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About Hooks

What Are Hooks?

Hooks are simply samples or excerpts of books provided by authors to help you get a feel for a book before you buy the book. Plus, it is a great way to find out about new books you may not have known about before.

Know if a book is for you by reading the Hook here at Hooks by eBooksHabit.com!

Why Just An Excerpt?

Authors work hard to write and publish their books. Months and months of work and money out of their pocket to create something great for readers like you to enjoy! Some authors offer their books for free (get those free ebooks each day over at eBooksHabit.com), but not all authors use that promotion strategy.

We feature free excerpts of books to allow authors to find new readers, in a new way, by allowing those future readers to read a bit of their books for FREE. This is a win-win for authors and readers! Readers get to find great new books to read (while not having to spend money on books they don’t know if they will like or not), and authors get to find new readers.

Why Don’t You Have a Hook For                      ?

Hooks are only featured on our site at the authors request, due to copyright laws. We can’t just go take samples of books and feature them here without permission. But, if you’re interested in seeing your favorite author’s books featured here, tell them! Let them know about our website, send them to our website (or more specifically, our author info page), and tell them you would love to read a Hook from them! Hopefully they will allow us to feature the Hook! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so that you don’t miss out if they let us feature a Hook!

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