The Portrait

by P.G. Glynn
The Portrait by PG Glynn
This haunting love story across time tells of Joseph Glenny, an artist who long ago lost the love of his life. After mourning her for many years, he is stunned to meet a girl who looks at him with his dead wife’s eyes. Is Jess who she seems - or can it conceivably be that Lara has found her way back to him? As Joseph tries to make sense of his feelings, Jess fights hers - especially after suddenly coming face-to-face with a portrait that takes her breath away.

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Captain HookThe Portrait

Revenge is Sweet

by Betta Ferrendelli
Revenge is a dish best served with blood… In Revenge is Sweet, the sequel to The Friday Edition, Samantha Church is back and the stakes are higher than ever. In a sinister quest to settle the score, the drug dealers she thwarted are no longer motivated by money or politics, they want one thing and one thing only: Revenge…

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Captain HookRevenge is Sweet

Today’s the Day: Seven Week Fitness Plan

by Ann Musico
seven day
Today's the Day Seven Week Fitness Plan is a blueprint for true wholeness that you can adapt to fit your needs and lifestyle. Any “diet” will cause you to lose weight – temporarily. Making lasting, healthy changes – spirit, soul and body – is what you want. Rather than just addressing weight loss physically, you will apply each of the 4 keys: detox/cleanse; nourish/fuel; exercise/intentional exertion and rest/reboot to your spirit, soul and body.

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Captain HookToday’s the Day: Seven Week Fitness Plan

Malspire: Dark Seas

by Nikolai Bird
There is a rot at the heart of the Emben Empire. Malspire, a cripple known as the Undertaker is the bitter twin of the perfect Imperial hero and yet it is Malspire who is fated be the one who can save the world. What he must decide is whether or not he cares. When his beloved brother vanishes, he makes his choice. The story is a dark fantasy set in an epic world of mighty sea battles, sinister agents, rebellion, ancient magic and cults. This is Malspire’s story as seen through his eyes.

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Captain HookMalspire: Dark Seas

Downing in the Shallow End

by Charlie Mellor
A darkly comic memoir about a secret obsession, revealing the depths to which people can sink, before they realise they’re in too deep… For years, all Charlie Mellor wanted was to meet the alluring Pennie Fenton. Unfortunately for him, this wish came true. Captivation with the corrupting Miss Fenton quickly developed into an overpowering infatuation which sent his life spiralling out of control and jeopardised everything he held dear. It was because of Miss Fenton that he lost touch with his family and friends, got involved with the occult, upset members of the Greek Underworld and even volunteered one of his own fingers to be crushed by a sadistic stranger. Before he could free himself from her curious charms, he would need to acknowledge her real identity and expose the deep, dark secret she had kept hidden from him. Only then, would he find the courage to rebuild himself through a bizarre appearance on national television, where in front of millions of viewers, he would abandon all dignity and reveal the full extent of his downfall.

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Captain HookDowning in the Shallow End

The Girl From Long Guyland

by Lara Reznik
Laila Levin enjoys a successful marriage and a thriving career as an I.T. executive in Austin, Texas, but she can't quite shake her lifelong sense of not truly belonging anywhere. When her company announces a major layoff, Laila finds herself caught between an unscrupulous CEO and her promiscuous boss. Then news of her college roommate's suicide stirs up a dark secret involving three devious friends from her past. One has betrayed a vow, another wants to rekindle their romance, and the third is out for revenge. Suddenly for Laila, it's 1969 again. She's only seventeen, and she's left her sheltered home in Long Island for college in Connecticut. Amid protests of the Vietnam War, she's tempted by the sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll that rule her generation. Laila gets swept up in a deceptive love triangle with two older locals and initiated into their unethical hippie family. Too late she realizes her search to belong has led to tragedy. Laila must now juggle the demands of her perplexed husband and her baby boomer past forcing her to make choices that endanger her survival and challenge her conscience. She learns that the lines between right and wrong are often blurred, and sometimes you have to risk everything to be true to yourself.

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Captain HookThe Girl From Long Guyland

Egyptian Moon – Return

by Max W. Miller
egyptian moon
The perfect boyfriend with a bright future The haunting from a demi-god from a past life The stalking by a mystery guy having his own purpose Megan Smart’s life takes a downward spiral after a visit to a New York Museum. She had a memory about a beautiful room and a visitation from an Egyptian couple that nearly sent her over the edge. And then her personality began to change. How will Megan adjust to her new college life with all these frightening episodes? How will she hold on to her relationship with Tyler when a dark stranger has caught her attention?

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Captain HookEgyptian Moon – Return

Shannon’s Law

by Emma Calin
Moved out from the city after one-too-many maverick missions, Shannon discovers there's more going on in this sleepy country village than meets the eye. The son of a local aristocrat arouses suspicion of drug crime activity... but his widower father arouses more animal instincts! As a loner she has attracted men but nothing has stuck. When she meets Spencer, the hunky and widowed Earl of Bloxington, there is an immediate rapport between them. Their social differences mean nothing to their passion and need. Already in the mix is an upper class female rival who has long plotted her way into the Earl's bed. The jealousy is an evil shade of green and the anger is a violent scarlet. Could she really mix with the British royal family? Can she risk her heart and career on yet another high risk unauthorised investigation? Can she get justice for an innocent boy? Dare a kid from the gutter dream of being a countess?

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Captain HookShannon’s Law