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Awaken by Michelle Bryan ebook deal

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by Michelle Bryan

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The world is broken. Tara is alone. But within her a power grows.

The Shift destroyed the world. All that remains is the harsh and unforgiving sand lands. Food is scarce; water even more so. And Tara has just discovered that she’s been lied to her entire life. The world as she knows it does not exist. She is not the ordinary girl she thought herself to be. Instead, she is one of a unique breed known as New Bloods – revered by some, hunted by others.

Tara is no stranger to hardship. But when her village is destroyed and the young people taken by the merciless Prezedant, she must quickly learn how much of a fighter she can become.

Gathering a ragtag fellowship on her way, she embarks on a quest into the unknown to find what remains of her family. Little does she realize how dangerous it will be. Or how it will change her–and perhaps the world–forever.



The Mirror Of Doom by Bailey Baxter ebook deal

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The Mirror Of Doom

by Bailey Baxter

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Never trust ANYONE who smells like lavender and Fritos Corn Chips.

That’s what my creepy Uncle Edgar smelled like — right before he pushed me through a mirror!

Fortunately, the mirror was magic, so I didn’t get hurt.

Unfortunately, the mirror was a doorway to another world — a medieval land of castles, kings, and an assortment of dangerous creatures. And I got stuck there with my older brother and sister, Ron and Kat, who can be extremely annoying. (I’m sure you know what I mean.)

Oh, my name is Tim (not Timmy) Hunter. You probably should know that.

Anyway, within like ten minutes, we’re chased by a galrog (a scary creature that eats kids like me for lunch) and arrested by a grouchy prince named Gavril for trespassing in some stupid forest. Oh, but it gets worse from there.

Gavril’s dad, King Gunther, believes a prophecy about strangers coming from a distant land to defeat an evil queen named Morissa and deliver the land from great tyranny — or some nonsense like that. And he thinks we’re the ones!

Dumb, right? Even dumber, King Gunther commands us to go on a mission to steal the queen’s magic mirror — the source of her evil power — or rot in a dungeon.

We choose the mission, of course. We’re not stupid. But, we quickly find that all is not as it seems. (It turns out Gavril has a few secrets.) Not only that… those galrogs show up again — and attack us in the middle of the night. And, we have to fight off enemy soldiers and a dragon.

Yes, you read that right. A DRAGON!

Come on! I’m a 12-year-old kid with zero sword-fighting skills and the athletic ability of a slug. How am I supposed to survive galrog attacks, soldier ambushes, and really wicked queen when I can barely pass gym class?



Sing For Me: A Contemporary Sweet Romance by Trisha Grace ebook deal

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Sing For Me: A Contemporary Sweet Romance

by Trisha Grace

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Chloe Brooks has been living in Italy for years. She has everything she wants: a successful career, the ability to make sure she is as far away from her parents as possible, and an almost equally successful boyfriend.

One phone call from a dear friend brings her back to the States, to her old neighborhood where she comes face to face with her childhood crush, Christopher Hunter. And one look into his eyes brings back all the memories and feelings she thought she had long forgotten. Feelings she shouldn’t have.



The Boy Who Wanted Wings: Love In The Time Of War by James Conroyd Martin ebook deal

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The Boy Who Wanted Wings: Love In The Time Of War

by James Conroyd Martin

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Aleksy, a Tatar raised by a Polish peasant family, holds in his heart the wish to become a Polish hussar, a lancer who carries into battle a device attached to his back that holds dozens of eagle feathers. As a Tatar and as a peasant, this is an unlikely quest. When he meets Krystyna, the daughter of the noble who owns the land that his parents work, he falls hopelessly in love. But even though she returns his love, race and class differences make this quest as impossible as that of becoming a hussar. Under the most harrowing and unlikely circumstances, one day Aleksy must choose between his dreams.



The Ghost Of Blackwood Lane by Greg Enslen ebook deal

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The Ghost Of Blackwood Lane

by Greg Enslen

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For years, the witness protection program has kept Gary Foreman safe from the horrors he left behind. He’s got a new career and new friends, but they can never know his real name or where he comes from. But the program can’t protect him from the relentless dreams of a young woman in danger. It’s the same dream, night after night, and Gary is helpless, unable to stop the dream’s inevitable and horrifying conclusion. The woman seems strangely familiar…is she someone from his dark past? Is she even real? All he knows for certain is that she needs his help, or she will die.



