Malspire: Dark Seas

by Nikolai Bird
There is a rot at the heart of the Emben Empire. Malspire, a cripple known as the Undertaker is the bitter twin of the perfect Imperial hero and yet it is Malspire who is fated be the one who can save the world. What he must decide is whether or not he cares. When his beloved brother vanishes, he makes his choice. The story is a dark fantasy set in an epic world of mighty sea battles, sinister agents, rebellion, ancient magic and cults. This is Malspire’s story as seen through his eyes.

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Captain HookMalspire: Dark Seas

The Adventures of Princess Lau

by Martin P Kerrigan
Princess Lau is the only Chinese princess living in a castle on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. A kind, sweet, determined and somewhat opinionated young princess, she lives a happy life with her parents. Her dad, who rules the world, or so he says, and her mom, who rules the castle and goes shopping. One evening, on her way to learn wing chun kung fu, Princess Lau is enveloped by white, blazing, freezing light. When next she opens her eyes, she is in a new world. A world of dragons, gods, a Dark Lord and a massive Army of Darkness. A beautiful and strange world that has called her to fulfil an ancient prophecy and undertake a sacred quest. In this world she meets an eight inch tall, arrogant and naughty dragon, named Robert, an incredibly handsome, though dumb as a box of rocks god, named Bread and a great white shark named Norman, who does not play golf. With her odd companions, she embarks on her sacred quest to save Holoworld from the evil Dark Lord. A story of love, romance, comedy, fantasy and weirdness, The Adventures of Princess Lau is unique. Try it. You will be surprised. I was.

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Captain HookThe Adventures of Princess Lau