The Portrait

by P.G. Glynn
The Portrait by PG Glynn
This haunting love story across time tells of Joseph Glenny, an artist who long ago lost the love of his life. After mourning her for many years, he is stunned to meet a girl who looks at him with his dead wife’s eyes. Is Jess who she seems - or can it conceivably be that Lara has found her way back to him? As Joseph tries to make sense of his feelings, Jess fights hers - especially after suddenly coming face-to-face with a portrait that takes her breath away.

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Captain HookThe Portrait

Shannon’s Law

by Emma Calin
Moved out from the city after one-too-many maverick missions, Shannon discovers there's more going on in this sleepy country village than meets the eye. The son of a local aristocrat arouses suspicion of drug crime activity... but his widower father arouses more animal instincts! As a loner she has attracted men but nothing has stuck. When she meets Spencer, the hunky and widowed Earl of Bloxington, there is an immediate rapport between them. Their social differences mean nothing to their passion and need. Already in the mix is an upper class female rival who has long plotted her way into the Earl's bed. The jealousy is an evil shade of green and the anger is a violent scarlet. Could she really mix with the British royal family? Can she risk her heart and career on yet another high risk unauthorised investigation? Can she get justice for an innocent boy? Dare a kid from the gutter dream of being a countess?

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Captain HookShannon’s Law

The Ghost of Calico Acres

by Bonnie Turner
A psychological ghost story: Haunting memories lurk in the shadows of this mysterious walk from the past. When Dr. Marc St. Clair inherits his eccentric aunt Miriam’s old Victorian house at Calico Acres, in southwestern Wisconsin, her Last Will and Testament states that he and his invalid wife, Summer, must live there for one year before they can own it. Despite the fact that the house is rumored to be haunted, Marc falls in love with it and accepts Miriam’s generous offer ... against Summer's wishes. But after a disastrous honeymoon, and a riding accident that left his beautiful wife confined to a wheelchair—bitter and full of self-pity—he believes that for their marriage to work, they must move away from her meddling parents. Summer hates the spooky house on sight when they arrive at Calico Acres with their housekeeper, Josephina, on a cold, snowy January day. As unexplained events occur throughout the year, Summer, Josephina, and even their gossipy neighbors try to make Marc give up his insane idea of owning the house. But Marc is determined to stay. He desperately wants the house and feels a strong connection with his late aunt, although he had never met the woman and his family never discussed her except to say she was crazy. Dr. Marc searches the house for details of Miriam’s life, while his wife is forced to confront secrets from her own past. He must discover who or what is haunting Calico Acres before the year is up, or risk losing his inheritance, the woman he loves, and perhaps even his mind. Little does he realize how close he is to losing all three.

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Captain HookThe Ghost of Calico Acres

A Dream Unfolding

by Karen Baney
The promise of a new life and a chance to start over... Hannah Anderson had the life she always wanted, married to the man of her dreams. When her husband's brother gets in trouble with the law, the town turns against them, shattering her perfect life. Now they are left with only one choice--to head west to the Arizona Territory in the hopes of creating a new life. Will the journey be worth the cost? Will Colter, after burying his father, is forced to leave the ranch he has called home for nearly thirty years. The journey is dangerous, challenging him and his men. Will he find the new life he was hoping for? Or, is there a new dream quietly unfolding before their eyes?

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Captain HookA Dream Unfolding

The Merzetti Effect

by Norah Wilson
1020 - The Merzetti Effect
Delano Bowen has been a medical doctor for a very long time. More than 170 years, in fact. For much of that time, he’s been searching for a way to reverse the curse foisted on him by a vampress who sought to own him. With the emergence of medical technology, he now also aims to develop a vaccine to protect the vulnerable from predation by rogue vampires. After a century of searching, he thinks he's found the key to his vaccine – a surviving descendent of the Merzetti family. The Merzettis were virtually hunted to extinction over the years by rogue vampires who feared the anti-vampirism properties in their blood. A foundling, nurse Ainsley Crawford has no idea that she carries a genetic gift, and Delano aims to keep it that way. He must keep her close, and ignorant, for he can leave nothing to chance. He manipulates events to ensure her unwitting cooperation. But when Delano's arch enemy Radak Janecek mounts an all-out assault to destroy Delano and the fruits of his research, Delano is forced to draw Ainsley even closer to protect her. Inevitably, the attraction that has sparked between them from the first flares hot and urgent. Ainsley sees no reason why that attraction shouldn't be consummated, but Delano knows succumbing to it is not just ill-advised; it could literally be the death of him.

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Captain HookThe Merzetti Effect

Know When to Run

by Connie Flynn
1017 - Know-when-to-run
Ky Taylor woke up one morning on a Mississippi riverboat casino with a huge headache and no idea who she was. With the help of new friends she rebuilt her life. Now, nearly two years later, a tall dark man with killer good looks comes after her. A bounty hunter, who claims she killed her father then ran out on her bail. She says he's got the wrong woman. He says she's guilty as sin. One of them is right . . . Suddenly so many people are after her she can't tell the good guys from the bad guys. But one thing she can do is KNOW WHEN TO RUN. Did she kill her father? She doesn't remember and you won't know yourself until the very end.

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Captain HookKnow When to Run

The Foreigner

by P.G Glynn
Marie Howard dreams, in 1919, of being elevated from understudy to leading lady at the Tavistock Theatre. She does more than just dream! Marie schemes to replace temperamental actress Dolly Martin, oblivious to possible consequences. Before long, loved by London audiences and adored by two very different men, Marie is forced by events into a course of action that changes her life more dramatically than any role she has played on-stage. As Hitler rises to power in Germany, Marie deals with personal loss and also with the increasingly deadly enmity between her husband and his vengeful brother. Who will win the life-long battle being waged between them? And what surprises await Marie in war-torn London?

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Captain HookThe Foreigner

Starlet’s Web

by Carla J. Hanna
1009 - Starlets Web
The Starlet Series is a snapshot of a Hollywood star's life as she gains independence from those who control her every move. This is not a paparazzi-laden story. It is a realistic, coming-of-age fiction. The actress is a Lawrence or Steinfeld, not a Lohan. She's an isolated actress with the responsibility of the success of multimillion dollar projects - a product of Hollywood - a young woman.

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Captain HookStarlet’s Web