Egyptian Moon – Return

by Max W. Miller

About The Book

The perfect boyfriend with a bright future
The haunting from a demi-god from a past life
The stalking by a mystery guy having his own purpose

Megan Smart’s life takes a downward spiral after a visit to a New York Museum. She had a memory about a beautiful room and a visitation from an Egyptian couple that nearly sent her over the edge. And then her personality began to change. How will Megan adjust to her new college life with all these frightening episodes? How will she hold on to her relationship with Tyler when a dark stranger has caught her attention?

Get Up To Speed

Megan Smart was normally shy and reserved until she touched a dusty piece of a clay tablet in the basement of a New York museum. Immediately, her index finger tingled like a bee had stung it and she understood the ancient language on the tablet.

That night at her hotel suite, Megan witnessed an ancient Egyptian romantic scene that appeared on her bedroom ceiling, a scene that fueled her sexual desires in away she’d never experienced. Out of character for her, Megan slipped into her boyfriend Tyler’s bedroom, defying the odds that her parents might have discovered them.

When Megan leaves home to attend the same college her star quarterback boyfriend, Tyler had been attending for the last year, she is caught by him in a compromising situation with another guy. Tyler is crushed and angry, and Megan wonders if she’d lost him for good. Finally at the point of exhaustion and on the verge of losing her mind and Tyler too, Megan goes home to meet a man who knew crust of Megan downward spiral.

The Hook


Ancient Egypt ca. 1370 BC – ca. 1330 BC


She found pleasure in him when she could. With burning candles and scented oils, she prepared her chamber then bathed in the perfumed waters of his choosing. Wrapping her flesh in the fine silken linens of the gods, she stood waiting, closing her eyes to focus on an image of him. He always came to her by night, the handsome nobleman from a foreign land. She smiled to herself, knowing that when she gave herself to him, he would not leave until her desires overflowed.

In the middle of her thoughts, he quietly appeared, splitting the heavy-paneled tapestry curtains. He gazed upon her, and then he smiled. With her black shining locks neatly in place and her eyes shaded heavily with green, she returned his look of pleasure.

Dressed in his finest attire, he hurried across the stone floor. The ornate rugs shielded the sounds of his sturdy steps.

They embraced. She delighted in how his hands caressed her body, moving downward from her shoulders, touching places that exploded into desire. She tilted her head back, laughing quietly. Mindful that their secret time together would not last until morning, she continued to savor his smell and touch while she let him lay her down. Excitement moved into intensity as she welcomed him inside. Looking up, she studied his face locked in an expression of fervor. Her hands smoothed the waves in his beard and then pulled him to her lips.

When their time came to an end, sadness consumed them. Both knew that bedding each other again and again was their only reward. A daughter of a pharaoh would never wed a nobleman from a foreign land.

The pharaoh, who was her loving father, may come to take her as his own; it was his right, or the right of her doting brother, maybe even a cousin. She knew she had to always watch for signs that maybe one day she could sit upon the throne or become regent to the male who was next in line.

Prayer from the Heart of an Egyptian Princess

I pray to the one God from whom all other gods came into being, the God who has no name and no graven images of marble—the God known by the elite, the priests and the educated.

Come, Holy Priests, embalm my flesh, prepare me for my journey. I pray you mix the exact portions of myrrh and natron. I pray that the gods will deliver me safely to the other side.

When it is his time, I pray that my foreign lover comes safely to the second kingdom. And when my soul finds an acceptable vessel, I pray I will emerge as a new kind of pharaoh, changing the laws and customs of the land and letting love decide the fate of my people.

Then, once again, I will spend heated nights between fine-scented linens, entwined with him. Then, once again, he will only be satisfied by the taste of my breasts, and our bed of fire will ascend to the gods. With my foreign lover, I will walk in another time.

Partial – Chapter 1

Present day … New York City …


Dad had chosen the timeframe for our trip to Egypt for the summer before my first semester at Morgan Nielsen University. In truth, it wouldn’t have been the best time of the year to tour the super-heated sands of Egypt. Still, he wanted one last vacation with me before I moved out of the house.

