficult than it should be.


Magic Of The Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain ebook deal

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Magic Of The Gargoyles

by Rebecca Chastain

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Mika Stillwater is a mid-level earth elemental with ambitions of becoming a quartz artisan, and her hard work is starting to get noticed. But when a panicked baby gargoyle bursts into her studio, insisting Mika is the only person she’ll trust with her desperate mission, Mika’s carefully constructed five-year plan is shattered.

Swept into the gritty criminal underworld of Terra Haven, Mika must jeopardize everything she’s worked so hard for to save the baby gargoyle from the machinations of a monster—and to stay alive…


Sara's Song by Fern Michaels ebook deal

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Sara’s Song

by Fern Michaels

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New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels is back with a beautiful, bittersweet tale of two lonely people who find heart-healing love, only to be torn from each other’s arms. For everyone who loved Dear Emily, here is another poignant Fern Michaels novels to savor–a story of love, grief, passion, renewal–and incredible second chances.

A brilliant career and loving friends weren’t enough to heal Dr. Sara Killian’s aching heart. For brief, magical moment, world famous rock star Dallas Lord was part of her life.

Then he was suddenly and tragically taken away.

But before he disappeared, Dallas gave Sara a priceless gift–a beautiful love song written just for her. It’s a legacy that will take Sara places she’d never dreamed of–into intrigue, betrayal and deadly danger. And, when she meets Adam Lord, Dallas’s older brother, she will find herself torn–between Adam, the most attractive and complicated man she’d ever known, and Dallas, the man her heart won’t let her forget. . .


Murder In The Kitchen by Kennedy Chase ebook deal

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Murder In The Kitchen

by Kennedy Chase

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Amateur sleuths Harley and Cordelia leave their posh London home for the wilds of Scotland where hijinks ensue. As a favour to aunt Maggie, they’ve agreed to help run a murder mystery event in a remote mansion.

But when a friendly dog leads Harley to a body, it’s clear Harley has a real murder mystery on her hands. And to make matters worse, a ferocious blizzard keeps them trapped inside.

With a motley crew of guests, including a paranormal investigator who believes the Frazier estate is cursed, Harley has to uncover the dark secrets of the guest’s and the mansion’s past if she’s to discover the killer. But what she discovers will rock the Frazier house to its very foundations.

“I love Harley and quick wit. I wish she and Cordi were my friends. I can’t wait to read more about their adventures.”


Love Surfaced by Michelle Lynn ebook deal

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Love Surfaced

by Michelle Lynn

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The equations are simple.

Piper Ashby + Brad Ashby = Twin Siblings

Brad Ashby + Tanner McCain = Best Friends

Piper Ashby + Tanner McCain = Off limits

Tanner and I abided by the rules. We stayed on our designated sides of the relationship circle.

Ignoring swarming butterflies.

Brushing off skipped heartbeats.

Settling on lingering stares.

Here’s the secret … a hand extended over that invisible line once, exponentially changing the equation. I was convinced we could make our relationship work until Tanner broke the trust he embedded in me from the age of seven.

One deceit of mega proportions and the relationship we built for that short month vanished. I swore never to speak to him again and it’s worked. Until now—two years later, when my brother’s wedding places me face-to-face with the best man—Tanner McCain.

Leaving one equation to be solved. Can love surface twice?


Dark Space by Jasper T. Scott ebook deal

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Dark Space

by Jasper T. Scott

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Ten years ago the Sythians invaded the galaxy with one goal: to wipe out the human race.


Now the survivors are hiding in the last human sector of the galaxy: Dark Space–once a place of exile for criminals, now the last refuge of mankind.


The once galaxy-spanning Imperium of Star Systems is left guarding the gate which is the only way in or out of Dark Space–but not everyone is satisfied with their governance.


