Busy Dizzy

by Dr. Orly Katz
This motivational story for children ages 4-8, tells the tale of Miss Young's class and their unexpected visitors: Busy Dizzies. Or, in other words, the strange little negative voice that sometimes comes near and whispers into your ear…

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Millie & Honey – The Blue Angel Planet

by J. D. Means
Where would you go if you had a machine that would take you anyplace you wanted --- instantly? A Rescue and a Near Death Experience is not what you would expect to find on a nearly perfect world like the beautiful Blue Angel Planet. This is a fast paced adventure that has it all. Millie and Honey begin with a nightmare and rush to unravel the mystery that surrounds the dream they share, only to find that sometimes the real thing is more bizarre than the dream. Hold on to your seats as this knuckle biting adventure twists and turns, with lots of unexpected outcomes. More questions are asked than get answered in this volume. Maybe it will all come together in the next.

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Captain HookMillie & Honey – The Blue Angel Planet