Roam by Erik Therme ebook deal

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by Erik Therme

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When Kevin finds Sarah stranded by the side of the road, he’s more than willing to give her a ride. Young, beautiful and distraught—she’s everything a single guy could ask for in a girl. What he doesn’t know is that she already has a guy: an abusive, drunken boyfriend who left her there in a fit of rage. And when that boyfriend comes back and finds Sarah missing, a simple ride will turn deadly.

Like Josh Gaylord and Daniel Kraus before him, author Erik Therme explores the angst of disconnected youth in his enthralling and powerful Roam. Therme’s darkly tinged novel is an unforgettable tale of three errant souls brutalized by life’s cruel circumstances, and a remarkable night of discovery and violence that will change them forever.



Clockwise: A Young Adult Time Travel Romance. by Elle Strauss ebook deal

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Clockwise: A Young Adult Time Travel Romance.

by Elle Strauss

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Casey Donovan has issues: hair, height and uncontrollable trips to the 19th century! And now this-she’s accidentally taken Nate Mackenzie, the cutest boy in the school, back in time. Awkward.

It’s the eve of the American Civil war and protocol pressures Casey to tell their hosts that Nate is her brother. No one more surprised than she is when they are forced to share a one room worker’s cabin. Super awkward.

Nate’s slow to accept their new reality but when he does, he realizes he needs Casey to get back. His nearness is intoxicating to Casey, but she keeps her cool by hanging a privacy blanket and staying aloof. Knowing Nate has an evil girlfriend waiting for him at home helps.

Over time Casey gains the attention of a handsome, wealthy (and unwanted) suitor, and something changes in Nate. Are those romantic sparks or is it just “brotherly” protectiveness?

When they return to the present, things go back to the way they were before: Casey parked on the bottom rung of their school’s social ladder and Nate perched high on the very top. Except this time her heart is broken. Plus, her best friend is mad, her parents are split up, and her younger brother gets escorted home by the police. The only thing that could make life worse is if, by some strange twist of fate, she took Nate back to the past again.

Which of course, she does.



Some Lucky Woman: Jana's Story by Carmen DeSousa ebook deal

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Some Lucky Woman: Jana’s Story

by Carmen DeSousa

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Some lucky women meet the man of their dreams and live happily ever after. Some lucky women focus on a career and make their own happily ever after. And then some women wake up after fifteen years of marriage and discover that their luck just ran out … right into the arms of another woman.

Jana Embers isn’t one to sit back, though. The first thing Jana realizes she needs to do is empty the joint bank account, then she’s thinking she might take a tire iron to her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s truck. After that, she’s not sure what she’ll do … Maybe she’ll adopt a cat.

Very quickly, Jana decides she doesn’t need a man. A perfectly sized and shaped device and writing about the perfect hero will more than suffice. Determined to share her philosophy, she pens You Don’t Need a Man, encouraging women everywhere to go out and experience life instead of waiting for a man to complete them.

Three years later, Jana has a New York Times bestseller and a contract for a movie adaptation, but she also has a shoulder injury, which has put a crimp in her new carefree lifestyle. Worse yet, she can’t write. Her only hope is Dr. Adrian Kijek, a renowned physical therapist who hates her simply because she wrote a book about not needing a man, or so she thinks …



Camping Cookbook: 26 Camping Recipes That Make Cooking Outdoors So Easy... Anyone Can Do It by Rory Botcher ebook deal

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Camping Cookbook

by Rory Botcher

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Imagine this for a second… You’re sitting around the campfire with your friends/family. You smell nothing but the fresh air of the outdoors, that amazing pine smell, birds chirping, the leaves blowing in the wind, and you’ve got your favorite camp grill in front of you (or camp fire for those of you who prefer the old-fashioned way).

You grab your favorite recipe out of your great new camping recipe book, that you downloaded for a great price, and get cooking. Everyone’s laughing, having the time of their life and you’re the new favorite go-to camper. Sounds like a good time?



Investing Isobella: A Sci-fi Horror by Jason Werbeloff ebook deal

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Investing Isobella: A Sci-fi Horror

by Jason Werbeloff

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Paul Sanders is a desperate man. He and his daughter, Isobella, are weeks away from living in the Gutter.

Enter Jono Falanges, a greasy stockbroker who promises Paul all the money he needs, and more. The only catch is, Paul must invest Isobella’s health on the stock market.



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