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Popular Questions

Are these books really free?

Yes, they are really free… at the time they are posted. Authors put their books for free for a few days as a marketing tool. We will only post books if they are free when I post them. Unfortunately, we have no control over how long it stays free. ALWAYS check the price when you go to Amazon, before buying. As a way to promote their Prime membership, Amazon promotes that some books can be free with Prime. These are not free for everyone, so make sure it says: Kindle Price: $0.00.

So yes, they are really free, but be sure to check if they may not be free anymore.

How do I get these free ebooks?

All you have to do is click on the link on our website, which will send you to Amazon (this works better on a computer, rather than a Kindle). Then, if the “Kindle Price” says “$0.00”, click the “Buy Now with 1-click” button. Then, open your Kindle and you will see the new ebook on there! Enjoy it!

Can you please get ______ for free?

I wish I could make books free! Unfortunately, I do not control when books go free, I simply let you guys know when they are free. Books from popular authors such as Nora Roberts and John Grisham usually do not go free ever. That said, there are plenty of great books from some great up and coming authors whose books you can get for free. Subscribe to our mailing list to learn about free books each and every day!

How come a book on your site is no longer free?

Authors use temporarily free promotions to get the word out about their book. At any point in time, they may end this promotion. These promotions usually only last a few days, but sometimes as short as 1 day and other times it could be permanently free. When we post a book as being free, it is free at that point in time. You need to be quick and be sure to download it. Always make sure the Kindle Price says $0.00 before clicking the Buy button. If it says any other price, it is no longer free.

OOPS! I paid for a book. Can I get a refund?

If you accidentally bought a book that you thought was free, no need to worry! All you need to do is just give Amazon a call at 1-866-321-8851 and they can take care of it for you. You can also take care of it yourself. Login to your Amazon account, click on “Manage Your Kindle” and find the book that you accidentally bought, and using the dropdown next to it, click for a refund.

Now, if you do too many refunds in a period of time, Amazon may revoke that right, so be sure to pay attention when getting a free ebook that it is indeed still free.

You also may want to consider just reading the book! While we love free ebooks as much as the next person (we own a whole website about them!), paying for books is what keeps these authors going as well. So, if it is a book you do actually want to read, and you accidentally bought it, maybe consider keeping it. But, refunds are easy to do as well, as described above.

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