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(FREE on 7/29) Falling For Rain by Meadow Taylor -
Falling For Rain

by Meadow Taylor

Will coming home mean heartbreak or happiness?

When Emily was eighteen, her mother died in an accident on their farm in rural Ontario. Devastated, Emily vowed never to suffer the loss of love again. She fled to Toronto and transformed herself from a farm girl into a sophisticated businesswoman. Now, ten years later, having made good in the big city, Emily is back to sell the family farm and put her past behind her forever. However, she didn’t count on finding Ray Storm, the farmhand she had nicknamed Rain as a child, more attractive than ever. But as Emily struggles to come to terms with the tragedy of her mother’s death and learns to trust again, Rain harbours a secret that he fears will keep them apart forever.

(FREE on 7/29) Star Brigade: Resurgent by C.C. Ekeke -
Star Brigade: Resurgent

by C.C. Ekeke

In the year 2403, Earth’s former citizens are now a leading species in the Galactic Union of Planetary Republics, a star-spanning bastion of peace and diversity.

If faced with terrorist threats of extraordinary origins, one of the Galactic Union’s primary military weapons is Star Brigade– a special operations unit dedicated to terminating such threats quickly and quietly.

But an old enemy returns on the eve of the largest trade merger in interstellar history, with a deadly vendetta that could bring the Union to its knees. And with Star Brigade’s reputation tarnished after a past mission gone tragically wrong, the cost of failure has never been higher.

(FREE on 7/29) The Adventures Of Don And The White Animals: Children Adventure & Education by Meir Eshel -
The Adventures Of Don And The White Animals

by Meir Eshel

Do you love animals as much as Don?

Find out what Don does for them.

The main character of the book is a six year old boy named Don White. Don is gifted with a mysterious power: from birth, he has had the ability to communicate with animals of all kinds, especially with white animals that have a birthmark on their right limbs ”” the same birthmark that Don has on the palm of his right hand.

When Don realizes his powers, he nominates himself as the “Ambassador of all animals” and fights for their rights in a naive yet glorious way, as only a child can do.

The animals not only gather around Don, but they also come to his rescue in times of trouble and defend him from attackers in spectacular, curious, amusing and nonviolent ways.

(FREE on 7/29) Murder In The Winter by Steve Demaree -
Murder In The Winter

by Steve Demaree

A murderer delivers a note that he is about to commit a murder which no one can prevent. A heavy winter snowstorm both aids and impedes the police as they try to discern the relevance of footprints and tire tracks they find in the snow.

(FREE on 7/29) International Paleo Bbq Recipes: 59 Paleo Perfect Recipes For You To Bbq On Your Stove Top, Oven, Crock Pot Or Grill, All Paleo Perfect, Gluten-free, Low ... by Tag Powell -
International Paleo BBQ Recipes

by Tag Powell

Have A Paleo Perfect Fun BBQ Party!

59 delicious BBQ recipes from around the world. All Paleo Perfect, Gluten-Free,

Low Carb, and Dairy-Free. Every one of your needs is served by this collection. In a quick hurry, have a friend who is a vegetarian, don’t have a grill? No problem we have BBQ recipes for any occasion. Unforgettable BBQ dishes you can cook on stove top, oven, crock pot or grill. Just to give you an idea these recipes include: 12 luscious BBQ Rib, 9 BBQ Beef, 5 BBQ Pork, 4 BBQ Seafood, 4 BBQ Lamb, everyone’s favorite 22 BBQ Chicken dishes, and more. Remember Chicken is favored by many and is budget friendly

Is the BBQ secret really in the sauce? The truth is yes but most recipe books give you two or three “Secret Sauces” but we contacted the world’s best “Pit Masters”. Who have shared with you 19, yes 19, different Secret Sauce recipes. BBQ to please everyone at your party.