Freelancer and ex-convict Ethan Ortane is on the run. He owes crime lord Alec Brondi 10,000 sols, and his ship is badly damaged. When Brondi catches up with him, he makes an offer Ethan can’t refuse. Ethan must infiltrate and sabotage the Valiant, the Imperial Star Systems Fleet carrier which stands guarding the entrance of Dark Space, and then his debt will be cleared. While Ethan is still undecided about what he will do, he realizes that the Imperium has been lying and putting all of Dark Space at risk. Now Brondi’s plan is starting to look like a necessary evil, but before Ethan can act on it, he discovers that the real plan was much more sinister than what he was told, and he will be lucky to escape the Valiant alive. . . .


Lincoln's Last Hours by Charles Augustus Leale ebook deal

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Lincoln’s Last Hours

by Charles Augustus Leale

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.


Through The Looking-glass by Lewis Carroll ebook deal

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Through The Looking Glass

by Lewis Carroll

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Life as a Chess Match

“In a Wonderland they lie, Dreaming as the days go by, Dreaming as the summers die: Ever drifting down the stream- Lingering in the golden gleam- Life, what is it but a dream?” – Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

Alice from Alice in Wonderland is back this time trying to get a sense of a whole new different imaginary world. He goes through the looking-glass and ends up being part of a chess match. She is a mere pawn and in order to be crowned queen she must move all the way to the eighth rank. Can she do it?


Coal: Book One Of The Everleaf Series by Constance Burris ebook deal

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by Constance Burris

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Coal has lived most of his life in the fey realm with his elven best friend, but when a human child he promised to protect unintentionally breaks a law in front of the fey elite, he will have to choose between betraying his best friend or saving the child’s life.


Abaddon's Eve by Rachel Starr Thomson ebook deal

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Abaddon’s Eve

by Rachel Starr Thomson

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To Alack, a young shepherd boy, Kol Abbadon’s visions of coming destruction fascinate and disturb. But when Alack begins to see visions of his own, the course of his life changes as he treks into the wilderness to become a prophet in training.

Left behind, Rechab, a trader’s daughter whom Alack loves, must choose to change her own life when a pagan god claims her for its own. Salvation can only be found on the run, in the friendship of an infamous merchantwoman with a checkered past, and under the eye of another God.

The stars tell the story of a terrifying doom, a war between gods, and the fates of Alack, Rechab, and all they love. But the end of the story—and whether they can change their own future—is a mystery they must journey to discover.


The Earl's Defiant Wallflower by Erica Ridley ebook deal

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The Earl’s Defiant Wallflower

by Erica Ridley

Get this book for ONLY $1.87

Oliver York returns from war to find his father dead, his finances in arrears, and himself the new Earl of Carlisle. If he doesn’t marry an heiress–and fast!–he and his tenants are going to be pitching tents down by the Thames. He definitely shouldn’t be trading kisses with a penniless debutante… no matter how captivating she is!

Miss Grace Halton is in England just long enough to satisfy the terms of her dowry. But a marriage of convenience isn’t as easy as she’d hoped. Back in America, her ailing mother needs medicine only Grace’s dowry can afford. Which means the dashing earl she can’t get out of her mind is the one man she can’t let into her heart.


Beyond The Pond by Jennie Samuel ebook deal

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Beyond The Pond

by Jennie Samuel

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In a small Texas town, not far from the Red River, stands an old home. Sterling Manor was built by Cathryn Price a long time ago. She chose this spot for a very special reason, and built a pond on her land. Today, her great granddaughter lives in the home with her son, Brady. But, things have changed. Does nine year old Brady Dawson really know what’s going on beneath the water of his pond? He knows something’s wrong, but what is it? When night prowlers try to get rid of Brady’s dog, the pond is now open for fish dinners. If only Thalia could help! She’s was appointed by the Creator long ago as guardian of the land, but she’s dying and losing her power to keep hungry animals away and the pond safe. The answer if for Olivia, a new fish in the pond, to journey through an ancient passageway deep beneath the earth. She’s searching for a hidden spring and the only one who can save Thalia. Olivia’s adventure not only encounters danger, but she discovers a secret kept safe by Brady’s grandmother for over fifty years.


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