“Fear not, my lovely Meg,” he had said. “A brain surgeon of any worth always has a Plan ‘B’ tucked away inside his surgical bag of tricks.”

“Plan ‘Bs’ always suck, Dad,” I had said. “I wanted to see ancient Egypt in person, not just a watered-down New York tour.” After I voiced my disappointment, neither one of us spoke for a while.

Since my sophomore year of high school, my dad, Dr. Eli Christopher Smart III, a noted Professor of Neurological Surgery at Duke University—totally white, but born in Cairo, Egypt—had started creating his idea of the perfect pre-college family trip. He and I were scheduled to travel to Egypt to tour the ruins of ancient cities. Mom had refused to come with us.

At an early age, Dad started talking to me about his love for the place of his birth. Our library housed several books on ancient Egypt. My granddad, Eli Christopher Smart, Sr. was a successful businessman in the import/export business, traveling extensively through North Africa until his mysterious and untimely death last year.

As the elevator crept downward, slower than a normal one, I thought about Papa. God, it still hurt to think about him gone. I blinked back my sadness and returned my thoughts to Egypt—the place where Papa had built his career.

Even though I barely read what was written in the Egyptian study guides in our home library, I loved the awesomeness of the cool and colorful design of Egyptian clothes, make-up, jewelry, and the extraordinary architecture of the ancient cities. I wasn’t very knowledgeable about the inner workings of the ancient civilization or even the people now living in the region.

I did know about the power of the pharaohs and how a few of them may have been women in disguise. I’d always thought of that as very interesting. Queen Nefertiti was my favorite ancient woman of power.

One part of ancient Egyptian lifestyle rang quite clear and it disgusted me. How gross was it for the pharaohs to marry their own children, and how gross to expect a sister to marry a brother—not cool at all. Eeeew.

Inside the elevator, the air seemed to thicken as if at any second it would become opaque enough to see. My knees buckled a bit, weakened from the downward pressure or… maybe something else. I just couldn’t shake a weird apprehension. I felt more secure when I wrapped my arm around Tyler’s tight muscular arm. Dad had invited Tyler to come with us, much to Mom’s displeasure.

Partials – Chapter 2

Maybe the color of the doors formed the crust of my edginess. Why red doors? Did it stand for Bloody Room, or Murdered by Zombies? To calm my emotions, I breathed in and kept a firm grip on Tyler’s hand, trying to think about anything other than Frankenstein and zombies. How did I ever let Dad talk me into this Plan ‘B’?

I forced myself to concentrate on every move Dr. Brogan made. Getting the door to open was a complicated process, involving keys and keypads. After he’d tapped out a tune on the keypad, he inserted a separate key for each door. When he’d unlocked them, he left them closed and turned to us. A smile of pride and accomplishment shadowed his face.

Something in my gut twisted in a painful bunch. Was it because I couldn’t understand how this man could seem so all right when faced with what Dad had confirmed to him this morning—his wife had an inoperable brain tumor and would probably not live past three months.


Tyler and I clung to each other, looking back at that lump of freeze-dried beef jerky body, totally convinced that it could still hurt us. “Didn’t I tell you they torture slaves down here? That thing looks like a black man who’s been tortured to death. Man, I’m ready to get the hell outta here.”

I managed a low-keyed giggle at Tyler. “It’s an Egyptian mummy, Tyler, not your great-great-granddaddy,” I teased.

“Yeah, well, it just might be my great-great-granddaddy, after he’d been tortured to death.”

Dr. Brogan chose a table away from the mummy. “Okay, okay, I’ve moved Megan to a workstation further away from our new acquisition.” He laughed while Tyler glanced back at the mummy before helping me onto a stool that felt like soft leather. I leaned back and the chair formed to the contour of my back. “Tyler, you stay with her and when she feels steady enough, you guys can join us on the tour. Don’t touch these tablets, okay? We’re still working to authenticate and we don’t know how fragile they are.”

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We both agreed not to touch.

I propped my elbow on the table and braced my forehead with my hand. I jumped when an unexpected touch from Mom’s soft hand combed through my hair. “Feeling better?”