(FREE on 7/29) Livin' Lahaina Loca by JoAnn Bassett -
Livin’ Lahaina Loca

by JoAnn Bassett

It’s Halloween night in Lahaina, Maui, and the Mardi Gras of the Pacific is in full swing. But wedding planner Pali Moon isn’t in costume–she’s on a mission. A bridesmaid has vanished and Pali’s canvassing Front Street, ducking into every overcrowded waterfront watering hole hoping to spot a girl with long red hair and a lingerie model’s figure. No luck. Back at her car, Pali opens the door and finds the remnants of a bizarre trick or treat stunt. Turns out, Halloween in Lahaina isn’t just a night for island high-jinx, it’s also a night for vengeance.

(FREE on 7/29) Dark Secrets by A.M. Hudson -
Dark Secrets

by A.M. Hudson

How can you be attracted to a guy who just said he wants to kill you?

Ara-Rose asks herself the same question. She’s been torn away from her old life, thrown into a new one in a new country, and in the midst of death, heartache and depression, she finds herself in love with a vampire–one who kills people with his teeth!

But the vampire is forbidden to fall for this human, and at the point Ara-Rose decides she can’t live without him, he pulls away and leaves her falling back to the darkness he woke her from. She will be caught up in a century-old feud among brothers, and the fight for love becomes a fight for her life.

The only question now is whether her beloved vampire will find her in time, or leave her to face a destiny he triggered with their first kiss.

(FREE on 7/29) The Chimera Vector: The Fifth Column 1 by Nathan M Farrugia -
The Chimera Vector: The Fifth Column 1

by Nathan M Farrugia

The Fifth Column: the world’s most powerful and secretive organization. They run our militaries. They run our governments. They run our terrorist cells.

Recruited as a child, Sophia is a deniable operative for the Fifth Column. Like all operatives, Sophia’s DNA has been altered to augment her senses and her mind is splintered into programmed subsets.

On a routine mission in Iran something goes catastrophically wrong. Bugs are beginning to appear in Sophia’s programming and the mission spins out of control.

(FREE on 7/29) Signs And Wonders by Alex Adena -
Signs And Wonders

by Alex Adena

Annie Grace grew up as the daughter of a faith healing crusader who told her she could perform miracles. But 25 years later, after she has inherited her late father’s ministry, Annie’s only remaining conviction is that she is a fraud — a fear she must face when the district attorney confronts her about the ministry’s past. As a pesky television reporter hounds her and a U.S. senator subpoenas her to testify before Congress, Annie is forced to reveal the truth to herself and to the world. When she does, mysterious things begin to happen. What is the meaning of these signs and wonders?

(FREE on 7/29) Accidental Leigh by Melanie James -
Accidental Leigh

by Melanie James

How does a girl become a witch? By accident, of course!

Leigh Epstein is a grief stricken and lonely elementary school teacher that is devastated by the brutal and unexpected death of her true love at the hands of a careless writer. She overcomes her grief by taking matters in her own hands and takes up a little romance writing to resurrect her vampire-werewolf book-boyfriend. Leigh gets more than she bargained for when she discovers that every steamy erotic scene she creates is magically reenacted by her family, friends and coworkers.

In her hilarious first diary, Leigh unwittingly sets her parents up for a weekend dinner party that they will never forget. She has two weeks to find out what her new found magic is capable of. Can she prevent a wild encounter that could devastate her sweet parent’s marriage? What and who else will get caught up in her magic spells?

(FREE on 7/29) The Memory Box by Eva Lesko Natiello -
The Memory Box

by Eva Lesko Natiello

A group of privileged suburban moms amuse themselves by Googling everyone in town, digging up dirt to fuel thorny gossip. Caroline Thompson, devoted mother of two, sticks to the moral high ground and attempts to avoid these women. She’s relieved to hear her name appears only three times, citing her philanthropy. Despite being grateful that she has nothing to hide, a delayed pang of insecurity prods Caroline to Google her maiden name—which none of the others know.

The hits cascade like a tsunami. Caroline’s terrified by what she reads. An obituary for her sister, JD? That’s absurd. With every click, the revelations grow more alarming. They can’t be right. She’d know. Caroline is hurled into a state of paranoia—upending her blissful family life—desperate to prove these allegations false before someone discovers they’re true.

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