“Yeah, Mom.” I prayed she wouldn’t start up again. No such luck. “Good, good, now tell me what happened back there?”

“Nothing. God, Ma, I just stumbled and said a few curse words and then I said a few other words so you wouldn’t know I had cursed,” I lied. I already told her the truth—that I didn’t know what she was talking about, which technically, I didn’t, because I had no idea what they saw me do, but I wasn’t about to tell Katie Smart that. With her new career, she’d attempt to hypnotize an answer out of me. I blinked twice.

“I don’t know if I believe—”

“Aw, come on, Katie Girl, let’s take a look at this fascinating junk Daniel has in here. Meg’s fine and Tyler’s staying with her.”

Putting on his peacemaker hat, Dad soothed the troubled waters, although Mom raised her brow at Tyler staying at the table with me. Under protest, Mom finally left me and Tyler e and went with the men.

Mom barely tolerated Tyler when we were supposed to be just friends. Since our relationship blossomed into much more than she ever hoped it would, Mom despised him.

Tyler was beating the odds for a black coming out of poverty. He’d left for MNU last year and would be a sophomore when I started my freshman year there in a couple of days.

Mom knew I’d planned to attend MNU, graduate with a bachelor’s degree, and then apply for their law school. Tyler and I had chosen MNU for two separate reasons. MNU offered him the best athletic scholarship program while offering me access to the greatest law school in the nation. Of course, Mom saw it differently—just a chance for us to do our thing with no supervision.

Chapter Four Partial – Tyler Speaks

I’d had a hard time falling asleep knowing that Meg was so close but so unreachable. Images of her beautiful face and thick long hair refused to leave my mind. In a room with the right temperature, expensive bedding and soft cloud-filled pillows, I should have had no trouble drifting off.

Maybe I lay wide awake because it had been such an exciting day for me, the bulk of it being incredible. Seeing one of the premier NFL teams, the New York Giants, show their stuff was probably another reason for me not sleeping. The Giants even let me throw the ball and showed interest in how I’d perform. Totally freaking awesome!

In the middle of my thoughts, somebody rattled my door. I sat up and then turned on the light. I stared at the door as my heart thumped. It had to be Katie Smart, coming to throw my ass out on the streets of New York. I held my breath as a slender arm appeared. Good, God. It was Meg. She’d come to me.

“Girl, are you crazy?” I whispered. “Your parents are down the hall.” In my mind, I repeated different words: “Please, Meg, don’t listen to me. It’s just my voice of reason, mixed with not wanting Katie Smart to murder me, tell my voice of respect and honor that it’s all right to shut up.”

“They will not hear us,” she said. “We are free to express our bodies as instruments of pleasure.” She held this faraway gaze. Her eyes made me gasp; they were glistening with mixed colors like jewels, beautiful and unrecognizable.

“Meg, are you—”

“Quiet! Speak only words to heighten our gratification in each other.”

The weird way she spoke thrilled me. She had startled me, coming in like that, but after I looked at her I decided to take a chance on getting shot. Her strawberry blonde hair stood ruffled on top of her head, as if she’d been tossing in her sleep. I loved that wild look. She wore a silky, pink floral robe that rode high on her toned shapely thighs, a robe that she let slide off her shoulders while she lifted and rolled her bare chest.

She reached behind her and locked the door, still speaking senseless words. “I want you to see the moon when you climax tonight.”

There was no moon in this room, not even a window, but if Meg wanted me to see a moon, then I would see a moon. My eyes stayed on her as I leaned over, reaching and fumbling inside a pouch of my suitcase by the bed. I pulled out the one condom I’d brought, the one I never thought I’d need.

She walked differently, moving her breasts and her hips in a flow so enticing that I found it hard to even move, feeling frozen in place. She seemed ready in a way I’d never seen her. My heart drummed impatiently, waiting for her to reach me while enjoying the heat in her seductive flow.

This first time role play Meg had instigated was totally off the hinges. She came closer, crossing the bedroom by twining one soft, smooth thigh over the other, stopping to say bizarre things.

“I want you to know that the beautiful one has come.”

“Oh lord, yes, she has. The beautiful one has come.”

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